September 03, 2017

Diane Thompson: Unwittingly admitted to the continuous harassment of me.

Florida is not far away enough when harassers use our
electronic technology to Cyber Bully others from there.
Diane Thompson expressly stated on the one profile which was posted
on her seven redundant blogs that she uses her blogs to communicate
with me.

ANS #1:  She admitted to harassment in the stating this, because I long
 since posted a public notice that she is to NEVER contact me in any ca-
pacity, including through third persons and through public posts on web
logs.  A web log posted with the intent of communicating with me is the
continual harassment of me, especially in the mocking of me, with the
name-calling and invasion of my privacy in a false light..

I blocked her email delivery capacity.  I refused to talk to her on the phone.
I refuse to dialogue with her via paper mail.  I will not accept any commun-
ication from any third party at her behest.  I expressly stated that she is to
NEVER attempt to communicate with me, especially  by publicly posted
communications on web logs and by third persons, as well as by third per-
son's web logs.

Yes, it is true that I have her now, and even if she erases her statement, I still
have the evidence.  But,  I have been trying to be ever so kind about this, in
the hopes that she would become civilized and desist from her harassing of
me and her molesting of my reputation.  I do NOT want to waste my time
on that bully, because I have so much else to do in life.

ANS #2:  The Diane Thompson who was raised in the Podunk of Latrobe
Pennsylvania is arrogantly presumptive to think that I had read anything
that she wrote ever since her cyber bully post of November 2015 ... until
the day before the Cipolla funeral, that is.   Until that day, I had no idea
that she created SEVEN web logs that assassinate my character and that
of Anthony Cipolla.

For the record, when Cipolla did find one of her web logs and read it, he
was literally hyperventilating over the phone, while talking to me about
it.  And of course, one of the pivotal insider blamed Diane Thompson's
obscenities on me.  Even though she was the obscene one causing untold
stress and distress to an elderly man with a serious heart condition, I was
the one blamed for it.

The only issue to be addressed is her 1978 accusation against Cipolla, and
NOT my height, NOT the ladies in my life, NOT my character, NOT her
falsely painted picture of me, and definitely NOT the April 14 attempt on
my life by a 257 lb disgruntled employee whom I caught stealing from the
company and who is presently under investigation for 2nd-degree-felony
burglary and bank fraud.

The question is if whether or not Anthony Cipolla molested her two sons
or not, in light of the fact that all documented evidence show the opposite
of what Thompson claimed.  Tucker and Frank need to make statements
for the Court of Public Opinion.  In addition, if it turns out the Cipolla
was completely railroaded by fraud, then Thompson's two sons have to
send their statement to the papal nuncio.  This would be because Wuerl
advanced to the top on an orchestrated falsehood.

Let it be made clear:   I do NOT communicate with the Cyber Bully Diane
Thompson in any capacity.  I am communicating to you, civilized citizens of
the reading public.  I am NOT playing a web log volley ball game with Thomp-
son.  She is annoying Podunk trash whom I want forever out of my life.  Thus,
there is NO web log tennis match between us.  There is NO web log ping pong
game going on.  There is me defending myself from her libel against me.  I only
intend to communicate with you who seek truth or facts or even a guidepost in
your journalistic research.

This is NOT a matter of us "out-smarting" each other, because a man under in-
tense distress on account of Diane Thompson's assaulting and insulting web
logs.  It's a matter of whether or not Cipolla is guilty or innocent.

Once again, I have publicly made notice that Diane Thompson is to NEVER
contact me in any capacity.  No email cards to me.  No blog posts communi-
cating to me.  No third persons contacting me in her name.  Etc.

She never alleged to have been molested by Anthony Cipolla.  She has pro-
duced ZERO EVIDENCE in her damning allegations against Cipolla.  She
has been repeatedly fact-checked and repeatedly found to have been lying.
Thus, Tucker (aka Tommy) and Frank ... her two sons ... much come forth
a make a clear and explanatory public statement.

I am the one who produced documentary evidence and who saw evidence that
journalist Mike Volpe also read.  The difference is that Mike read the docs in
digital form.  I had the docs in paper form, holding them in my hands as I read

It is Tucker (aka "Tommy") and Frank who were alleged to have been molest-
ed by Anthony Cipolla, even though there is ZERO EVIDENCE to prove it.
Thus, I talk to Tucker and Frank.  NOT Diane Thompson, aka "Mangum."

If Diane Thompson wants to communicate something to me, then she can get
a law firm to contact me at her behest.  She also can get a federal marshal to
serve upon me the summons & complaint of a type of federal lawsuit known
as a Diversity Action.

Thompson was under the impression that I read her web blog posts on a regular
basis.  This is arrogantly presumptive, especially being that we come from op-
posite sides of the proverbial railroad track.. I am the private academy graduate
from a Country Club family whose driveway once parked a blue Lincoln Conti-
nental, a blue Mustang, and a green Mercedes Benz simultaneously.  Thompson
is typical Podunkville gossip, with the developed mode of predictable crassness.
We are from two entirely different worlds and we presently live in two entirely
different worlds.

As a confirmation, I have NOT NOT NOT read a single sentence of any of her
blogs for well over 6 to 9 months.  I avoided the reading of her character assas-
sinations for a half a year or three-quarters of a year.  I did not look at any of
her  blogs until September 6, 2016, the day before Anthony Cipolla's funeral.

I want nothing to do with her.  I want her out of my life.  I want her to be invisi-
bly non-existent to me . . .  in a legal way, of course.  So, don't go out and get a
crew of Sicilians to turn her into a missing person overnight.  She has to stay
 alive now, so that we can finally get a confession of guilt out of her, if I can't
get to talk to Tucker and/or Frank, her two sons.

The fact that Cyber Bully Thompson constructed and posted SEVEN redundant
blogs that damn Anthony Cipolla and me is a sign that she is in a panic, utterly
terrified of me uncovering an ongoing fraud of hers.  Of course, I state this as
an opinion, pursuant to NY Times v. Sullivan (376 US 254, 1964)