November 11, 2016

Conflict of Interest and Cronyism Authored New Book About Wuerl

Dignity Mass = Donald Wuerl's spitting in the face of the Vatican
for eight consecutive years.  He is now showcased as the Lord
Protector of said Vatican.  He was just a ruthless cover-up
artist and retaliator who cow-towed to the rich and who
lived the Marie Antoinette lifestyle for decades.
Firstly, writing a book about Donald Wuerl now ... one which unjustly praises
him as "a good shepherd," despite the fact that he let the Torquaot Retaliations
almost get someone seriously injured --- and despite Wuerl letting an attorney
terrorize the Ference family in a deposition room as if young Adam were not
shot in the head --- and despite him reinstating sexual criminals John Hoehl
and Edward Huff --- and despite him dismissing a Moscow diocesan priest
who faithfully observed canon law at it applied to Holy Communion ::::::::

                    is like naming a school or city after a living person,
                 and Wuerl already has a high school named after him

Such a thing is yet another indication of sheer Nero-like arrogance, as opposed
to Christlike humility.   This was very much like what was done in having dei-
fied the Legion of Christ founder, Marcial Maciel Degollado, before he was pub-
licly exposed as the molester he was.

Wuerl propaganda machine had long-since made him out to be the saint of the
ages, and a sign of disingenuous propaganda is that the corrupt cleric is only
praised by a small cadre of writers who do so repeatedly.  They never act as
if he is as Immaculate and sinless as the Virgin Mary.  They never  admonish
him for anything.  This is equivalent to the vow that the Legionaries had to
take (and which was declared invalid by the Holy See) where all Legionaries
were forbidden to point out any wrongdoing being committed by the religi-
ous order's superiors.  This is like North Korea, too, where no one can ad-
monish its dictator.

He is made out to be a good shepherd, yet he remain silent over two decades
at the plight of sweatshop workers being criminally underpaid for the sake of
the American corporations that have employees and officers who put a share
of the profits in Wuerl's tax-free collection baskets.  Meanwhile, Wuerl lived
in Marie-Antoinette-luxury.  After all, who many people live in houses that
have elevators?

Now, if Cardinal Wuerl were the holy man that he was made out to be, then
why is it that the new book about Wuerl was not written by anyone other than
Wuerl's long-time propagandist Ann Rodgers (formerly of the Pittsburgh Post
Gazette) and his "church structure" & "feast day" co-author, Mike Aquilina?

If Wuerl is so holy and influential, that why is it that his most vocal praise-giver,
Ann Rodgers(_Melnick), never became a Catholic?

As well, the state of souls is a reflection on a bishop / cardinal.  The vast major-
ity of two generations of humanity are thorough debauched and clueless about
what matters in life and beyond this life.  They're riddled with tattoos, some of
whom are aroused at the sight of them.  Human life is seen as expendable and
they spend inordinate amounts of time promoting neo-Sodomism, all the while
believing it to be a good thing.  People born after Wuerl became bishop are
those who could have been influenced by him.  He had zero affect on them,
as they live out their sexual anarchy.  It's a testimony to Wuerl's negligence
and complete ineffectiveness.  After all, the only that he showed himself to
care about was himself, the cardinal who lives in Marie-Antoinette-Comfort.

As far as goes being influential, if you can't get people to convert to Catholi-
cism, then you are an impotently ineffective Catholic Cardinal.  A contrast to
Wuerl is Fulton Sheen, former archbishop of NYC.

Archbishop Sheen converted to the faith one of the most militant Russian-
backed communist activists in history, namely Bella Dodd.  She WAS the
one who orchestrated the infiltration of Catholic seminaries with avowed
Communist men intent on sabotaging the Catholic Church.  She even tes-
tified before the U.S. Congress, and the lawmakers were very polite to her.

All in all, Bella was a big fish to catch, and Fulton Sheen caught her.  Wuerl
doesn't convert big fish.  He compromises with them, letting them continue
in the eternally damnable sins, giving them Holy Communion while they re-
main unrepentant. Wuerl negates the point of the Sacraments, the Priesthoods,
Supernatural / Spiritual Powers, the Power to Take People out of Their Sins, etc.

If Wuerl were the life-changing saint he was made out to be, then a number
writers would have been writings books on him, in favor of him.  He would
have been as popular as was Ghandi or else he would have been martyred as
was Thomas More or John Campion.  So, where are all the other books on

A co-author of relatively quaint non-epic books and a non-Catholic newspaper
writer whom I exposed as a writer of occasional falsehood are the ones who
authored the book on Wuerl, as if they were a great demand for one such
book . . . as if Wuerl returned victorious from WWII, facing ticker tape
parade after ticker tape parade..

All in all, at the outset, a person in-the-know had nothing to expect to read but
a propaganda book about Wuerl, published shortly after he failed in his coup
d'etat attempt (with Cardinal Caspar, in distorted Catholic doctrine to an en-
tirely unrecognizable shape.  Propaganda about Wuerl thus far rivaled the
lying propaganda produced by the Chinese and North Korean dictatorships.

The truth about Wuerl is that he was sued multiple times in Pittsburgh.  This
means that he wasn't popular among the People, as his propaganda machine
made him out to be.  He was known for giving consecrated church property
to a secret society condemned by multiple popes, and he is finally known for
his Triple cover-up of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci, as well as Torquato, and his
St. Louis to Pittsburgh ping pong game with the Edward Huff who became
a convicted felon.  But, such cover-ups were only made known because of
the archived newspaper clips and other hard-copy evidence posted on Wuerl-

Wuerl is also known for spitting in the face of the Vatican in having given the
red carpet treatment to the Sodomite Dignity Masses for eight consecutive years,
as well as being a coward who will not stand-up to John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi,
Chris Dodd and other legislators who will one day find themselves as criminal
defendants in American version of the Nuremberg Trials, being that history re-
peats itself and being that the Eternal God is not mocked.

Wuerl is presently well known for his anti-ascetic Marie Antoinette lifestyle that
has been ongoing for decades, by which Wuerl lived opposite of a St Benedict of
Nursia, a St Bruno, a St Louis of Montfort, and a St John Vianney (pronounced
Vee - aw - nay, without accenting any syllable.)  Yet, he is made out to be the
saint of the ages by Ann Rodgers and a co-author.
Wuerl's residence for 18 years.
All in all, the authorship shows a Conflict of Interest, especially in that Ann Rod-
gers in an employee of the Diocese of Pittsburgh and Wuerl was the local ordinary
of that diocese.

The book's only blatant motivation was propaganda.  The reasonable opinion is that
it's to heighten the influence and therefore income of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  This
book was NOT the response to a demand.  There were not people begging to know
about Donald Wuerl's life of pampered comfort while he retaliated, and retaliated,
against others, even to the point of using a lawyer to frighten the Ference family
into dropping "negligence in attempted murder" lawsuit, as well as letting the
Torquato retaliations get to the point where people physically went to the apart-
ment of the advocate of Torquato's evidence-based accuser and do some terror-
izing as well as inflicting a bit of property.

If you want to learn the truth about Wuerl, the Wuerlgate site is the place to do so,
along with at the Church Militant channel of Mike Voris and company.  And con-
cerning the George Neumayr that pit bull Bill "$500,000-a-year" Donohue called
a psychotic, George was very non-psychotic in locating Wuerl's palatial residence
worth $43 million.  Interestingly enough, the only people who never presented evi-
dence to prove their declarative statements to be true was the Wuerl People, when
writing in "awe" of the effeminate and pampered Wuerl whose writing ability does
NOT come close to the national book award winners, Pulitzer Prize winner, Walt
Whitman Award winner and other laureates next to whom I was published when
I was as young as 20 years of age and only a sophomore in college.  Wuerl was
never one of us.  Yet, his propaganda machine makes him out to be so.  He isn't.

Instead of looking over the rainbow, look under the waterfall.