September 20, 2016

Part 2: Cipolla Accuser, Diane Thompson: The fact-checking results

The Claim of Vandalism

At this point, think "Landlord owns the building."  Now, Diane Thompson
claimed that her windows were smashed and that she did nothing about it,
in claiming that she said to her sons, "We are just going to have to put this
(whole case) behind us and think of it as a bad dream."  Got it?  Now, what
is wrong with this picture?

ANS:  The landlord would have gone ballistic, called the police, demanded
justice, and gotten Cipolla and his imaginary accomplices in jail.  It's interest-
ing that Diane Thompson never mentioned how a woman who could not even
pay her rent could pay for new windows of a building owned by someone else.
She said that the windows were smashed.  Well, who fixed them?

Plus, 1978 was the time of a serial killer who did make his way through Penn-
sylvania.  His name was Edward Surratt and he had people frightened.  Ironic-
ally, he was finally apprehended in Florida, on July 5, if memory serves me
correctly.  Thus, the nervous systems of the local townsfolk were on hyper-
alert.  If someone would have slashed tired and broken windows at Diane
Thompson's residence, the neighbors would have called the police pronto,
in fear of being the next ones vandalized and the incident would easily have
been front page news and "film at 11" news.  By now you should realize that
Thompson is nothing but a pathological liar.

The Absence of a Very Pivotal Part of the PA Criminal Process

I mentioned how Thompson outright lied in claiming to have been given a
non-existent type of document that she called "a Police Arrest Report with
the badge numbers of the arresting officers on it."  This is explained at:

I also mentioned that Diane Thompson lied when she claimed that she drove
to Pennsylvania at her own expense, to give a deposition in the Tim Bendig
lawsuit.  She was NOT in the docket, and she most certainly most had to be
mentioned in the docket, pursuant to the rules of discovery

WE located ALL of the depositions in that case.  There was absolutely  NO
Diane Thompson deposition in any capacity or in any form.  She lied, and the
blatant give-away that she lied existed in her stating that she went to Pennsyl-
vania to give the deposition at her own expense.  By law, she had to be com-
pensated for food, lodging, and travel expenses.  Do you see what a liar she
is, yet?

Plus, it was plausible that she lied when she claimed that Attorney Yauger
flew to Florida and was in her home within 24 hours after she contacted him
and FALSELY told him that Cipolla was arrested in 1978, thereby givng to
Yauger a copy of the mythological police arrest report.

The give-away was in her being theatrical and claiming that Yauger made it
to Florida within a mere 24 hours, as if he had no court dates, appointments,
or depositions to which to attend.  In as much, it would have been plausible
if Thompson would have instead said that an assistant of Yauger showed up
at the door a week later.  But, she didn't, because of her desire to accentuate

Once again, the more you speak or write, the more you get fact-checked.
Thompson's fatal error was in her constantly embellishing of things.

The Visit Sequence of Her Narration

In addition, Thompson claimed that Cipolla went to her residence, after
he was arrested, pleading with her to drop the charges which only a gov-
ernment official in the juridical branch of government can do.  If Cipolla
actually were arrested, and if he went near Diane Thompson & her child-
ren, then Cipolla's imaginary bail would have been revoked.  Thompson
didn't think of these things while conjuring her easily provable lie.

Let it be repeated:  There is no way that Anthony Cipolla, if he were arrest-
ed, would have been able to have knocked on Thompson's door crying,
while pleading for her to drop the charges, without a police cruiser sweep-
ing up to the residence, putting him in handcuffs, and having a judge re-
voke his bail.  But of course, there were no charges to drop, and if Ci-
polla were going to plea to have criminal charges dropped, he would
be knocking on the DA's door or the presiding judge's door; not Di-
ane Thompson's door.

Is this enough to prove to you that Diane Thompson was doing nothing but
lying?  What more will it take?  Let me know.  If you are a person of clear
senses and realize that Cipolla was railroaded, then please copy the photo-
graphic evidence here, along with whatever writings help outline the case
and send it to the Papal Nuncio.

Her Sons Never Came Forth to Defend Her

It's pivotal that her two sons remained silent, even though I completely dis-
credited her, calling her the liar she certainly was when she was when she
was making up stories about me from 900 miles away, even though she
never talked to me and never saw me act in public or in private.  If she
knows my accent, it's from a recorded interview taken of me dur-ing the
days when asthma was far too brutal on me.

So, what do her two sons say about the accusations?  If they were molested,
they would have at least contacted me in private and told me to change my
writings.  They have not yet come forth.

You know, as far as the sons could have known, the story of Cipolla could
have applied to classmates of theirs or neighbors.  The identity of them and
Diane Thompson was hidden from the public, in those Post Gazette articles.

Concerning Frank, the Eldest Son

Diane Thompson, in her Pittsburgh Post Gazette interview, stated that her
eldest son would run off to the store whenever Cipolla wanted something.
Okay.  Uhhhhhhhm.  For running off to the store, priests of the 1970s al-
ready had someone to regularly do that for them.  They were called house-

Plus, the parish where Cipolla was stationed was St. Francix Xavier, on
3250 California Avenue, Pittsburgh.  Do you know what California Ave
is?  ANS:  It's a super long stretch of road on a hillside above Route 65
and the adjacent Ohio River.  It's near Bellevue.

In fact, I was a parishioner at the Bellevue Roman Catholic parish, and was
in construction even in the 1990s, where I would need to drive on California
Avenue, time after time.  I don't remember any convenience stores there.
There certainly were no mini-malls there, either.  You needed to drive to
Bellevue to get anything, if memory serves me correctly.

It's not a city town street where a little store would be located a few blocks
away.   California Ave is a mini-highway.  It's where big postal trucks travel,
en route to the biggest postal facility in the northern sector of Pittsburgh.
It's half industrial and the other half is stretched out, with a nice house
here and there.

If her son were constantly running off to the store from California Avenue,
at Cipolla's behest, then he should have been a champion marathon runner.
If there were little nearby convenience stores at the time, they have been
completely demolished, or else I need to see an eye doctor asap.

The Ages Thompson Claimed Contradicted each other

Diane Thompson wrote in her 2015 web log that her sons were born in 1964
and 1968.  According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette the dates of birth would
have been 1966 and 1970.  Which is it?  Contradiction is the sign of a liar.

Diane Thompson also stated in her 2015 web log posts that she was married
to an abusive drug addict between 1968 to 1970.  She then stated that she
hitched up with a guy in the 1970s (vaguely stated) and lived with him until
1983.  She told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette something entirely different.

She told the Post Gazette that she had one husband who estranged from her
in 1976, and who kept intermittently coming back into her life.  She stated
this in 1995.  No mention of a "second husband parting company in 1983.
One who contradicts oneself is a liar.

She wrote that she was married twice and that her married name is Mangum.
Okay then.  What's your other married name?

"Holy Communion Classes" as Diane Thompson called them

Diane Thompson stated that Cipolla was molesting her son, Tucker, in a bed-
room under the guise of Holy Communion Classes.  She then said that she
thought that these classes were being held in a classroom with a lot of other
students.  She also told the Post Gazette that she was raised Roman Catholic.
Okay then.  What's wrong with the whole picture that Thompson painted, in
the Holy Communion Classes?

ANS:  Firstly, the classes given to the youth in Catholic parishes are called
CCD classes; as in the Confraternity of Christine Doctrine.  Any person who
was raised Roman Catholic knew back in the 1970s that there were never any
CCD classes in the Summer time.  She would have known that there were no
classroom instruction going-on in July.  She filed her private criminal com-
plaint in July.

As far as goes classes on Holy Communion, they are known as FIRST Holy
Communion instructions.  The phrase, "first holy communion" is a reflex
phrase for a Roman Catholic.  She spoke as if she were a stranger who was
never in a Catholic church.

None the less, First Communion instructions are only in May and the first week
or so of June.  The 7 sacraments are taught some time around Autumn, and the
doctrinal part of Communion is addressed.  But, there are no CCD classes in July.
Therefore, Tucker could not have missed July CCD classes, in fear of encounter-
ing Cipolla, as Thompson made it seem.  If anything, there were private instruc-
tions at the rectory.  This messes up Thompson's nightmarish tale.

Next Tale, worse than the Big Bad Wolf Story

Thompson claimed that she walked in on Cipolla and "Tommy" aka Tucker,
while Cipolla had a thermometer inserted into the young boy's anus.  Now,
what is super wrong with this picture, in that it has no cultural credibility?

ANS:  Thompson described Lesbian sexual activity, not male homosexual ac-
tivity.  It's lesbians who insert inanimate objects into their Sodomy partners.
Not male Sodomites.  Men don't need inanimate objects for insertion pur-
poses.  Therefore, this factor makes Diane Thompson's harrowing tale very
much not credible.  Yet,  it's a matter of plausibility and not a 100% assured

One more thing:  Molesters aren't stupid enough to molest someone when
that person's mother is nearby. ... in the same apartment.or house.  When
you add the fact that Thompson was caught lying with 100% assuredness
several times, already, you tend to assume that she is lying yet again.

Even if she did catch Cipolla, the response would NOT have been her go-
ing to the magistrate's office to fill out paperwork.  She would have simply
called the police and the police officer would have been able to have filed
his own paperwork for a judge to sign, leaving Diane Thompson out of it.
If Thompson walked in on Cipolla and caught him in a criminal act, then
there would have been such urgency that she couldn't wait for the magi-
strate's office visit.

If I think of anything I forgot to conclude, I'll add it in my free time.
Remember, unlike the New Jersey Brawler Woman and Diane Thomp-
son, I have to work for a living, unless of course, I don't mind living
under one of Pittsburgh's 446 bridges.

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,

Good day, sunset, evening, night, or dawn, whatever the case may be.