November 01, 2016

The reason why Wuerl can be regarded as a punishment for your sins

Saint John Eudes was a Frenchman who lived entirely in the 17th Century.  He 
founded two religious orders, countered the heresy of Jansenism, and promoted
classical devotions to the hearts of Jesus and Mary.  He stated that being under
the rule of an evil bishop is not a matter of coincidence or chance.  He expressly
stated the following:

The most evident sign of God's anger, and the most terrible castigation that he

can inflict upon the world is manifest when he permits his people to fall into
the hands of a clergy who is more clergy in name than in works ...

of priests whose conduct is that of ravenous wolves rather than charitable and

devoted shepherds. ...

They neglect the things of God and dedicate themselves to worldly things, and in

their call to holiness, they spend their time with profane and worldly pursuits. ...

When God permits such things to transpire, it is very affirmative proof that he

is thoroughly angry with his people and is sending upon them his most dread-
ful wrath.

The aforementioned gives insight as to what the actual third secret of Fatima

is.  According to two well-known individuals who alleged to have read the 
secret, the third secret prophesies a distortion of the true Catholic Faith, be-
ginning at the top ranks of the Church.  

Of course, Wuerl has completely deformed Church teaching of Holy Com-
munion.  He twisted a few articles of the Faith and neglected to defend yet
other ones which were under attack.  Of course, best selling author, Malachi
Martin, publicly said that Wuerl is NOT Catholic.  "He's just not Catholic."

Keep in mind that the June 2000 press release about the third secret was
Cardinal Angelo Sodano's way of diverting attention away from Marcial 
Maciel Degollado, the greatest molester in known church history.  Sodano
was willing to gain the world and lose his soul.

It was the Year 2000 when the Maciel file was place on Joseph Ratzinger's 
desk.  Ratzinger would spend the next six years ignoring the file of a crim-
inal.  Ironically, a Wuerl file was hand-delivered to Ratzinger in the same
year.  It was the year when the Vatican could have cleaned house.  It ne-
glected to do so.  This was followed by the start of protected wars and
escalated terrorism, only to be followed by revolution after revolution
and the complete absence of peace, as well as economic crisis.

All in all, Sodano wanted to deceive the world into thinking that everything
good and holy was in power.   In doing so,  he was covering-up for Maciel,
the golden egg laying goose who appropriated a lot of money to the Vatican.  

Maciel got a lot of money from the family members and widows of industrial-

ists, and he called his cash envelope gifts "polite bribery."  Maciel's game was
that of acting like a Victorian gentleman.  That was his cloak of deceit.

In addition, the Book of Jeremiah, at chapter 3:14, states:  Return, oh rebellious

children, and I will give you shepherds according to my own heart (said the
Eternal God.).

In as much, Wuerl is NOT of God's own heart, when comparing his actions to
those of clergymen of conscience and compassion.  Wuerl did a lot of vicious
things and he allowed a lot of vicious things done by others to proceed.

Wuerl let a consecrated church turn into a joke ... in the form of a pub.  He also

let another church come to be the scene for a less-than-moral movie.  He turned 
his back on the plight of sweatshop slaves.  He let retaliations transpire.  He ev-
en retaliated against the school children of the now-defunct Risen Lord Parish

Wuerl gave Fr. James Torquato free rein and reign, to commit retaliatory acts
which put people's safety in jeopardy.  Wuerl covered-up the crimes of Wolk,
Zula, Pucci, Hoehl, and Huff.  The verdict is still out on Wellinger, in as far
as when Wuerl learned of his transgressions.  LeDoux also.

Wuerl accommodated abortion-obsessed politicians and secret society members 
in their sacrilegious reception of Holy Communion,and he also allowed Sodomite
Masses in two parishes for eight consecutive years.   Plus, he was witnessed as 
having preferred the rich to the commoner, to the point where he can only be re-
garded as a peacock throne bishop.

Wuerl also created a vicious hoax, so as to create a diversion that would take law
enforcement's eyes off of him, being that the triple indictment of Wolk, Zula, and 
Pucci casued law enforcement radar pointed toward Wuerl.  

He also let people be deceived into thinking that he wrote a catechism book that he 
did NOT author.  He neglected to address any false teaching that was being passed
around his former diocese, thereby letting the false teaching replace the authentic
doctrine of the  Catholic Church.  He got rid of church after church after church
after church and some Catholic schools.  He downsized the Faith in more ways 
than one.

There is more to include, but I made a promise of confidentiality for the

entirely of the Years 2012, 2013, and 2014.  That time span is soon to end,