November 03, 2016

If you're going to see Wuerl within the month, do me a favor

If you are going to be in the presence of the Cardinal Donald Wuerl who was
sued multiple times while he was the out-of-place bishop of Pittsburgh, please
do me a simple and painless favor.  Say to him, "Hey Cardinal Wuerl, those
are some really nice shoes.  Where can I get shoes like those.  What is the
name of that brand?"  While asking the shoe question, take note of how tall
he looks.  In fact, look at the shoes while registering in your mind how tall
Wuerl looks.  Also take note that I repeatedly stated that Wuerl is a narcissistic
peacock-throne egomaniac.

That's all.  If you get an answer from him, I'll be surprised.  Lemme know
how it goes.

10 Q Berry Mulch,