September 01, 2017

Anthony Cipolla died at the scene of a residential auto accident on August 30, 2016

No matter how much of a deep feeling person you think you are, you cannot
fathom the grief  I endured at the news of his death.   This is because, at times
like this one, you realize what you needed to do, when it became too late to for
it to matter.  You simultaneously realize that you can't turn back time.

If there is one thing that will be confirmed by means of this post, it's that I am
NOT the late Anthony Cipolla in disguise.  It also shows that I'm not his literary
puppet, typing from his dictation.   This is because he speaks no more, at least
not in this realm of existence.

Also know at the outset that Anthony Cipolla had  1} a severe heart condition
which included bypass surgery,  2} diabetes, 3} neuropathy, and  4} a recent
history of severe back pain.

In as much, if you thought that me writing in defense of Cipolla would result
in him running around town, molesting children, then you are either out of
touch with reality or the New\Jersey Conspiracy Theory Housewife who
caused more than enough stress on the man who had a severe heart con-

I can assure you that, in his medical condition, he was harmless until he got
behind a steering wheel.  But, Wuerl made sure that Anthony Cipolla would
be abandoned enough to not have a driver or anything else that makes life

Now for the news

The man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla had a residential auto
accident and not a high speed highway accident.  However, a witness said
that it appeared that the car was traveling at a high enough speed to result
in a severe misfortune.

The front of Cipolla's auto hit a tree on Warren Ohio's Elm Road, near the
Clermont Avenue intersection, where the Warren Bible Methodist Church
is located.  He was dead at the scene.  In fact, he was thrown from his car,
and the impact was strong enough to have caused the car doors to pop open.

Now, Anthony had a severe heart condition due to the stress wrought about
by the relentless destruction of his reputation, done by the Pittsburgh Post
Gazette in its misrepresentation of the 1978 non-arrest of Cipolla --- and in
the Bendig lawsuit, as well as the Vatican high court's rehearing of his case.
Add to this the viciously written web log of a Diane Thompson who was
caught and/or lying numerous times, via fact-checking.  Then include Tim
Bendig's Facebook page, Commonweal Magazine, other newspapers, and
certain websites.

This mass attack on Cipolla's reputation was heightened in 2002, the year
when the Vatican II Clery Sex Abuse Crisis made headline news.  Wuerl
got the media to amplify the Cipolla Case in a false light, in order to hide
the fact that his name and Father James Torquato's name were both on U.S.
Supreme Court pleadings in the same Year of 2002.  The Cipolla Case at the
Vatican was a Procedural Law Case which questioned if Wuerl could dismiss
a priest on account of being diagnosed with Depression & Suicidal Tendencies,
in what is canonically known as Psychic Defect.  It was not a trial to see if Tim
Bendig were molested by Cipolla.  Tim Bendig is a con artist and he never sued
me for calling him a liar.

Anthony Cipolla reached the shores of eternity on August 30.

Keep in mind that Cipolla was not permitted to attend the hearing which de-
stroyed his life.  He was not permitted to answer to the allegations of Don-
ald Wuerl which were found through research deduction to have consisted
in nothing more than the Depression & Suicidal Tendency diagnosis Cipolla
received at St. Luke's in Maryland.  St. Luke's was founded by a Sodomite
"pansexualist" who died of AIDS.

The Cipolla case file was placed in the Vatican Secret Archives.   It's time for
the case's paperwork and transcripts to be made available to the public.  If you
are going to destroy a reputation that badly, then you are morally obligated to
produce the evidence and corroborative witness accounts that resulted in that

Of course, Wuerl was scurrying about, looking for evidence against Cipolla,
before the Vatican deadline.  Diane Thompson was found to be a pathological
liar via fact-checking, and Tim Bendig lied to me four times in a row when he
almost had me conned ... He was slick at his con artistry.

Undeniable proof that Tim Bendig lied when he said that
Anthony Cipolla was taken out of the McGuire Home
in handcuffs.  Bendig only filed a private criminal
to get more lawsuit dollars.  His criminal complaint
was fully dismissed as unfounded and unsupported.

Wuerl was so desperate for evidence against Cipolla that
he sent this letter to priests who were once assigned with
the man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla.
Let us have done to Wuerl what Wuerl did to Cipolla.

For those entirely new here, know that Cipolla was NOT arrested in 1978, as
was repeatedly advertised.  He was served with a Summary Notice that was
only signed by DianeThompson, because the police hadn't the evidence to
file that standard Police Complaint Affidavit that gets signed by a judge
and results in the "issuing of due process."

In as much, being that the police had no evidence, it means that Thompson
also had no evidence.  Of course, nothing that she states has any value, be-
ing that she was proven to be a pathological liar, even in what she said about
me,  being someone whose existence could not be proven even after hours of
Internet search engine browsing, when the fact is that my URLs got millions
of hits, collectively.   She then contradicted herself in stating that I have an
explosive temper, as if I actually do exist.  Well, one thing that is certain is
that I NEVER wrote to her or spoke with her ... or even stood in the same
room she was in.  

It was assumed by police that Anthony was enduring a medical crisis while
driving on August 30.  I remember the last time he called me, to get updates
on what my research and writing yielded.  Thus far, all that work bore no
fruits, and it was a lot of work done entirely free of charge.

All in all, the 2014 package of evidence sent to the Vatican was obviously sent
too late.  Maybe I should have sent the package in 2010.  But, I didn't have the
needed evidence until the end of 2013 and even the Spring of 2014.

Anthony Cipolla also had diabetes and neuropathy.  That widens the possible
cause of his auto accident.  None the less, he had a mild heart attack in either
2015 or 2016, and he did go to the hospital for chest pains in 2016.  None the
less, keep the diabetes and neuropathy in the equation, along with tremendous
back pain and pain killer medication related to the back pain.
This Security Clearance Background Check was addressed
to me, because I'm the one who ordered it.

This circumstantial evidence and documentary evidence proves the battle ax
hag from New Jersey, in all of her arrogance, to be entirely out of touch with
reality, in that she actually asserted that a man with a severe heart condition,
severe back pain, diabetes, and neuropathy was going to go around and molest
kids.  That hag needs to do homework on someone, before she opens her big
mouth and causes him severe emotional trauma.  Anthony Cipolla was utterly
traumatized by that woman's blanket judgment of him.  She was a one-hag
lynch mob who never weighed the evidence.

After all, she has never spent as much as a nano-second in Pittsburgh.  She
had no dealings with Wuerl.  She did NOT see the Cipolla documents.  She
never spoke with any of the dozens of witnesses prepared to testify at the
Bendig lawsuit trial which never occurred, so that Wuerl would have some-
thing damning to say about Cipolla at the Vatican rehearing.  And she ig-
nored the line-itemization of Diane Thompson's fact-checked lies, mak-
ing the NJ Hag Woman deliberately in denial of basic factual truth.

The NJ Hag Woman is well known for her paranoiac and thoroughly asinine
conspiracy theories.  She is very uncouth in her telephone speech.  She was
certainly rude in her emails, being void of tact, and everything in conversa-
tion reverted back to how resentful & bitter she was in having to move from
a yuppie neighborhood to Walmart Shoppersville.   Add her loss of her home-
schooling project, too.

 All of her government conspiracy paranoia is her way to blame the loss of
her yuppie status.  The supreme asininity of her attribution is that the loss
of her husband's "yuppie" job was the result of a corporate decision and not
a government order.  This is how obscured is the reasoning of this battle ax
who would suddenly spout-off over the phone, as if she had zero self-control
and zero composure.  I tried to tolerate her, but it got to the point where I had
to read her the proverbial riot act and notify her that she was to never contact
me again.  She ended up doing so, anyway.  Thompson did the same thing.

By the way, if you see yourself as this world-savior activist who has to save
everyone from the Catholic Church and make them all Orthodox church go-
ers, do NOT ramble on about sex to me, especially if you're a hag.   Firstly,
I do NOT want to have sex with you.  Therefore, I do NOT want to talk
about sex with anyone even remotely like you.  You don't have to be so
crass, and you don't have to give and play-by-play broadcast of an act
of Sodomy.  This site is here for the sake of Justice, restitution, and the
warning of Catholic America of a thoroughly corrupt cleric

Concerning the initiation of "sex talk,".  I'm a private academy student
from a Country Club family where within the driveway simultaneously
at a Lincoln Continental, a Mercedes Benz, and a Blue Ford Mustang.
Crass talk is deeply offensive to our sensibilities.

I can't believe how there are "church ladies" out there ... who were youth
in the Sex Revolt Sixties ... and who continue to bring up the topic of sex
in the most crass, back-street way.  Cut it out.  I don't want to hear it from
you.  And I am NOT a sex therapist.  So, don't go telling me about ... well,
you know.

For the record, sex abuse casualties were more polite in their conversations
about their sexual abuse than these all-so-righteous "church ladies."  They
did NOT go through elongated play-by-play broadcasts that the church
ladies did.  If those church ladies are representative of the Church, then
we are all in tremendous peril.   As holy as those women act, they are
utterly distorted.  They are nothing more than gossipy hags, meaning
that there are utterly detrimental to humanity.

Incidentally, the gossipping obsession of these hags means power to them.
If they gossip about you, in their minds they have power over you.  They're
certainly twisted people who think that they are all so righteous.

Anyway . . .

Cipolla was under traumatic stress for the past two years, and I was doing
what I could alleviate it.   Meanwhile,  Hag Diane Thompson and the 911
Conspiracy Theory Hag of New Jersey had to elevate Cipolla's stress level
to heart-attack-inducer.  So, one is dependent upon the coroner's report as
to whether the tragedy of August 30 was the result of stress-induced heart
overload, neuropathy, diabetes, or pain killers subscribed for his tremend-
ous back pain.  There were times when he was in so much pain that he
had to hang up the phone on me.  I heard him in pain a number of times.

All in all . . .

Where are Diane Thompson's two sons?  Where are their statements?
Their allegations?  Their testimony?  :Let's stop the game playing,
and even the game of journalist-gets-the-exclusive-interview.

This Security Clearance Notice of Anthony Cipolla was addressed
to me, because I was the one who ordered his background check.
Give a copy of this to the Crass New Jersey Brawling Hag,
and tell her to shove it down her WalMart-purchased socks.
Keep in mind that I originally didn't want to get involved in this case.  I then
found it to be a moral obligation to make it known that Cipolla's Case was
severely misrepresented.  I presented to the public documentation and cor-
robation which pointed to his innocence.  All that was left was for me to
talk to Diane Thompson's two sons, in order to find out, to a reasonable
degree, if Cipolla were guilty as accused or the victim of the repeatedly
fact-checked liar, Diane Thompson.

None the less, I will do the revision of the Cipolla Case, anyway.  No mat-
ter what the truth of the Cipolla Case was, Wuerl needs to be ejected from
his bishop maker position.  The damage and deceptions caused by Wuerl
in matters of Church Teaching and canon law and even in the natural rules
of human decency must be undone.  But or course, there is nothing natural
about Wuerl (the Girl).  So, natural law is foreign to him, as is evidenced
by his rejection of naturally perceived mores.

It's ironic how the only thing that Wuerl could get Cipolla on was the diag-
nosis of Depression and Suicidal Tendencies.  This is because Wuerl makes
life seem not worth living.  That diagnosis was more of an indictment on
Wuerl than on Cipolla.  By the way, it's not a crime to be sad and in need
of consolation.

Anyway, there is a major piece of circumstantial evidence which shows that
Wuerl did NOT think that Cipolla was a molester, aside of the fact that the
Vatican case only addressed the Depression and Suicidal Tendency Diag-
          Wuerl did NOT send out letters to everyone involved in Cipolla's
           youth groups, or prayer groups, or parishes, telling them that ,if
           there were any sex abuse victims of Cipolla out there, then they
           were welcomed to report the abuse to Wuerl.

           Now, Wuerl did do this in the case of John S. Hoehl, in sending
           out a letter to each alumni of the school where Hoehl was head-
           master.  In fact, David Zubik did the same with John Wellinger.
           But, no bishop did this with Cipolla ... not even Wuerl.

If Cipolla were as guilty as sin, Diane Thompson could have offered to have
me talk to her two sons.  Or she could have produced notarized statements.
Why was she hiding them?

The New Jersey Conspiracy Theory Housewife whose mindset is likened to
the decripidly knotted tree branches at the entrance of Witch's Forest wanted
Cipolla out of the picture.  She got her way.  I wonder if she had a smirk of
perverse pleasure on her face when she learned of the death ... at least the
look of smugness.

So, here is what we have:  Diane Thompson shows up on the scene in the
middle of 2015.  Anthony Cipolla is dead in the middle of 2016.  The New
Jersey Hag Woman pops her head up and starts her screechy ranting in late
Spring of 2016.  Anthony Cipolla is dead by the end of the Summer of 2016.

For the record, Randy Engel had recently begun an investigation anew on
the Cipolla Case, at the behest of the New Jersey Hag Woman.  I wonder
how much stress this caused Anthony Cipolla.  After all, Cipolla died
shortly after Engel began  her research.

Painted by my closest friend on Earth,
an Australian Outback Gal.

Also for the record, I was in Cipolla's presence a grand total of one time in
the last seven years ...  in October 2014, at a dinner of perhaps a dozen and
a half people.  Before that, I was at Vesuvio's Restaurant with him and Mike
Ference in the Summer of 2009.   I did take it upon myself to refrain from
telephoning him after Randy Engel announced her investigation of his case.
I feared that it would have resulted in him undergoing too much stress.  I
see that I should have kept calling him and encouraging him.

The last time he called me was maybe two, three, or fours weeks prior. to
his death  He was in very good spirits.  None the less, I feared causing him
added stress.  Doing this project was like walking on broken glass ... or like
walking in a glass museum with tightly spaced museum pieces around me.

Ironically,  Anthony was too weak to even drive a car, yet the New Jersey Hag
Woman was worried that he was going to run out and  molest children,.  Mean-
while the evidence thus far gathered showed him to be the opposite of what he
was portrayed to be by the Pittsburgh  Post Gazette.

I wonder if the insufferable New Jersey hag woman's butting-in on this case was
the straw which broke Cipolla, in as far as goes the murderous effect of stress up-
on a heart bypass surgery patient.  She was very mean-spirited and disrespectfully
harsh in her conversations with me,  She was the complete and bitter opposite of
a Florence Nightingale or a Clara Barton.  She was cold hard snideness, and she
mocked everyone except for Jimmy Carter, Malachi Martin, Randy Engel, and
an early saint of the Church, as well as Jason Berry.  That woman was a damner
of souls.  So, she wouldn't have cared how much stress she was putting on a man
with a serious heart condition.

Anyway, this is the time when you know who your real friends are.  Ironically,
your enemies are not even in the emotional picture.   They don't matter.   They
are outside of this grid of ... well .... this grid of caring and concern and definite-
ly remorse.

The remorse comes in my having waited on certain individuals who promised to
act and who never did so.   I should have taken the proverbial bull by the horns.
I shouldn't have waited on the hope of finally talking to Diane Thompson's two
sons.  Yet, I needed to speak with them, to make sure what the actual verdict was,
concerning the damning allegations leveled against Cipolla ... concerning the
ones that were not yet proven to have been complete falsehoods, via fact check-
ing.  In as much, do you really believe the Douglas Yauger ended up at her front
door in Florida within 24 hours after she contacted him?

Concerning Cipolla, I sat back in the privacy of my own thoughts and wondered:
if I caused him the stress that became the straw that finally broke him.  I also
wonder if there were a failure due to his neuropathy or diabetes.

If you were a Padre Pio Group member, and if you want your thoughts posted
for public view, I'll edit and post what you send me, until the move to Chicago
gets into high gear.   I will keep your name in confidence.

At this time, please do NOT send me any harassing emails or any gloating
emails.  Remember,  I'm the 230+ lb Italian worker with the 47 inch chest,
and right now, I'm not in the mood for Diane-Thompson-type harassment.

I have to go, right now.  The company isn't merely going through a move
to Chicago.  We have been the victim of check forgery, aka bank fraud,
and outright burglary of high-priced items, as well as the theft of numer-
ous hand tools.  In fact, there were attempts at cashing forged company
checks in Philadelphia, 300+ miles away.

Plus, these vehicles here need to be sharpened up for their trip to Chicago.
That includes three of four dump trucks, three excavators, a backhoe, a
skidsteer, two heavy equipment trailers, two storage trailers, vans, and a
diesel delivering pick up truck, etc.  Then again, the company might end
up having two places of operation ... or it might close it doors.  I might
end up living under that bridge pictured below.

I'm getting stronger right now, and this is needed, being that there are certain-
ly people out there who damn my existence.    To think,  all this came about
because I delivered drywall on my day-off to an attic which had shoe  boxes
full of the James Torquato evidence.  To think, all of this came about because
Wuerl ratified Torquato's retaliations.

There is the battle between good and evil to be fought at the central apex of the
conflict.  I'm not running away, like a lot prophecy-minded people who hope to
travel to a faraway hiding place.  Evil will come crashing down on me, no matter
where I go or what I do.  For me, the battle had already started.  That is the case
with hundreds of millions of people on this Earth.

Wuerl was a very selfish manipulator in many things, in his lunge for power
and high priced pleasure.  I wonder if the death of the man formerly known
as Father Anthony Cipolla will get Wuerl to realize his own mortality?

Concerning the con artist Tim Bendig, the power abuser Donald Wuerl, and
the fact-checked liar Diane Thompson, you know that you are allowed ... and
even requested by God, the saints, and the angels ... to pray for their conver-
sions and to offer up a sacrifice or two for their conversions.  My prayer card
is filled, right now.  Until a certain list of prayer petitions are granted, I'm not
taking on any more prayer projects.

By the way, if you have a heart ... and even if you don't ... could you obtain
Masses for Anthony?    My Mass requests for the past five years always went
through the international charity, Aid to the Church in Need.   Then  again, any
valid Mass will do well.  Without getting into detail, all my charity dollars went
overseas.  I'll leave it at that.

The last 23 years of Cipolla's life was tragedy and drudgery.  Meanwhile, Wuerl
lived in Marie-Antoinette comfort, ratifying the Torquato Retaliations, and sab-
otaging Church Teaching between his frequenting of four and five star hotels.
No holy martyr there.

Again, you have  no idea what I am enduring right now in feeling guilty about
not sending what I thus far had to the papal nuncio.  I feel guilty, even though
I sent paperwork to the Pope's own office in 2014.  I feel that I failed someone.

Then again, I was repeatedly impeded from something as simple as making con-
tact with Diane Thompson's two sons.  What was so difficult about the idea of
me speaking with them?

By the way, my sought-for goal was to obtain from Wuerl an anti-sweatshop
apostolate., being that fair wages is a part of Catholic Moral Theology.  I tried
to be the next Cesar Chevaz and Wuerl didn't let this happen.  Well, the way
things are going now, someone is going to have to be the next Spartacus.

I have to go, right now.