September 22, 2017

The blatant, though circumstantial, evidence that Wuerl did NOT think that Cipolla was a molester.

Donald Wuerl, Ann Rodgers, and Tim Bendig think that you and I are stupid.
It'svery simple:  Wuerl NEVER sent a "stock letter" to a parish or a school or
a prayer group, asking people to come forth if they were molested by Anthony
Cipolla.  In other cases, such as in the case of John Hoehl, Wuerl did that exact
thing.  Wuerl sent a letter to every alumni of Quigley High School who attend-
ed that school during the years John Hoehl was stationed there.  Thus, if Wuerl
really believed that Cipolla were a molester, he would have sent letters to the
parishioners and prayer group members of those parishes and prayer groups
where Cipolla was stationed.

Plus, there was a leaked letterwhich was sent a few months before Wuerl's re-
hearing at the Vatican to priests who served with Cipolla, asking them to report
any petty and picayune thing about Cipolla's personality, his mode of ministry,
and even his mode of speech.  If Wuerl had evidence against Cipolla, then he
would not have had that letter of desperation sent to Cipolla's former colleagues.

As I previously stated ... one to two dozen times ... the Vatican case had nothing
to do with whether or not Cipolla was a molester.  The case solely addressed Ci-
polla having been diagnosed with Depression and Suicidal Tendencies at a clinic
founded by an apostate of natural inclinations whose lifestyle resulted in him dy-
ing of AIDS.  Thus, the entire case dealt with the phrase, "psychic defect."

Cipolla was never arrested.  He was served was a Summary Notice only.  No
handcuffs.  No arraignment.  No "diocesan defensive attorney who never lost
a case."  No slashed tires.  No broken apartment windows.  Etc.
There was a public version and a Vatican version of the Cipolla
Case.  The Vatican version only dealt with a Depression &
Suicidal Tendency diagnosis declared a misdiagnosis at a
second-opinion psychiatric facility.
Now, Wuerl did settle out of court with Tim Bendig before the rehearing at the
Vatican, making it look bad for Cipolla.  However, the settlement was an overt
and publicly blatant farce, being that Bendig had no corroborative witnesses,
and being that Bendig did NOT use the settlement money for the psychiatric
services he publicly claimed that he needed.

Bendig told the media that the settlement money would be used for intense
psychiatric treatment.  It was instead used to buy the Two-Step Lounge from
the Levitske Brothers.  That was the undemiable evidence that the Bendig
Case was a farce.  After all, a gentleman in need of psychiatric treatment
and who was denied further funding from Bishop David Zubik committed
suicide.  This was Michael Unglo.  In as much, if Bendig needed the psy-
chiatric care that he claimed to have needed, then:

1} He would have needed a lot more money than what he blew on the Two-
Step Lounge,

2} He would have committed suicide after the money ran-out, due to the lack
of psychiatric treatment.  The Bendig-settlement money evaporated relatively
quickly, and the Two-Step Lounge quickly became a failed-business endeavor.
Wherever you will find praise of Donald Wuerl, you will find a liar behind him,
propping him-up.
Wuerl's palatial residence while he was destroying
Anthony Cipolla for the rest of Cipolla's life.