September 12, 2016

Uncovered: Thompson's motive in endlessly accusing Cipolla

Rock Bottom.  Diane Thompson claims that her youngest son hit it,
due to Anthony Cipolla.  There is at least his half-brother Frank to
confirm or deny this.  She blames Cipolla for her son's present state
It was discovered why Diane Thompson obsessively accused Anthony Cipolla
of molesting her two sons:

Firstly, she alleged in her over-the-top way that her son, Tucker (aka Tommy),
is so dysfunctional that he's nonfunctional.  This would mean that he is so dis-
oriented that he couldn't speak with anyone, such as a fact-finder.  Yet, he has
two children whom she is raising, she alleges.  This would mean that he was
able to talk to someone at some time in his life.

Furthermore, if he is in such dire straits, then why didn't his mom get the Dio-
cese of Pittsburgh to pay for the psychiatric bills?  If he is dysfunctional, then
someone somewhere is taking care of him, because this is America.  We still
have social safety nets, for times of crisis.  Thus. there would be records to
affirm or deny what Diane Thompson still alleges.

Now, if Tucker (aka Tommy) is summarily incapacitated, then there is still
his half-brother, Frank.  I at least need to speak with Frank.  A human life
was destroyed here, ladies and gentlemen.  It turned out to have been the
opposite of an open and shut case.  Evidence of innocence kept appearing.

Now, there was one nay-sayer who damned Cipolla to Hell, proverbially
speaking.  I then found out that the person's source was Diane Thompson.
Talk about slanderous exaggerations and insults to the intelligence, in as
far as concerns the overly theatrical allegations.

None the less, what kind of mother thinks nothing of advertising to the public
embarrassing things about her own children, such as Tucker allegededly being
incapacitated to the point of being unable to raise his own children?  The only
issue to address is what evidence is there to prove her principle 1978 allegation
against Cipolla.  We must go back to 1978.  All allegations involving 1978 have
been disproved that don't require asking Frank and Tucker (Tommy) about them.
Those two gentlemen are the two keys to the whole case.

With all satire tossed to the side, Diane Thompson herself has proven herself
to be an intolerable person.  If her son is dysfunctional, one must consider her
contribution to this alleged state of dysfunctionality.  Plus, consider the psycho-
logical effect of having no dad in one's life.  Add the deleterious effect of the
Reagan economy which affected Tucker's teenage years.  Add to this any med-
ical effects, as far as goes any possible organic or congenital illness.

Thompson admitted to having a drug addict husband who beat her.  No "good
girl" ever gets caught up with a drug addict.  Thus, what chemical substance of
a federally illegal nature went into her body?  We are talking the Sex Revolu-
tion 60s, the druggie culture of the 70s, ladies and gentlemen.

In addition, do you know of any other case where the only voice was that of
the mom who never prevailed in any related lawsuit and who never got a pro-
secutor to approve criminal charges she wished to have pinned upon the ac-
cused.  No attorney gave a background of the case, as is the case with other
cases.  No jury verdict.  No judge's opinion.  No chief of police making a
statement to the media.  From the outset, this whole case was a sick joke.

None the less, we still must do the white glove inspection and found out once
and for all if Cipolla really did and never did molest Frank and/or Tucker.  To
do with, someone must speak with Frank and Tucker.  Where are they?

Thompson has repeatedly lied and repeatedly play the role of bully, as well as
having played the role of Chicken Little, telling you that the sky was falling.
After all, she insinuated that I was going to fall out of the sky, into Melbourne
Florida with a Mount Vesuvius temper.  I don't think so.  I now purposely avoid
Florida sand spurs and fire ants.  My last moments in Florida was in February
of 2014.  You can have Florida

All in all, Diane Thompson alleges that Anthony Cipolla inflicted lasting dam-
age upon Tucker.   She also said that Cipolla was arrested when he wasn't.  She
equally  alleged that Douglas Yauger dropped everything and showed up at her
Florida doorstep within 24 hrs.  She also said that she was deposed in the Tim
Bendig lawsuit, when  there is NO Diane Thompson Deposition on the docket.
She furthermore stated that she has a 135 IQ w/ zero academic accolades.

She also claimed that her windows were smashed and her tires were slit on ac-
ount of an arrest which never happened.  Oh, and she said that I have a violent
temper,  She then stated that I'm gutless coward.  Well, which one is it?  Is it
coward or aggressor?  Of course, she never saw, heard, or observed me, in any
capacity.   We're 900 miles apart, and she still vexes me like a demon who got
to sneak out of Hell.

The fact that Cyber Bully Thompson constructed and posted SEVEN redundant
blogs that damn Anthony Cipolla and me is a sign that she is in a panic, utterly
terrified of me uncovering an ongoing fraud of hers.

For the record and for legal purposes, the aforesaid statement is my opinion.
This is mentioned in light of the New York Times vs Sullivan, 376 US 254.

It's also my opinion that those defamatory blog posts are diversionary tactics,
like loud static electricity that doesn't let you think. They are attempts to get
you to despise, ridicule, and shun me, thereby never reading my works.

This is typical of an lowly educated person who was raised in a beer-making
Podunk.  There are entire Diane Thompson posts typed in red ink.  Plus, the
blogs are plosive and pushy in syntax.  Crass aggression.  All in all, Diane
Thompson is going to desperate lengths to get you to not read my writings
about her.

Incidentally, my writings are 100% free of charge. Viewing my photography
is 100% free, also.  Plus, I thus far granted all of my copy right privileges free
of charge.  After all, you never had to pay a penny to view any of my URLs,
including this one.  Thus, I am not a grifter as she claimed.

The bottom line is that Diane Thompson is in a panicked fright, fearing that
she will be discovered to be in some type of long-term fraud.  Moreover, the
pattern is that the more I ask the public to arrange a meeting with me and Di-
ane Thompson's two sons, the more web blogs damning me pop up.

If Cipolla is as innocent as all gathered documentation and fact-checking
indicate, then he needs exonerated, even though its too late for him to bene-
fit from it..

This photo is here to lighten the atmosphere.   It's a counteraction.