November 11, 2016

Wuerl does NOT possess papal infallibility: But, Donohue acts as if he does.

In October 2015, an attempted coup d'etat was orchestrated by German Cardinal
Walter Kasper, the German-American Donald Wuerl, and a few other dissenters
of 2,000 year old Catholic doctrine on Holy Communion.  It was failed attempt.
But, that won't stop them.

Wuerl's declarative statement on the reception of Holy Communion was NOT
Catholic Church Doctrine.  Yet, the slovenly-built Bill Donohue, in the press
release which assassinated the character of the good-faith Catholics, presented
Wuerl's unaccepted teaching as if it were an approved norm of the Church.

The formless and jowel-fallen Bill Donohue, whose grotesque physique proves
that he certainly has NOT been living any semblance of Catholic ascetism  acted
as if Cardinal Wuerl were the infallible Vicar of Christ.  Needless to say, Wuerl
is not.  Wuerl, on his own, is NOT the teaching authority of the church, no matter
what the crass and vulgar Bill Donohue stated on the topic.    Furthermore, there
have been a number of priests and bishops recognized as heretics by the official
teaching authority of the Church.

Do you see what's happening here?  ANS: Wuerl and Donohue are creating their
own Church with the money given to them by generous benefactors who assume
that they were donating to Catholic entities.  The quote of Donald Wuerl in Bill
Donohue's Nov 20, 2015 press release was nNOT an infallible statement.  Rather,
it was a very heretical statement.

Now that Donald Wuerl passed retirement age, Donohue is getting more vicious
in his writings..  He is stating things as if Donald Wuerl is to be regarded as the
ultimate ruling authority of the Catholic Church..  After all,  Donohue certainly
has not publicly wished Wuerl a happy retirement.  Donohue is acting as if Don-
ald Wuerl is the lord and master of all Catholicism.

The Catholic League and Mammon

Donohue, at the time of this writing, is 68 years of age. Meanwhile, Wuerl is 75
and continues to live in luxury.  Now, Donohue's yearly income of recent years
has been hovering in the 417,000 to 475,000 dollar range.  In 2013, Donohue's
pay was $417,500.  That translates into $8,000 a week, in income, for Donohue;s
extremely crass and vulgar statements, as in his condemnation of the molestation
victims of Ireland which resulted in the Irish prime minister at the time sending
a mandate to tiny Vatican City.

For the record,  Disneyland is larger than the Vatican which was granted immun-
ity from civil prosecution by the criminal Benito Mussolini.  In as much, when the
Lateran Pact is rescinded, there will be peace in the Catholic Church.  Until then,
the Church will possess the ill temperament of the Mussolini who, in his Lateran
Pact, caused criminal after criminal to not merely hide-out in the Vatican, but to
run the Catholic Church.  In as much, you must admit that the former Hitler Youth,
Joseph, Ratzinger, in his mortal sin of omission concerning international molester
Marcial Maciel Degollado, is a text-book defined criminal.  This is the same form-
er Hitler Youth who made Wuerl a cardinal.  No saint appointed Wuerl.

Wuerl, of course, has a residence within the posh Embassy Row of Washington
DC, and his Pittsburgh residence for 18 years was a mansion at Warwick Terrace.
All in all, Wuerl has lived in lavish luxury for 27 consecutive years.  Apparently,
easy living made him so soft that it affected his thinking.  After all, Wuerl does
not think like Christ or the Apostle John or John the Baptist or John of the Cross
or the Saint John Neumann who lived in Pittsburgh in the 1840s.

Below is the 2013 stats on the Catholic League were the formless and blatantly
non-ascetic Bill Donohue turned into a very selfish one-man show.

Income Statement     (FYE 12/2013)

   Contributions, Gifts & Grants$2,700,147
   Federated Campaigns$0
   Membership Dues$0
   Fundraising Events$0
   Related Organizations$0
   Government Grants$0
Total Contributions$2,700,147
   Program Service Revenue$0
Total Primary Revenue$2,700,147
   Other Revenue$486,737
   Program Expenses$1,276,283
   Administrative Expenses$811,636
   Fundraising Expenses$742,271
Payments to Affiliates$0
Excess (or Deficit) for the year$356,694
Net Assets$35,416,580
All in all, it appears that Donohue and Wuerl, though at retirement age, are not
going to go away easily.  Yet, when one world ends, another one begins.  The
world to replace the one of Wuerl and Donohue needs to be one free of bullies,
retaliations, disingenuous propaganda, cover-ups, financial greed, manipulation,
narcissism, and outright lies,  None the less, age isn't the problem with Wuerl
and Donohue.  The aforementioned was.  The question is, "How long do we
have to put-up with these money grabbers and power predators?"  They take
for themselves and suffocate every other need in the church, to the extent that
they can do so.  They turned Catholicism into a corporate practice ... into a
big business.

The World of Wuerl infringed upon a lot of other people's worlds.  Plus, Wuerl
deprived the laity of its ability to do its mission; namely, that of procuring the
Renewal of the Temporal Order.  If Cardinal Wuerl didn't serve the function of
impediment to the laity, there wouldn't have been a drastic drop in adherents to
Catholicism, in church weddings, in vocations, in financial income, etc.

During Wuerl's years in power, the faith and its accompanying moral precepts
were progressively laid waste.  Such a thing is a reflection on all ruling bishops
during those years.  Wuerl did little more than live like the marquises of France
shortly before they were rudely introduced to the newly invented guillotine.

Ladies & Gentlemen, history does repeat itself.  In fact, those were refuse to
learn from the errors made in history are condemned to repeat them and re-
ceive the same destiny as those who erred before them.

More on Donohue and Wuerl living the "good life," as opposed to "fighting
the good fight," as martyr Saint Paul stated it in one of his epistles.