November 01, 2016

Diocese of Pittsburgh Subpoenaed in Statewide Grand Jury Inquest

This might look like a photo of Rome, but it's actually Pittsburgh's Polish Hill.
In fact, the entire Roman Catholic Church in Pennsylvania is in a law enforcement

There are EIGHT Roman Catholic dioceses in the sovereign State of Penn-
sylvania.  At the time of this writing, six of those eight dioceses are under
subpoena, in a statewide grand jury inquest.  This comprises the Dioceses
of Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Erie, Harrisburg, Allentown, and Scranton.

The archdiocese of Philadelphia has already been probed, as has been the
Altoona-Johnstown Diocese.  So, those two dioceses are not part of the
present inquest.

At this point in time, expect the Wuerl Propaganda Machine to oil its gears
and start wheeling out more propaganda intended to make Wuerl look holier
than the Eternal God.  This time, though, any propaganda will backfire.

None the less, this is posted here in the event that you were too busy to read
the latest news coming out of Pennsylvania.  If you have been traveling, this
small alert should help.  Let's see if justice actually can come out of the Amer-
ican Justice System.  I am so used to seeing Wuerl get away with all the out-
rages, sacrileges, and willful acts of negligence he has committed that I don't
have any high hopes.  But, the inquest, in itself, is a statement on the state of
the Vatican II Church.  Pathetic is the operative definition of the modernized,
Protestantized, and Sodomized Church.

At Vatican II, they obsessed themselves with changing around the furniture in
the Church, even including the altar.  They obsessed themselves with changing
the consecration of the Mass.  They obsessed themselves with changing the
Church's image.  This was all for naught, because at the 2nd Vatican Council,
they neglected to change themselves ... for the better.

All in all, watch for the ratcheting-up of the Donald Wuerl Propaganda Machine,
in order to create a diversion intended to take the public's attention away from the
less-than-noble discoveries about the Diocese of Pittsburgh, especially when it was
under Donald Wuerl.