June 12, 2017

The Gotcha Journalism Ambush: The answer to the "gotcha" question.

The following is as pertinent here ... in the Chicago area ... as when I was in Pittsburgh. By the way, keep in mind that Christ was "merely" a carpenter. He had no degree from Catholic University and no credits from any Pontifical institute. Yet, he was the Teacher. Therefore, if you are too arrogant to regard the conveyances of someone in construction, then you are too proud to heed the words of Christ.
Welcome to the Charism of Saint Joseph, the patron saint of workers.
In Sacred Scriptures, it is written, "Without the worker, no city can be maintained."

News Update:  The Cipolla Case blew wide open, 
shortly before his death.  All for naught.  see:

The Game of Journalistic Gotcha

Okay then.  Maybe you know how it goes, when you're a multi-million page-
view presence on the internet and some hag wants to take you down so hard
that all of your diligent, exhausting, and time-consuming  work will be all for
naught.  This includes your military history writings, your economics writings,
your political history writings, your corporate tax statistics outlines, your writ-
ings on Occupational & Environmental Medicine, your writings on church cor-
ruption, football concussions, Occupy Wall Street, and whatever other subject
about which you wrote, not to mention your promotionals of the international
charity known as Aid to the Church in Need.  Add to the equation photography
when such a portfolio spans from the Mojave Desert to Saint Augustine Florida
to the Three Rivers Confluence to the Lake Erie Region and Penn's Woods.

How do I describe the obsessed crone from New Jersey whom I told five years
ago to never contact me again and who was so hard up in destroying me for
what I discovered about the Cipolla case that she resorted to the Gotcha am-
bush described below?  ANS:  She is the composite of knotted tree branches
at the entrance of the Witch's Forest from where children never return.  She
has an obsession ... a complete obsession to make destruction her life's work,
merely by her inflammatory mouth.  She cut down almost everyone, in her
phone conversations with me.  Of course, when you hear a person assassinate
the character of multiple persons, she will be assassinating yours eventually.

For her, it's the act of going for the jugular vein, as if the church crone is a wolf
wanting you dead.  However, no matter how hard her cronies assassinate my
character and try to dig up dirt up me, it will not take away the fact that Diane
Thompson IS a liar.  Period.  I acquired the evidence & corroborative witnesses.
She has zero, except for one lunchtime with Cipolla, and during that lunch, I
highly doubt that he molested any children.  None the less, having lunch with
Cipolla made her absolutely certain without any doubt that he was a molester,
even though ALL of the hard copy evidence I placed in public view, and ALL
of the fact-checking results of Diane Thompson's newspaper quotations proved
Cipolla to be the opposite of a molester

I repeat.  I saw the paperwork.  I forwarded pivotal pages to Chicago journalist,
Mike Volpe, and he did an article on the Cipolla case in conjunction with Don-
ald Wuerl's Triple Cover-up and the Torquato Retaliations.  Of course, no hag
is going to attack Mike, because he is Jewish and hags know that they will be
pegged anti-semites, even though some of them harp on the Jewish banking
system conspiracy diatribes.  Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Diane Thompson's narration of an arrest and pressure to "drops charges" at, of
all places, the DA's office instead of the clerk of court's desk, was shear fiction ...
... shear libel ... the result of the presumption belief that no one would ever fact-
check Thompson's harrowing story  ... her harrowing fiction.

Instead proving me wrong in my writings about the Cipolla Case, the previous-
ly mentioned New Jersey hagmeister had to go off the board, and obsess herself
with every little nook and cranny of my life. in her search to annihilate me.  So,
I now have to defend against the claim that I'm a fraud lying to the public, about
my involvement in the construction industry.  What does the construction industry
have to do with catching Diane Thompson in multiple lies?  Anyway . . .

You know how it goes:  It's around 10:30pm.  You're body's wracked from doing
the type of construction work that maybe 1% of people have the endurance to per-
form ... not to mention doing it sometimes in the rain, sleet, and 94 degree heat
waves.  And suddenly, you get a late night call, even though you should be sleep-
ing, to regenerate for the next day's tasks.  I was very polite in answering the
gotcha question, though.

So, there's a journalist on the other line who suddenly plays gotcha journalism,
as if he/she is going to absolutely prove that I'm a lying fraud, so that Diane
Thompson can be hailed as the great and holy non-lying non-slut.

The question suddenly was:

How can a person with asthma be in construction?  
Well, Einstein, here is Answer Part A:  
Are there any other stupid questions out there for me?
Most construction sites don't have asthma-triggering air fresheners on them.
And respirators only filter a portion of the asthma-triggering fumes.
But, you are expected to endure brief periods of asthma, up to a half hour or so.

Plus, when I have no chemical allergens blowing in my face, I'm fine.  I can lift
weights and run a 10k race.  The problem is that we live in a fragrance glutton
society where people are gluttons in everything.  This includes the use of fra-
grance products, as much as those gaudy tatoos.  Cars have two, four, six, and
eight chemically laden air fresheners in them.  Those fumes waft a long distance,
because matter can neither be created nor destroyed.  And when you are as sensi-
tive as a bloodhound, its assault and battery on your respiratory system.  I can't
even sit in an apartment with air fresheners in it ... or if there is parked outside
on the curb a car reeking with air fresheners.  I can't park next to an air freshener
car, because the chemicals reek into the vehicle I'm driving and nestles into the
upholstery and clothing ... gym bag, etc.  It's that simple.

Part B of the answer is:  The Americans with Disabilities Act, where a helpless
asthmatic must be granted reasonable accommodations which mostly consist in
getting those vain and gaudy air fresheners out of his airspace.

Actually, the question should have been:

How could it be that three of the top four men in the same one company all have
breathing problems, yet remain in construction?

By the way, when working outdoors, there is a lot of airspace to diffuse chemicals
vapors.  Plus, all construction material is design to quickly evaporate.

On this 10,000 square foot lot, no cars are permitted here which have air fresheners
in them, being that they are perpetual asthma triggers.  Whereas a construction sol-
vent evaporates ASAP, air fresheners are designed to emit asthma-triggering chem-
icals 24/7.  All solvents are keep at the edges of the lost, as far away from my desk
and drafting board as possible.

My problem is finding a home, when there isn't a next-door neighbor, a apartment
hallway neighbor emitting gaudy amounts of those vain chemically-laden air fresh-
eners.  My problem is finding a place to park, in a mall lot that has car after car
after car reeking with two, four, six air fresheners in every third or fourth car.

Incidentally, next to us is the University of Pittsburgh motor pool.  Police cars, ad-
ministrative cars, maintenance vehicles are fixed there.  Not a single University of
Pittsburgh vehicle has one air freshener in it.  That saved my life.

The Hateful Hags are going to have to find another way to have the world hate me
to death and rip apart all of the my writings and photography.

None the less, the game was to prove to you .... the pubic ... that I'm just a lying
fraud, by showing you that I most certainly could not possibly be in construction.
In that way, in don't read anything I wrote about the Cipolla Case and that you
don't look at documentation that the public was not meant to read.

Okay then, the following mail, posted below, came at the beginning of August.
This should be enough to shut them up.  They're worthless.  Look at the gener-
ation of women they are leaving behind.  That's the genertion they raised.  Its
common practices literally cries to Heaven' for Vengeance.

Hags are knotted priestesses of resentment and envy.  They are Satan's best wea-
pon to destroy the only church ever founded by Christ, because they drive people
away from the Church.  Anyway, the following should be enough to shut up the
knotted tree branches at the entrance of Witch's Forest. What will ever shut them

Anyone else of goodwill is welcomed to write or phone me.  I'm here for you.
In the Torquato Retaliations, I proved that I was willing to take bullet or a beat-
ing for a good cause.  All you have to do is push the "on" button, to get things
going.  Things need to be done.  Damage has to be repaired.   Saint Pual called
it the good fight.
Does this help in shutting the hags up and in shutting the hags down?
They don't have anything to do, all day.  So ...
So, what is their next rumor going to be???