September 18, 2016

There is NO SUCH THING as a "Police Arrest Report" in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Code of Criminal Procedure

Diane Thompson lied yet again.

In the International Court of Public Opinion, in this Summer of 2016

In re:   The allegation of the repeatedly fact-checked liar,  Diane Thompson
(aka "Mangum"), in which she claimed that, in July of 1978, the man form-
erly known as Father Anthony Cipolla was charged and then arrested in the
State of  Pennsylvania for molesting her son, Tucker (aka  "Tommy").   

This allegation was used decisively by Donald Wuerl, via his manipulation 
of the press.  It was repeatedly mentioned in newspaper articles that the man
formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla was arrested for molestation in
1978.  It was then mentioned that there existed something called a "Police
Arrest Report."   

Mention of the Cipolla "Arrest" quickly made the public forget about Wuerl's
Triple Cover-up of the criminally indicted Father Robert Wolk, Richard Zula,
and Francis Pucci, as well as Wuerl's additional cover-up of thhe former high 
school headmaster, John Hoehl, whom Wuerl personally put back into priest-
hood ministry, as a hospital chaplain.  In all, Wuerl was showcased as a great
American hero fighting the evil Italian Vatican to remove a molester priest.

The hypocrisy at the time was that, while Wuerl was being showcased as a
defender of the Youth of Pennsylvania, he was covering up a FIFTH priest
whom Wuerl also personally put back into ministry, namely the Edward
 Huff who did eventually get indicted and convicted for his acts of sexual

Lightning struck Wuerl's cover-ups of Frs. Wolk, Zula, Pucci, and Huff, but
not Hoehl.  Hoehl got out of Dodge safely,, into an unsuspecting West Virginia.

In specificity, we now address the claim of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and
of Diane Thompson, in her 2015 web log writings, that there existed some-
thing called, a copy of a "Police Arrest Report" which detailed a 1978 ar-
rest of Anthony Cipolla.

In Thompson's web blog posts, she claimed that the documented called a
"Police Arrest Report" contained the "badge numbers" of the arresting 

In even more specificity, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported that Donald
Wuerl, as then-Bishop of Pittsburgh, went to the Vatican with a copy of
the "Police Arrest Report."me with
a copy of the 1978 "Police Arrest Report" in his briefcase files.

Q:  Why is this matter involving a 1978 "Police Arrest Report" exceptionally
important, at this point in time?

ANS:  It's because there is NO SUCH THING as a "Police Arrest Report," 

Let is be repeated:  The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reported that Donald Wuerl
used as evidence against Anthony Cipolla, a 1978 Police Arrest Report.  No
such legal document exists in the State of Pennsylvania.  Thus, the Pittsburgh 
Post Gazette lied to the public.  

Let us go through a quick-outline of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Code 
of Criminal Procedure, so that you will see how much of a team of liars were and
are  1} Diane Thompson (aka Mangum),  2} Donald Wuerl and his former staff,
3} Ann Rodgers and other Pittsburgh Post Gazette personnel at the time.  The
time of the news article was in the mid-1990s, when Wuerl was defying a Vat-
ican order to reinstate Cipolla.

Before all else, keep in mind that the Vatican did NOT try Cipolla for molestation.
The Vatican sought to discern if Wuerl had the right to remove Cipolla from min-
istry on account of "Psychic Defect."  The only psychic defect found in Cipolla
was a diagnosis of Depression & Suicidal Tendencies.  The truth is that the de-
famation of Cipolla, given to him by the reputed liar and con artist Tim Bendig
was the act of Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress.  Here is Cipolla be-
ing assailed with the intentional infliction of mental trauma, and Wuerl is twist-
ing that reality around, making it sound like a intrinsic 

because this matter once again proves Diane Thompson a liar.  It also proves
the Pittsburgh Post Gazette to have been deliberately negligence in its having
failed to fact-checked Diane Thompson's extremely damning accusations.

In seeing how much  Diane Thompson's accusations conflict with known reality,
you, the Jury, can see how unconscionable she was in annihilating the reputation
of an Anthony Cipolla who have NO CRIMINAL RECORD in the State of Penn-
sylvania.  You can then see what a sick joke religion writer Ann Rodgers was, in
this execution-style massacre of a priest who was NEVER allowed to tell his side
of the story.  The story, incidentally, is something that Rodgers changed more than
once.  And of course, story-changing in the sign of a liar.

 you need a quick-outline education of the Commonwealth
of Pennsylvania's Code of Criminal Procedure.
Let us begin

In a relatively long Pittsburgh Post Gazette article of 1995
It's important for you to see how intensely she lied in her account of the fiction-
al arrest of Cipolla and the equally fictional narration of a harassment following
the arrest of Cipolla which never happened in the first place.  

This is because the Cipolla Case rocketed Dignity Mass Donald Wuerl into star-
dom, where Wuerl was showcased as a holy man fighting the evil Italian Vatican
to remove from ministry a priest proven to be a molester.  

Well, what was proven was that Anthony Cipolla has no criminal record in the
State of Pennsylvania and that a Western Pennsylvania DA officially declared 
that there were no grounds upon which to file a criminal charge against Cipolla.  

What was also proven was that the same Anthony Cipolla managed a couple 
youth  groups and never received any accusations from anyone involved in 
those two youth groups.  

What was additionally proven was that Tim Bendig did NOT accuse Cipolla of 
sexual abuse, until after Bendig got kicked out of the Pittsburgh seminary and 
until after Cipolla told kindly church members to quit sending money to Bendig.

If you can see how ridiculously askew from the Pennsylvania Code of Criminal
Procedure is Diane Thompson's arrest narrations (which Thompson changed, at
times,) then you will realize that Thompson was lying, all along.  So, you need 
a few small lessons on Pennsylvania Law, so that you'll know that Cipolla was
not even slightly arrested.  A law student in a coma could easily tell that Diane
Thompson was making up a story and deliberately lying.

As a quick note, Thompson shot herself in the foot and in the head when she
published exceedingly remedial and sophomoric web log posts in 2015.  She
contradicted previous allegations that she made, thereby proving herself to be
an insult to the common man's intelligence.  She buried herself with those web 
log posts/writings.   Let us begin:

Thompson claimed in the spoken word and via her own sophomoric writings that
the Pittsburgh Police Dept gave her a copy "of the Police Arrest Report,'  where
within was written the police officer's "badge numbers."  Got it?  Observe:

There is NO SUCH THING as a "Police Arrest Report."  The closest thing is
known as a "Complainant / Arrest Affidavit."  In such an affidavit, there is no
mention of any police officer's "badge number."  Rather, there is mention of
the number of the court of jurisdiction.  Observe the very important difference
between the non-existent "police arrest report" and the very real complainant /
arrest affidavit.

1} Diane Thompson's Fantasyland title of "police arrest report" makes a person
     think that a couple of blue uniformed police officers walked up to Cipolla,
     slapped  handcuffs around his wrists, drove to the nearest jail, threw him in
     one of the cells, slammed the door and put a sheet of paper into a typewriter.
     Thompson made it sound as if the report was a page in a scoreboard that's only
     kept as a record.  Well, she forgot one very important feature to her fictional 
     account:::::  What were the charges?  .... and what how much was the bail?"

2} This brings us to the complainant affidavit, something of which Thompson
     made no mention, proving that there was no indictment of Cipolla. 

     Ladies and gentlemen?   Cough, cough.  Uhhhhm,  do you know what a
     Complainant / Arrest Affidavit actually is?   ANS:  It's a petition to a judge,
     to allow the police to officially file charges against a person who is already
     in police custody, but who did not have any criminal charges filed against
     him.  The affiant is the accuser in such an affidavit, stating probable cause.

3} Now, in American law, there are two    
It's time for you to learn the basic elements of "the Pennsylvania Code of Criminal

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