September 10, 2016

The Ultimate Objection to Anthony Cipolla Easily Answered

This is where Anthony Cipolla was NOT taken in handcuffs, being that
he was NEVER arrested.  Diane Thompson lied about the arrest scenario.
Added note:  I had no idea that Americans in general are absolutely
clueless about the procedures of American law.  Therefore, Diane
Thompson's non-factual narration of Anthony Cipolla's fictional
arrest would have instantly come off as shocking truth and heroic
journalism to any layman who read the intensely damning 1995
Pittsburgh Post Gazette article, where Diane Thompson was re-
peatedly quoted.  To anyone versed in law in any capacity, the
same article is instantly understood as total bull crap.  Her 2015
web log then became BS Central.

Because of the dumbing-down of America, I should have done the
Cipolla Re-presentation article one paragraph at a time, when mo-
ments in time were made available to me.  I shouldn't have waited
for the time to do the whole presentation in the same time span.

This is because people need basic, introductory information in the
present tense, and Wuerl surely didn't provide such a thing.  In fact,
being that Cipolla was so devastatingly accused in a public forum,
ALL evidence that Wuerl used in his Signatura Case must be pre-
sented for public view, to cause for such damning of one human
being.  So, I'll go one paragraph at a time in the re-presentation,
with a trail note saying, "To be continued."

In America, one is innocent until proven guilty.
Don't join the New Jersey Hag Lady's lynch mob just yet.
Even before you eventually go to the main Cipolla article, rememb-
er this:  Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Ann Rodgers, Timothy Bendig, &
Diane Thompson think that your irrevocably stupid and pathetically
gullible.  They never presented to you one page of evidence, to prove
any of their assertons..  Yet, they expect you to believe everything they
have said.

Keep in mind that I presented dozens of pieces throughout the entire
Wuerlgate site, concerning a number of subjects.  And what did this
get for me?  ANS: A fact-checked liar publicly calling me the Father
of All Lies.  So, ask yourself, no matter how bitterly hateful to the
Catholic priesthood per se that you might be:::::  Are you really go-
ing to trust them over the evidence that fell into my hands?  Well,
test my findings for cracks, if you are non-biased.  Go ahead.

The other person who thinks that you are stupid and gullible is the
previously mentioned NJ housewife.  In one email she sent to me
this year, despite me telling her FIVE YEARS AGO to never con-
tact me again, she stated that Randy Engel and many others con-
curred with her in her assertion that Anthony Cipolla is a homo-
sexual child molester.  She stated it as if Randy Engel is GOD,
and as if I must immediately drop to knees upon mention of the
name of Randy.

Well, if Randy and many other concurred with her, then Randy and
many others are wrong.

I then found out that the New Jersey lady deliberately lied.  Randy Engel
did no such concurring.  The bottom line is that, if a person writes about
or speaks about the Cipolla Case and has zero evidence to produce to the
public, to support his/her allegations, then the person is full of . . .

When you run around, calling a guy a child molester, you can get him
killed.   Diane Thompson, Tim Bendig, and Donald Wuerl, as well as 
Ann Rodgers, share in the accountability of destroying and simultane-
ously endangering a human life in the person of Anthony Cipolla.

There were attempts to get me to cower away and recant my findings 
on the Cipolla Case.  I didn't back-down and cow-tow to these people 
who have the hearts of murderers.  They then started assassinating my
my character and harassing me.  Suddenly, it was no longer Anthony 
Cipolla's fight.  It was mine.

Let me cut off ... at the proverbial bud ... the matter of the New Jersey
housewife who has been sneaking behind my back, in the attempt to
sabotage years of work, in trying to get a friend of mine here and an
ally of mine there to declare me a complete fraud whose findings on
the Anthony Cipolla Case must be declared equally fraudulent.  Then,
we can move on in life.

Of course, she is the ultimate conspiracy theory paranoiac/egomaniac.
You know, she's so glamorous and self-righteous, being all so better
than everyone else.  Yet, she's so imperiled & scared about back room
rituals of the government making the sky fall  ...  at the behest of the
Rockefellers who already made their fortune, and made it by means
of two very basics injustices ... and not a grandiose conspiracy made
next to a ring of candles and an upside-down star encasing the picture
of a goat, amidst a circle of hooded men.
Back to the New Jersey Housewife

At the end of his first year as bishop of Pittsburgh, Donald Wuerl was
already caught covering-up three priests who had the same two abuse
casualties.  Then, there was former high school headmaster, John Hoehl,
who had multiple play toys.  Yet, he was reinstated into ministry by Wuerl.
Thus, Wuerl could NOT be trusted in anything he did.  In the Cipolla Case,
we should have known that Wuerl was playing Snake Extraordinaire.

If it were not TWO men telling me that there was cause to believe Cipolla
to be innocent, I would have never bothered with his case.  I assumed that
Cipolla was as guilty as the most vile filth.  Then came the evidence, and
the whole case turned out to be a Saturday Night Live skit. Wuerl must be
held accountable for game he played.  In other words . . .

When you publicly condemnation person as badly as the Pittsburgh Post
Gazette damned Anthony Cipolla, you better PRODUCE to the public the
evidence to prove cause for such intense condemnation.  But, what did the
Post Gazette do?  It had a couple writers quote the most incompetent and
overly theatrical liar whose description of Cipolla's fictional arrest and
equally fictitious retaliation was completely off the mark to the way that
the State of Pennsylvania's Code of Criminal Procedural operates.  Her
descriptions were such bull crap that there was no contest in figuring out
if she were lying or not.  It's amazing how someone so incompetent in
lying is so cocky, arrogant, and confident while doing her lying.

Then she started to defame me from 900 miles away with allegations that
were super easy to shoot down.  The test of time proved her to have been
so ridiculously theatrical that no one cared to leave any comment on her
Nov 1, 2015 web log post in all that time.

The great irony is that one woman did leave a link for a comment, on Di-
ane Thompson's super-damning web log post about me, and the link was
to a Malachi Martin interview.  Guess what ladies and gentlemen?  Malachi
Martin believed in Anthony Cipolla's innocence so much so that he was the
guy who got Anthony Cipolla his canon lawyer for Round 1 of the Signa-
tura hearing that he won.

The Irony of Malachi Martin, the NJ Housewife, and Anthony Cipolla

Of course, the NJ Housewife asserts that Anthony Cipolla is the wicked &
evil Son of Satan so much so that he has to be sent down a laundry chute
where there is no return.  The NJ Housewife also had great respect for
Malachi Martin.  She would have been shocked to find out that Malachi
fully believed in Cipolla's innocence.

You see, she met Malachi shortly before his death, and she did say that the
look in his eyes, while looking at her, was one of the deepest sympathy, if
not grief.   This is something credible, being that Malachi read the Third
Secret of Fatima, in his capacity as peritus of Cardinal Augustin Bea, and
Malachi said that it was not at all pleasant.   So, he knew what was going
to be visiting us after he was gone.  Perhaps Malachi had the incite to see
that the NJ Housewife, herself, was going to be a destructive force.  After
all, she left the Catholic Church, all the while posing as the pinnacle of
holiness and wisdom, with the power to judge people like Cipolla with-
out reading a page of the established facts.  None the less . . .

There was one legitimate fear that she had about the Cipolla Case which
could have easily been answered if only the loud mouthed, hysteric would
have shut up for twenty-five seconds and let someone else speak.

If you know her motive, then scroll down, past the smoketree photo, below.
If you need a background, then ...

She claimed that at least one Rockefeller was a criminal accomplice in the
9/11 WTC terrorist attack ... and that author Randy Engel was a profession-
al ballerina for a posh metro dance company ... and that NYC TWC Bldg #7
was taken down by a demolition crew using some type of  explosive ... and
that Diane Thompson was a widow in 1978, even though Thompson said to
the Pgh Post Gazette that her "husband" parted company with her in 1976,
but was still alive and intermittently coming back in her life ... and and . . .

 ... that I am not in construction, even though this was typed while I have
dried mud on me, due to a Komatsu excavator project involved in ending
a drainage disaster that was shutting down an Amish sawmill operation,
sixty miles away from Pittsburgh.

Plus, she claimed that she had a Mafia neighbor whose dog imperiled her
and her daughters.  Why was she so sure that he was Mafia?  Did she see
dead bodies in the trunk of a Lincoln Continental there?  Or was it that he
had an Italian last name? I dunno.  She babbled a lot, and just kept talking
and talking and talking and talking.

There were times when I would put the phone down, walk away, go
back to the phone, and she was still talking . . . always talking about
some sick, twisted, negative thing which made her look all so holier
than everyone else or or or some conspiracy theory which made me
roll my eyes, while trying to figure who to politely hang up.

Etc etc etc etc go the examples of the assertions of the woman whom
I told over five years ago to never contact me, ever again.

Concerning her damnation of Anthony Cipolla

No matter what, it is 100% proven and assured that Diane Thompson LIED
about the fictional arrest of Cipolla and the equally fictious "pressure to drop
narrations were completely contrary to the Pennsylvania Code of Criminal
Procedure.  I can illustrate her lies in detail.  You simply have to be patient
enough to wait for me to have time to do so.  In as much, you'll realize that
Miss Congeniality of New Jersey is filled with a paranoiac prejudice against
the accused priest who has NO CRIMINAL RECORD IN PENNSYLVANIA.

Plus, Cipolla accuser, Tim Bendig, has been repeatedly called Super Liar.
The way he used his lawsuit settlement money proves it.

In addition, Miss Congeniality of New Jersey should have spoken with people
who knew Anthony Cipolla for years.  There are out there.  They swore by
his character that he could never do things so embarrassingly vile, AND the
fact-checking supported the Cipolla followers, NOT the fact-checking liar
Diane Thompson.  I didn't have an investment in the Cipolla Case.  If he
were guilty, then fine.  If not, then someone needed to see to his exonera-
tion.  And let's fact it,  Thompson even lied about me, someone 850 to
900 miles away from her, as she cried, "Wolf," turning herself into such
a worthless jackass.

Now for the Miss Congeniality of NJ who is Sherlock-Holmes-Sure and 
darn tooting certain that I'm a lying fraud only pretending to be in con-
struction ... and therefore, everything that I ever wrote about the Cipolla
Case is a lie, despite my undeniable documents on the case that I present-
ed to the public:

You have now entered Hag Central
(Beware of the clawing fingernails of bitterness and resentment)

Concerning New Jersey's Miss Congeniality:

Imagine, if you will be so kind to do so, Miss Congeniality as a prosecutor
in a court room, where she has Anthony Cipolla on trial, ready to thrust him
away from humanity forever and ever.  Let us begin:

Attorney Miss Congeniality of New Jersey:

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I once had a lunch meeting with Anthony
Cipolla in New Jersey.  It lasted a whole of 45 to 90 minutes, if that.  And do
you now what?  Cipolla's hair was dyed.  That's proof that he's a homo.  Yep,
he dyed his hair.  The guy is gay.  The guy is a homo child molester.

Defense Attorney:

Uhhhm, objection your Honor.  There are gray haired men who are gay
child molesters.  None of them dye their hair.  So, hair dye per se does
not prove the existence of a child molester.

Plus, as you know, a lot of us guys over 40 had dads who stocked the
medicine cabinet with Grecian Formula ... a hair dye.  So, according
to the prosecutor, all of our dads are gay child molesters.

Now, your honor,  if all of our dads were gay child molesters, then there
would be hundreds of millions of molested child out there.  Where are

In addition, your honor,  my client uses an herbal concoction popular in
India.  Are all purchasers of this herbal product in India homo child mo-
lesters, you honor?  The assertion of the prosecutor is the Assumption
of Fact Not in Evidence and must be struck from the record.  Hair dye
does not lead to child molesting and molesting children does not lead
to dying one's hair.

Judge: Granted.

Attorney Miss Congeniality of New Jersey:

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, during my lunch with the accused, he
squirmed in his seat whenever I mentioned Donald Wuerl.  He is definite-
ly a homo child molester.  He squirmed, I tell ya.  He's hiding evil inten-
tions.  Yes, he squirmed in New Jersey, because I caught him trying to
get a job teaching children.  That means he's molester.

Now, we stop here.  Finally, she has a normal thought ... a legitimate fear.

It is true that Anthony Cipolla applied for work in New Jersey where he
would teach school-aged youth, after Wuerl won his rehearing at the Vat-
ican's Signatura, aka the Vatican's Supreme Court.

Again, after the Vatican said that Wuerl could remove Cipolla, if he wanted
to do so, and after Wuerl did kick Cipolla out of Pittsburgh, Cipolla went
to Jersey ... to do work he had done years prior.

The press on Cipolla made it sound that he was busted at the Vatican for
molestation, when he was only busted for the Depression diagnosis, as if
you must be punished instead of helped, if you are depressed.

Cipolla's bad press, mingled with him looking for work in Jersey does
sound really bad.  However, the New Jersey housewife needed to shut
up for a second, but was filled with so much mentally ill paranoiac fear
that she wouldn't let me talk.  She was so filled with fear of being sud-
denly possessed by something evil if I spoke, she got suddenly loud,
with a long sustain in her voice.

So, here's the score that Hagwoman refused to hear:

Firstly, Cipolla was NOT judged a molester in the Vatican Case.  He was
adjudged as having the Psychic Defect of  Depression and Suicidal Ten-
dencies.  It was a diagnosis declared invalid at St. Michael's of NYC.

None the less, Wuerl used the diagnosis as the official excuse for kicking
out Cipolla and literally having him stranded with no income.  Ironically,
if a priest really does have suicidal tendencies and depression, then kick-
ing him out of the priesthood ministries will provoke him to commit sui-
cide.  And if he doesn't commit suicide, then he will be homeless ... or get
killed for being believed to be a child molester.

Yes, when you accuse someone of a crime that serious, you can get him
killed.  So, you better watch what you say, diligently.

None the less:

1} Donald Wuerl cut off Cipolla, in violation of Canon Law.  This means
that Cipolla no longer had medical insurance or even a paycheck.  This
means that Cipolla had no where to live.  He had no money for renting
an apartment and paying for other needed expenses.  Being a chaplain in
some sort of underground setting, as is the case with homeschooling even-
tually results in the obtaining of living quarters.

2} Cipolla was the man of the year in New Jersey, due to his youth group
work there, and no one ever accused him of molestation there.  So, he
went to New Jersey where he had a good reputation.

NOW ... what's to prove that Cipolla was hard-up for money and lodging,
and did not go to Jersey because he wanted to molest children?

SIMPLE ANSWER:  It's because as soon as he was finally given shelter
and food availability, he stopped applying for work with children.

It's that simple.  A moron coming out of a comma can figure it out.

Hysterical hags have to quit pretending to be the voice of God.