June 13, 2017

Thompson's Inane Proof: Because they are "homophobes."

Thus far, all of Diane Thompson's fact-checked allegations turned out to be one continuous  
snow job w/ multiple contradictions.  If you can prove me wrong, then send the proof.

Note:  The following is known as satire, written to prove a point.  SATIRE.
           Diane Thompson used it as if to be reporting literal fact.

           Now, I am aware of the online harassment of me, and the libel being
           committed against me, as well as the invasion of my privacy done in
           a false light by Diane Thompson.  And her claim of me claiming to
           be a homophobe, while violating my copyright, is to be expected.

           What I stated was that ALL Pittsburgh males are homophobes. And
           then, I stated to the effect that I'm a Pittsburgh male, therefore do the
           math.  Even at that, ask any naturally inclined guy in the world if he
           would like to hang out at a gay bar.  How many would say, "Oh suure.
           No problem."?   How many would size, "No way."?  Is that a homo-

           Unlike a lot of people, I know what it is to be homosexually harassed
           and to have to run from of an automobile, as well as to keep having to
           move from chair to chair, while the harasser doesn't quit.

           If you went through it, you would not be inclined to wave the rainbow
           flag, either.  None the less, my whole point was that Diane Thompson's
           sole proof that her sons were molested was that they are homophobes,
           and such a thing isn't proof.

           Firstly, she never proved the homophobe allegation of her two sons.
           Secondly, that's not evidence of molestation.  Stained garments are.
           People watching you leave a broom closet with an alleged molester,
           with both of your heads of hair messed is.  Etc.  Once again, Diane
           Thompson twisted things.

When the fact-checked liar Diane Thompson was harassing me via email. all
the while mocking me, belittling me, and attempting to intimidate into deleting
my hard-earned research findings, she would toss any reason she could, to get
me to believe that Anthony Cipolla molested ... not merely one ... but both of
her sons.  The main reason she gave was that Tommy (aka Tucker) and Frank:

                                      "    .... are both homophobes.    "

Now perceive this:  Because the two gentlemen are homophobes,  they must
have been molested.  Got it, thus far?

None the less, experience has had it that those who were molested at young
aged ended up being one of the following:  1} drug addicts,  2} psychiatric
patients, 3} political activists, including the founder of some type of support
group or the author of a web log.

In addition, if the molested individual formally filed any type of grievance
against a priest and diocese, then that priest stayed away from living the So-
domite lifestyle.

If such persons did go to court, either through a civil or criminal action, then
that person became "legally John Doed," where his identity was court-ordered
to be kept in confidentiality.  Such persons remain private, yet their activism
was expressed in the very legal actions that kept their identities confidential.
Thus, such person were still activists.  Neither of Diane Thompson's sons
fit the bill.  So, it's even more important to speak with them and ask if they
ever claimed to have been sexually abused or harassed.  After all, Thomp-
son has repeatedly been found to be a liar, via fact-checking, that nothing
she has ever stated can instantly be believed.

Being that I never wrote to Thompson, and being that I never telephoned her,
I never responded to anything she ever wrote outside of responding via the
Wuerlgate posts.  Well, I never responded to her homophobe comment.  So,
here it goes:

Hey Einstein, this is Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.   You know,  Steeler Country.
The Super Bowl Trophy Case Town.  The Stanley Cup Trophy Case town,
and home of NFL quarterback icons.

We are ALL HOMOPHOBES, here in Pittsburgh, except for those of us here
who happen to be homosexual.  I'm a homophobe, myself.  I don't run out and
buy season tickets to Broadway shows.  I don't listen to any Bette Middler CDs,
and I  do not have any poster of Cher.  Plus, the idea of Cheez Whiz completely
grosses me out.

Everyone else I know here who is not gay is a homophobe.  This includes those
who have that "I'm all-so-liberal-and-accepting facade.  And very few of us here
have ever been molested.  So, you have to do better than that, lady, if you want
a lynch mob of burning torches to hang Anthony Cipolla from the tree of your
choosing.  In Pittsburgh, lady, you're known as a jagoff.

This concludes the satire of the hour, written to prove a point, and the point is
that the reasons given to assert Anthony Cipolla's guilt has thus far been very
immature.  None the less, even though we in the city are polite with, and get
along well with the gay nation members we encounter, there still is a line that
we won't cross.  We prudently stay away from getting too much inside  their
worlds.  We keep out distance, and such a thing can be regarded as homophob-
ic.  In fact, in her web logs, you can tell the Thompson was homo-disrespect-
ful, aka homophobic with snideness intertwined.

All in all, claiming homophobia to be the proof molestation was very immature
of Thompson, being that the Court of Public Opinion still needs to see the evi-
dence that the two gentlemen are actually homophobic.  Likewise, claiming a
man to be a Sodomite, on account of him dying his hair, is also something that
would not be permitted in a court of law, under the objection "the prejudicial
effect outweighs the probative value.


In putting all satirical kidding aside, do you see what's wrong with Thompson's
picture?  ANS:  In her pushy emails to me, she never stated that her sons told her
that they were molested.  I thought that this would have been the first thing that
she would have mentioned.  Or, she would have mentioned walking in on Cipolla
committing molestation.  But of course, she was so full of seething hatred that she
couldn't organize any thoughts.  And the two aforesaid thoughts weren't mentioned
by her, because they weren't in her nervous system.

Plus, she NEVER mentioned the arrest which never happened in the first place.
It is now 100% certain that Anthony Cipolla was NEVER arrested and NEVER
put in handcuffs, NEVER having to sit in a jail cell and NEVER having to make
an appearance at any arraignment.

He was served with a SUMMARY NOTICE, notifying him that Diane Thomp-
son, herself, and NOT the Pittsburgh police, was going to take him through the
prosecution process that could easily have ended with the scheduled August 28,
1978 Probable Cause Hearing which Cipolla and his pastor did attend, only to
find out that Diane Thompson already withdrew her solo prosecution of the case.

Take note that, if the police had any evidence against Cipolla, a Police Com-
plaint Affidavit would have been issued resulting in an actual arrest.  A po-
lice officer would have been the affiant ... the witness, himself.

That which Diane Thompson did in 1978 was extremely similar to today's
private criminal complaint.  I'll explain it as soon as I can.  I have to finish
my writings on the Cipolla Case, before making the apparent, though not
completely certain, company move to Chicago.  Then, after having posted
the writings, hopefully someone can get the pertinent pieces of evidence
and pertinent pieces of witness corroboration into the hands of the Papal
Nuncio.  I will have had done my part, before moving-on ... apparently.

After my long talk with a police officer on Pennsylvania criminal procedure,
it has beyond obvious as to why Diane Thompson withdrew her private crim-
inal complaint.  Predictably obvious.  I never mentioned it, because I didn't
know about that particular motivating reason, until I got my tutorial session
during the final weekend of August 2016.

I will have time to finish these Cipolla Case writings and hope that someone
or someones can take the baton and run with it to the Papal Nuncio's mailbox.

The president of this humble-sized corporation for which I have been work-
ing since 1992, with a long time on the sidelines due to respiratory injury,
made it known to me that I will definitely be moving to Chicago.  So, let
me get the Cipolla Case writings done, before I apparently depart.  It's not
100% certain, but it will be the case unless I elect to start living under one
of Pittsburgh's 446 bridges.

If anyone out there has evidence on this case that I don't have, you are more
than welcomed to see me copies of it.  This whole thing can be settled if some-
one talks to Diane Thompson's own sons on this subject.  So, where are they?

Sounding off from the Homophobe capitol of Pennsylvania,

See yinz later ........ and don't be a jagoff like Diane Thompson.