November 12, 2016

Donald Wuerl: Silent personal secretary of a John Cardinal Wright accused of sodomizing an under-aged Bill Burnett, for $20 a session.

Cardinal Wuerl made a mockery out of the Catholic Church, as is illustrated by
this neon tennis-shoed gentleman who saw the Church Brew Works as a joke.
Preliminary Statement, to set the atmosphere of Wuerl's Contradictions.

Observe one of Cardinal Wuerl's hypocrisies:

Firstly . . .

The Fr. James Torquato who spent years not keeping his homosexual hands
to himself literally almost got someone killed (or seriously injured) during
the first wave of his retaliatory conduct.  Things were exceptionally heated
at the time, and only because of Torquato's actions.  He instantly cut off all
of the business accounts that the Diocese of Pittsburgh had with an uncle of
Torquato's evidence-based accuser.  A dominoes effect occurred.  I was right
in the middle of it and I am a first-hand witenss to the Torquato Retaliations.
And yes, there almost was a full-scale brawl in a neighborhood, one night.

Then ...

During the second wave of retaliatory conduct, Father Torquato attempted
to frame his evidence-supported accuser for a crime that was never commit-
ted in the first place.  Technically speaking, this made Torquato an accom-
plice to the crime of lying to police ... of filing a false report.  But, it didn't
matter.  Donald Wuerl eventually made Torquato the pastor of a parish fre-
quented by youth, not unlike the youth whom Torquato utterly terrorized,
via retaliation and the use of violent surrogates.

Yet ...

The Fr. Guarnizo who protected the Christ of the Eucharist got treated as a
monster, even though it was Fr. James Torquato who was the actual monster.

Father Guarnizo denied holy communion to an unrepentant female Sodomite
who apostatized from the faith and whose overweight androgynous constitu-
tion made her look like the stereotypical nerdy male, in some kind of Dadaist
mural's nightmare scenario.

In the end, Torquato the Monster ended up being elevated in Wuerl's realm,
while Guarnizo the Conscientious was ejected from Wuerl's domain.  Take
note that Wuerl granted favor to the evil.  Literally.

Incidentally, the Buddhist lesbian didn't look like a manly man.  She looked like
the fat nerdy geektoid type of male ... someone who wouldn't make it through the
first hour of football camp.   None the less, Wuerl found a suspicious excuse to
remove Fr Guarnizo.  For some reason, Wuerl always sides with the Sodomite.

Of course, multiple sources alleged to me between 1999 and 2012 that Donald
Wuerl has been a practicing homosexual, thereby breaking a major priesthood
vow as a matter of casual course, as if all which is held sacred in the Catholic
Church is nothing but an insignificant option.  Plus, I found him to be a flamer
in the vicious and self-worshiping narcissist style of homosexuality.

Now, a person only supports that which he is.  For example, anyone who knows
me knows that I roll out the red carpet for sweatshop abolitionists.   And Why?
ANS: Because I'm sweatshop abolitionist, Einstein.  Now, as far as concerns the
5'4" Donald Wuerl who was witnessed acting girly in a church basement and who
was nicknamed "Wuerl he Girl" by Washington insiders, as well as "Donna" by
best-selling author Malachi Martin, he supported homosexuality even at the altar,
in the Dignity Masses which were long since banned by the Vatican.  So, guess
what Wuerl is, based on the observation that a person accommodates that which
he/she is.

The Next Hypocrisy of Wuerl

There is another hypocrisy attached to Wuerl.  It involves him being the long-
term personal secretary of a John Cardinal Wright accused of sodomizing at
least one minor intermittently, at $20 a pop, so accused by the person himself.
In fact, the allegations were that another clergy member was in the room, join-
ing in the Sodomy.

Firstly, Wuerl is neon-lighted as the bishop who performs whistle-blowing
on sexually abusive priests, even though he performed NO whistle-blowing
in the cases of Wolk, Zula, Pucci, Hoehl, Torquato, Wellinger, and Huff un-
til Huff was reported for the third time by a different crew of concerned
parishioners ... and only after Wuerl sent Huff back to St. Louis for a time.

Of course, Wuerl is praised as such ONLY because of the Anthony Cipolla
case.  However, the Anthony Cipolla case is one that was found to have been
an unconscionable hoax consisting in blatant lies, so discovered as such via
fact-checking, document reading, and corroborative witnesses.

However, when it came to the allegations against John Cardinal Wright
(Wuerl's former boss,) there was no whistle blowing on the part of Wuerl.

Therefore . . .

If the accusation about John Wright is true,  then Wuerl's former boss was
a molester.  If Wright were the sex criminal he was accused of being, then
he most likely would have continued this conduct in Pittsburgh, during the
days when Wuerl was Wright's personal secretary.  This means that Wuerl
would have definitely known, unless he were brain-dead clueless about the
whole alleged habit of Wright.

Now, if there is a matter of confessional confidentiality for Wuerl to keep,
then that which Wright would have told Wuerl under the seal of confession
is completely inviolable, and Wuerl is therefore bound to silence forever.
However, if Wright were confessing this sin as a habit, then Wuerl need-
ed to have discretely requested a transfer.  Wuerl needed to part company.
But, Wuerl stayed at Wright's side and rode the coattails of Wright's power
and influence.

Of course, personal secretaries are not the ones bishops and cardinals use for
the Sacrament of Penance.  Concerning Wright, being that he was accused of
habitually performing unnatural acts upon under-aged teens, he wouldn't have
cared much about confessing those unnatural acts, anyway.  This is because he
didn't make the effort to avoid such sins, according to Bill Burnett.  All in all,
Wuerl NEVER reported Wright, whatever be the reason.

Even if Wuerl were clueless about the alleged conduct of Cardinal Wright, it
shows that Donald Wuerl was too unobservant to be leadership material.  If
there is the matter of the seal of the confessional involved here, then it would
show that Wuerl was a failure as a confessor, in failing to inspire Wright to
stay away from his habit of unnatural sex acts which, according to Mrs Randy
Engel's investigation, was an open secret in Masschusetts, long before Wright
found his way to Pittsburgh.  That is to say, Wuerl couldn't convert anyone
from a life of sinfulness.  So, he should never has been made a bishop.

Whether Wuerl were clueless or complicit or incompetent, he kept riding
Wright's coat tails to the top.  Thus, he did NOT ride the coat tails of a
saint, meaning that he did NOT learn from an honest man.

If Wright actually did commit molestation, and if Wuerl would have reported
Wright for doing unnatural acts with at least one youth, you can be reasonably
assured that Wright would have retaliated against Wuerl and you would have
never heard of Donald Wuerl.  Thus, if the allegations against Wright are true,
then the only reason why Cardinal Wuerl rose to the top was because he was
a criminally silent accomplice of John Cardinal Wright.

The bottom line is this:  Wuerl's motive for defaming Anthony Cipolla and
then broadcasting the hoax created by white trash such as the con artist Tim
Bendig was to present a saintly image of himself to the public, so that DA
John C. Pettit and other district attorneys would stop investigating Donald
Wuerl and his then-diocese.

If the district attorneys would have continued investigating Wuerl as they
should have done, they would have learned of the allegations against John
Wright and those against Donald Wuerl.  Wuerl's rise to the top would have
ended, and the defamed Anthony Cipolla would have been spared of being
Wuerl's scapegoat.

Concerning the line-items of accusations against Wuerl that were conveyed
to me by multiple persons, one concerns a beach scene.  That narration did
not make Wuerl look like a saint ... or even a regular guy ... to say the least.

Always keep in mind that I keep calling Tim Bendig an outright liar, yet he
never sues me for libel.  Of course, there  is enough Jpeg evidence online to
show any prospective attorney that we have the goods on Bendig and that
I do backup what I state online, via Jpeg evidence in all of the subjects of
which I write ... especially when it comes Wuerlgate.

For the record, my online writings and pictorials have cumulatively received
over one million, two hundred thousand hits/pageviews.  Therefore, Rocco
Palmo isn't the only Roman Catholic in Pennsylvani who's a member of the
Million Hit Club.

A Detailed Investigative Report on Cardinal Wright

Mrs Randy Engel was a recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal for “ex-
ceptional & meritorious service to Vietnam.”  She also received the Linacre
Quarterly Award.  In addition, she was founder of the U.S. Coalition for Life
and co-founder of the International Foundation for Genetics Research.  She's
also the author of  the Rite of Sodomy, a 1,318 page exposition of Sodomy in
the ranks of the modern Catholic clergy.  Within it is the following allegation.

Concerning it, take note that Randy was never sued for having published it:

Burnett stated that the abuse ritual began with drinks, a Coke for him
and Coke and alcohol for  [Fr. Raymond]  Page  [his uncle]  and [for
Bishop] Wright.   Wright would then undress him,  fall on his knees 
before the standing boy and {censored}.

He and Page would then undress and while the latter stimulated Wright
from behind (without penetration), Bill would  {censored}  the bishop.

When Wright neared ejaculation he would turn Bill around and sodomize
him.  Then Page took his turn at raping his nephew   ...  When it was all
over, Wright handed Bill a $20 bill like he always did.

From 1980 to 1985, Fr. Wuerl served as Vice Rector and Rector of St Paul
Seminary.  The seminary had a reputation for rampant homosexuality go-
ing back to the days of Bishop Wright. ...

...  After Donald Wuerl was posted to the Diocese of Pittsburgh, he permit-
ted Dignity/Pittsburgh Masses to continue for eight more years ...

... Dignity/Pittsburgh was one of the last chapters to be evicted from Cath-
olic facilities in the United States [on orders from the Vatican].

According to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette staff writer Ann Rodgers-Melnick,
'Banning Dignity was a sad moment for Wuerl.' ...

... Under Wuerl, the Pittsburgh Diocese has become a stomping ground for
nationally-known doctrinal and moral miscreants including Father (now
ex-priest) Matthew Fox, Sister Fran Ferder, Father Robert Nugent, Sister
Jeannine Gramick, Father Raymond Brown and howling feminists Rose-
mary Radford Ruether and Monica Hellwig."