July 03, 2017

Cardinal Wuerl in Review

 © Patrick Anthony Pontillo
Donald Wuerl = the criminal indictments of Frs. Robert Wolk, Richard "Sade"
Zula, and Francis Pucci, amidst DA John C. Pettit's complaint that Wuerl and
his people were uncooperative during the criminal investigation.  Yet, Rocco
Palmo and Ann Rodgers had the audacity to make Wuerl look like a hero in
his own obstruction of justice.

In addition . . .

Cardinal Donald Wuerl = the ongoing cover-up of Father James 'the retaliator'
Torquato, despite the fact that the compelling evidence against Torquato has
long since been in a public forum.

Cardinal Wuerl = the ping-pong cover-up of Fr. John Huff who was reported to
Wuerl three different times, by three different groups of concerned parishioners.

Cardinal Wuerl = the refusal of Wuerl's diocese to investigate any of the accusa-
tions against Fr. John Wellinger.

Add to the equation the death of Billy Gaines at the hands of Fr. Henry Krawczyk,
as well as Wuerl retaliating against school children of the former Risen Lord Par-
ish School and Wuerl's contempt for those opposed to sweatshop profiteering.

All in all, Cardinal Donald Wuerl was no zero tolerance bishop, and he did NOT
has a clean sex abuse response record.  The response to the whistle-blowing that
was done on Father James Torquato resulted in retaliation.  In this case, the zero
tolerance factor of Wuerl consisted in him NOT tolerating a whistle-blower.

Cardinal Wuerl, according to evidence, witnesses, and the opinions of a couple
of credentialed journalists should never have been ordained a priest, let alone a
bishop.  It's alleged through the direct source that famed Catholic writer, John
Hardon, wrote a letter to John Paul II, warning him to NOT let Wuerl be ordain-
ed a bishop.   Well, Wuerl became a bishop and the lives of a number of people
became traumatized by him for one length of time or another.

Bitterness is the lingering affect of anyone who had the tragic misfortune of hav-
ing Wuerl in his jurisdictionand who tried to accomplish something for the com-
mon good.  The case in point was Wuerl's previously mentioned negligence in a
number of people's attempt to start an anti-sweatshop profiteering movement.

The 5'4" Donald Wuerl has sided with the holders of money as much as having
sided preferrentially with Sodomites.  It didn't matter to Wuerl if the holders of
the wealth unjustly acquired or not.

There were people in the Pittsburgh area who were scarred by Wuerl's way of
doing things.  The ultimate assault on Wuerl's victims is that Ann Rodgers and
the Pittsburgh media fabricated an image of Wuerl that him look like the ulti-
mate saint of the ages.  They made it look as if Wuerl was the mighty super
hero who should have been made ruler of the Vatican and entire the church.

Wuerl was nothing but a manipulator, a deceiver, and a cowardly bully who
had to have an intimidating number of people in the office with him whenev-
er he would call someone to his office who was a threat to the Way of Wuerl.
People have left the faith on account of Wuerl ... literally.

The John Hardon who stood ten feet tall in life ...
                                                                                   ... without even trying.

John Hardon was a Catholic writer whose cause for canonization has already
been introduced.  He allegedly called Wuerl a devil.  Now, there's more to the
Hardon vs. Wuerl enmity than one alleged letter.  In fact, I've a copy of yet an-
other letter that Hardon wrote about Wuerl.  Perhaps the antagonism between
Wuerl and the humble John Hardon who stood ten feet tall in life can be ou-
tlined, but not now.  The bottom line is that Wuerl and Hardon were the exact
opposite of friends.  They were the exact opposites of each other.

Wuerl's known associate was Marcial Maciel Degollado ... the greatest molest-
er in Catholic Church history.  Wuerl did write the preface for one of Maciel's
books.  Embarrassingly enough for Wuerl is the fact that Maciel's books were
banned by Benedict XVI.  Quite frankly, Wuerl was apparently, in my opinion,
trying to ride the coattails of Maciel, to make himself look great.  He, in my
opinion, wanted to be associated with Maciel, so as to be able to rise in pow-
er.  Okay then.

Chicago journalist Mike Volpe described his interview with John Wellinger ac-
cuser, Chris Matthews, as follows: ... that Mr. Matthews regarded Wuerl as the
most evil entity he ever encountered.  Of course, the Diocese of Pittsburgh pub-
licly asserted that its personnel received no accusations against Wellinger until
1996.  Some of us would beg to differ.  We were expressly told that Wuerl was
made known about Wellinger several years before 1996.  One individual stated
that Wuerl showed complete indifference about it, despite having allegedly been


So, who is telling the truth, concerning Wuerl?  Well, it's easy to see that this site,
through the years, had multiple pieces of jpeg evidence to support the allegations
stated herein.  Where is the Diocese of Pittsburgh's evidence in what its personnel
claimed to be true?

Revenging Parents through their Children:  The Way of Wuerl

Wuerl's way included:  1] economic terrorism, 2] looking the other way during
the physical pursuit of Fr. James Torquato's accuser and the accuser's advocate,
3] a corruption of blood policy by which Wuerl used school children as pawns
in his revenge for the televised protests of their parents, 4] having his minions
team up on a delicate pastor whose parishioners wanted him to save their Croa-
tian parish from the tiny Donald Wuerl who closed it, only to have it sold to a
Protestant denomination that teaches things in opposition to the Catholic faith,
5] selling church property to a secret society whose membership thereof incurs
automatic excommunication,  6] stacking the deck through personal wars of
attrition, by insisting that certain persons who already passed psychological
assessments go to yet another psychiatric facility, for yet another diagnosis,
7+] other things that you would not want to see happen to you.

In case you are not up to date, Wuerl once ratified a Pittsburgh diocesan rule
which was implemented shortly after the parents of Risen Lord Parish School
protested against Wuerl on local TV.  The parents had to attend "reconciliation
classes" designed to teach them how to show respect for Wuerl, under penalty
of having their children barred from attending all Pittsburgh diocesan schools.
This punishment is known as a Corruption of Blood Law.

Keep in mind that it's the lowest of the lowlifes who bring children into their
personal vendettas.  Wuerl was called the "education bishop" by his deceptive
propaganda machine.  Yet, he was more than willing to have innocent children
be deprived of a Catholic school education in Pittsburgh, on account of their
parents' appearing on a newscast that cast the unstable Donald Wuerl in a bad
light.  Such a bishop should have been immediately removed from office, be-
ing that employing a corruption of blood policy for something so petty consti-
tutes child abuse.

                               The First Torquato Retaliation

Wuerl's deliberate negligence could have gotten somebody severely injured
during the first wave of the Torquato Retaliations.  Now, if you're smirking
in disbelief, wait till it happens to you.  You won't be smirking at that time.
Remember that the Papal Nuncio was contacted during the pursuit, and he
said that he would call Wuerl to tell him about what was transpiring.   Short-
ly after that phone call came the apartment building intrusion narrated on a
Citizen's Report Form.  This was quite a coincidence.


                      The Adam Ference Attempted Murder

Add to this the Mike Ference whose son suddenly got an unprovoked bul-
let lodged in the back of his head on diocesan school grounds.  Despite the
suffering that the family already endured, the diocese played intimidation
tactics with Mike during a deposition, making the Ference family twice vic-
timized in Pittsburgh during tiny Donald Wuerl's tenure at Pittsburgh ... in
a Pittsburgh where Wuerl wore out his welcome amongst the non-corrupt
laity in the very first years of his reign. If you don't think it was a reign of
terror, think again. People were afraid of this guy's way of abusing power.
In as much, if any of these things would have happened to you, you would
understand why people in the know object to Wuerl being in any position
of power.


A seminarian and credible accuser was tormented during the Wuerl years.

Don't underestimate the importance of the accusations against a certain priest
whose identity I will not disclose here.  The priest is now deceased.  I found
 his accuser to have been distinctly credible, as did Randy Engel and a few
others.  This included famous Catholic writer John Hardon, whose cause for
canonization is in progress.   The accusation was that this one priest started
to grab hold of the young man who was discerning if the priesthood was his
calling.  The young man resisted.  There was a scuffle, and the young man
literally ended up getting knocked out in the fight.


After Five years of Intermittent Investigation, the Cipolla
Case turned out to be Wuerl's most vicious hoax.

Very simply, Timi Bendig turned out to be a chronic liar who even foolishly
sent evidence of his bullying and con artistry to me.  So, I no loner have to
say that he is allegedly a liar.  From personal experience, I can say that he
IS a liar.  Communication from Hollywood helped reinforce the conclusion,
as well as the accounts of those who knew the Liar Tim Bendig in Pennsyl-
vania.  I never allow him to communicate with me, because he will lie about
what would have been said.

Contrary to the claims of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Cipolla was never arrest-
ed.  He was never indicted.  No DA found cause to file charges against Anthony.
Thus, Diane Thompson's narration about Cipolla having a defense attorney who
harassed her into dropping charges was one big lie.  Thompson's claim that the
late Bishop Vincent Leonard harassed her turned out to be one big lie, due to
some fact checking that was not done until the Year 2013.

The Liar Diane Thompson claimed that Bishop Leonard told her that she was
causing the church all so much suffering at a time when it recently lost two
popes. Well, the second pope to die in the Year 1978 wasn't even elected pope
yet, concerning the date in which she claims to have dropped criminal charges
that only a DA can file in the first place.  She did make a complaint, and a per-
son can withdraw a complaint.  However, filing a complaint is merely the act
of applying for a screening process, for the DA's office to see if there is any
merit in filing criminal charges against the accused.  No criminal charges
were ever filed against Cipolla.

Bendig's accusations against Cipolla was an act of retaliation, on account of
Cipolla telling good willed prayer group members to stop sending money to
Tim Bendig at the Pittsburgh seminary, being that Bendig was no longer there.
Bendig was asked to leave the seminary after one mere semester.  He is ex-
ceptionally non-academic and he was alleged to have been a troublemaker
there, as well as everywhere else he has been.  Diane Thompson was alleged
to have asked Anthony Cipolla if the Saint Vincent De Paul Society could
start paying her rent.  She ever so coincidentally accused Cipolla shortly
after he said that there was no money in the coffer to pay her rent.




Wuerl's former residence, in Pittsburgh.    © Patrick Anthony Pontillo.
Cardinal Change-the-Subject & Change-the-Doctrine Wuerl

Interesting how a tiny and less-than-masculine tyrant cowered at the idea of
refusing to let the Sacrament of the Altar be sacrileged by Nancy Pelosi and
other abortion-obsessed politicians, not to mention a grotesquely androgynous
lesbian who literally looks like a nerdy overweight male.

Any cardinal who changes doctrine to suit the whims of congresses and parlia-
ments is an antagonist to unchangeable church teaching.  In case you have missed
the point, Wuerl abused power in making a new religion ... in making an amended
doctrine which conveniently works well for those bishops who leech off of taxpay-
er dollars in the form of social service contracts.

Some of those contracts involve very little benefit to society at large, because some
are practically bogus.  For example, there is one agency that "counsels."  All that it
does it give phone numbers, and some of the phone numbers were found to have
been disconnected one.

None the less, Wuerl abused a priest of Moscow diocese who did his canonical
duty to deprive communion to an avowed lesbian who left the faith for a religion
that could rationalize her hideous state of androgynous freakdom and her prefer-
ence toward the Sin of Sodom.  The priest rightfully denied communion to one
who was publicly known to be obstinate in mortal sin.  If the woman dies tomor-
row, she will undoubtedly burn in Hell forever.  Wuerl doesn't care.  A Moscow
diocesan priest did something that would have awoken her conscience, if Wuerl
didn't once again side with a Sodomite.

The Krawczyk Case

He was already reported to the diocesan for unbecoming conduct.  Thus, Wuerl
had access to his file.  This priest even had a subscription to Playboy Television
at the parish he was stationed.  One day, he had a few young lads over to the
rectory, for beer and amusement.  One of the lads climbed the catwalk of the
Parish church, up to the ceiling, upon which he fell on a pew and died a few
hours later.  He was a football player for the University of Pittsburgh.  This
occurred after Ann Rodgers ratcheted-up the hype of Wuerl which turned
out to be easily provable lying propaganda, being that  Wuerl didn't have a
clean sex buse responce record in the least.  Keep in mind that he was one
of the very first bishops to get caught in a cover-up.  Wuerl was caught in a
triple cover-up that resulted in all three priests being criminally indicted.

Incidentally,  as was previously mentioned at this site, if Wuerl would have
been charged with failing to abide by the Child Protection Services Act, he
would have only been fined.  Hia record would have shown nothing more
than a summary offense.  A summary offense is slightly above a traffic
ticket, in severity of punishment.

The Right to Know

The flock has every right to know about the wolves in their midst, including
any vindictive one who thinks that he is meant to be given Four Star hotel ac-
commodations at every corner.  You know, some people suffer intensely in
life. Christ slept on wooden boats and on the ground.  In as much, bishops
should be like Christ and Francis of Assisi, instead a pampered Nero Caesar.

When Wuerl returned to Pittsburgh, in order to take the post of bishop, he appar-
ently thought that he could operate according to his own laws, especially when
it came to a trio of molester priests whom Wuerl neglected to report to law en-
forcement authorities.  This resulted in three criminal indictments.  It also was
accompanied by a politely stated, though bitterly conveyed, public statement
about Wuerl's conduct during the investigation, made by the district attorney


It's ironic that those who insist on absorbing pleasure 24/7 are the ones who
inflict the most pain.  It's as if it torments these types of bishops to see any-
one at peace.  All in all, if you ever were on the receiving end of the pillow
mint cardinal's scorpion sting, you would understand.