September 01, 2017

Conclusion: Wuerl ALLEGEDLY used Cipolla as a Diversion, to prevent Wuerl's own private life from being discovered by DA John C. Pettit and other law enforcement officials.

To start: Take note of exhibit numero uno.  This is the fourth, fifth, or
sixth time I've posted it, so that those who have websites that defame
Cipolla within them will realize their obligation to restitution/retraction.
If Anthony Cipolla were the molester Ann Rodgers and the Pgh Post Gazette
made him out to be, then why is it that NO ONE in the past 42 years accused
him of molesting anyone in any youth program over which he was in charge?
Tim Bendig was associated with an ordinary parish and  the Padre Pio Prayer
Group which most often comprised adults of the WWII and Korean War era.

                      Here's your second lightning bolt of realization:
If Anthony Cipolla were the molester that Ann Rodgers and the Pgh Post Gazette made
him out to be, then the Chief of the Oakland New Jersey Police Dept would have placed
handcuffs around Cipolla's wrists, instead of a plaque of appreciation into Anthony's hands.

Concerning the allegations of Donald Wuerl's private life, they are alle-
gations ... or should I say alle-gay-tions ... of a secret life that spits in the
face of a major priesthood vow.  In fact, this would explain Cardinal Wuerl's
disregard for Canon Law in the Sacrament of Holy Communion.  After all,
any bishop who would violate his priesthood vows as a matter habit would
also let the most vile people violate the sanctity of Holy Communion.

I received the same allegations about Wuerl's private life between 1999 and
2001, and then from 2009 to 2012.  A couple people corroborated specific
allegations.  I haven't detailed them online, out of prudence.  If the multiple
allegations of similar accusations are true, then Wuerl is beyond a hypocrite.


It was the Year 2009 when I was given the opportunity to meet with the man
formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla, to talk with him, and to receive
a cardboard box of documentation and deposition pages.   My response was,
"What makes you think he's innocent?"

My follow-up question was,  "Why do you want to waste your time with this?"
Always keep this in mind that I assumed Rodgers' articles about Cipolla to
have been fact-checked, already.  I had no idea that falsehoods would be dis-
covered immediately after the fact-checking would begin, four years later.

None the less, after a few minutes of being coaxed into meeting with Cipolla,
I ended up saying, "Ooooooookay.   I'll go," doing so as a gesture of kindness.
Then, after viewing the official documentation, my silent question was, "Is this
all that Wuerl had on him?  You can't be serious.  There has got to be more
than this."  There was not.

Well, it turns out that ... after five years of investigating ... there wasn't any
damning evidence at all.  The accuser, Tim Bendig, was not credible in any
capacity, and the mother of the nine year old boy who is now in his mid-40s
was caught lying, in her "newspaper testimony."  This translates into the

- Cipolla was the victim of outright lies, proven to be so and conveyed as
such in other Pontillo articles.  - The fact that I can mention Tucker Thomp-
son's name without violating a court order of anonymity shows that Cipolla
was never arrested.  - Cipolla's 2014 Pennsylvania State Police Background
Check Security Clearance is another piece of evidence which speaks in his
favor.  -There were NEVER any corroborative witness accounts against Ci-
ipolla and no credible (non-contradictory) witness accounts against him.

Neither was there physical (forensics) evidence of any kind against Cipolla.
No circumstantial evidence against him, at all.  No trail/history of molesta-
tion for Cipolla of any kindl.  Rather, Cipolla had the opposite history.  In
fact, he never was arrested and never has to register under Megan's Law.

Keep in mind that Cipolla was given a number of awards of appreciation for
his work with youth groups, while having had no one in any of those youth
groups ever accuse him of any type of wrongdoing.  After all these decades,
someone would have come forth, if Cipolla were the molester that the Pitts-
burgh Post Gazette made him out to be.

Keep in mind that Wuerl originally declared Tim Bendig's accusations to be
NOT credible.  Then came the triple indictment of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci,
followed by an accusation against Fr. Somma which had a misaligned time-
line, concerning the specific accusations made against Somma.  This was
followed by Tim Bendig capitalizing on the triple indictment, by going to
the media.  Wuerl, after having been publicly chastised by District Attorney
John C. Pettit, got rid of John Hoehl.  He only removed Cipolla after Bendig
went to the media.  All in all, if it weren't for Wuerl's triple cover-up, Cipolla
would have remained in ministry.

Furthermore, it is NOT a matter of Cipolla's word against the accusing moth-
er's word.  She alleged things that did NOT exist in any capacity.  It wasn't
even a matter her exaggerating things that existed.  It was a matter of outright
falsehoods, concerning her claim that she was harassed into dropping charges,
especially in  claiming that she was harassed by a mythological defense attor-
ney ... on the make-believe day of a fantasy trial that was  never on any court
docket.  Anthony Cipolla had no need of a defense attorney, being he was NOT
arrested/indicted, in any capacity whatsoever.

PLUS, no criminal trial in America is ever scheduled a mere 28 or so days
after an arrest.  Yet, the Pgh Post Gazette reported that the accusing mother
dropped the criminal charges that only a DA could approve, in less than one
month after having filed them.

Plus, Donald Wuerl had motive to use Cipolla as a diversionary tactic, to veer
the attention of District Attorney John C. Pettit away from the Donald Wuerl
whom Pettit regarded as uncooperative with law enforcement officials.

Furthermore, that which Bendig did, in accusing Cipolla, was outright retali-
ation, on account of Cipolla telling Padre Pio Prayer Group members stop
sending Bendig donation money, on account of Bendig no longer being in
the Pittsburgh seminary he was asked to leave, after only one semester of

In sequence, the allegations pertaining to Wuerl's private give motive for
Wuerl using Cipolla as a diversionary tactic, to keep law enforcement of-
ficials from investigating into Wuerl's diocese any further, being that the
knowledge of Wuerl's private lifestyle ... whatever that lifestyle might be
... would be transparent in the eyes of the investigators.

AND ...

There were 70+ witnesses lined-up to testfy for Cipolla and/or against Tim
Bendig at the civil lawsuit trial that would never come to be, because Wuerl
conveniently settled out of court two work days before jury selection.  Now,
according to sources, the Bendig deposition make mention of Wuerl being
a practicing homosexual.  If there were a trial that allegation would have
come out and would have been a matter of record.

So, I met Cipolla in 2009.  Yet, it would not be until four and a half years later
when I would actually fact-check the damning allegations made by a woman
who conceived two sonsn to two different men and who claimed that Anthony
Cipolla molested one of them.  Those allegations turned out to have been very
mean spirited fairy tales ... a woman crying wolf ... a woman lying so blatantly
that it was a mystery as to why she thought she would get away with theatrical

As I previously stated, they weren't exaggerations.  Nor was there any matter
of error in timeline narration.  She stated complete falsehoods.

During the five year period, a multiplicity of people would tell me that Tim
Bendig was a pathological liar.  I found him to be more of a calculating con
artist than a pathological liar.  From my personal experience, he loved to
intimidate and cause fear.  Also from my person experience, when you do
not succumb to his intimidation tactics, he gets a dose of the fear he was
trying to instill in you.

Bendig made up the story that two handfuls of seminarians and three hand-
fuls of priests were homosexually active Sodomites who drove Bendig out
of the seminary in disgust.  Yet, during his depostion, he changed his story.
Bendig admitted to having had voluntary homosexual relations with a can-
didate for the seminary here and there, through something known as the
Discernment Weekend.  The Discernment Weekend consisted in males
taking a weekend, to recognize if they were being called to the priest-
hood by the very invisible, yet always-present, Holy Spirit.

One more thing:  Cipolla was not the average priest.  He had his own per-
sonal following so much so that he literally was more popular than Wuerl.
He was the chaplain of people devoted to an exceptional Italian priest,
named Padre Pio.  Padre Pio is now a canonized saint.

Cipolla was in such a large spotlight that, if he were a molester, corrobora-
tive witnesses would have come out of the woodwork.  There never existed
a single corroborative witness against Cipolla.  In fact, people volunteered
information on how dishonest and treacherous Tim Bendig was, time after
time.  But, no one ever wrote to me in condemnation of Anthony Cipolla,
except for Bendig,  Even at that, Tim Bendig contradicted himself, about
Cipolla.  Bendig was so foolish that he could not even condemn Cipolla
the right way.   He mentioned, ... "those things that Cipolla would only
do to me."  It's well known that molesters don't stop at one person.  Inter-
estingly, Bendig didn't even mention the 1978 allegations.

Wuerl was known for holding animosity toward anyone more popular than
him.  As one example, it was alleged to me that he did not take it very well
when Pittsburgh native, Adam Maida, was elevated to the college of cardi-
nals long before Wuerl.  It was alleged to me that Wuerl would get angry
over newspaper articles praising Maida.

In as much, it seems that, if a priest had autonomous popularity, Wuerl would
be intimidated by it.  Such priests, ever so coincidentally, were gone in short
order, from the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  That's a cursory observation, as op-
posed to any definitive conclusion.  However, Wuerl's conceited, elitist, ar-
rogance was res ipsa loquitar.  Flamingly so.

As an added example, a Fr. Vincent Cvitovic, former US Air Force veteran,
had a following too.  Wuerl ousted him from the Diocese of Pittsburgh, on
account of things he would say during sermons which could jar a person's

Plus, Fr. Vince would promote Medjugorje, though it was never approved
by the church.  Instead of correcting Father Vince, as would a fatherly bish-
op, Wuerl showed Father Vince the exit door.  Fr. Vince took refuge in the
Diocese of Erie.

Fr. Vince died a few years ago.  He was one the most masculine (natural-
ly inclined) priests in a Pittsburgh diocese that housed its share of flamers.
Vince was no flamer.  Now, he was no Clark Gable, and no Hercules.  But,
didn't have the tinsel-town vanity that reeks from a Donald Wuerl type.  He
seemed to be a bit of a strict disciplinarian who eased off of the strict facade
as soon as you were in a casual setting with him.  None the less, Fr Vince did
NOT receive the red carpet treatment that the Dignity Mass people did, even
though priests who were drowning in heresy, such as Matthew Fox, were wel-
comed into the conversation during a Pittsburgh diocesan radio show called,

Let's go back to 2009:

Eventually, after stubbornly assuming that Cipolla was guilty of what the
Pgh Post Gazette claimed, I learned that his case at the Vatican involved
nothing more than a diagnosis of Clinical Depression & Suicidal Tenden-
cies, as was given to him by St. Luke's Institute (of Maryland,) in contrast
to the clean bill of mental health given to him at St. Michael's of NYC.

I assumed that the Vatican judged him of having molested a Tim Bendig
who turned out to be a chronic liar and con artist who thought that he
could intimidate me into deleting from this website those articles which
cited him as a liar ... citing him as such, via my personal experience and
the allegations of people who spoke to me of their personal experience
with Bendig.  In as much, they ALL used one word to describe Bendig,
and that word was, "liar."

I then learned that Cipolla was never arrested, ever ... and that the procedure
of his imaginary arrest, as described by two Pittsburgh Post Gazette writers,
was contrary to Pennsylvania procedural law.

I then learned of the plaques of appreciation given to him ... even by a New
Jersey police department ... for his management of a relatively large youth
program there ... followed by me learning that no one involved in the pro-
grams ever accused Cipolla of any type of wrongdoing, even decades after
his service.  This is pertinent, in that those who were molested eventually
come forth and literally vent their accusations, even ten, twenty, and thirty
years after the molestation.  Thus, Cipolla molested no one in any of the
youth group venues where he was stationed.

I then learned that the claim that Cipolla's bishop and imaginary attorney
harassed a woman into dropping criminal charges that were never filed in
the first place was an outright lie, proven via fact checking.  That was the
point when I realized that the Cipolla case was a deliberate farce, orche-
strated by Wuerl the Puppeteer.

Previously, I had received a number of communications telling me that Tim
Bendig, Cipolla's accuser, is nothing but a liar who had zero corroborative
witnesses & zero pieces of empirical evidence to support any of his claims
against Anthony Cipolla.  Yet, I didn't think that the 1978 accuser would be
caught lying, via the fact checking of her "newspaper testimony."

Of course, as soon as Bendig starting harassing and threatening, me, while
falsely presenting things in his communications to me, I immediately for-
warded the damning evidence against Bendig to a number of people, for
safe keeping.  Then, one year later, the same Tim Bendig begged me to
interview him, promising to let me read his deposition, apparently clue-
less to the fact that I already had a couple pages of that deposition posted

Just as previously did I learn of Bendig taking the lawsuit settlement money
that he said was to be used for intense psychiatric treatment and spending it
on a pub called the Two Step Restaurant which ended up being a failed en-

I then received communications from Hollywood, where Bendig was described
as a "Pathological Liar."  The damning allegations against Bendig had piled-up.

Later, a Pennsylvania abuse victim showed the red flag in Bendig's public state-
ment, after he received his hefty settlement.  She construed Bendig's statement
as that of a very suspicious and not credible person.

Previously, I read some of the Bendig deposition pages where he contradicted
himself from the public statements he made.  I also previously knew of the 70+
witnesses ready to testify for Cipolla (at the civil lawsuit trial that never was),
and that some of the witnesses were prepared to testify on how much of a liar
Bendig always has been.  There is more.  But, that information is a series of
aces strategically held in my proverbial sleeve, placed in reserve for strategic
purposes, being that I had long since learned from personal experience how
vicious the Wuerl people could be.  I learned this during the Torquato Retali-
ations that Wuerl could have stopped in a moment's time, but which were
allowed to continue, as if Wuerl were engineering them from his office.