August 09, 2018

Old North Catholic H.S., Abuse Academy ... Predatory Prep,

This one isn't postmarked.  It and the card within it was given by hand to Torquato's eventual, credible, and
evidence-supported accuser, while Torquato was president of North Catholic High School.

Yes, the old North Catholic H.S. has been replaced by Cardinal Wuerl North
Catholic High in a different location of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, to the tune
of $72 million.  Old North Catholic turned out to have been a place of sexual
treachery.  Ironically, the new edition is named after someone who was prov-
en to be even more treacherous. So, the theme of treachery remains.

Old North Catholic High School's state of being was a reflection on Donald
Wuerl, being that Wuerl was Bishop of Pittsburgh during the more scandalous
times of that school.  Old North Catholic would have been more properly nam-
ed after Wuerl, since it bore the fingerprints of his way of administering things.

For those unaware, Washington archbishop Cardinal Donald Wuerl is still alive,
yet a high school has already been named after him.  Now, in keeping with any
narcissist's egomania, Wuerl was present at the dedication of that high school
as the "main celebrant."  Likewise, in keeping with corrupt leaders' financial
excess, the school cost $72 million, but only had an enrollment of 292 students
at its 2014 opening.  This amounts to $246,575 per student enrolled.  Now, the
capacity of the school is 1,000 students.  This translates into $72,000 U.S. per
student, if the school ever reaches full house enrollment.  Add to this yearly
salaries and maintenance costs, as well as interest payments.  You have a case
in economic inefficiency.

In addition, the tuition for the 2015-2016 school year was marked at $11,000
for Catholic students and $11,735 for no-Catholic ones.   As you can see, the
all so mod, stylish, and "feel-good" Vatican II Church let the poor drop of the
side of the proverbial ship which continues to sink under the direction of the
Donald Wuerls, Angelo Sodanos, Walter Kaspers, Joseph Ratzingers, and
Tarsicio Betrones of this era.  This era has been one of cronyism and "polite
bribery" which amounts to Simony.  Incidentally, Cardinal Tarsicio Bertone
looks a lot like Will Ferrell.  Poor Will.

None the less, Wuerl closed church after church, school after school, and church
building after church building.  So, while he's alive, he gets the newest church
structure named after him, the Mad Church Closer.