September 05, 2017

I Was Never a Follower of Anthony Cipolla ... therefore, there was no conflict of interest.

This is a patch of land relatively near Cipolla's hometown.
It's called Raccoon State park.

For anyone whose sight is blocked by presumptions, let it be known that
I was never a follower of Anthony Cipolla.  Rather, I was a follower of
the weightlifter priest of the diocese of Pittsburgh, and not just because
he was a weightlifter.  I won't mention his name, because Diane Thomp-
son will start tearing him apart in print.  None the less, I was a follower
of him, because of his devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

At this point, let us go through the steps:

The Year 2009:  It was late Spring.  My father had just succumbed to
pancreatic cancer during Holy Week.  I was to be in Pennsylvania for
the entire Summer and most of the Autumn.  Suddenly, I got a phone
call, telling me that I was invited to go meet a defrocked priest named
Anthony Cipolla.  Of course, I knew who this priest was, being that he
got a lot of unfavorable press.

My first response was:

                                Why do you want to waste your time?  
                           What makes you think that he's innocent?

Well, the phone call ended with me saying, "Ooookay.  I'll go."  So, I went
to meet with Cipolla, though reluctantly.  We spoke, and one of the first
things he said was that Tim Bendig was a "Huck Finn type."

Anyway, Cipolla came with a cardboard box  of documents and letters, in-
cluding letters from Donald Wuerl.  So, I took the box with me and looked
through its contents, only to find that Wuerl had nothing on Cipolla, except
a Depression & Suicidal Tendency diagnosis from the Maryland psychiatric
clinic founded by a pansexualist who died of AIDS.

That same diagnosis was declared erroneous by the professionals at Saint
Michael's of NYC.  Therefore, Wuerl got Cipolla defrocked on a misdiag-
nosis.  And of course, there was no "police report," evidenced by the fact
that Cipolla was served with a Summary Notice signed by Diane Thomp-
son in 1978, and not a warrant for his arrest signed by a judge.  In such a
case, the civilian takes on the role of prosecutor and is expected to provide
the evidence, as well as pay for the constable services, the depositions, etc.

None the less, from 2009 to 2013 I kept assuming that Cipolla was guilty,
solely because of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette articles.  I had opened the
lines of communication with him, for the sole purpose of waiting for him
to confess that he molested Diane Thompson's sons.  It was already known
that Tim Bendig was a serial liar and con artist.  So, he was deleted from my
mind.  I would later learn that Diane Thompson was a far worse serial liar
than Bendig.

In my entire life, I attended a grand total of ONE MASS where Cipolla
was presiding at the altar .... only one mass conducted by Cipolla.  So,
you need to get out of your head the false notion of me following him
for years ... or even one day.  I knew that he was popular and had made
a name for himself.  But, I didn't follow him.  The weightlifter priest
devoted to the Virgin Mary, as I previously mentioned, I followed as
if he were a professor and I were one of his students.

It's simply that, through documentation and other valid sources, I discov-
ered that Cipolla was not the molester that the Pittsburgh Post Gazette
made him out to be.  If he were a molester, then it wasn't the way in
which the Post Gazette said he was.  At this point, it is important
to note that Thompson's two sons need to come forth and tell the
truth, if whether or not they were molested ... and if whether or
not they ever claimed that they were molested, or if their mother
fabricated the story in whole or in part.  Where are they?

The turning point was the advice of Chicago journalist Mike Volpe;
a Jewish gentleman and not an Italian, even though then name, volpe,
means wolf in Italian.  Mike is experienced in the effects of whistle
blower retaliation on its victims, via his journalistic research.  As an
experienced man on the topic, Mike told me that Cipolla carried all
the signs of a victim of whistle blower retaliation, literally saying,
"He's probably innocent."

So, I went about, fact-checking Diane Thompson's accusations, and
voila, she certainly was the liar.  She still is, especially in stating that
I'm a grifter making money off of my URLs.  I never made a penny on
any of my online works.  After all, did you ever have to pay admission
to see any of my works, ever?

All in all, I was not the first person on Earth to report the Cipolla Case
as a hoax of Wuerl and Ann Rodgers.   Plus, I was never a follower of
Anthony Cipolla.  I simply realized the moral obligation of reporting a
big lie to the people who were mislead by the lie.

Donald Wuerl is not a holy holy man.  In fact, he is not known for being
much of a man.  After all, the DC insiders coined him, "Wuerl the Girl."
Here in Pittsburgh, he was mostly called, Whirly Bird.  Plus, he was not
popular among the people, evidenced by the fact that he and/or his then-
diocese was sued more frequently than one would expect.  The coverage
of him was artificial ... like a corrupt politician's fanfare.