September 05, 2016

Proof that Thompson was lying when she wrote that . . .

Are they hiding down here?
In re:  Diane Thompson stating that a person can search the internet all
day long and find nothing about me, meaning that I don't exist and that
my name was the pseudonym (fictitious name) of Anthony Cipolla.  In
claiming this easily provable falsehood, Thompson asserted that all of
the Wuerlgate posts were written by Anthony Cipolla.

Keep in mind that Wuerlgate (aka Wuerleaks) does not merely cover the
Cipolla Case.  There was the matter of Wolk, Zula, and Pucci, as well as
Huff, Hoehl, and Wellinger.  There is also the coverage of the Torquato
Retaliations which only I knew about, outside of close friends and the
family of Torquato's evidence-bases accuser.  The reasonable person
would know that there is no way in which Cipolla would have known
about this.  Plus, there were guest writer posts

Plus, copies of my official security clearances are on the Wuerlgate
site.  If Cipolla were the Wuerlgate author, then he forged four docu-

Furthermore, she could not explain the photos on the site, being that
Anthony Cipolla was too ill to travel by road throughout the United
States and take photographs of scenes ranging from California to both
coasts of Florida to Baltimore to Gettysburg to Cleveland to Cuyahoga
National Park to the Three Rivers Confluence of Pittsburgh and and and
photos that can only be taken by someone in the construction industry.

California:  Cipolla was too ill to drive for days and get to this 
part of the Sierra Madres.  The presence of my long distance
photography portfolio was the tip-off that Thompson was lying 
about Cipolla disguising himself under a fictitious name which 
happens to be mine.  Thompson should have realized that she was 
 going to get caught lying and lose her credibility.
None the less, Diane Thompson claimed that she couldn't find anything
about me.  Then she mentioned made a snide remark about my former
Outback Gal, meaning that she saw online the photos of us two.  None
 the less, her harassing emails to me, alone, prove that she knew that I
existed.  She was only trying to get you to NOT read anything that I
wrote about the Cipolla Case, especially as it applied to her..

As time progressed, Thompson would then state that I'm only 5'9 and
that she found my height mentioned on a photocopy of my concealed
weapons license which is online.  Thus, she did find proof online that
I exist.first states that I am non-
existent, then she gets snide with things that can easily be found online.

Technically, I was 5'9 1/2 when the license was granted.  That is exactly
the average height for an  American adult male.  None the less, what does
my height have to do with the Cipolla Case?  It's another sophomoric tac-
tic to get you to think that my writings on the Cipolla topic are invalid,
as if being under 6'0 invalidates everything about one's existence.

As is usual for her, she searches for any way she can to mock & belittle
me and avoid the only issue that matters: the issue of what actually hap-
pened in 1978.  The evidence shows that Cipolla was railroaded by the
presentation of his case in a false light.  Diane Thompson repeatedly
showed herself to have no credibility.  This leaves us with the need
to talk to her two sons, Tucker (aka Tommy) and Frank, two sons
who have different last names, making them half-brothers.  She
said that they were molested, amidst narrations that were fact-
checked and found to contain a series of fraudulent misrepre-
Are Thompson's two sons with different last names hiding here?

Concerning being 5'9, women who were 5'0, 5'1 5'2, 5'3, and 5'4 have loved
my height. Women 5'5" didn't object to my height either.  Neither did a few
5'7 women.  In fact, the 5'3" Egyptian ceremonial dancer & government em-
ployee said  that she would not date me if I were taller than 5'10 or 5'11.  In
addition, my Vietnamese lady was 4'11,  My Outback Gal was 5'7", though.
As I previously stated, your height is NOT your essence.  It doesn't define
a person.  The narcissistic obsession with it, to the point of wearing lifts,
aka elevator shoes, shows the presence of a narcissist or a very insecure
person, as well as a fake.

All in all, in Diane Thompson got to the point of desperation in her attempt
to find a way to get you to despise and belittle me to the depths, so that you
would not believe what documentation, the calendar, and corroborative wit-
nesses said in the matter of Anthony Cipolla.  She even attempted to get you
to believe that it's a self-negating dysfunction for a man to be in the 5'8" to
5'9" height range which happens to be or have been the height range of icons
such as:

  1} Humphrey Bogart,  2} Fred Astaire,  3} Frank Sinatra,  4} Marlon Brando,
  5} Kirk Douglas,   6} James Dean,   7} Robert Redford,  8} Paul Newman,
  9} Robert DeNiro, 10} James Caan,  11} Yul Brynner,  12} Michael Landon,
       of Bonanza fame,   13} Robert Duvall,  14} Prince Charles.

15} Olympic Wrestling Gold Medalist Wayne Wells,  16} Olympic Wrestling
       Gold Medalist Dan Gable, 17} Kickboxing champion Claude van Damme,
18} Kickboxing champion Chuck Norris,    19} World  Boxing Welterweight
       Champ Sugar Ray Leonard,  20} World Boxing Middleweight Champion
       Jake La Motta,   21} martial arts movie star Donnie Yen,  22} martial arts
       movie star Jackie Chan,   23} NFL Legend Barry Sanders,   24} NFL Le-
       gend Emmitt Smith,   25} Soccer Legend Pele,   26} Pro-Bowl Running
       Back, Maurice Jones-Drew, 27} 5-Time World Champ, Marcelo Garcia.

28} Beatle Drummer Ringo Starr,  29} Rolling Stone Drummer Charlie Watts,
30} Singer, Billy Idol,  31} Guitar Icon, Eddie Van Halen,  32} Bret Michaels,
33} Led Zepplin Star, John Paul Jones,   34} Bryan Adams,   35} Ron Wood.

36} Antonio Banderos,  37} Robert Downey, Jr,,  38} Michael Douglas (son
       of Kirk Douglas),  39}  Mark Hamill, of Star Wars fame,  40} Robert
       Conrad of Wild Wild West fame,   41}  Ron Howard, of Happy Days
       fame,   44}  River Dance master, Michael Flatley,   45} Tony Curtis,
46} Tony Danza,   47} Larry King,   48} Mayor Michael Bloomberg,

49} Mark Twain,   50} Charles Dickens,   51} F. Scott Fitzgerald,
52} Robert F. Kennedy.

Do you get the message?  Thompson keeps creating diversions, thereby avoid-
ing thecissue at hand which is:  "Where is Frank and Tucker (aka Tommy) and
what is their official statement on the allegation that Anthony Cipolla moles-
ted them?

This is the only case where the voice of the case was the mommy.  No chief
of police outlining the alleged crime.  No detective commenting on the alleg-
ed crime.  No comments from the DA (or solicitor.)  No comments from any
social service worker.  etc,etc, etc.  And definitely no comment from the al-
ledged victims.  The evidence proved Diane Thompson to be a liar.  Corro-
borative witnesses, including myself, cited Tim Bendig as a liar, long ago.
All that is left is Diane Thompson's two sons.

So, what are the official allegations of Frank and Tommy (Tucker) concern-
ing the accusations of their mom against the late Anthony Cipolla?   What
happened in 1978?