November 02, 2016

Still in Chicago: the company made a concession

Concerning what I previously reported in October, there was life-changing con-
cession made and I am expected to stay in Chicago, only to intermittently return
to Pittsburgh, to bring to Chicago company construction vehicles and equipment.
Yes, I was on the edge, about to fall off.   But, a concession was made by the
humble-sized, 47 year old, C-corporation for whom I work.  So, I get to inter-
act with more Chicagoans. 

For the record, as deadly as this place can be, there is something magnetic about
Chicago.    As a work partner stated before he flew back to Pittsburgh,  parts of
Chicago consist in "high quality people." That part is definitely for sure.   There
is the other realm of existence here, too, which resulted in more murders being
committed here than in New York City and Los Angeles combined.  Chicago is
definitely the Tale of two Cities within the same one metropolis. 

There still is much to accomplish in America and the world, as in ending cer-
tain crimes against humanity that thrived during the years when the less-than-
honest  Hillary Clinton was first lady and then self-enriching public servant. 
The woman is a chump who only cared to enrich herself.

Firstly, she was the leading cheerleader for NAFTA, under the guise that it
would create 200,000 American jobs in the first year, alone.  It resulted in the
perpetual rise of the U.S. trade balance deficit, the loss of millions of Ameri-
can jobs, and the depletion of the American disposal circular flow of currency. 
Hillary helped a select few get rich at the expense of the rest of us.  But, more
importantly, the Clintons' NAFTA resulted in the rise of sweatshop slave labor

Hillary Clinton is evil, squared and cubed.  Today's political anarchy was insti-
tuted by that woman and her Southern white trash husband.  Concerning this:

The hacker group, Anonymous Official (and NOT a copy-cat group) recently
unleashed a damning report on Hillary's Number 1 Staffer & Right Hand Lady,
Huma Abedin.  Interestingly enough, no American is good enough for Hillary's
right-hand position.


Concerning the limos that transport Hillary Clinton, there should be a bumper
sticker on the back of them that reads, "My other vehicle is a witch's broom."

Of course, Cardinal Donald Wuerl is no leader and should NOT be in Washington
DC during this time in history, being that civil strife on steroids is about to ignite
in more places than it already has done.  He will cow-tow to whoever is in power
in Washington DC.  This includes Hillary the Hag.   In addition, Wuerl's "moral
statements" will always have selfseeking ulterior motives to them.  For example:::

Wuerl recently condemned physician assisted suicide which is nothing more than
the physician admitting that he/she is not the all-healing god that the vain and air-
headed of America believe.  None the less, assisted suicide takes away the net in-
comes of Hospices, and the Catholic Church in America makes substantial money
on hospices.  So, assisted suicide is financially moving in on the Vatican II money-
grabbing AmChurch's territory.

The irony to high priced Catholic hospital treatments ... which is as high priced as
any secular hospital ... is that these cardinals, bishops, and lesser ranked priests
have the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick at their availability.  If Donald
Wuerl were the holy saint he was fraudulently made out to be, he would be
curing the sick hour after waking hour.  I, with my chemical-allergy asthma,
could have been one of those people.  But, the only thing that Wuerl and his
former personal secretary, James Torquato, ever did for me was almost get
me seriously harmed, along with Torquato's evidence-based accuser.  Wuerl
is not a healer.  He's a killer.  The same goes with Hillary Clinton.  If you put
the two together, what do you think you would get?

Here enjoy Chicago on a World Series Day, for a moment or two.