September 04, 2016

The Obsessed, Hysteric, & Intrusive Conspiracy Theorist Who Won't Let Me Be ... after telling her five years ago to stop contacting me.

It feels exactly like being the victim of a voyeur standing on the other side 
of your bedroom window.   It's Creepsville, USA, live from New Jersey, 
as well as Melbourne Florida.  Both hags have to bother us here in Pittsburgh.
For those, not experienced in the follow matter, know that, when a conspiracy
theorist cannot get you to cow-tow to his/herr theory, the persons revenges you
by making you one of their conspiracy theories.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

It's one thing to debate the merits of a case about which I wrote.  It's an en-
tirely different matter to go behind my back, foraging through my personal
and professional life in the quest to dig up dirt on me and to use it as a ploy
to get the world to believe that everything that I have ever written in my en-
tire life is a lie.  It's yet another thing to simply make up a lie about me and
get a journalist to contact me when I am beyond fatigued late at night and
play "Gotcha Journalism."

This is especially the case when the dirt sought has nothing to do with the
subject matter about which I wrote.  When you go into the hysteric conspir-
acy theory mode, acting as if its your fanatical duty to get me lynched at all
costs, then it's time for you to get shut down with extreme prejudice.  Now,
concerning that late-night sneak attack on me, I shot it down very easily.
But, it was an act of war, none the less.  If you want to team up on me and
bully, I'll show how foolish you are to do so.

Friends of the Court .... of Public Opinion

A gossipy New Jersey housewife who is prone to hysteric outbursts and who
has nothing pertinent to do all day long, attempted to spread a rumor that can
turn into poison and cost me business opportunities.  Rumors morph, and the
one that the New Jersey housewife conjured could be interpreted as me laun-
dering money ... or being a ghost on a union's payroll ... or some other type
of criminal undertaking ... or simply me being an online fraud whose writ-
ings are to all be regarded as frauds.

Very simply, she tried to spread the rumor that I'm a lying fraud not in the
construction industry, even though there exists online a couple of historic
photos of me on the field, and other proofs.  In fact, when the internet first
started, my name appeared in a number of government contract sites as a
construction company point of contact.  Thus, is she is the great researcher
she claims to be, then she knows that I'm in construction and is hoping that
you will be too lazy to fact-check her.

All in all, she is obsessed with getting you to not read my findings on the
Cipolla Case.  Plus, she is obsessed with getting you to think that I know
nothing about construction science, being that I publicly call her delusion-
al in her claim that the Rockefellers green-light the 9/11 attacks and in her
claim the Bldg #7 was the site of a controlled government demolition.

She is so obsessed with the Cipolla Case that she started to tell lies about the
case.  She claimed that Diane Thompson was a widow at the time of her ac-
cusations.  Total lie.  The brawling New Jersey gossip also claimed that auth-
or Randy Engel and "many others" concurred with her, in her conclusion that
Anthony Cipolla was a molester.  Well, Randy called me and said that she had
no such conclusion about Cipolla.  In fact, Randy spent years editing Anthony
Cipolla's periodicals, and Randy once stated to me that one can't be too sure
about the veracity of Diane Thompson's accusations.

None the less, the Jersey Lady was so desperate to have me tagged a fraud
that she called me an idiot who got Diane Thompson's name wrong.  Well,
Diane Thompson identified herself as Diane Thompson on her 2015 web
log posts.  All insiders know her as Diane Thompson.  In as much, if the
esteemed sleuth from New Jersey is such as acute detective, then call her
and have her name all of the insiders involved in the Cipolla Case.  If she
cannot, then she is the fraud.  Send me the names she gives, and I'll let
you know if she is right or wrong as usual.  Go ahead and ask her.

Also concerning Randy Engel, the New Jersey housewife claimed the Randy
was once a professional ballerina in a very prestigious metropolitan dance
company.  Randy told me via email that it was NOT true.  So, the New
Jersey housewife was and is always stating falsehoods or extremely
theatrical assertions that make one roll his eyes.

For the record, I sure as Hell am in construction, and have NOT lied to you
about it.  My experience dates back to 1992 and included me working in gov-
ernment contracts with the Army Corps of Engineers, the URA, the City of
Pittsburgh Engineers, the  U.S. Postal Service,  Penndot, the Pennsylvania
Dept of Corrections,  HUD,  the Beaver County Historical Society, specific
Pennsylvania boroughs, numerous Councils of Government, and a number
of school boards.  Therefore, the brawling hag of New Jersey is going to
have to find another way to deceive you into believing that what I wrote
about the fact-checked liar, Diane Thompson, is fraudulent.  None the less . . .

Enough photographic evidence will be posted below, when I get the time to
post it, to refute the New Jersey lady's claim that I'm a fraud not in construc-
tion and therefore shouldn't be believed in anything I have stated.
The Annoying & intrusive New Jersey housewife won't except it:
Anthony Cipolla has NO CRIMINAL Record of any kind in PA
Neither will she except that NON-Rockefellers attacked the NYC WTC.

For now, you only need to know that the Jersey housewife was never a
lawyer or a judge or a law enforcement officer or a paralegal or a clerk
of court or a "detective," or a private investigator or a court reporter, etc.
She claimed that Cipolla was an obvious molester because he dyes his
hair and because she saw him squirm when Wuerl's name was mentioned.

Ladies and gentlemen, the victims of whistleblower retaliation act guilty,
because they fear that once again someone will hurl another accusation at
them that no one will allow them to defend.  They fear being once again
railroaded.  They recoil like an abused dog fearing to be struck again.
The Jersey Devil Lady was too insensitive to have noticed.

 Always remember that the Jersey Devil Lady said that that at least one
Rockefeller knew that the WTC Towers were scheduled to be destroyed,
meaning that the Rockefellers green-lighted 911.  Now,it was thought
that the New Jersey woman was merely mentally ill.  But, it turns out
that she is a strategic liar, inserting as many lies needed, to convince
you to believe in her declarations, such as the declaration that the
Rockefellers backed the 9/11 WTC attacks.

The bitterness of the Jersey housewife goes as follows:

Firstly, she used to lived in upper middle class (yuppie) comfort.  Then, dur-
ing the era of American "downsizing," she had to move to humble surround-
ings.  It got to the point where she would shop at Wal-Mart regularly, and
that is very embarrassing.  So, there is bitterness in that aspect of life.

Then comes her arthritis.  Once, I mentioned to her that my hands were in
pain.  With a voice of smug delight, she said that I was coming down with
arthritis.  Well, I wasn't.  I simply had carpal tunnel syndrome.  Anyway,
her true colors came out of her tone of voice.  Instead of her thinking,
"Hey. Let's find a cure,"  her tone was, "I curse you and hope you get
it, too."  That was very enlightening to me.

Next came the sabotage of her home schooling project.  In brevity, one
Bishop McHugh had a person infiltrate this woman's home schooling net-
work, under the pretense of being a defector who is sick of all the local
Catholic schools.  Then, the infiltrator eventually called the home school-
ing administrator headquarters and announced that the Jersey woman re-
signed from her post as director and made the infiltrator the new leader
of the network.

All that the Jersey woman needed to do was to call the headquarters and
say that fraud had been committed --- that she did NOT resign and that
the infiltrator was an imposture.  She was too cowardly to do so.

Now, the mark of a coward is that the resentment of having been a coward
boils in them.  So, the coward compensates for his/her cowardice by being
a bully over the nicest person available.  Guess who has the nicest guy
available five years ago.  Hi there.

The Jersey housewife was a plosive, obnoxious bully toward me, telling me
what to think.  She never asked me for advise and she never asked me a
question in search of truth.  Yet, she asked me to intervene when she was
being bullied by someone else.  It was one of those, "Okay.  I'll intervene"
things, followed by me thinking, "Does she realize that she sounds like
she's in junior high school?"

Now, of all the people who sounded the alarm about corrupt bishops, only
one sounded the alarm over a corrupt bishop who is now in high power.
McHugh is gone.  The Brady People's targeted bishop is gone.  Etc go
the examples..  Only Wuerl remains.  Thus, I hit the target years ago.
Yet, when I brought up Wuerl, the Jersey housewife who claimed that
she was dedicated to cleaning up the Catholic Church, she spoke with
an arrogant gleam in her voice, saying, "He's not my battle."  She then
left the Catholic Church.

Another instance of her cowardice was when a certain less-than-maculine
bishop went to the pulpit and lambasted a letter of complaint that she wrote
to him.  She was weeping through the sermon, instead of resolving to go to
the next step in the chain of command in the Catholic Church.  So, she was
a gutless coward to less-than-masculine males, but she'll be a full blown
screeching bully to a 240+ lb Italian construction worker.  If she's going
to do that, then why doesn't she run full speed into a hornet's nest.  The
Jersey housewife does not know how to pick her enemies.  Yet, she is
good at making said enemies.

Okay then, in showing you that the Jersey housewife was wrong in claim-
ing that I'm a liar not in the construction industry, the following is posted.
In that way, you will realize that her claim about Cipolla being a moleter
is as valid as her claim about me not being in the construction industry ....
and the Rockefeller Family being the green-lighters of the 9/11 WTC
attack ... and and and Randy Engel having been a professional ballerina
in a prestigious metropolitan dance company.  She got them all wrong.

My drafting table and my reflection in the mirror. This should  be a start in 
showing you that the Jersey housewife is merely a fanatical liar.  There is
much to do.  I have to move on.  If I have anything more to say on the subject
of that woman, it will be to the police or a civil court's jury.

Is this or is this not a photo of me in a construction office, near a drafting board?
Does this or does this not convince you that the New Jersey housewife is a liar?
Well, I have to go do some of that construction work that the New Jersey housewife
says that I don't do.  All this trouble, because I was carrying drywall into an attic
that contained evidence against one of Wuerl's former personal secretaries.