August 12, 2018

The Washingtonian lied: Wuerl's history is opposite of its claim.

One of Wuerl's two Dignity Mass venues.
The church, itself, was later sold, as were a number of other ones.
The following is a response to the Washingtonian article that serves more
as propaganda than a conveyor of factual information.

For those unfamiliar, know that it's a multiply documented fact, supported
by Jpeg evidence and newspaper archives, that Donald Wuerl covered-up a
plurality of transgressor priests.  He also retaliated against school children
of a now-defunct Risen Lord Parish School, because their parents protested
against Wuerl in front of TV news camera

In fact, Wuerl let his attorney frighten the Ference family in a deposition room,
to the point where the family dropped the case.  The case invoned young Adam
Ference getting a bullet in the back of his head, while he sat on a school bus,
waiting to start another day of classes.

Wuerl also donated consecrated Catholic cemetery property to the notorious
Masons with whom the church is to have no association.  The land was used
for a new temple.  In addition, Wuerl allowed canonically banned Sodomite
Masses in Pittsburgh for eight consecutive years.  Plus, he appointed to ad-
ministrative posts some of  the most mean spirited, pushy, retaliatory, and
uncaring people available.  He appointed those who were proficient at in-
timidating others.  Intimidation was Wuerl's modus operandi.

The Washingtonian claims the exact opposite.  It's editorship needs to under-
stand that, when a magazine compliments someone as ruthless as Cardinal
Wuerl, it is simultaneously spitting in the face of all of the cardinal's victims.
Wuerl had many victims.  A FoxNews figure mentioned Wuerl's smile, as if
smiling is the only requisite to salvation.  Of course, the FoxNews man made
Wuerl sound all so caring.  Wuerl only cared about himself.  He didn't care
who got hurt, until lawsuit time came.

Keep in mind that the difference between this site and the Washingtonian article
is that the editorship of this Wuerlgate site gathered Jpeg evidence, news archive
links, and even a few tape recorded pieces of evidence.   With the Washingtonian,
the Pgh Post Gazette, Commonweal Magazine, etc, you only have their word.  No
proof in what they stated.  In fact checking, a number of falsehoods were discover-
ed in Post Gazette articles.

And remember ... I was there, in Pittsburgh during the Wuerl years.  I saw the pain
in people's eyes, their facial expressions of disheveled "ennui," and even looks of
disconcerting fear.  I even heard the shock-ridden vocal tones, over the phone, one

From a very early time, Wuerl was recognized by many as a liar, a fake, and
a devil.  He is now one of the cardinals choosing candidates for the hierarchy.
So, remember this:

Wuerl chose to ordain, over a credible & naturally inclined deacon, the James
Torquato who spent 7 years refusing to keep his homosexual hands to himself,
and who then instantly retaliated as soon as he was reported for wrongdoing.
That type of person is Wuerl's choice for high positions in the church.  This is
based on Wuerl's actual track record.

More concisely, if you are wondering what type of priest Cardinal Wuerl will
recommend for an appointment to the rank of bishop, the answer is that he will
recommend the very type of priest he chose to ordain.  He will chose the James
Torquato type.  Therefore, you need to learn about the Jame Torquato Case, in
order to know what to expect in the higher seats of the church.

This post provides links to photocopied evidence which supports the al-
legations made against one of Wuerl's former personal secretaries.  Most
of the jpegs are in the February 2014 archive.

The most pertinent feature of this case is that Wuerl ordained Torquato.
In fact, Wuerl was the rector of the Pittsburgh diocesan seminary while
Torquato was a seminarian there.  This means that Torquato is the show-
room edition of Wuerl's version of "priestly" formation.

Another pertinent feature of the Torquato case was the physical pursuit
that could have ended in physical harm.  In fact, there was an instance
where a full scale brawl almost broke out.  Wuerl could have put the
pursuit to halt, but failed to do so.  It were as if he wanted something
unfortunate to happen to those being pursued, I being one of them.
The physical pursuit happened shortly after I called the papal nuncio,
in order to report Wuerl and Torquato.  If what occurred thereafter was
not whistle-blower retaliation, then it an untold coincidence.

Moreover, while I was in downtown Pittsburgh, at One Oxford Center,
speaking via telephone to one of the pursuers, he expressly said, "You
do know that I would have gone through you to get to {Torquato's
accuser}.  Construe this to mean physically.

Donald Wuerl was invisible during the entire time span.  In fact, he proved
himself less than honorable, in never facing the men whom he almost got
severely injured by means of letting the Torquato retaliations go without
Wuerl's objection.  On Donald Wuerl's part, this is known as Deliberate
Indifference and the Ratification of Torquato's actions.

Donald Wuerl had the moral obligation to intervene and have the pursuit
halted.   He could have done this by promising the pursuers that Diocese
of Pittsburgh personnel would no longer retaliate against family members
of James Torquato's accuser.  This would have been accompanied by Don-
ald Wuerl promising to return to the uncle of the accuser those business ac-
counts which were terminated, in retaliaton for reporting Torquato and then
demanding compensation for damages caused by Torquato.

The Donald Wuerl who in lived in luxurious and comfortable settings for dec-
ades, did not stop the retaliations.  It's  interesting how those who live in wall-
to-wall comfort cause others to suffer intensely.

As a quick review, Wuerl's retaliatory secretary was ordained by Wuerl in
1989.  Then, in 1990, he began his intermittent acts of physically invasive
sexual harassment under the disguise of spiritual direction sessions.  This
means that there is no indication that this priest had any intention to honor
his vows of ordination.

In January 1998, he was reported to Wuerl.  The first wave of retaliations
came shortly thereafter.  Then, in the of Summer 1999, the second wave
of retaliation came after I filed a complaint against Wuerl and Torquato
at a local magistrate's office, to have them tried for Summary Offense
charges related to the reckless endangerment involved in the first wave
of retaliations.   Filing a complaint, to remedy the first wave of wave of
retaliations, resulted in a second wave of retaliations.

The praise of Wuerl was nothing more than sleight of hand semantics,
direct falsehoods, and the omission of pivotal fact which would have
gotten him instantaneously condemned in the court of public opinion
if the facts about him had been revealed in the Year 2002.  This web
page, therefore, serves as a public service, in showing people to not
entrust any matter to Wuerl and to not ever trust Wuerl in any matter. 

The matter concerning Wuerl's former secretary vividly shows that Don-
ald Wuerl is more than willing to let you and anyone else be hurt badly,
if and when he can profit from hurting you or anyone else badly.  Proof
that Wuerl is still the way he was during the 1998 and 1999 retaliations
exists in the fact that he never paid a penny of restitution for all the eco-
nomic loss that he let be inflicted upon to three persons during any of the

The matter concerning Wuerl's former secretary (and the retaliatory con-
duct that ensued after his secretary was reported) is outlined on the se-
cond page of the previously cited website.  It's now located at this site.

For the photocopy evidence and the Torquato archive is found at: