September 19, 2016

This time, I spoke with a State Police Officer

Meanwhile, Wuerl lived and still lives in Marie-Antoinette-Luxury
Previously, I conferred with a Pennsylvania Constable and a Pittsburgh
City Police Officer about the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure.
This time, I had the opportunity to speak with a police officer who has
statewide jurisdiction in the State of Pennsylvania.

The information conferred to me, as it applies to the allegations of Diane
Thompson and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette against the Late Anthony Ci-
polla. will be disclosed to you.  Do not be deceived.  He was railroaded.
Wuerl manipulated the presentation of the Cipolla Case in a blatantly
false light.

New information has been found on the case.  Info only comes piece by
piece, though.

Needless to say, I am asking anyone in the general public to arrange a meeting
with Diane Thompson's two sons and me, one son at a time.  This is so that I can
ask specific questions about Cipolla to them.  The conversation would be recorded.

Now, if you are going to affix a fee for this opportunity, talk to me about your
charge over the phone, as well as proof of that you are not sending me to im-
postors.  If your fee is going to be over $1,000, we will have to meet in public,
to talk about it, and you will have to sign a contract and a certification..

I will need documented proof that the two gentlemen actually are Diane
Thompson's two sons or else NO Deal.  In fact, impostors would consti-
tute theft by fraud on your part.

Of course, it has only been nine days since the sudden death of the man
formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla.  So, shock waves still jolt
through me, on occasion.  At times such as this one, it helps not to be

In fact, I talked with my former fiancee at length over the phone, the
night before the Cipolla funeral.  She decided to stay in Australia, and
perhaps will study overseas in Hungary or Austria, but she will not be
coming back to America.  So, my unused tennis rackets will remain
unused for some time come, I assume.  I never play tennis with men.

The replacement secretary came this evening to get all bookkeeping up
to date, and her occasional word psychologically helped, too.

I miscalculated everything.  Of course, it would have helped to have
been offered help by more than the one Cipolla Supporter who offered
to help.

Plus, the two men in Europe neglected to do what they promised to do
in the Year 2012.  It's now the Year 2016.  These were the canon law
gentlemen of which I wrote years ago.  In Pittsburgh terminology,
those two guys jagged Cipolla around for three and a half years.

There has been a lot of cyber bully obscenities inflicted upon me which
need to be addressed.  In as much, I will be writing no more satiric verse
in the model of the Eugene Ionesco I had to read in the original French, in
college.  This is because my satire was presented in a false light, as some-
thing literal and not figurative.

I discovered that there was or still is a heated search to dig up dirt on me.
I hate to disappoint everyone, but I'm not an ax murderer.  I'm not a foreign
spy, either.  I don't have a basement torture chamber, as well.  Nor am I any
kind of meth addict.  I never tried heroine.  I never tried cocaine.  I never
tried crack ... or ecstasy.  I have even been deliberately avoiding caffeine.
No cigarettes, either.

I believe in doing what it takes to get your blood circulating, in order to feel
feel fully alive.  If you want mysticism, pray the Rosary while doing blood
circulating exercise routines.  Getting your wind, as in running, helps too.
Running, exercise, tennis, football and soccer grass drills, dancing with the
woman of your dreams, etc all  get the blood circulating.

If you want to find your ax murderer, you're gonna have snap to it and look
somewhere else, instead of going beyond the Sound Barriers of Obscenity in
violating my right to privacy & violating me.

The Pennsylvania State Flag