March 02, 2017

Marketing fear of and derisive contempt for the Whistle Blower who uncovered Diane Thompson's blatant falsehoods which were present in Nov 2016 Engel article.

I'm still alive and I haven't finish my missions, yet.

None the less, over the phone recently, a close friend of Anthony Cipolla said
to me:
             "Anthony Cipolla was a wonderful man."

The gentleman, a retired professional, then went on to say that Cipolla performed
a Mass for his deceased wife that made a lasting imprint upon him.

The gentleman then said that those who caused Anthony the pain and loss that
he underwent should be made to pay for what they did.

Okay.  I'll put that task in my inbox.

Stay tuned for the consolidated presented of the Anthony Cipolla Case, finally.
Now that I spoke with the police officer who was said to have arrested Cipolla,
and who was said to have responded to Diane Thompson's call for help in the
claim that Cipolla barged in of her family after his arrest (which NEVER hap-
pened, in the first place), and who was said to have been standing in the DA's
office with a look of disappointment that Diane Thompson "dropped charges"
against Cipolla, I can do the consolidation.

Well, the very articulate and friendly retired police officer said that NONE of
that ever happened.  I now have the most major witness in the case proving
that Diane Thompsons was lying, all along, in her theatrical narrations of
an arrest which never happened, of a retaliation which never happened, of
a prolonged imposition of duress which never happened, etc.

At this point, I will tell you what is going to happen :::::::: Legal action that will
drag into court the libelous fiction writer, Randy Engel, as smug and undaunted
as she is, right now,

Stay tuned.