November 05, 2016

Wuerl's Other Scandal against the Faith: Newt Gingrich

Preliminary Note:

For those unaware, Donald Wuerl "brought" Newt Gingrich "into the Catholic
Church," via the Sacrament of Confirmation, etc.  Well, Wuerl did so without
requiring Gingrich to repent of his sins against justice.  That is to say, Gingrich
had the moral obligation to publicly denounce the sweatshop labor profiteering
that he accommodated via NAFTA, while he was Speaker of the House.

Now, when one enters the Catholic Church, he/she assents to ... consents to ...
treats it as a baptismal vow to ... observe the moral theological precepts of the
Church.  This includes the Church teaching on economic justice, especially as
it applies to lawmakers and advocates.  Yet,  Gingrich is very well-known for
supporting all sorts of economic injustices, even to the point of publicly stating
that "Child Labor Laws are truly stupid."

Gingrich stated this during a presidential debate.  This means that he made this
statement after Wuerl granted him entrance into the Catholic Church.  The irony
is that Wuerl is paraded around as an all so caring man who goes out of his way
to protect children. Well, he insulted the two casualties of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.
He ignored the plight of sweatshop children and 12 year old lads conscripted into
military service.  Of course, he doesn't care about American children becoming
free-work janitors; janitors for no pay.

Of course, Gingrich said that making students janitors will make them successful
in life by enhancing their self-esteem.  No, this is a lie.  If you make school child-
ren janitors, they will only became adult janitors.  If you want school children to
become successes, you put them in a lab ... a music room ... on parallel bars ...
in front blue prints ... in front of the period table ... at a CAD screen.  Gingrich
was merely a con artist trying to get free work for his cronies and benefactors.
This was a Newt Gingrich whose company was paid over a million dollars in
taxpayer funded bailout money, for "consulting services."  He had the audacity
to call other people taxpayer leeches.

That Which Wuerl Declares Doctrinal or Non-doctrinal or "Pastoral" is only
that which is convenient to him.  And remember, he has lived a pampered
"pillow mint" life in a luxury that mimics the aristocrats of pre-Revolutionary
France.  If he doesn't have the character or courage to follow a church teaching,
he simply say that it doesn't apply to his situation.

In giving the red carpet treatment to the person who ushered-in the Sweatshop
Profiteering Age, the economically secure Donald Wuerl scandalized the mem-
bers of the Catholic Church once again, by spitting in the face of Catholic Church
doctrine ... once again, such was is the case with his complete disdain on church
teaching and Canon Law on Holy Communion.

Incidentally, the Eucharist, aka Holy Communion, is identified in Canon Law as
"the Center of Catholicism.  Thus, Wuerl has even violated the Heart of Catholi-
cism, mostly out of the sin of cowardice, and in official church teaching, there is
something known as the Sin of Cowardice.  St. Paul wrote that the cowardly do
NOT enter the Kingdom of God.

Now, the true definition of "Scandalize" is to weaken a person's resolve to do
good.  It's the process of making a person's moral fiber frail.  It's the act of con-
tributing the delinquency of a person's moral character.  Wuerl is simply mak-
ing a gutlessly cowardly church, and this is ironic for someone who was such
a ruthless abuser of power while in Pittsburgh.

Wuerl made it appear as if exploiting slave-waged foreign labor is fine and moral,
by welcoming an unrepentant Newt Gingrich into the Catholic.  Now, the Catholic
Church has always taught that labor exploitation is one of the Four Sins which Cry
to Heaven for Vengeance.  History repeatedly shows us that the offending societies
who embraced such a sin get turned into rubble.  Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan,
and the Johnny Reb White Trash Confederate South, with their "Men of Leisure,"
are examples of how God is not mocked, even though the same God is slow to
wrath.   All that Wuerl is doing is bringing down the Wrath of God, while get-
ting his propaganda machine to present him as the opposite of what he really is.

Now, Wuerl has been observed as being a leech who clings on to those who are
regarded by some as the most powerful and influential.  The obvious example is
the international molester, Marcial Maciel Degollado.   The other example is the
Newt Gingrich who, for whatever reason, is hailed as the quintessential politician
in the Southeastern sector of America ...  NOT the mid-Atlantic Southern state
of Virginia ... But rather, South Carolina, Northern Florida, and similar venues.

Ironically, Gingrich is a Yankee who hails from Harrisburg Pennsylvania, a city
relatively close to the Gettysburg where 28,000 Southerners became casualties in
a three-day period.   Gingrich did no more than become the catalyst for the mass-
ive and chronic U.S. Trade Balance Deficit and ensuing loss of American jobs
and America's money supply.  Newt Gingrich sold-out America, as well as bas-
ic moral precepts.  Yet, Wuerl became a welcoming committee for this person.

Subsequent Note:

The great error of certain American Catholics is that they think being conservative
means to to be 'an old fashioned girl' or a traditional person.  They then register to
vote as a Republican Party member.

Being conservative, in our label-obsessed society, is to be the opposite of a liberal.
In fact, dating back to texts of the 16th Century, the word, liberal, was used.  The
opposite of a liberal was a miser; someone obsessed with hoarding  money, as in
being stingy, thereby violating all the rules of Christian Charity & Redistributive
Justice.   Thus, the Conservative vs. Liberal debate only pertains to Fiscal Policy;
not morality.  However, the Liberal Camp threw the Babylonian and Sodomite
lifestyles into their party platform, making people think that being a sexual
anarchist with zero self-control is what it is to be liberal.  No, to be liberal
is to be generous ... not someone who hordes all the women for himself.

In today's vocabulary, a conservative is a hoarder.  A conservative is someone
who wants to conserve the money supply to himself.  Such a thing always leads
to a destroyed economy.  This is because all economies become destroyed when
the money supply of that economy gets dammed-up by misers who take dollars
mostly made from underpaying foreign workers and then hoarding the money in
overseas tax shelters.  All in all and in every way, misers kill.  They cling to the
deadly vice of avarice and everywhere around them have the lives around them
destroyed in one way or another.

In contrast, to be an 'old fashioned girl' or a traditionally minded person is to be
an absolutist, where you believe that God is changeless.  In believing that God is
changeless, one concludes that God's moral code is changeless  ...  not subject to
human whim and inconsistency.

An absolutist believes that morality is objective and NOT subjective.  In as much,
fornication is fornication is fornication, no matter what you call might euphemistic-
ally call it.  Furthermore, a sin isn't a sin only if a person personally believes that it's
a sin.  Sin is not a matter of opinion.  If this is your belief about sin, then you are a
moral absolutist ... not a conservative.

Of course, in Catholic Church teaching, specifically in St Thomas Aquinas' writ-
ings, 1} every rule has an exception,  2} necessity knows no law, and  3} there
are such things as extenuating circumstances, in cases of ignorance and emer-
gency; not in matters of lust, greed, and narcissistic insistence.  However, in
usual and ordinary circumstances, there is a moral code which does reflect the
changelessness of God.  Such is the code of the old fashion girl.  Such is the
code of the traditional person.

None the less, many American Catholics fell for the carrot-and-stick trick that the
White Anglo Saxonized Republican Party held out, in the name of conservatism,
when it came to abortion.  Of course, the same Catholics ignored the moral obli-
gations in matters of economic and environmental justice, to the point of being
obsessively tunnel-visioned.  The irony is that, unless you end the sins which
lead to abortion, you will never end abortion.  Economic injustice provokes

As a couple examples of how absolutism is much different than conservatism,
take two examples of some of the most immoral persons you will have ever en-
countered:  Rush "4 marriage" Limbaugh and Newt "4 marriage" Gingrich.   To
think, the mouthpieces of the conservative movement ignore the idea of marital
fidelity, and have failed in picking the right partner, showing themselves to have
been poor judges of character.  Rather, they have shown themselves to be the
least moral of them all  ...  the least stable  ...  the least disciplined ... the least
mature ... the least honest ... the least self-sacrificing & the most hypocritical.

Rush Limbaugh, after all of his damning of drug addicts, became a drug addict.
As far as goes Newt Gingrich, while he was proceeding to have Bill Clinton im-
peached for extramarital actions, he was engaged in an extramarital affair, there-
by making Gingrich a complete hypocrite.

Republicans have proven themselves to be nothing more than money grabbers,
pretending to be moralists.  Stephen Fincher of Tennessee did this when he pub-
licly rationalized, though the misinterpretation of the Bible, reducing food stamp
allotments in an era of high fuel and food costs, all the while continuing to receive
taxpayer dollars to the tune of $3.48 million, via federal subsidies.

Of course, the 5'4" flamingly effeminate Cardinal Donald Wuerl who was document-
edly proven to have engaged in multiple cover-ups and multiple acts of retaliation, is
the one who administered the sacrament of confirmation upon Gingrich, and even de-
clared Gingrich's third "mistress" as his true wife.  The three previous women were
declared as never having been sacramentally married to Gingrich, and this may be
true, on account of "immaturity," "consensual defect," etc.   HOWEVER, such a
thing proves Gingrich to be UNSTABLE and unfit for public office.  You do not
entrust a nation to a man like Gingrich ... ever.

In as much, it is reasonably surmised that Gingrich became a Catholic in name, as
a ploy to obtain the vast Catholic vote in the 2012 presidential primaries.  It's also
reasonably concluded that Wuerl welcomed in an unrepentant Gingrich into the
Catholic church, as a ploy for governmental favors in the future, should Gingrich
become president.

Keep in mind that Wuerl spent many years bringing in a lot of taxpayer dollars
via social service contacts ... government contacts.  Therefore, selfishness is sus-
pected as having been Wuerl's motive for welcoming into the Catholic Church
a politician who would continue to campaign for laws that strike against Catholic
moral theology's precepts and obligations.  One such obligation for politicians is
that of procuring the livable wage for their citizens;  not the NAFTA wages that
Gingrich made a common occurrence throughout the exploited labor world.

Newt Gingrich was officially declared a convert, by Cardinal Wuerl.  But, this is
the same Wuerl who allowed Holy Communion to be sacrileged, even to the point
of ousting a priest from his archdiocese for doing his canonical duty, in defending
that sacrament from an apostate lesbian who had no intention of reforming her life.
Wuerl was also found to have a nexus with the homosexual world.  In fact, Wuerl
accommodated the banned "Dignity Masses" for eight consecutive years in two
Pittsburgh diocesan parishes.  Moreover, the conceited elitist of no exemplary
talent refused to speak out against sweatshop labor profiteering, even though
multiple entities asked him to do so ... refusing to do so, despite the fact that
it's automatically Wuerl's obligation to speak out against a sin which cries to
Heaven for vengeance.

If your knowledge of current events is limited to TV sound bytes and newspaper
headlines, the following will surprise you.  It contains Jpegs of documentation
and even copies of original news articles, showing that Wuerl is the opposite of
what the media make him out to be.

Needless to say, ever since the second term of the president who tripled the na-
tional debt, American Catholicism was equated with the Republican Party.  It
had gotten to the point where it were as if the Catholic Church's every motion
was dependent upon the approval of the party of George WMD Bush, Dick
Haliburton Cheney, Joe Blackball McCarthy, NAFTA Newt Gingrich, and
Watergate Dick Nixon.

In the minds of those who don't think, there's a vice-gripped nexus between the
Republican Party which gave America its tremendous trade balance deficit and
the Catholic Church.  Of course, this is because the Republican Party claimed to
be pro-life, while despising the livable wage.  So, Catholics were told that it was
their moral obligation to register with the sweatshop labor profiteering party.
The true obligation was for Catholics to join forces with Americans of good
will and start a third party ... or do the strike & boycott regiment of Polish
labor unions and Cesar Chavez.

The reality is that the Republican party platform promotes what the Catholic
Church defines as sins.  The American bishops' polite condemnation of the
Ryan Budget proves this to be so.  Plus, as Pope Franics recently stated, the
American practice of sweatshop labor importation is a matter of slave labor,
a violation of the very freedom that the Republican Party hypocritically
claims to defend.

All in all, the Republican Party was become the slave labor party and 21st
Century America in the 21st Century has become the Confederate South of
the 1820s to 1860s.  Its destiny will be the same as any other culture which
engaged in profiteering from those denied a livable wage.  This because God
is Changeless and God not mocked; especially by Newt Gingrich, the band
leader of NAFTA and the exorbitant US trade balance deficit.

The Gingrich who stole many a Christmas is noted for calling child labor laws
"truly stupid."   He said that employing youth would end poverty in the poverty-
stricken areas of America, or at the least, give adolescents a sense of fulfillment,
instead of embarrassment, in doing janitorial work.  Fire the full-time janitor, said
Newt, and replace him with teenagers.   By any chance,  would this consist in re-
placing the janitor with the janitor's very own children at a lower wage, thereby
making things all the harder on the janitor's family?

You know, one employed adult used to be able totake care of multiple children
and a permanent wife, as well as an elderly widowed parent.  The conservative
Newt seems to want to bring back a different sort of good old day ... the child
labor days.

If you place children in school labs and present them with all sorts of formulas,
laws of dynamics, laws of statics, and unexplained phenomena, they will come
up with cures and inventions.  Making them janitors is the worse investment for
any nation.

The Imposter in the Sanctuary

The Republican Party has made itself the impostor church, with its pro-military
speeches and flag-waving frills attached, all the while claiming to be the party
of Christ, but failing to acknowledge that Christ said he who lives by sword dies
by the sword.  Now, flag waving and marching to a military tune might have been
fine for Nazi Germans.  But, it is not fit for a 21st Century America tired of pro-
tracted wars against enemies who have zero armored divisions, zero navies, zero
amphibious assault units, zero air force divisions, zero air cavalry, zero infantry
battalions, and zero submarine units.

There is need to exorcise from the American mind the assumption that the Sweat-
shop Profiteer Party is the God-fearing Christian Party.  Did it ever occur to you
why so many people have recently expressed their hatred for Christianity?  Well,
they don't hate Christianity.  They hate money-grabbing Protestantism.  Protestan-
tism is the chattel slave owners' religion.  It's the child slave labor religion.  It's the
foreign sweatshop profiteers' religion.  Thus, when people equate Protestantism
with Catholicism, they end up hating Catholicism, forgetting that it is the religion
of Mother Theresa, John Bosco, St. Francis of Assisi, and Dr. Tom Dooley.

Remember what Mahatma Gandhi said:
                                "I would become a Christian, if I ever met one."

At present, the abusive clergy scandal succeeded in driving people from the church.
However, ever since the start of the Vatican II reforms, the Catholic Church was be-
ing Protestantized.  It was being morphed.  Thus, the abuse scandal was a cause of
and an effect of Vatican II; the effect being the protestantization of Catholicism.

As far as goes the apparent protestantization of the Catholic Church, the crucifixes
being taken down from central view was one the red flag.  Keep in mind that Pro-
testantism has expressed the same hatred for crucifixes, rosaries, and images of the
saints that demons express during exorcisms.

Protestantism is the anti-religion which claims that you have to do nothing for sal-
vation, even though Christ said, "It is not those who say 'Lord Lord' who enter
my Father's Kingdom, but those who do my Father's Will."

More on Newt

NAFTA Newt Gingrich is, by far, the most accomplished hypocrite of all politicians.
Mika Brzezinski, of MSNBC, did concur on the air, while she was pointing out to
her audience that Gingrich's firm received $1.6 million in consulting fees from the
bailout master, Freddie Mac.  Mr. Fiscally Responsible Conservative received tax-
payer dollars that could have been better spent elsewhere.

Gingrich also called NAFTA a success, because it created low-paying jobs in Mex-
ico, all the while draining jobs from America.  The logic was that the lost jobs went
to neighboring Mexico, instead of China.  Thus, the jobs now out of the reach of the
American worker are not as far out of reach as they would have been, if they went
to Asia.  However, they are still out of reach.  Is there a Republican in existence
who doesn't instantaneously insult your intelligence?   Well, Mr. NAFTA told the
Occupy Wall Street protesters, during a debate, to go out and get jobs.  Okay, but
where?  He sent their jobs to Mexico and China ... and Bangladesh ... and Nepal 
... India ... and ... fill-in-the-blank.  The former Speaker of the House accommo-
dated an economic fad that still hasn't gone out of fashion.

Now, foreign trade is fine, if the foreign workers get paid well enough to occasion-
ally buy American ... and if there is a two-lane highway of trade.  Unilateral trade
with protectionist sweatshop nations causes money to be injected from America in-
to those nations, not to return to America any time soon.  As a result of taking the
precepts of Reaganomics to Maoist China and elsewhere, 5 million American jobs
were lost and the United States ended up being indebted to China to the tune of
$1.4 TRILLION.  Reaganomics was a complete failure on multiple levels.

For those unfamiliar, Catholicism teaches that "defraudment of laborers of their
wages" is a sin which cries to Heaven for Vengeance.  This includes sweatshop
labor profiteering.  Such a thing resulted in a couple of famous encyclicals, such
as Leo XIII's Rerum Novarum.  Therefore, according to Catholic Church teach-
ing, NAFTA is a mortal sin.  In as much, Newt Gingrich has a lot of audacity in
calling himself a Catholic when he has never publicly renounced his NAFTA be-
liefs.  You can only have one or the other, but not both ... a belief in NAFTA or a
belief in Catholicism.

By all appearances, NAFTA Newt Gingrich is nothing more than another hijacker
of the Catholic Church.  Is there a Republican politician out there who doesn't live
a lie?

One more very important feature:  A McDonald job will NOT pay off a five figure
college loan debt.  Why did these graduates go to college, if all that the Republican
economy was going to procure for them nothing more than McDonald's jobs?

At last count, the McDonald's CEO makes 550 time more than a McDonald's front-
line employee, and the CEO of Wendy's makes 1,098 times more.  So, where were
the Occupy Wall Street protesters supposed to go to find jobs that could pay their
college loan debts?  Tunisia? Egypt?  Libya?  Yemen? Syria?  The Ukraine?

Look at the economic stats below, on a Newt Gingrichized America ... on the
damage caused by sweatshop labor profiteering ... thanks to Newt. 

The Economic Downside Effect of
Foreign Slave Labor Profiteering

Foreign slave labor profiteering achieves the following results:

- Increases an offending nation's international trade deficit.
- Reduces the same nation's gross domestic product.
- Deceases the offending nation's per capita income. 

- Provokes the Wrath of the Eternal God, infinitely so.

At this point, view the United States trade balance deficit through
the years, in its trade of goods (not services) with China, alone:

                  U.S. IMPORTS                        U.S. EXPORTS
              from sweatshop China                to protectionist China
        (This is money paid to China)   (This is money paid to the U.S.A.)

2012            $425 billion                               $111 billion
2011            $399 billion                              $104 billion
2010            $365 billion                                $92 billion
2009            $296 billion                                $69 billion
2008            $337 billion                                $69 billion
2007            $321 billion                                $62 billion
2006            $287 billion                                $53 billion
2005            $243 billion                                $41 billion
2004            $196 billion                                $34 billion
2003            $152 billion                                $28 billion

10yr total: $3.12 Trillion                             $663 Billion       
 paid to Slave Labor China               paid to an acquiescent U.S.A.

The NET equals: MINUS $2,457,000,000,000 - That's only trade with China.
This is goods only.

The Total Deficit, as is charted below, is MINUS $5,929,000,000,000. 
This comprises trade with all nations.  This comprises goods and services.

The hypocrisy is that trillions of American dollars stayed in the permanent posses-
sion of the Chinese Communist Dictatorship, in the name of Democracy and
Capitalism, as well as Republican Party Values.


Now, view the total 10 yr U.S. trade balance acct, concerning trade with all nations,
in approximate numbers:

          Concerning GOODS only        GOODS and SERVICES

2012       minus $735 billion                     minus $540 billion
2011       minus $737 billion                     minus $588 billion
2010       minus $645 billion                     minus $500 billion
2009       minus $505 billion                     minus $381 billion           
2008       minus $830 billion                     minus $698 billion
2007       minus $818 billion                     minus $696 billion
2006       minus $835 billion                     minus $753 billion
2005       minus $780 billion                     minus $708 billion
2004       minus $663 billion                     minus $605 billion
2003       minus $540 billion                     minus $490 billion

Total:   minus $7.088 261 trillion         minus $5.929 trillion 
Refer to the following link: 

In addition, the total/aggregate U.S. Trade Balance Deficit for only the month
of November 2012 rose $6.6 billion, to $48.7 billion (for that one month only.)
This means that the Trade Gap Rate rose by 15.9%.  As I have previously stat-
ed, if this Trade Balance Deficit behavior continues, America will be a political
entity in the history books, compared to the Argentina which, at one time, was
regarded a world power.

Despite the damage Gingrich caused, he showed zero signs of contrition:

This is a video, but it also has the written transcript with it.