September 20, 2016

Part 1: Cipolla Accuser, Diane Thompson: The fact-checking results.

As Cipolla's life was being destroyed by what fact-checking proved to have
been unconscionable falsehoods, Wuerl lived in plush and lush comfort,
as if he were Marie Antoinette.  Wuerl's motive in destroying Cipolla's
reputation was none other than Distric Attorney John C Pettit and friends.
And yes, a very vocal guard dog was barking at me as I took this photo.
Intro and/or preliminary notes as to the fact-checking:

For those unfamiliar, a Diane Thompson claimed that she filed criminal charges
against the man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla, getting him arrested.
She said that the charge was molestation.

She also claimed that she was intensely harassed into dropping the criminal
charges she filed, and finally, she dropped the charges at a DA's office, by
signing a sheet of paper that she couldn't read, because tears were in her eyes.

Yet, she was able to see the line on that sheet of paper where she was to sign,
and she was able to see her name as she was signing it.  But, she couldn't read
any of the text on the same sheet, and she didn't think of the instinctive act of
wiping her eyes, to make her sight clear enough to read the print on any sheet
of paper.

Newsflash #1:  The dismissal of any legal action that a private citizen files
is always done at the CLERK OF COURT'S COUNTER, and not at the DA's
office.  However, filing criminal charges is NOT one of the things that a pri-
vate citizen is empowered to do, anywhere in Pennsylvania.

Even more so, dropping criminal charges is NOT within the realm of a pri-
vate citizen.  So, Thompson's account of dropping charges under duress is a
complete falsehood, thereby making the editors and writers of the Pittsburgh
Post Gazette either accomplices to Wuerl or incompetent staff members who
should have been fired, and never hired by another newspaper publisher.

However, filing a private criminal complaint is something a private citizen
can do, but it requires an assistant DA's approval, after an investigation is
conducted, in order for an arrest warrant to be processed.  In Cipolla's case,
no warrant was ever issued.  No police ever arrested him.  Even if a warrant
for Cipolla's arrest were issued, a constable would have been the one to take
him into custody, and not two cops with shiny badge numbers to write on a
mythological sheet of paper that Thompson called a "police arrest report."
The constable would have been executing an arrest warrant, not filling out
a "police arrest report."

In as much, Diane Thompson's description was based on the premise that
no one else on Earth had the power to file charges against Anthony Cipolla
except for her, and that, if she dropped those charges, then he would be able
to go free.  She mentioned that two supportive detectives were present, in
the DA's office, begging her to not drop the charges.  The premise is bull
crap, meaning that Thompson lied about "the frustrated look on the detec-
tives' faces."  There are a number of ways a person can get indicted in the
matter of a felony, and one of the ways involves a detective submitting an
affidavit to a judge, followed by the judge signing-off on it.

For the record, I know what it is to file a private criminal complaint and to be
interviewed by detectives.  This is one of the reasons why it was easy for me
to tell that Thompson was lying.  My impromptu conference with a Pennsyl-
vania constable was the other reason why it was obvious that Thompson was
lying., and the Pennsylvania State Police data base is the third reason.  Furth-
ermore, the Beaver County DA's notice that there were NO GROUNDS upon
which to prosecute Cipolla, after its three month investigation into Tim Ben-
dig's accusations, was yet another reason why it was beyond blatant that
Thompson was lying about the whole thing.

Plus, the fact that Thompson never mentioned an arraignment that she would
have been invited to attend is a red flag that indicated that she was making up
a story.  After all, she never mentioned the amount of bail exacted upon Cipolla.

Another lie of Diane Thompson that was super east to refute:

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette quoted Thompson as having said that an intimi-
dating person walked up to her and said that he was a lawyer for the dciocese.
It was obvious that she was making up a story, because dioceses don't get put
in handcuffs and face criminal charges.  Only people do.  Of course, the same
Post Gazette quoted diocese spokesman, Ron Lengwin, as having said that it
was Cipolla's attorney and not that of the diocese.  The question is if whether
Lengwin were really deceived into thinking that Cipolla really was arrested
or was he a willing participant of Diane Thompson's lie.

Anthony Cipolla was never arrested, as Thompson very falsely claimed.  In fact,
there is blatant circumstantial evidence to show you that no private citizen has
any power to "file criminal charges" and/or "drop criminal charges."  The basic
proof of this absolute piece of American legal doctrine is that, if Cipolla had
been charged, arraigned, and prosecuted, then the case would have been called
"the State of Pennsylvania vs Anthony Cipolla" and NOT Diane Thompson vs
 Anthony Cipolla.

Plus, Cipolla would have been sent to a STATE penitentiary and NOT a Diane
Thompson penitentiary.  The one who incarcerates you is the one who files the
charges against you and even drops charges that have been filed against you.

Thompson filed a private criminal complaint which is NOT the act of filing
charges.  It was an application .... a request ... to have the government file
charges against Cipolla.  Thus, what Diane Thompson filled out was totally
dependent upon an assistant DA's approval, after an investigation into the
allegations was conducted.   No approval ever came.  None the less, if the
private criminal complaint were filed, and if Cipolla were indicted, then
Diane Thompson would NOT have been able to have dropped the charges.

As a supplemental note:  Not everybody who read the lengthy 1995 Post
Gazette article-horror-story believed Thompson.  The one person who ab-
solutely knew that Diane Thompson was full of crap was ... none other
than ... the wife of a lawyer.

Okay class, repeat after me:  Diane Thompson and Ann Rodgers are LIARS.
Anthony Cipolla has no criminal in the State of Pennsylvania.

Donald Wuerl needed a scapegoat, to get DA John C Pettit off his back.
The Great Mistake Americans Make in the Basic Understanding of Law

There is a difference between civil court and criminal court.  In CIVIL court,
only the "aggrieved party" can file a lawsuit against a wrongdoer.  This rule
in American Constitutional Law is known as Article 3 Standing.  That seg-
ment of the law involves what is known as "redressing grievances."

In criminal court, on the other hand, the coercive & sovereign power of the
State is involved, meaning that there are a number of people who can indict
someone.  No victim does the filing.    The logic to this is simple:  How can
a murder victim file charges against his/her murderer?

The private criminal complaint is handed to the magistrate who, in turn, sends
it to be investigated under an assistant DA.  The magistrate then waits for the
assistant DA to give the private complaint an "approval" or a "denial."

The assistant DA will send his conclusion back to the magistrate, even if it's
a denial.  If the private criminal complaint is approved, then the magistrate's
office does something called, "issue process."

The process begins with a warrant for the accused person's arrest, and the pro-
cessing thereof is assigned to a constable and not to police officers with shiny
badge numbers to write into Fantasy Land's "police arrest report," as Thomp-
son falsely claimed.
Take note that Thompson's mention of the police arrest report w/ officer badge
numbers on the report is a complete lie.  The document which gets a person in-
dicted by a police officer's criminal complaint, aka affidavit, has the number of
the court of jurisdiction on it, instead.  And such a sheet of paper would have
been given to Cipolla and NOT to Diane Thompson, as she claimed.  This is
called Due Process of the Law, where the accused gets to read and respond
to the accusations leveled against him.

All in all, Diane Thompson's narration and accusations were obviously the
fabrication of an exceptionally uneducated and rudely arrogant liar who
thinks that you are as stupid as she is murderously vicious.  In fact . . .

The then-editors of the Pgh Post Gazette, former Post Gazette writer Ann
Rodgers,  another Post Gazette writer, Diane Thompson, Douglas Yauger,
and Donald Wuerl obviously think that you and I are extremely gullible.

Wuerl had a law team who knew better.  They had the moral obligation to
inform the media that Diane Thompson's tale was contrary to the PA Rules
of Criminal Procedure, for starts.  They remained criminally silent.

Wuerl let the lie be spread through a major American metropolitan newspaper,
giving Thompson's story the falsest air of professionality, responsible fact check-
ing, and truth.  The story made it look as if Wuerl came out of the sky and saved
the Diocese of Pittsburgh from wicked villains and henchmen.  Donald Wuerl
is the wicked villain and his surrogates are the henchmen.  Diane Thompson
was nothing more than Donald Wuerl's sock puppet, as was the pathologically
bland Ann Rodgers.

As for Tim Bendig

Now, when it came to Tim Bendig and the Cipolla Case, the information relayed
to me was that, whenever someone would ask Bendig to talk about his accusations
against Cipolla ... to tell them what really happened between the two of them ....
Bendig would simply say, "I can't talk about it."

Now, that was a smart thing for a liar like Bendig to do, unlike the arrogant Diane
Thompson who foolishly embellished a Hollywood script in her condemnation of
Cipolla and his bishop at the time, as well as the Allegheny County DA at the time.

My ever-so-mortal enemies chattered with certitude & confidence in their assertions
which damn Cipolla to Hell.   I did the opposite.  I kept asking the public to test my
writings for cracks, and I mentioned that I would like to get more evidence and also
speak with Tucker Thompson and Frank Labieaux, Thompson's sons.

In as much, if you can get me a meeting and interview with Tucker (aka Tommy)
and/or Frank, please do.  I'm at 724 709 4716.  As a caveat, if you decide to use
that phone number to harass or threaten me, I will show you how much I know
about the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure.

There's a legal system that has a pattern as much as does this cone flower's 
stigma.  Diane Thompson narrated a script that had nothing to do with the 
PA Rules of Criminal Procedure, in her harrowing tale of Anthony Cipolla's
fictional arrest and even more fictional post-arrest retaliation.  It was 
blatant that she lied.   I even spoke with a constable about the rules, 
back in May of 2016, for confirmation .  I still have his business card.
Cipolla is now in his 70s and has had a severe heart condition for years.  Plus,
there are a number of people who vouche for his character.  In addition, in all
of the years Bendig claimed to have been molested by Cipolla, no one ever
saw the two of them in compromising positions, such as coming out of a
broom closet with messed up hair.

In addition, Anthony Cipolla willingly let Bendig go to the Pittsburgh seminary.
If Cipolla were molesting Bendig, he would have gone out of his way to make
sure that Bendig would never have gone there, in fear that Bendig would reveal
things to church higher-ups.  In fact, there was a time when Cipolla kicked Ben-
dig out of the altar boy rotation, for disciplinarian reasons.  Therefore, he could
not have been that much in love with guy, if at all.  Furthermore, Cipolla was the
one who went out of his way to see to it that Bendig received the sacrament of
confirmation.  If it weren't for Cipolla, Bendig wouldn't have gone to church the
times in which he did.

End of Intro

This is the case that counts.  Cardinal Wuerl was rocketed to stardom by it.  He
was even made the master of ceremonies for a Saint Patrick's Day parade, on
account of the reputation he gained by it.  So, if it can be proven that the media
presentation of the Cipolla Case was a misrepresented hoax; then it's automatic-
ally proves that Wuerl's rise to power was one big lie.

As was stated ten to fifteen times previously, Cipolla was NOT tried at the Vati-
can for molestation, and he was never charged or arrested in Pennsylvania or any-
where else for molestation.  At the Vatican, he was tried for the diagnosis of De-
pression & Suicidal Tendencies given to him by St. Luke's in Maryland, a clinic
founded by a pervert who died of AIDS.

The query in the case was if a bishop possessed the right to remove a priest on
account of such a diagnosis, even if the diagnosis were declared erroneous mal-
practice by a second opinion clinic.  In other words, the case was based on
Psychic Defect and NOT molestation.

None the less, Ann Rodgers-(formerly Melnick) of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette
once stated in print that Cipolla was most definitely arrested and that she had
the evidence to shucks darn prove it.  She then stated something to the effect,
"Yep,  I can prove it.  It was July 25, 1978."  Woooo doggie. Stop there.

Ladies & gentlemen, this is an allegation.  Typing "It was July 25, 1978,"  is not
the act of providing evidence.  So, Ann Rodgers lied yet again.  She had no evi-
dence to prove that Cipolla was arrested.  I have the evidence which says he

Documented evidence in photographic form that supports my allegations in
the Cipolla Case is found at:

The Pertinence of Diane Thompson's Story (now fact-checked)
as it applies to the Tim Bendig Case

Tim Bendig, seminary fail-out that he was, while in need of money, accused
the man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla of having molested him
for years.  Now, he originally asked the diocese for charity dollars, but was
denied any charity.  Then, when he learned that Cipolla told the Padre Pio
prayer group members to stop sending Bendig money at the Pgh seminary,
because "he got kicked out," Bendig accused Cipolla of molestation.

Now, Bendig accused almost two dozen people of having engaged in Sodomy
at the Pittsburgh RC seminary, as well as having been molested for 6+ years
by Cipolla.  So, Bendig was declared NOT credible and was sent on his way.

Then came the lawsuit, where within was his deposition.  Concerning all of
the priests and seminarians whom Bendig accused of Sodomy, it was during
his deposition when, in responding to his many accusations, he repeatedly
said, "It was a rumor." ... "It was from the rumor mill."  This means that
Bendig was an established liar who had no credibility.  After all, he even
lied to me four times in a row.

Now, being that Bendig was a noted liar, he could not, on his own, convince
any jury in the Court of Public Opinion that he was telling the truth about Ci-
polla.  So, the only way in which Bendig could get credibility was if Cipolla
had been proven to have molested previously.  Thus, the accusations of a Di-
ane Thompson surfaced, and her narration of horrific retaliation was eventual-
ly published in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, while her name was kept confiden-
tial by the newspaper.

This newspaper testimony made Bendig sound legitimate.  This made Wuerl
sound like a hero.  This made Cipolla sound like a monster.  There was one
big problem, though.  It was blatant that Thompson was lying, in making up
a Code of Criminal Procedure that never existed in America.

Concerning her name and the names of her sons were kept confidential, know
that I'm the one who revealed them, to illustrate that there was NO John Doe
Injunction in the case which never became a case in the first place, being that
no magistrate "issued process."  John Doe Injunction means that the name of
the alleged victim was never to be placed in a public forum.

Thompson's Basic Non-involvement in the Bendig Case

It is paramount for you understand that Diane Thompson was NEVER a doc-
keted witness in the Bendig lawsuit.  Douglas Yauger even mentioned this to
the press, when he announced that he found the woman who filed against Ci-
polla in 1978.  He then stated that he would like to have used her as a witness,
"for whatever it was worth."  But, he didn't use her, being that Wuerl was go-
ing to settle the case out of court.  The means that Diane Thompson lied when
she said that she drove to Pennsylvania at her own expense, to give a deposition.

Let us go through the steps of Diane Thompson's pathological lying:

1} In November of 1988, while taking advantage of the bad press Wuerl was get-
ting on account of the news of his Triple Cover-up, Tim Bendig emerged in the
newspapers.  However, the first article which reported his theatrical accusations
kept his name held in confidentiality.

In brief, Bendig claimed that the Sin of Sodom was ubiquitous at the Diocese of
Pittsburgh seminary and that he was molested as an adolescent and teenager by
the man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla.

2} In that news article, mention was made that Anthony Cipolla had been arrested
for molestation in 1978, even though fact-checking through the Pennsylvania State
Police data base system showed Cipolla to have NO CRIMINAL RECORD at all.

None the less,  Diane Thompson claimed in her in 2015 web log, that it was not
until 1992 that the Bendig Law Team and Donald Wuerl learned of this 1978 ar-
rest, and only by her doing the informing.  In fact . . .

She claimed that, after she contacted Attorney Douglas Yauger, he flew to Florida
and was at her doorstep in less than 24 hours after her phone call to him.  She said
that this was because Yauger had no time to waste, being that the trial was soon ap-
proaching.  Well, that claim, too, was a lie, being that she said that the instant visit
was in November of 1992.  The trial was scheduled for March of 1993.  There was
more than enough time for Yauger to wait at least one more day, and even at that,
have an assistant do the footwork.

Thompson then claimed that she gave Yauger a copy of the police arrest report
that had the badge numbers of the arresting officers on it.  (No such Pennsylva-
nia criminal procedure piece of paperwork exists, especially one that contains
the badge numbers of arresting police officers.)

Okay.  Let's Review the Multiple Lies Told by Thompson, in merely Part 1 of
this detailed expose.

a} Firstly, it is 100% proven that she lied about being the one who originally
informed Wuerl and Yauger about the Cipolla arrest which, incidentally, never
occurred, in the first place.  The Pgh Post Gazette first stated that there was a
1978 arrest in a November 1988 newspaper edition.    This is four years earlier
than Thompson claimed it was revealed.  Thus, we have one of many proven
lies told by Diane  Thompson.

For those unfamiliar, Thompson claimed that Cipolla molested her son, Tucker
Thompson, and then, she later claimed that he molested her other son, Frank
Labieaux in Michigan.  A Michigan witness who was an altar boy said that
there was no bizarre sexual behavior observed in Cipolla at any time.

Also take note that Diane Thompson was NOT a woman in a stable sacramental
marriage which yield children who bear the exact same last name.  One such son
bears her maiden name (Family-tree name) and not the last name of the father.
Thus, she was not part of an All-American "Leave to Beaver" lifestyle that the
Post Gazette originally made her out to be.

b} Concernning the fact that there is no such thing as a Police Arrest Report
which carries the badge numbers of the arresting officers and that Thompson
got caught lying about that one too, see.


And of course, she stated that she gave this mythological arrest report to Attorney
Yauger who showed up at her doorstep within 24 hours after she called him.  Now,
do you really believe that he dropped everything scheduled, just to fly down there
immediately, when he had more than enough time before the trial, and when news
of the 1978 Cipolla Arrest (which turned out to be a fiction) was already printed in
the Pgh Post Gazette four years earlier?  How can she give him something that does
not exist?  Plus, arrest paperwork is given to the defendant, not to somebody's mom.
If Cipolla were arrested, Thompson would have gotten an invitation to the arraign-
ment, instead.

Thompson's Less Than Diplomatic Emails

In one of her harassing emails to me, Thompson gave herself away by calling
Anthony Cipolla "a leech."  Let's see, here:  Cipolla goes through the discipline
of studying psychology, Latin, and theology, while being a successful youth
programs coordinator with NO ACCUSATIONS against him in over 40 years,
and while being the founder of the successful Padre Pio Prayer Group.  Yet, he's
a leech.  Meanwhile, Diane Thompson who admitted to having no education,
and in not having any trade, professional skill, or college degree in not the
leech.  Sure.

None the less, it was alleged that, after she filed on Cipolla in 1978, she
accused someone (not Cipolla) of having molested her daughter.  Thomp-
son was alleged to have done the "wolf crying" more than once.

Part 2 has the more "juicy stuff," aka graphic accounts.  Let's address them now,
and show what's wrong with each picture Diane Thompson painted in claiming
Anthony Cipolla to be a monster who should be buring in Hell, right now, while
Thompson should be with the angelic choirs of untold holiness.

Anthony Cipolla is the guy on the right meeting John Paul II.  Next to
him is the Father John Hardon whose canonization is already underway.
Unlike the New Jersey Conspiracy Theory Hag Lady, Father Hardon, as
well as best selling author, Malachi Martin believed in Cipolla's innocence.