November 10, 2016

Wuerl's Strategic Ploy in Trashing the Reputation of Press Member George Neumayr

One of Dignity Mass Don's Sodomite Mass venues, while bishop of Pittsburgh.
It's no longer a Catholic parish.  Wuerl rolled out the red carpet to Sodomite
Masses and had a proven nexus with the Sodomite world of the area.
         December 14, 2015, at the Archdiocese of Washington's 
            basilica bookstore, somewhere between 1 and 2 pm:

Cardinal Donald Wuerl was conducting a book-signing.  Present & silent, in
a well mannered pose of conduct, was member of the press, George Neumayr.

George, of course, is the one who revealed Donald Wuerl's posh and palatial
residence on Embassy Row, thereby proving Wuerl's propaganda machine to
have been disingenuous, in that they made Wuerl out to be an ascetic saint,
living in a modest setting.

George is also the one who wrote of Wuerl's dereliction of duty, as it applies
to the central sacrament of the Catholic Church, thereby pointing out Wuerl's
breach of duty of loyalty to the 2,000 year old Church.  George furthermore
is the one who revealed that Washington DC insiders call Cardinal Donald
Wuerl "Wuerl the Girl."  In going further, George is the one who reminded
the reading public that a cardinal wears red to signify that he is willing to
shed his blood in defense of the faith and that Donald Wuerl is a coward
not willing to sacrifice even one pillow mint in a 4-star hotel room.

Within a week of December 14, George again attempted to have one civil
sentence of paragraph come from Cardinal Donald Wuerl.  George wanted
Wuerl to state why he called the police on George, when George was simply
standing in a bookstore, not making any type of raucus.  So, instead of em-
ploying any maturity, Wuerl simply had the same George Neumayr ushered
away from him, yet again.  Such an act is that of one in power hiding truth.

All in all, George is one of the few persons on this Earth who was courageous
enough to be the conscience of an unconscionable Donald Wuerl.  George is
one of the few who didn't get intimidated enough to kow-tow to Wuerl.

George retains a sense of the sacred and seeks to defend Christ from those in
the sanctuary seeking to desecrate Christ.  Wuerl, without doubt, is one such
desecrateur ... as well as a saboteur of the Catholic Church.  Wuerl has been
dismantling Catholicism since Day 1, and on occasion, he has performed acts
reminiscient of coups d'etats.

Despite George's public condemnations of Wuerl, while in the basilica bookstore,
Wuerl did shake hands with him.  While doing so, according to George, Wuerl
cast a serpentine smile upon him.  

At this point, it's important to keep in mind that George told me on the night
of the event that he did NOT ask Wuerl any question at all.  George also told
me that he made no comment of Wuerl, as well.  George was NOT making a
scene, being that he wasn't being verbal.

Within a relatively short time after the handshake of Wuerl, Washington DC
police officers walked-up to George and said, "Monsignor Rossi asked us to
escort you off of the private property of the basilica."   (Exact quote from
George, himself.)  George was off of basilica grounds shortly thereafter, as
if he were a stranger and intruder to the faith into which he was baptized
decades ago.   Thus, we have another instance of Cardinal Donald Wuerl's
abuse of power.

Take note of the irony that the co-author of a book and an author of multiple
magazine articles was ushered by police out of a bookstore.   Yet, it's not
an irony if you regard Wuerl's impoliteness as his way of snuffing out of
the picture his book sales competition.  After all, Wuerl is competing with
George and others to get your book purchase dollars. .

Also take note that the book signing was a PUBLIC event, where all people
were invited to attend.  In canon law, a non-suppressed basilica is open to all
Catholics and even non-Catholics.  George, contrary to what the high priced
attack dog Bill Donohue publicly stated, is a Roman Catholic who believes in
the many infallible doctrines of the faith that have been defined by a number
of ecumenical councils and two popes throughout the centuries.  Yet, George
was suddenly deprived the rights which every other Catholic has.  That which
Cardinal Wuerl did to George was equivalent to banning from the grotto of
Bethlehem the shepherds who were visited by angels as soon as Jesus was

A book signing is where an investigative journalist can find credible sources.
In fact, perhaps Wuerl feared that George was going to ask about the Teach-
ings of Christ catechism book that was alleged to have been written by the late
Jesuit, Father John Hardon whose cause for canonization is already underway.

For those unfamiliar, the personal secretary of Father Hardon sent a signed
and notarized affidavit to a canon lawyer in Rome, testifying that Fr Hardon
wrote the Teachings of Christ catechism book and handed it to a Fr Donald
Wuerl, so that Wuerl could edit it.  The same personal secretary then stated
that Donald Wuerl took the manuscript and got it published without Fr. John
Hardon's knowledge, with Wuerl being credited as a co-compiler of the writ-
ings within the text.  Hardon received no credit for the book.  Thus, Wuerl is
formally alleged to have STOLEN John Hardon's intellectual property.

Of course, Wuerl is a proven cover-up artist, retaliator, hoax orchestrator, and
saboteur of Catholic doctrine, as well as violator of Vatican mandates such as
the banned Dignity Masses that Wuerl allowed in his former diocese for eight
consecutive years in two parishes, where one of the Mass celebrants was twice
accused of sexual wrongdoing with minors.  The fact that Wuerl is alleged to
have been a thief is in keeping with what thus far has been proven about him.
This means that the accusation carries plausibility, simply by cause of Don-
ald Wuerl's track record.
Truth has a symmetrical pattern not unlike this cone flower
created by the God of Truth.

Take note that the Library of Congress does NOT credit Wuerl as the author
of the book, but rather as one of three compilers of existing Catholic writings.
The bottom line is that Wuerl did NOT give Hardon credit for the book that
Hardon was formally alleged to have written.

Incidentally, the canon lawyer who received the affidavit thus far has not giv-
en it to Vatican officials.  The canon lawyer DID mail a package in complaint
of Donald Wuerl to the papal office from the Vatican post office.  But, we in
the United States know of NO response from the Vatican.  Of course, today's
Vatican was repeatedly proven to have been corrupted even during the tenure
of John Paul II.

The proof of Vatican corruption even involves the tenure of Francis I, the
pope thought to be the one who would clean-up the corrupted Roman Curia.
Even during the tenure of Francis, a conscientious member of the Curia and
an Italian public relations expert were arrested for passing confidential docs
which prove that the Francis papacy is as corrupt as was the Ratzinger papa-
cy which involved a butler passing documentation which was formed into
the Vatileaks series of communications.

Bill Donohue is no expert on George Neumayr

I know George and spoke with him at length at times, while at other times,
he and I would speak quickly, due to the lack of time.  In contrast, neither
Wuerl nor Donohue ever spoke with George.  They cannot tell you any-
thing about him, his motivations, and his personality.  So, if you want to
learn about George, you need to come to me or someone else who spoke
with George at length ... or someone who was a part of George's personal
life in either California or D.C.

I'll reveal one thing about George which should enlighten you as to why he
is the way he is.  George adhered to the political orientation in which he did
was because George wanted to be attached to the things which are opposite
of his former archbishop, Roger Mahony.  George is a California native who
was very familiar with the Mahony years, and George simply wanted nothing
to do with it.  If Wuerl would have spoken with George, Wuerl might have
learned this.

Wuerl had the opportunity to learn about George.  In fact, if he would have
employed the habits of my Italian culture, he could have applied the use of
diplomacy and invited George for tea, coffee, dinner, a cigar, or an aperitif,
establishing understanding in the process.  Wuerl could have been the big
man and opened lines of communication with George.  I would have tried
to win over my principle condemners, if I had such wealthy resources as
does Wuerl, in first being a gracious host of my condemners.  

Wuerl refused to talk things out with George.  Wuerl refused to defend him-
self in front of George, even in a private and discrete setting.  This ousting 
of George Neumayr indicates that Wuerl is hiding a lot, and had to get rid
of George, lest more evils be made known about Wuerl.  Wuerl did NOT
have the character, virtue, or manhood to speak with George, to answer
George's accusations, or let George be.

Wuerl was more than willing to let someone as violent as James Torquato
be a parish pastor.  Wuerl was equally to have the criminal John S. Hoehl
be reinstated into Pittsburgh diocesan ministry, and Wuerl was more than
amicable about reinstating into ministry a Father  Edward Huff who would
eventually be indicted and convicted.  But Wuerl would not allow someone
as conscientious as George Neumayr to be a bookstore guest, free of Wuerl's
harassments.  And yes, that which Wuerl let happen to George most certain-
ly an act of harassment, as well as False Light.  Such a thing was defamatory.
Yet, it made Wuerl look ill-willed and mischievous, in the end.

George was in a public setting making no type of raucous.  George was not
making a scene.  However, George might have encountered a witness or two
who could relay less than honorable details about Wuerl.  In fact, George on-
ly needed to see what types of persons were Wuerl's biggest fans, especially
the ones who embrace Sodomy as if it were an act of divinity.

The hypocrisy of this event exists in the fact that Wuerl rolled out the red
carpet to those actively hostile to Catholicism, such as Pelosi, Dodd, Kerry,
numerous Dignity Mass attenders, and one certain androgynous lesbian 
apostate.  Yet, Wuerl ousts a man who assents to all articles of faith and
morals as have been set forth since the time of the original apostles.

In having George ousted from the basilica bookstore on December 14,
Donald Wuerl gave himself away, setting off a neon red flag, showing
that he still has things to hide from the public.

I publicly give my best wishes to George as much as I have done in private.
Now, I know how badly George gets condemned and ridiculed by certain
types of people.  This means that I risk the same condemnation & ridicule,
even though George and I are day-and-night when it comes to Economics
and politics, especially as they apply to Reaganomics and Reagan himself.

None the less, George and I do not differ when it comes to the Catholic
Church's teachings on the sacraments, the Virgin Mary, the person of
Christ, sin, mercy, the apostles, revelation, the supernatural nature of
God, etc. Therefore, I will not deny three times before the rooster crows
that I know George and offered my support to him.

Bill Donohue, the orney version of the non-ascetic Pillsbury Doughboy,
can't intimidate me into disassociating myself from George.  After all,
I am known to side with the underdog more often than not.

When he gets attacked and ridiculed, I don't pretend that I don't know
George.  Rather, I make sure to let him know that he has my support.
In as much, you should not let Donohue or any other member of Don-
ald Wuerl's propaganda machine intimidate you.  Bill Donohue merely
supports a heretic cardinal as much as he supported a Timothy Dolan
who recently had a lawsuit filed against him, on account of something
so disturbing and vile that I will NOT give the details on this site.

All in all, in ousting George from the Washington DC basilica bookstore, 
Cardinal Donald Wuerl gave himself away, causing a neon red flag  to
rise in the minds of onlookers.  It should make you wonder what Wuerl
is hiding that he would have a member of the press escorted from his
presence.  Wuerl apparently could not defend himself before George.
So, he got rid of George as much as Wuerl got rid of his conscience
decades ago.