September 20, 2016

A Witness Has Come Forth

A witness who went to the Michigan camp/retreat with Tim Bendig and
the man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla has pledged his writ-
ten statement after he returns to Pennsylvania.  He was there, at the same
place where accuser Diane Thompson claimed that Cipolla molested her
eldest son, Frank.

Incidentally, he was motivated to come forth when he read the obituary
on Anthony Cipolla.  That obituary triggered something within him.  In-
cidentally, he is a heavy equipment operated and he lettered in football
and wrestling in school.  So, someone with a similar background as the
author of this site decided to come forth.

I received the pledge of a written affidavit from a witness who went out of
state alone, with Cipolla, Bendig, and whoever else and who was at the re-
treat center with Cipolla, Bendig, and whoever else was at the center.  Of
course, the center of my world in now Chicago.  So, it might take longer
than originally assumed to get and place his testimony online.
Specifically,the order which operated the site was the Pontifical Institute of
Foreign Missions.

As a preview, take note:  There was a time when the man formerly known
as Father Anthony Cipolla banned Tim Bendig from the altar server rota-
tion, only on account of Bendig's misbehavior.  In as much, how could
Cipolla have continued the alleged sexual affair and/or abusive relation-
ship that Bendig publicly claimed to have had with Cipolla?

When and if I get the eye witness statement, then you'll get to read it, also.
Of course, if there is another attempt on my life, someone else will have to
post the witness account online.

For the record and for the third time, the attempt on my life had nothing to
do with Church Corruption, or Corrupt Cardinal Wuerl or Tim Bendig or the
Diane Thompson who stated in print that it was too bad that the guy who tried
to kill me with blunt force trauma missed.  In other words, she wrote that it was
such a shame that I was not murdered on April 14, 2016.  That is your holy holy
suffering martyr, for you.

Incidentally, the Diane Thompson who thinks that you are stupid wrote
that Anthony Cipolla and I were grifters writing falsehoods, so that you
will come to my sites and make me rich.  Stop there for a moment.

Uhhhhhhm, did you have to pay an entrance fee to get to this posting?
No?  Okay, so I'm not making money on subscriptions.

Did you have to pay an entrance fee to view of photography?  Did you
have to pay an entrance fee to read any of my posts?

Plus, is there a paypal donation box on any of my sites/URLs?   No?
Then I how am making money off of you?  How am I a grifter when
I never got paid as much as one penny for my online writings and
photography?  Do you see what a liar Diane Thompson is, yet?