September 06, 2016

Another puzzle piece from a magistrate's clerk of court

Reading Diane Thompson's newspaper quotes
and her 2015 web log posts can cause insanity.

The name isn't being divulged, here.  But, the source is a Pennsylvania
magistrate's office staff member.  It concerns Diane Thompson and the
SUMMARY NOTICE that she signed.

It technically was the attempt to get Anthony Cipolla prosecuted.  It was
not the prosecution in itself.

Diane Thompson contacted the police in July of 1978.  At that point, if
a police officer had probable cause via evidence or corroboration or by
his own witnessing of a crime, then a Police Criminal Complaint could
have had Cipolla prosecuted.  This is what I referred to as the Police
Complaint Affidavit.  But, no officer had probable cause.  So, it was
up to Thompson to petition the City Court to prosecute Cipolla.

Thus came the SUMMARY NOTICE served upon Cipolla and signed
by Thompson.  And thus came the notice of an August 28 hearing by
which the burden of proof in showing probable cause was now heaped
upon Thompson.

The implication of this, according to a magisterial clerk goes as follows:

If the City Court did not recognize the needed probable cause to hold
Anthony Cipolla for processing and prosecution, then Thompson, alone,
would have immediately become subject to  ... drum roll please ... a
MALICIOUS PROSECUTION lawsuit.  However, she had no money
and was what attorney today call, "unrecoverable."  Why should she
have feared a lawsuit?

Now, police officers have qualified immunity, meaning that they only
get held accountable for wrongfully getting a person prosecuted if
malice can be proven.  An officer doesn't pay for making imprudent
actions with his paperwork.  So, an officer has lee-way when filling
out his paperwork.  A private citizen doesn't have that luxury in any
criminal court circuit.  Ironically, in civil court, a private citizen with-
out a lawyer gets very liberal lee-way, being that his/her pleading must,
by law, "be construed liberally."

Going through Diane Thompson's newspaper quotes is
like going through a maze that suddenly changes course.

None the less and furthermore . . .

The feature of possibly being held legal accountable for a MALICIOUS
PROSECUTION is enough to scare off a private citizen at court time.
However, being that Diane Thompson is a very belligerent, snide, and
uncooperative brat who was repeatedly caught lying via fact-checking,
one can be reasonably assured that we won't get to know what she was
thinking when she backed-off and dismissed her lunge for Anthony
Cipolla's jugular vein in 1978.  We won't get to know her true motive
in backing off.  Afrer all, the minute that you catch her in a lie, she
starts harassing you.  Then, if you block her emails, she starts de-
faming you online.  She won't address specific issues, she'll simply
cut you down, mock you, and market fear of you.

At this point, check my Cipolla posts for cracks and errors, as well as
omissions.  If I have any, or if you actually are not a con artist on either
Team Wuerl, Team Bendig, or Team Thompson, contact me and correct
me.  Either ext me at ... or call me at  724 709 4716  or email me at

No matter what the verdict on the Cipolla Case truly is, Donald Wuerl is
still a lying and manipulative menace to the Church.   He still is ruthless
and abusive of his power.  Sometimes the abuse of power is misconstrued
as being cunning.  Wuerl's not that smart.  After all, if you lived in Italy for
10 years, you would know Italian, too ... not because of being superior
in intelligence.  Wuerl has been caught in wrongdoing a number or times.
He simply got away with it, because those in power let him get away with
his wrongdoings.

Wuerl's not-too-Franciscan-poverty-residence during his long Pittsburgh tenure.
By the way, bishops and popes have tenures and NOT reigns, because they
do NOT have standing armies.  The Swiss Guard isn't a standing army.