September 16, 2016

Mother Angelica intermittently gave charity dollars to Anthony Cipolla

I promised that I would start revealing things about Anthony Cipolla that
I had not yet revealed.  Let's begin with MOTHER ANGELICA, of the
EWTN Network.

"From time to time,"  Mother Angelica would send Anthony Cipolla money.
Mother Angelica, like Malachi Martin, believed that Anthony Cipolla was
INNOCENT of the accusations leveled against him by Tim Bendig and the
extremely vicious Diane Thompson.

Financial aid was sent to Cipolla,  because Wuerl cut him off.  Concerning this,
Wuerl had the obligation under Canon Law to sustain Cipolla.  After all, Wuerl
did sustain the convicted Richard Dorsch and Wuerl even  let Francis Pucci to
perform the Mass for an order of nuns, while being sustained by Wuerl, even
after Pucci's discovered fall from grace.

Yes, Mother Angelica thought that Diane Thompson was a liar.  THE Mother
Angelica did.  So, Thompson can now start a smear campaign against one of
the most beloved Church women of the 20th and 21st Century, as well as best
selling author, Malachi Martin and the man respected by families afflicted by
sexual abuse, though he is mocked and disrespected by those who were not
traumatized by sexual abuse.

That other person who had no trouble assessing Diane Thompson as a liar
is none other than Mike Ference.  Mike is the out who points out molester
priests.  Anthony Cipolla is one accused priest whom Mike Ference believ-
ed to have been innocent, all along.  After all, it was Mike who arranged a
meeting with me and Cipolla back in the Summer of 2009.

Concerning Mike, he's a hero in some people's eyes.  Other people regard
him as someone to avoid.  Mike suffered a lot at the hands of Wuerl and
others who will remain unnamed.

Incidentally, the Mike Aquilina book on Wuerl has a number of falsehoods
in it, because Mike quoted the Pittsburgh Post Gazette in the process.  Even
though Mike is save from any libel suit, he did what it took to eventually lose
hisr credibility.  Wuerl just isn't worth it.

Concerning such falsehoods,  Diane Thompson was NEVER deposed.  If she
were, then bring forth the proof.  Secondly, there was NO detailed detectives
report.  There was only Diane Thompson signing a SUMMARY NOTICE that
was served upon Anthony Cipolla at the beginning of August, in 1978.

The 1978 case did NOT get docketed.  Thus, it never reached the "discovery
stage" where people are deposed under oath.  Thompson also was NOT de-
posed during the Bendig lawsuit.  Attorney Douglas Yauger did locate her,
but, as he told the media, he would have liked to have used her, for what-
ever it was worth.  He inferentially admitted that he did NOT need to use
her, being that Wuerl was willing to settle the case out of court for self-
seeking reasons.  Thus, Thompson was never deposed as the book Mike
Aquilina co-wrote claims.

The Mike Aquillina book also falsely quoted Wuerl as having said that he
used prudence before writing off Bendig, and that he waited patiently, to
see if any other evidence about Cipolla would arise.  The truth is that Don-
ald Wuerl declared Bendig "Not Credible" and closed the file on Bendig.
After all, Bendig accused over a dozen seminarians and 3/4 of a dozen
priests of Sodomy.  Bendig went overboard.  Plus, Bendig didn't accuse
anyone of anything until the diocese refused to give him a penny after
he ask for money and after Cipolla told the Padre Pio Prayer Group
people to stop sending Bendig money, via the Pgh seminary, on ac-
count of Bendig getting kicked out of there..

It was damnable for the Ann Rodgers and Mike Aquilina to change history,
in making Wuerl look like something that he never was.

Incidentally, concerning Wuerl having been cited as a practicing homosexual,
I have to prefix any such statement as "allegedly," being that I was NOT in the
Vaseline Queen world.  However, the effeminate feature attached to Wuerl cer-
tainly was Res Ipsa Loquitar.  If you were in Pittsburgh in the 1990s and the
Turn of the Century, you would instantly understand, unless if you were in
Wuerl's age group.  Wuerl was a flamer.

Those in Wuerl's age group often mistook a flaming homosexual with a book
worm.   Of course, that generation proved itself out of touch with the reality,
being that that generation gave us the tremendous national debt, and the out-
rageous $1.4 billion debt to a China that pirated a lot of tAmerican echnology.
This is in addition to the 59 million American abortions performed since Roe
v. Wade, in 1973.  That generation was an intense failure to mankind.  Thus,
Mike Aquilina, in praising Donald Wuerl, did nothing more than destroy
Aquilina's own future.

Wuerl was never worth destrotying your own professional or physical or spiritual
life.  The entire generation of Donald Wuerl was the problem and NEVER the sol-
ution, evidenced by the number of wars throughout their time span, and number
of economic injustices thoughout the exact same time span, not to mention the
ecological outrages of the same detrimental generation that require those of us
of younger years to clean up the worldwide mess that they created.  A curse
upon us they have definitely been.

Tale note that I am stating that the Aquilina's recent co-written book contains
falsehoods without me calling him a liar.  He simply wrote what his sources
stated.  His book, does have its pages of bibliographies, even though the bibli-
ographies are sometimes erroneous.

Mike did NOT present himself as a personal witness to any event.   He was the
chronicler, with his co-writer.  Diane Thompson, on the other hand, claimed to
be a first hand witness.  She was fact-checked and repeatedly found to be lying.
A person would have to prove that Mike knowingly wrote falsehoods into his
co-written book, before publicly calling Mike a liar.  Malice is what makes a
liar ... and sometimes laziness.

Incidentally, a copy the recently published Wuerl book was a gift to me, sent by
a woman who spent years working withe Down's Syndrome children and who
cannot tolerate anything about Wuerl.  She wanted me to fact-check the book.
Well, it failed the fact-check test more than once, to state it politely.

Pittsburgh is doing just fine without Donald Wuerl.  No one
but Dave Zubik and a few political others out of touch with
the main stream ever talk about Wuerl.  He is not a legend
here, as his propaganda machine would make you believe.
Concerning Mike Ference ... as opposed to Mike Aquilina ..., even though
his writings sometimes come-off as Thor's hammer smashing a comment
board, in person Mike is extremely nice and quite the Toastmaster General
type.  In person, he has an exceptional personality.  His writings have made
me cringe, though.  But of course, Wuerl, in his Satanic posturing, brings
out the worse in everybody, including me ... including Mike.

Also concerning Mike, he refers to the New Jersey Conspiracy Theory House-
wife as "that Crazy (Name Withheld)," because she allegedly sends him four
tocsix to eight to ten emails a day.  This allegation is credible, being that she
did the exact same thing to me, before I wrote out the Riot Act for her, telling
her to never contact me again.

The New Jersey Conspiracy Theory Housewife allegedly sends Mike so many
emails per day that he does NOT look at any of them.  This is according to

When speaking of Crazy (Name Withheld), he has the emotional inflection of
"Oh-well-what's-you-gonna-do-about-the-crazy-lady?"  So, I was not the only
  to experience exasperation at her hands.  She obviously, in my opinion, has
  an obsessive-compulsive syndrome.  But, she claimed even this year that she
  is just fine in the mental health department.

Once again, THE Mother Angelica who founded EWTN used to send Anthony
Cipolla money, from time to time.  Credibilty to this allegation comes from the
fact that Cipolla was seen at the altar of the EWTN chapel after Wuerl axed him
under the excuse of Depression and Suicidal Tendencies.  In addition, this revel-
ation did NOT come from Anthony.  He never told me about Mother Angelica
funding him.  Plus, take note that she and Anthony Cipolla both died in the
same year.  Wuerl is approaching 76 years of age.  The end of an evil era is
upon us.

Concerning the other timeline coincidence, Anthony Cipolla died on August
30, 2016.  On September 1, 2016, the Diocese of Pittsburgh was served its
Grand Jury Inquest subpoena.  In fact, he died the day after his birthday.

Anthony Cipolla had a twin; a sister who was devastated at the news of his
death.   The last phone message ever left by Anthony to his sister was him
wishing her a happy birthday.

That reminds me.  When I learned of his death, I went through something that
you could not possibly imagine in your mind, even though you could logically
understand why I would go through a consuming degree of grief, on account
of the death.
You could logically understand it, because there I was, trying to save a man
whom even Mother Angelica believed was innocent.  Then, I received notice
of his sudden death.  The "sudden" part is what pierced me.  It was like losing
your patient on the operating table.

Now, when I went through untold grief in late August, everyone except the
intrusive and abusive Diane Thompson let me be at peace.  I went through
something that very few people will ever experience, yet the crass, vicious,
snf obnoxious Diane Thompson had to harass me during my time of mourn-
ing, by publicly stating that I was heartlessly feigning sorrow as a ploy.  Yet,
Thompson was 900 miles away from me and I never even spoke with her on
the phone, ever.  So,how would she know what I was feeling or not feeling?

She wasn't in the same room with me.  She wasn't even in the same city.  Thus,
she was no witness to what I was experiencing.  She simply wanted you to be-
lieve me to be a heartless fake, so that you will not read what I discovered
about the entire Cipolla Case, including the part involving the invasive Di-
ane Thompson.  She is a liar and I have never been sued for publicly stating

Concerning Thompson being so obscene as to refuse to let me mourn in peace
during one of the most devastating times in my life ==========>  This is the
conduct of either a psychopath or a person hiding a fraud.

In light of Thompson's unending personal attack of me:

Where is Tucker, aka "Tommy'?  And where is Frank?  Did they ever claim
to have been molested, or did their mom make the whole thing up?  Further-
more, why is Tucker's last name "Thompson" and Frank's last name a French
one that begins with the letter "L" and ends with the letter "X", if Tucker and
Frank were both the product of Diane Thompson's alleged "second marriage?"
If they have two different last names, then they do NOT have the same dad.

Before he joined the seminary, Anthony Cipolla had a girlfriend, and he ve-
hemently insisted that I never mention this, so that the woman could be at
peace and left free from harassment.  When I asked why he had a girlfriend
when he knew that he always wanted to be a priest, Anthony said, (to the
effect), "We were being told that priests were going to be allowed to get

There's more.  Be patient.  I've other things to do.
Till the next time, if there is a next-time.


The man who finally proved that he is NOT Anthony Cipolla in disguise,
thereby showing that Diane Thompson lied yet again.