September 08, 2017

A Witness Has Come Forth

Randy Engel had the arrogant audacity to call her three-part article the
act of finally setting the record state, as if she were a governing monarch.

No, ladies and gentlemen.  A Randy Engel who showed herself to have
not known anything about even the basic rudiments of the Pennsylvania
Rules of Criminal Procedure ... and who didn't have the sense to realize
that no nine year old boy is going to be sitting at any kitchen table doing
his homework on July 30, being that there's no school in late July in Alle-
gheny County ... has the competency to set any record straight.  A court
of law will be setting the record straight sometime in the future, even if
Engel dies of a heart attack while driving and instantly crashes into a tree

Greetings to all citizens of good will, by the way, in the Americas, Europe,
Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

A witness who went to the Michigan camp retreat with Tim Bendig and
the man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla has come forth.  He
was one of Cipolla's altar servers.

He was there, at the same place where accuser Diane Thompson claimed
that Cipolla molested her eldest son, Frank, before she changed her story
yet again, changing the venue of the  non-credible molestation account to
a motel near the Henry Ford Museum.

The witness who came forth, incidentally, said that nothing lewd, sexual,
invasive, or suspicious happened at the seminary, en route to the seminary,
or while coming back home from the seminary.  Bendig, according to him
and according to a number of other people, is a serial liar.  He also said that
"Tim was weird.  Really weird."

At this point, keep in mind that the church-vandalism-by-fire-extinguisher
narration said to have involved a 12 year old Frank Labiaux in 1977 was an
easy-to-prove lie, being that it was documented to have occurred in Novem-
ber of 1978, and was comitted by a 14 and 15 year who both returned to the
same church a couple of weeks later and slit the tires in the parking lot, while
the black congregation member where inside the AME church, having the ster-
eotypical Protestant Revival meeting.  This means that, at the outset, Frank
Labiaux lost his credibility.  He didn't vandalize any church out of "molesta-
tion revenge."
Liar, liar.  You're soul is on fire.
Whenever you speak, the flames get all the higher.
Incidentally, the witness who came forth was motivated to come forth when
he read the obituary of Anthony Cipolla.  That obituary triggered something
within him.  Incidentally, he is a heavy equipment operated and he lettered in
football and wrestling in school.  So, someone with a similar background as
the author of this site decided to come forth.  Quite frankly, the only people
who come forth are those you would not want to jump in a back alley.  After
all, attacking some people does backfire.

As a preview, take note:  There was a time when the man formerly known
as Father Anthony Cipolla banned Tim Bendig from the altar server rota-
tion, only on account of Bendig's misbehavior.  In as much, how could
Cipolla have continued the alleged sexual affair and/or abusive relation-
ship that Bendig publicly claimed to have had with Cipolla, if Cipolla
were more than willing to ax Bendig?  If Cipolla were in lust for Bendig,
Bendig's conduct would have been tolerated by Cipolla.

Plus, Bendig's narration of the entire time span in which he said he was molest-
ed made it sound as if he were chained in a basement or had a gun to his head.
Bendig was NOT living on the same grounds as Cipolla, and he could easily
have simply not returned.  Bendig had more than enough time to contact the
police, if he were being molested as claimed.  Bendig had years to do so.

All in all, the Padre Pio Prayer Group people saw Bendig was this poor soul.
So, they reached out to him, in the reflex action of Franciscan Charity.  In fact,
Bendig was said to have often acted like a really nice guy.  At this point, keep
in mind that smooth talkers are usually snakes.

Meanwhile, the Donald Wuerl who was terrified at the idea of
DA John C Pettit triggering a grand jury investigation in the
1990s,let Bendig and Thompson be quoted in the press, as if 
their words were documented courtroom testimony.  The fact-
checking and emergence of Mark Ninehouser, as well
as a witness who was in Michigan with Bendig and
Cipolla, showed that Wuerl became a superstar
on a series of easily provable lies.

For the record and for the third time, the attempt on my life had nothing to
do with Church Corruption or Corrupt Cardinal Wuerl or Tim Bendig or
the Diane Thompson who stated in print that it was too bad that the guy
who tried to kill me with blunt force trauma missed.  In other words, she
wrote that it was such a shame that I was not murdered on April 14, 2016.
For the record, he didn't completely miss.  He got me near my left ribcage
area.  I didn't get out of the way fast enough.

None the less . . .

That is your holy holy suffering martyr for you.  Meanwhile, Randy Engel
made her look like the Immaculate Virgin Mary who brought forth fout
Messiahs and was so harrowingly wronged by the church hierarchy.

Of course, being that retired officer, Mark Ninehouser, was finally located,
it was found that the same Diane Thompson's nightmarish "retaliation-for-
filing-charges" narration was a complete falsehood, except for the badge
numbers of  Mark and his work partner, Robert Fogle.

Interestingly enough, it was a dead give-away that Diane Thompson was ly-
ing about the two officers being detectives who befriended were and verbally
guided her, on account of one simple reason.  She never mentioned their first
names.   If they reached out to her and guided her, she would have heard the
two officers call each other by their first names.  They would even have got-
ten to a first-name basis with her.

You know, some people's minds are knotted, and such persons cannot perceive
simple things.  For example, Randy Engel accentuated Anthony Cipolla's num-
ber of parish assignments during his early years, neglecting to accentuate the
fact that his last two assignments were a healthy 5 years each.  None the less,
Engel sought to make you believe that Cipolla was molesting child after child,
at parish after parish.  The major observation of this time span was missed by
Engel.  She was not sensitive enough to catch it.  And what is\it?

ANS:  It's the fact that, at no time during this time was Cipolla sent out of
state.  Therefore, there was no opportunity for a psychiatric assessment of
Cipolla.  There was no need to hide Cipolla.

Remember::::  Esposito to Arkansas,  Hoehl to Toronto,  Wolk, Zula, and
Pucci to Maryland,  Huff to St. Louis,  etc.  Meanwhile, Cipolla stayed in
the Pittsburgh vicinity, apparently looking for mission work likened to the
missions of French saint, Louis of Montfort.  Get the pattern?  Everything
is in a pattern.  If you can't catch the pattern, you lost the case.  In fact, per-
ceiving a pattern is one of a few ways in which you can establish motive,
in a criminal case.  In civil actions, motive isn't the guiding force.  Damage
done by the defendant against the aggrieved plaintiff is the measuring rod.

In as much, it's beyond obvious that the Diane Thompson who has been re-
peatedly caught contradicting her past accusations and caught outright lying
also lied about being told by then-Bishop Leonard that Anthony Cipolla was
diagnosed as having a severe sexual perversity.  There was no time allotted
for any mental hospital visit.

Plus, as I previously stated, the St. Luke psychiatric assessment papers involv-
ing Tim Bendig's 1988 accusation had my fingerprints on them, because I held
and read them personally.  I even sent digital copies to Mike Volpe in Chicago.

Wuerl's motive in obsessively pursuing the Cipolla Case was NOT the welfare
of children and other youth.  In fact, Wuerl proved this to be so by reassigning
Hoehl and Huff, while letting Wolk, Zula, and Pucci be on leave ... and and and
by sending Torquato to Rome.  The sole motive of Wuerl was that, if he were to
have reassigned Cipolla to a Pittsburgh diocesan post, then District Attorney John
C. Pettit would have gone into Phase 2 and would have seen to it that a grand jury
investigation ... much like the one occurring in the Year 2017 ... would have been

Such an investigation would have yielded information on the personal life of the
Donald Wuerl who obsessively spent eight consecutive years making sure that the
banned Dignity Mass would be held in Pittsburgh on a weekly basis, in two venues.

Incidentally, the Diane Thompson who thinks that you are gullible wrote
that Anthony Cipolla and I were grifters writing falsehoods, so that you
would come to my sites and make me rich.  Stop there for a moment.

Uhhhhhhm, did you have to pay an entrance fee to get to this posting?
No?  Okay, then I'm not making money on subscriptions.

Do you see any advertising here or on my other sites?  No?  Well, then
I am not making advertising money.

Did you have to pay an entrance fee to view my photography which al-
ready has gotten millions of pageviews?  No?  Well, then I'm not much
of a grifter, am I?

Plus, is there a paypal donation box on any of my sites/URLs?   No?
Then I how am making money off of you?  How am I a grifter, when
I never got paid as much as one penny for my online writings and my

Do you see what a liar Diane Thompson is, yet?  If you do not do so, then
you will become like Randy Engel and be a liar, disgracing yourself.