November 10, 2016

Wuerl: The puppeteer of police, using them against his political enemies, like any other tyrant.

This article is here to remind someone of conscience that Donald Wuerl is
nothing more than one of the more abusive members of the 1% who abuses
his power so much so that he now uses police officers as his surrogate bullies.

Wuerl now uses police officers as if they were puppets on his strings.  This,
of course, refers to Wuerl having had police officers remove from two public
events the one member of the press who discovered yet another hypocrisy of
Donald Wuerl  and made it known to the reading public.  This, of course, re-
fers to Wuerl's Marie-Antoinette lifestyle.  This also refers to the George
Neumayr who then the less-than-ascetic and less-than-diplomatic 68 year
old Bill Donohue assassinated in character, reminiscent of the junior high
bully, in all of its unprofessionality.

Cardinal "Marie Antoinette" Wuerl could not defeat George Neumayr with
truth.  So, he built defamatory lies around George and had the police become
the weak Donald Wuerl's bullies for him.  In this having been done, it echoed
what a former Philadelphia police captain stated during the worldwide Occupy
Wall Street demonstrations.

All in all, keep in mind that Wuerl wasn't honest enough or man enough to an-
swer simple questions posed by a member of the press who stood his ground
while being outnumbered, waiting for words of truth to come out of a person
who is well known for deception and sleight of hand semantics.

The articlebelow was written during the Occupy Wall Street days.  However,
it is more pertinent today than is was then, in light of the nationwide protests
against deadly police discretion that transpired mostly in 2014, and also in the
2015 antics of Washington DC cleric Cardinal Donald Wuerl.  Let us focus-in
on a Pennsylvania public servant, the retired Captain Ray Lewis:

Becoming heroic consists in showing up at a place where you're needed and stand-
ing your ground when you're there.  The result is that the life of at least one other
person will never be the same again.  Ray could have stayed home, watched TV,
and consumed chips.  He traveled to New York, as if to be on a mission, instead.
The message which he came to convey was:

                      "All the cops are just workers for the one percent,
                      and they don’t even realize they’re being exploited.”

For those unfamiliar, Ray Lewis appeared at Zuccotti Park on a Tuesday, in police
uniform.   He was arrested at 1:00 PM.  He later called the NYC police conduct
something disgusting and uncalled-for.  This constituted an expert opinion.  In as
much, the presence of Ray Lewis comprised a hands-on endorsement of the gen-
eral OWS movement, giving the defamed movement credentials.

Remember, Ray went the extra distance to get there, as if he were delivering a
page of the Magna Carta.  His psychological constitution appeared to be that of
a compassionate man, evidenced by his following statement:

            "I have tremendous sympathy for those who suffer.  These 
             people are suffering while the bankers and Wall Streeters 
            are drinking champagne, while looking down on us."

In light of the Zuccotti Park transpiration, what is this "OWS vermin" that the
radio talk show host banned in England kept repeating like a broken LP?  What
is this "fringe of a fringe of a fringe" thing that the right wing corporate adver-
tising dollar leeches of FoxNews have been saying about the 1st Amendment
People at Zuccotti Park?  This was a worldwide movement.  Parasites?  Not
the former Philly police captain.  In fact, the sweatshop profiteers are the
ultimate parasites, leeching off of exploited workers.

FoxNews was not and is not a news agency.  It's a a propaganda unit who has
repeatedly been wrong in its assertions and declarative statements.  Proof that
it's a propaganda unit, no different than Hitler's machine, is that the FoxNews
personnel give commentaries, instead of objective, narrative, line-item news-
casts.  As far as being wrong, the FoxNews people were 100% wrong about
their assessment of the harmed 9-11 cleanup crew members who develloped
Small Airways Disease and Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome.   Plus,
Occupy Wall Street was not a  fringe.  The OWS Movement's downfall was
that it did not have pivotal leaders.  One of whom should have been captain
emeritus Ray Lewis.  In fact, he should have been the central leadership of
the movement.  He should have been drafted into service.

Ray Lewis' cavalry-like timing showed the world that the OWS Movement is
far from over.  The event of 2011 was a milestone in history, and when the cor-
rect leaders fall into place, things will change for real.  Don't look for youth to
run it.  Look for those weathered with track records of being altruistic.  In as
much, a lot of the OWS people had the ulterior motive to have their outrage-
ously high college loans debts mitigated ... lessened ... reduced ... payable.
They also wanted jobs.  The thing is that you need to go one step further.
You have to have proved selflessness and looking out for the underdog,
instead of being motivated by your personal gain.  That was the folly of
the OWS movement.

It was like Ronald Reagan in one aspect.  Reagan vehemently campaigned,
in order to lower the tax rates of the wealthy, because he wanted his own
personal tax rate lowered.  And remember, Reagan only got rich, by hold-
ing onto land until its sale would produce a windfall.  He never started an
assembly line.  He never invented and/or patented anything.  He neither had
a medical or a law degree.  He didn't start a co-operative, nor an import com-
pany, nor founded a professional sports team.  He was never a city builder.
He simply bought land less expensively, horded it, and then sold it when the
price was high enough for him.  NO WORK was involved.  In as much, the
OWS people were in NYC mostly for each one's individual self.  This is why
it failed.

There are more effective and less expensive ways to put Wall Street and the
1% on their knees.  Half of what the people in 2011 did was vent.  They were
also hoping to get the same amount of help from the public as did a Caesar
Chavez who orchestrated a successful grapes and lettuce boycott.  Concern-
ing those days, Walter Cronkite of CBS news would report on the status of
the boycott everyday while it was occurring.

The Polish trade unions had success with Strike & Boycott.  The Polish did
not fire a shot.  Another cute trick, in putting the rich on their knees, then oc-
curred during the largest corporate takeover of an insurance company up to
that time.  Of course, stating specifics will put the enemy on guard.  But, I
was surprised when I learned of the tactic which resulted in a hostile corpor-
ate takeover.  I know about this, because I once worked for the insurance com-
pany who did the taking over.

If people can act in unison, it will be a done deal.   Concerning the 1%, the next
9% are their servants and an added 9% are their beneficiaries.  This means that
it's not actually 99% vs the 1%.  It's actually the 81% vs the 19%.

Concerning the motivation of the OWS Movement, it was two-fold.  One mo-
tivation was the burden of college loan debt in the presence of high unemploy-
ment.  The other one was military service performed in the absence of gratitude
by the war monger Republican Party.  It's interesting how politicians and radio
talk show hosts who never saw battle are so obsessed with high military spend-
ing.  In fact, these people neither worked with the Army Corps of Engineers nor
with the Peace Corps nor any point in between.  Yet, they are so militaristic and
goose-stepping tough, with the blood of other men.

Concerning Ray Lewis, he served the function of  late-hour reinforcement ... a
one-man cavalry.  Him being put in jail, it was a bit of a Calvary.  A small sacri-
fice, in comparison to those people throughout the world who suffered the hor-
rendous misfortune of Newt Gingrich supporters ... of the pig-man Gingrich and
the unconscionable, income disparate 1%.   But a sacrifice none the less, with a
clear statement attached to it.

And remember, there were Chinese sweatshop workers who actually did slit their
wrists, being that the labor abuse imposed upon them was so intense.  Therefore,
very few types of sacrifices can compare to what citizens of Communist China
often endured, for the profits of the 1% ... in America.