September 16, 2016

Not yet revealed

There are things that I wasn't going to reveal about the Cipolla case until after
Anthony Cipolla's death.  The point to mentioning this is that those concerned
in the revelations need to know that, when I do reveal what I have been with-
holding, NO NAMES  WILL BE MENTIONED.   So, cool it!   Do NOT ex-
pect to see any new names on  Wuerlgate (aka Wuerleaks.)

However, you WILL be getting new revelations, unless I suddenly enter into
Eternity.  As we have recently learned, life-changing events come suddenly.
Yet, there are warning signals attached to life-changing events.  I've gotten

Also keep in mind that the attempted murder or attempted aggravated assault
of me on April 14, 2016 had absolutely nothing to do with Church Corruption.

It had to do with a disgruntled employee who was caught stealing multiple
tools and who then, while caught red handed, claimed that those were his
tools, even to the point of expressly stating that he bought the exact same
tools as the company president buys.  So, don't spread any sensationalistic
conspiracy theory rumors about it having been the result of  modern Church
Corruption, when it wasn't.

The multiple acts of bank fraud against the company, comprising paycheck
forgeries (both successfully attempted and unsuccessfully attempted,) had
NOTHING to do with Church Corruption, also.  The attempted acts of fel-
ony bank fraud occurred as far away as Philadelphia, when, all of a sudden
our office got a call, asking if we approved a check for (name-withheld.)
So, no conspiracy theory rumors, please.

For the record, and for anyone curious,

We were experiencing the sudden disappearance of company property for
years.  Then, the disappearance rate ratcheted itself upwards recently.  On
April 14 of this year, I located a number of stolen items that were in the
suspected employee's possession.  They were in two different places.  One
of the two places was locked.  So, photographed then stole property in its
"found state," and then retrieved  whatever company property could be ret-
rieved without breaking  a window, a door lock, etc,

As I was taking the property into the shop where the company president of
this C-corporation sat, the tool thief employee continued to follow me in his
boisterous way.  The president of the company came outside, and stood in
front of then stash I uncovered.  The obviously-guilty employee then started
to get very loud and very vocal, going as far as insulting our intelligence by
saying that he bought the exact same tools as the company president bought,
even though the tools recovered had the recognizable marks on some of them.

This is an employee who is no stranger to having a run-in with the police, on
account of his violent temper.  Plus, he has a plate in his head.  Furthermore,
we were going to begin a government contract the following day that was un-
der a stringent schedule.  So, we could not fire the guy.  His dump truck driv-
ing services was his trump card by which he could take a lot of advantage of

Furthermore, he did get physicually violent on me in February of 2016, when
he took hold of a steel-cutting power grinder that I had in my hand, twisting
it in a 180 degree angle into my left index finger, cutting it wide open, result-
ing in permanent damage to it.  Keep in mind that I am left handed, in a pro-
fessional where your hands need to be agile and articulate.  None the less, I
was surprised to see that the blood was not spurting.  It was merely steaming
down upon the dock floor of a building owned by a company that manufac-
tured heart monitoring devices.

Concerning this same violent individual who is now under official police in-
vestigation for 1} Felony Bank Fraud and 2} 2nd-degree-felony burglary.  If
anyone reading has information pertaining to the crimes, the felony bank fraud
case number is

TO BE CONTINUED.  I've got to go to a mechanic's place, right now.

So, the employee who was caught red-handed proceeded to claim that those
tools that I uncovered in his possession next to a cooler of beer and under a
jacket of his were his purchased possessions.  He simultaneously stated that
the exact same types of numbers of tools uncovered were lost by me.  So, I
realized that I had to get indelible evidence on the guy.

AGAIN, TO BE CONTINUED.  Time for the mechanic's garage.

At this point, I would like to say/state/write that it has been an honor having
a readership from Kiev.  In fact, one of my goals in life was to go to Kiev.

None the less,  it was always nice to see my fellow English-speakers from
the British Isles chiming into my sites.  My closest friend on Earth has one
of those UK accents and was born a subject of the Queen of England.  Plus,
England, along with the Netherlands, is the Land of Vocal Trance.  That is a
most excellent genre of music.

It was a favorable affirmation for me to get the readers from Germany that
I did; the land of the Forest Lovers and Autoban Riders.

Getting readers from the Philippines was meaningful to me, in light of what
the Philippine nation is enduring.  Having readers in Malaysia surprised me.
It surprised me as much as having a readership from Greece.  Add to the list
Israel in as far as concerned me being surprised to have a readership there.

Having readers from Russia made me feel as if I took a step up in the world,
and having a readership from France made me feel as if I passed a test.

As far as goes Australia, I found that us Yanks and Aussies think alike  . . .
I think.

And then there is the United Arab Emirates.  I assumed that my readership
there were U.S. military personnel or overseas Yankee civilians.

No matter what be the nation or the sovereign American State, is was nice
having your company.  So, if you suddenly stop hearing from me, at least
I left behind this note.

I don't intend on stopping until my specific work is accomplished.  But, I
am not the master of my own destiny.  I still want to go to Kiev and experi-
ence the Vocal Trance circuit in England and Holland, though.  The Zuider
Zee ... Denmark ... Japan, etc.  No matter what, having peace within is a
good start and finish.
This is titled, The Cat Whisker Tree