September 06, 2016

Dispelling a recent untruth about fact-checked liar, Diane Thompson

The most recent lie about Diane Thompson ... which makes her look like the
martyr she NEVER was ... goes as follows:

It was very recently claimed that she was a widow in 1978.  As a reminder,
1978 was the year claimed only by Diane Thompson to have been one when
Anthony Cipolla was arrested for molesting her youngest son.  Thus, she was
claimed to have been a helpless, out-numbered, and unprotected widow in the
Year 1978.

For the record, Diane Thompson, the accuser of an Anthony Cipolla who was
NEVER ARRESTED at any time in his life, was NOT a widow in 1978.

In the Pgh Post Gazette articles of the middle 1990s, when the same Diane
Thompson was interviewed, she stated that the man in her life parted com-
pany from her in 1976.  She then stated that the same man would show-up
in her life, on occasion.  Even according to the mid-1990s, Diane Thomp-
son, the man was still alive in 1978 ... and even in the middle 1990s.

In fact, a Pgh Post Gazette article which contradicted all other ones on the
same subject, stated that she and the father of her youngest son appeared at
her son's hospital bedside in 1978.  Thus, she did NOT claim to have been
a widow.

Of course, for the public record, Cipolla is on record for NEVER having
been indicted and/or arrested, ever.  In fact, there is a DA's document that
states that there were NO GROUNDS upon which to file criminal charges
against Cipolla.   Observe and take note that the Criminal Record Check
Report posted below was addressed to me.  This is because I ordered it and
payed for it.  I ordered it, because I wanted to find-out, once and for all, if
Cipolla really had been arrested at any time in his life.

The most important feature:  Being that Anthony Cipolla was NEVER arrest-
ed, there was NO harassment of  Diane Thompson from then-Bishop Vincent
Leonard or from anyone else.  NO tires were slashed.  NO lawyer walked up
to her saying, "I'm an attorney for the diocese  and  I'm going to rip your son's
testimony apart," NO windows of her domicile were broken, Plus, NO Anthony
Cipolla was at her doorstep crying and begging her to drop charges that were
NEVER filed in the first place and which had to first be approved by the DA's
office, in order to be filed and docketed.

Thus, there was neither harassment of Diane Thompson nor vandalism of 
her domicile. Nor were her tires slight.  In fact, it was not even known if
she owned a car at the time.  After all, she was in economic dire straits
such much so that she asked Anthony Cipolla if the Saint Vincent de
Paul Society could pay her rent.  After Cipolla said that the society
hadn't the money for that type of thing, she ever-so-coincidentally
accused him of molesting Tucker (aka Tommy) Thompson.

One more point:  Being that Diane Thompson was renting at the time, no one
attached to something as well organized as the Diocese of Pittsburgh would
have been stupid enough to have broken the windows of Diane Thompson's
domicile, being that the landlord would have gone after the people who did
the vandalizing.  The landlord would have gone through the criminal and
civil processes of law.  The fact that Diane Thompson was renting at the
time shows that she outright lied in claiming that Cipolla's friend smashed
her LANDLORD'S windows.  There was NO TV broadcast about it.  There
was NO POLICE REPORT about it, etc.  This shows that it never happened.
Diane Thompson once again is shown to be a wall-to-wall liar.

By the way, I am Patrick Anthony Pontillo and NOT Anthony Cipolla in disguise.
You can't be that stupid to believe that.  Moreover, sure as Hell exist, as is shown
on website that cumulatively got multi-millions of pageviews and as is shown in
the official State Police document post below.
The Anthony Cipolla whose reputation was massacred at the behest of Donald Wuerl has 
NO CRIMINAL RECORD in the State of Pennsylvania.  Of course, I repeatedly stated 
why Wuerl needed a diversionary tactic to hide his evils and those of his then-diocese.
The Cipolla Case ... grossly misrepresented ... was the diversion Wuerl employed.

This proves to be a falsehood the claim of Tim Bendig, by which he stated that Anthony Cipolla
was taken out of the McGuire Home in handcuffs.  This proves that, after a three month
investigation, it was found that there were NO GROUNDS upon which to indict Cipolla.

Of course, Tim Bendig was found to be a con artist liar long ago.  He even lied to me
four times in row, after a good con artist game where he almost had me convinced
that he was molested.  His problem was that he didn't know when to shut-up.

Back to the Fact-Checked Liar and Harasser, Diane Thompson

In her embarrassingly sophomoric 2015 posts, she stated that she had "two husbands"
in her history.  She alleged that the "first husband" lasted from 1968 to 1970.  She si-
multaneously alleged that this man was a drug addict and wife-beater., meaning that
she had to part company with him, for her safety.  Of course, she never proved this
allegation.  None the less, Thompson then wrote that the "second husband" showed
up in her life in the 1970s and then parted company with her in 1983.  All in all, she
never alleged to have been an abandoned, helpless, and unprotected widow in 1978.

Diane Thompson's first fatal error was claiming that Cipolla was arrested, especially
in the way she described the imaginary arrest..  She narrated a series of events which
was entirely contrary to Pennsylvania State Criminal Code Procedure.

Depending on time-availability, I will post a more detailed explanation of PA Law
and show how much of a liar Thompson was, in describing what she did.  I did em-
ploy the diligence of clarifying PA procedural law with an active CONSTABLE,
in May of 2016.  I didn't search him out.  He approached me first, entirely unex-

He simply approached me to ask me the general price tag for a certain type of con-
struction work.  In fact, he approached me when he crossed paths at a government-
contract construction site.  I then got into the subject of legal procedure with him.
In the end, he gave me his card, being that I had to recently file a civil action and
have needed a constable to serve legal docs upon the defendant.

I do all of the filing of legal procedures for the company, incidentally.  This has
included the filing of multiple civil complaints, a couple of mechanic's liens, and
a couple Praecipes for Writs of Execution.  In between the legal research and deed
hunting, I researched the legal actions involving Diane Thompson and Tim Bendig.
The proceedings involving them were of a financial nature, in each case.

For now, the docs, newspaper article photocopies, and other types of photocopied
evidence suffice to show you how manipulative, dishonest, and unconscionable is
Donald Wuerl and his principle surrogates.  The Cipolla Case was a misrepresent-
ed diversion, placed in your face by Wuerl, in order to hide Wuerl's evils and those
of his then-diocese.  Some of those evils, such as the Torquato Retaliations, have
been revealed at the Wuerlgate.

There is much more for me to make available to you ... depending on time availa-
bility.  I, of course, have a number of other commitments and projects.