September 15, 2016

The Very Confusing Case Which Rocketed Wuerl into Stardom

I will be redoing the overture article of the Cipolla Case, when
I have the time.   This case is encased in a vault of secrecy which
does more evil than ceases it.  Why can't the Vatican release the
Cipolla file from the Secret Vatican Archives?  After all, both
Tim Bendig and Diane Thompson were found to be liars, and
the case itself is not a secret.  Being that Cipolla was publicly
ruined. the due cause of his public ruination must be publicly

All of you need to keep in mind that I am not and never was after
Tim Bendig or Diane Thompson.  My target is Donald Wuerl, and
I learned how treacherous he was during the Father James Torquato
Retaliations..  It's just that Thompson, in her predictable asininity,
did damage to my reputation and my hard work, for a finite period
of time.  She now comes off as a con artist who cried wolf ten too
many times.

I will be destroying Wuerl's work for all time, when all is said and
done.  Not tomorrow.  Not next month.  Not by Christmas Season
2016.  But, I WILL destroy the sum total of his games.

If you don't believe it will ever happen, know that I'm taking bets.
And when it does happen, I will-a-come-collecting  .... on said bets.

The lies of Diane Thompson were a series of embarrassments for
anyone who would tell a series of easily detectable falsehoods..

         I don't know which was worse:   1} Telling the lies or
               2} being stupid enough to have believed them.

This is here, because it's titled,
"Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the Center of Your Soul.
If you believed Diane Thompson's con game, then
you better do the brick road following, right now.