September 19, 2016

After conferring with one constable and one police officer on the Pennsylvania Code of Criminal Procedure . . .

The Harrowing Tale of Diane Thompson as was printed in the Pittsburgh
Post Gazette is falling fast.  Her harrowing tale as was posted in her
2015 web log is completely false and not even an issue.
It took a long conversation with a police officer and a shorter one with
a Pennsylvania constable, along with reading a few spots of the Pennsyl-
vania Code of Criminal Procedure.  But, things finally fell into place in
terms of understanding what actually happened in 1978.  The Pittsburgh
Post Gazette was no help.  Only a hindrance.

Furthermore, Diane Thompson is no less than a pathological liar who
thought that she could deceive the public into thinking that I was An-
thony Cipolla in disguise and that you could look for days on the In-
ternet and find no proof of my existence, despite the millions of hits
my URL's received and despite all of my writings and photos which
were either pirated or printed with my full copyright permission.

All in all, keep in mind that Diane Thompson has ZERO respect for
you.  She thinks that you are completely gullible and brainlessly stu-
pid.  She believes that she has the superior cunning mind and that
you're inconsequental mush.

The bottom line is that the man formerly known as Fr. Anthony Cipolla
was NEVER arrested.  Period.  There were no charges filedj against him,
ever.  There was only a private criminal complaint, resulting in Cipolla
being served with a Summary Notice that was only signed by the Diane
Thompson who was caught lying numerous times.  There was also a
cursory police investigation which lead to nothing.

The Post Gazette articles were written too incompetently, mingled with
laziness, if not deliberate deceit in making the tortfeasor, canon law vio-
lator, and all-around manipulator,  Donald Wuerl, look like the Messiah
of the ages, before whom we all must bow in worship and adulation ---
--- the tiny and manless Donald Wuerl whose narcissism took him to the
heights of elevator shoes.

I think that I have free time this week ... maybe.  Of course, if a disaster
arises and we get called of the to scene, then my time is completely con-
sumed, as much as will be my mind.  So, I should be able to complete the
Cipolla Project, before the company move to Chicago gets to Phase II of
three phases.  Phase I is done.

By the way, if anyone has leads about Chicago Life, I can use them, right
now.    You know,  information like:   where the more classy bachelorettes
gravitate, in the Chicago vicinity ... or the fitness-minded ones who played
field hockey or tennis in high school.  To think, I have to leave three con-
nected rivers and inclined topography for flat land.


Always remember that newspaper journalism in itself is much inferior to
magazine and documentary journalism, in matters of clarification, articu-
lation, and comprehensibility.  This is mostly because of limited column
space.  Thus, the three-sentence articles of 1978 that reported on the Ci-
polla Case did more of a disservice to society than it did good.

Of course, the 1995 and 2002+ Post Gazette articles which reported on the
Cipolla case ... as well as the introductory Tim Bendig article of November
1988 ... were pathetically written.  They did not seek to convey an education
on matters of criminal law.  They put forth zero evidence.  Rather, they only
sought to evoke sensationalistic emotions in the minds of newspaper readers.
Drama replaced education.

The problem with those articles was presumptuousness.  In fact, if those
articles were read in a court of law, they would have been struck from the
record for assuming facts that were never bought into the record.  That is
to say, the man formerly known as Father  Anthony Cipolla absolutely,
positively, & without doubt was NEVER arrested for any type of mo=
lestation-related charge in 1978 or at any other time in his life.

Furthermore, he was NOT tried for molestation at the Vatican.  This means
that there was no way in Hell that Donald Wuerl took to Rome "a copy of
the police arrest report" that Diane Thompson claimed contained the badge
numbers of the arresting officers of her very imaginary arrest ... especially
being that Pennsylvania criminal procedure paperwork does NOT contain
badge numbers.  It only contains the court of jurisdiction's code number, so
that no defendant gets lost in the court system and stays stuck in a holding
There is beauty in an oncoming night, but not in darkness
of the mind.  Don't let yourself be bullied by Thompson's
fact-checked theatrics.  She a complete liar and I have
never been sued for stating so.

Concerning the 1978 accusations of Diane Thompson and the Post Gazette news
articles that reported on the accusations, one thing is certain.  The Pennsylvania
Code of Criminal Procedure was at variance with those poorly written news ar-
ticles.  The Post Gazette caused confusion by not explaining criminal procedure.

Section 506 is of the Essence

Now, the pertinent code in this case was Section 506 of the PA Rules of Criminal
Procedure.  It was enacted in 1965, even though there were amendments to it as
recently as 1995.  This means that the process of a private criminal complaint to-
day is of the same principle as one filed in 1978.  Yet, the procedure described in
the ridiculously short 1978 news articles was askew from what occurs today.

It was also off-kilter from the private criminal complaint process of 1989, when
Bendig filed a private criminal complaint against the same Anthony Cipolla, to
no avail.  Of course, it's everyone's opinion that Bendig filed that complaint, in
hope to get a higher chunk of lawsuit money that he would quickly waste on a
Levitske Brother's bar & grill purchase.

Incidentally, remember that Tim Bendig is such a liar that he promised the pub-
lic that he would use the lawsuit settlement money for psychiatric treatment and
instead spent the money on the Two-Step Lounge which didn't last very long,
due to severe mismanagement of the diocesan funded business establishment.

As another point of law:

Lawsuits against dioceses are usually covered by insurance policies.  However,
punitive damage awards is a different matter.

A Point of Law Set in Granite

Now it is 100% true that, when criminal charges are filed against anyone in the
State of Pennsylvania, only a judge or a prosecutor can drop the charges.

A private citizen may only withdraw a private criminal complaint that was NOT
approved by the assistant DA assigned to investigation its allegations.  This in-
cludes cases where a wife regrets filing on a husband for spousal abuse.

It was relayed to me a reason why someone like Diane Thompson would file
a private criminal complaint and then rescind it.  ANS:  No money for the
various incremental fees, such as paying a constable to serve a summons.
I was expressly told that, if you want of file a PA private criminal com-
plaint today, it would cost "about $600 dollars."  Transpose this cost in
1978 dollars and keep in mind that Diane Thompson couldn't even pay
her rent.  Voila.  No great and evil harassment of her.  No slit tires.  No
broken windows of her landlord's dwelling.  Only a liar named Diane
Thompson.  This is what I got from Pennsylvania's own law enforce-
ment personnel.

All in all, proof that Cipolla wasn't arrested exists in the fact that  1} In the
beginning of August 1978, he was only served with a summary notice signed
only by Diane Thompson ... and not a magistrate,  2} the hearing mentioned
on the notice was scheduled for a day that was four weeks after the date of
the notice.  If that sheet of paper were Cipolla's indictment, then he would
have been in handcuffs immediately.

Okay then, now that I have full access to all of The Pittsburgh Post Gazette's
archives, I can search through it, at will ... or when my schedule permits.  So,
I will be able to finish the project of reporting to you the real Anthony Cipolla
Case and not the theatrical fiction of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and of Diane
Thompson's 2015 web log.

All in all  . . .

It's confirmed.  Diane Thompson, as far as concerns the police and lawyer
procedures that she described in her harrowing tale of Anthony Cipolla and
then-DA Bob Colville, is entirely, unequivocally, and unconscionably a liar.
I'll get to the details when I've time, to show you how much of a liar she is.

Because of this finding, I need to speak with her two sons more than ever.
After all, there is nothing redeemable about her stories, and they can't even
be construed liberally.  She is an outright liar and her fatal error, as  I have
already stated, was in her adding detail after detail of dramatic allegations.

For example, she claimed that Attorney Douglas Yauger got on an airliner
and flew to Florida within 24 hours after Thompson claimed to have tele-
phoned him for the first time.  Plus, it was the Pittsburgh Post Gazette who
(falsely) reported on Cipolla being arrested in November of 1988.  Thomp-
son was NOT the one who gave the news to Yauger in 1992.  She lied to
you, when she stated this.   The 1978 newspaper articles expressly stated
that he wasn't arrested, by the way.

So, being that Diane Thompson is immature, impish, and overly theatrical
in her lies, she has zero credibility.  Now that the documentation and fact-
checking results have been gathered,  Thompson lost all credibility.  This
means that  I need to speak with Thompson's two sons, Frank and Tucker.
I can be texted at 724 709 4716.

Incidentally, as I have already stated, if you elect to text me a threat or an act
of harassment, then you get to learn all about the Pennsylvania Rules of Crim-
inal Procedure.  If you have any information of the case, know that I need it.
If you have the local buzz, I can use it.

If you are new here, know that a few hags who resemble the knotted tree
branches at the entranceway of Evil Witch's Forest tried to dig up dirt on
me, so that the reading world will avoid me, if not outright harm me.  Such
malcontented hags won't quit until a lynch surrounds me with pitchforks and
torches.  So, we wait for the next installment of libel and invasion of privacy
in a false light.

It's amazing how hags can know everything from the comfort of their own
houses ... or apartments ... or assisted living quarters .. or whatever.  I guess
I wasted my time with my 12,000 miles road trip, and my follow-up Great
Lakes to Florida trip, and my time at places they would never be allowed
to enter.

Concerning the all-knowing hags and the all-knowing bloggers out there,
they all pointed a warning signal to this bishop and that bishop, identify-
ing them as the menaces who needed all the attention.  Meanwhile, they
ignored everything that I stated about Wuerl.  Well, all of those other
bishops are either retired or dead.  Donald Wuerl is now a bishop-maker,
in the height of power.  If only a handful of those people would have
shut up and heeded my warnings, we could have gotten the Papal
Nuncio to provide the needed check and balance against a doctrin-
ally imbalanced Donald Wuerl.

Anyway, Wuerl has had more than enough diners prepared by a chef
who drives a swank car.  Wuerl has had enough stays in 5 star hotels.
Someone needs to inform him that the Church isn't his playground.
It time to clean up the damage he caused.

It's very important that the Roman Catholic Church in America stop
being the Roman Coward Church.  The only thing you need to fear
is the paranoia of those who won't lift a finger to help undo decades
of damage.  This includes that insufferable  New Jersey  Conspiracy
Theory Housewife who advocates leaving the Catholic Church which
happens to be the ultimate act of a gutless cowardice.  Gutless Co-
wardice is dull and boring.  It has been done before.  Ler's try some-
thing new, for a change.