March 01, 2017

The Coroner's Report in the Cipolla Case

Chicago already feels like home
Perhaps you know that I'm in Chicago to stay ... between trips back to Pittsburgh,
for the purpose of transporting construction and office equipment back here, unless
asthma wins the war it waged against me.  So, I don't have the luxury of detailing
the Cipolla Case as of yet.  What you need to know is that:

I have not yet revealed everything I know about
the case that isn't required to be kept confidential.

None the less . . .

Anthony Cipolla suffered a heart attack while driving his car the day after his
birthday.  NO overdose of drugs.  NO alcohol, etc. 

As I also previously stated, during the final days of Cipolla's life, he was being
tormented by the thoroughly vulgar Podunk native, Diane Thompson, who fail-
ed to produce one witness or one piece of evidence to support any claim that
she made against Cipolla.  This was followed by me producing evidence to
prove her to be a liar, on several occasions.

None the less, there is such a thing as aggravating a pre-existing condition, as
well as wrongful death.  In as much, I remember (in 2016) hearing Cipolla on
the phone in very vocal distress over that which Thompson wrote about him.
Once, he even said that he had chest pains and needed to go to the hospital.

On another occasion, Cipolla told me over the phone that he was diagnosed
at the hospital as having suffered a middle heart attack.  This was in 2015,
after Thompson surfaced with her damning accusations which have zero
evidence, and which, in principle part, were proven to have been false.
This included the "Two Popes Having Died This Year Thing," and in her
claim that Cipolla was arrested, as well as in her claim that Attorney Doug-
las showed up at the Melbourne Florida home within 24 hours of time, not
to mention her claim of taking a deposition at her own expense in Pittsburgh
nd in her claim of that a lawyer for the diocese starting taunting her, all the
while telling her that he was hired because he never lost a case.  

Uhhhm, there are times throughout a criminal defense lawyer's career when
he takes a case he knows that he's going to lose the case, so that he can try
to get his client a lesser punishment for criminal conduct.
Much better to be in Chicago than in any New Jersey
neighborhood that houses a Conspiracy Theory Housewife
Also in 2016 was the harassment of the obsessive New Jersey Conspiracy
Theory housewife who convinced Randy Engel into "reinvestigating the
Cipolla Case," as Randy herself told me that she was going to call Cipolla
and tell him that she was going to dig up the case anew.  The New Jersey
Hag caused Cipolla emotional distress, as well as.  So, Cipolla was placed
under intense stress throughout the months shortly before his fatal heart
attack.  Podunk native Diane Thompson and the New Jersey Hag could
not let Cipolla be at peace.

This Diane Thompson was so presumptively vicious that she would not let
Anthony Cipolla rest for a moment.  Of course, her motive for vehemently
accusing Cipolla of felonious behavior, even into the Year 2016, was re-
centloy uncovered.  She used her damning accusations as an excuse for what
she claims to be her youngest son's dysfunctional life. 

In the description of this alleged dysfunctionality, Thompson once again went
way over the top in the theatrics department, describing a type of molestation
victim who doesn't exist.  If she didn't exaggerate, then someone needs to con-
tact the AMA, to report a new set of symptoms suffered by molestation victims. 

From my personal experience in this topic, if her youngest son were as severely
dysfunctional as she described, he would have committed suicide by now  ...  or
else he would still be under intense psychiatric care, upon which she would have
sued the Diocese of Pittsburgh for medical assistance.

Concerning this, in all that I have written on the subject of sex abuse casualties,
wouldn't you think that I've had personal conversations with a plurality of sex
abuse casualties and a rape victim or two?  Wouldn't you think that I know the
specific behaviorism and dysfunctionalities that these people display?  There-
fore, don't you think that I would be able to instantly detect a liar?

Plus, would you not also think that Mike Ference has much more experience in
communicating with sex abuse victims than I do?  Thus, wouldn't you think that
his opinion about Diane Thompson holds heavy weight?  Well, we both instantly
discerned that Thompson is a liar, simply by our personal experiences with those
who were molested and/or raped . . . . .  and quite frankly . . . . these people are
usually NOT as dysfunctional as you  might think.  You would be surprised. 

We are talking about college graduates, private business owners, and articulate
communicators when talking about sex abuse victims.  And remember, I once
dated a rape victim who was philosophical in her conversations with me about
her rape. 

If Thompson's obscenities are adopted and published by a deep pockets entity, and
then taken to civil court, a presentation of molestation victims will be made on the
witness stand, to show that these people don't become as disoriented as Thompson
claimed her son to be.

Once again, there are those who were molested or who had molested relatives and
who regarded Mike Ference as a hero, no matter what you might believe about this
man who was traumatized by Donald Wuerl's handling of his son's attempted murder. 
Thus, these people hold Mike's opinion in regard.  In as much,  Mike concluded with
a yawning boredom toward Diane Thompson that Thompson is nothing but a liar. 
Her accusations literally bored Mike in his conversations with me.  There was  no-
thing that she wrote that sparked his mind.  So, Thompson is going to have to go
out of her way and assassinate Mike Ference's character, while trying to dig up
dirt on him ... just like she repeatedly did with me in claiming things that I easily

Remember, Thompson is the one who claimed that I didn't have asthma, when there
is documentation dating back to 1998, proving her a liar yet again.

When Thompson comes to attack Mike Ference, it will be at that point when those
who truly were the mothers of molested children will turn against her and tell her
to finally shut it up.  In as much, we need to hear from her two sons and NOT her.

Keep in mind that I repeatedly called Thompson a liar and never got sued for doing
so, despite the fact that she publicly solicited (asked for) a licensed law firm to go
after me and make me wish that I had never been born.  Yaaaaawn.  At the time of
this writing, I still have NEITHER received any demand letter  from any law firm
NOR any summons to appear in civil court by any federal marshal.  If I were a liar,
I would have been in court by now.
If anyone could do so, please get me in touch with Diane Thompson's two sons.
It was unconscionable that she kept their contact info hidden, all the while pro-
viding zero evidence to support her damning accusations which were often
proven false ...  concerning specific allegations.  None have ever been proven
true.  Of course, the witness testimony of her two sons is required to complete
the fact-checking.