January 09, 2017

More Fact-checked falsehoods in Engel Article, along with contradictions of 1} prior testimony 2} known fact, and 3} historic patterns.

Winter in the most Western part of the Great Lakes.
I am a little too preoccupied with a number of things.
Thus, me finishing my exposition of the fact-checked
falsehoods and contradictions that Randy Engel presented
as undeniable truth is a demanding task, at this time.
I have already posted a number of convincing examples of the fact-checked false-
hoods that exist in Randy Engel's arrogantly written ... and also vulgarly written ...
Nov/Dec 2016 three-part article.  I posted as much as I could, under the constraints
that I present endure, to show you that Engel's article ia actually a wall-to-wall car-
pet of non-factuality, in both essence and in application.

Now, the article's Part 1 and Part 2 damns to the depths of Hell Anthony Cipolla,
as well as damning to the mid-range of Hell the Bishop Vincent Leonard who was
said (in private conversation) to be a decent and level-headed man.  That is to say,
the article's first two parts tell the tale of an arrest and violent retaliation against
one Diane Thompson and Tucker Thompson.  The problem is that the entire story
is very easy to prove to be total bull crap.  IN AS MUCH ...

I am more than willing to declare Anthony Cipolla a molester in bright neon lights
that are even more gaudy than Randy Engel's Penndot-approved red glow-in-the-
dark hair dye.  However, the texts that damn him to Hell, including a couple of
emails sent to me, all contain easily fact-checked falsehoods and contradictions
of previously stated allegations and well known fact.  Therefore, those damning
allegation must be discarded as libel, and placed into the contingent lawsuit file.

All in all, if Anthony Cipolla ever did molest anyone, it was NOT done in the way
described in Randy Engel's article.  Plus, the corrupt sector of the modern church
does not retaliate in the way the Engel described.  I know this, because, unlike a
very protected and even ignored Randy Engel, I know what it is to be caught in
the middle of more than one orchestrated retaliation.  I was there.  Engel was not.
In fact, why do you waste your time reading her telephone gossip tales?

Once again, if Cipolla committed molestation, then so be it.  But, you have to prove
it and debunk all of the evidence which defends him.

Incidentally, it was unconscionable that Engel omitting all of the evidence which
defended Cipolla.  I submitted to you, the public, both sides of the case.  I was the
one who revealed the NJ afternoon restaurant interview, and did so in 2011.  I was
the one who mentioned the coached witness for Cipolla.  Engel seems deliberately
prejudiced.  Such a thing eventually spells l-a-w-s-u-i-t.

This is what I am dealing with, up here.  So, getting the time and
opportunity for writing is a luxury at this point in time.   I know
what to write .... what to convey to you.  I was simply surprised
that some of the simplest lies, such as the late July homework
scene wasn't recognized as a lie by everyone, being that no child
in the 1970s sits at any kitchen table doing any homework.  This
is because there is not even summer school at the end of July. 
At this point, let us take our attention to the central ... and outright blatant ... reason
why it's obvious that Diane Thompson fabricated an elaborate lie in her description
of an arrest of Anthony Cipolla which never occurred in the first place, followed by
a violent retaliation which is NOT the protocol of a church-manipulated retaliation.

There is a very simple reason why Diane Thompson's exaggerative saga is a fairy tale
that makes an insider roll his eyes and say, 'Oh brother.  Another lynch mob is coming."

So, here we go.  In review, it was because of my personal experience in the matter of
getting caught in the middle of modern church corruption that it was super easy for me
to tell that Diane Thompson  was lying to the public, in her ridiculously harrowing tale
of arrest and retaliation and underhanded district attorney scheming and a 70 year old
convenience store cashier hitting young Tucker in the face, etc.    So, the question is ...

Q: How was I able to easily detect this?  How did I know, when everyone else was
being conned into believing whatever the Red Hair Dye Hag of Export PA wrote?

ANS:  Firstly Diane Thompson did NOT press charges, as she very falsely claimed.
She merely filed CONTINGENT paperwork that had no initial binding effect.  It was
called a PRIVATE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT which eventually resulted in Cipolla
being served with a Summary Notice.  In as much . . .

When a person files paperwork in a criminal court system that is in the non-binding
and contingent stage, the corrupt sector of the modern church does one thing & one
thing only, in retaliation.  It tries to turn the tables on you and get you arrested or
sued or fined or sanctioned or fired or evicted, instead.

In review, if Diane Thompson would have claimed that she kept getting traffic tickets
or kept getting parking tickets or saw her car repeatedly get towed away or kept get-
ting citations from the zoning officer or got threatened with lawsuits or got accused
of parental neglect or was accused of child abuse or was threatened with indictment
or was audited, then she would have initially sounded credible to me.  Of course, her
description of the arrest process was so blatantly false that she had no credibility
from the start.

Incidentally, I know from personal experience that you do NOT call a detective
during a crisis, as Engel claimed Thompson did.  Even if you call a detective,
the regular men in blue will respond, instead.  In fact, I was given concise in-
structions by a detective to not call him, even if I had new evidence to give to
him.  I was instructed to call 911 and state that I have a message for (name of
the detective) and to state the CCR number attached to the case the detective
is investigating,

As an added note, in police parlance, a detective is never called the detective.
There is another name for him.   Being that Randy Engel knows everything,
ask her that name that is always used to replace the name, "detective."   If
Diane Thompson had the rapport with the detectives that she said she had,
then she would know that name/title, too.  If she doesn't, then it's an added
sign that she has been deliberately lying about the whole narration.

General statement of one who was on the inside, watching retaliation happen:  

In retaliating against a person who files initial legal paperwork, today's corrupt fac-
tion of today's corrupt church avoids inflicting any kind of bodily violence and also
avoids committing vandalism.  This is done, so as to avoid getting indicted or getting
arrested or getting sued or inciting the public's outrage.  Today's very corrupt church
simply uses the exact same legal system that you use to harass you.

An example of this existed in Boston.  Some of the accusers of Boston priests got
sued for defamation.  In fact, if you want to know what the retaliation of the power-
ful against the commoner is, simply go to the links at the bottom of this post and
click on them.  They tell the story and give you reason to realize that Diane Thomp-
son has been lying all along and that Randy Engel wanted to believe those lies.  So,
she posted them as truths, making a jackass out of herself in presenting herself as
an expert in law when she is utterly brain dead in the understanding of that subject.

All in all, it was obvious that Diane Thompson was lying when she said that her tires
were all slashed and that her apartment windows were all smashed, in retaliation for
her "filing criminal charges" against Cipolla.  Randy Engel is not as bright as her fol-
lowers might think.  In fact, she is very easy to con.

Concerning Thompson's exaggerated claim of all tires and windows being vandalized,
her daughter simply said that a rock was thrown through a window.  I assume that she
meant "stone," as opposed to a piece of granite that requires two hands of the Incredi-
ble Hulk to throw through any window.  None the less, there have been so many lies
told by Diane Thompson that no one can readily believe anything stated by her or her
children.  After all, her children could be coached while juggling a sense of duress in
the process.  Even at that, I am more than willing to declare Anthony Cipolla avmoles-
ter, if someone would only give me a shred of evidentiary support to even remotely
suggest that he molested Tucker and Frank.

Now, one would ask, "Why would Thompson go through such extremes to get people
to believe that her sons were molested?

ANS:  ALLEGEDLY, Diane Thompson has caretaker custody of two junior-high aged
children of Tucker.  Ages are either exactly or approximately 12 and 14 at the time of
this writing.  Such a thing would denote "custody battle."  Such a thing also resulted
in government welfare checks and food stamp allotments.  Now, when a father is
negligent to his children, the custody thereof usually goes to the mother's side of
the family, unless the father has extenuating circumstance attached to his neglect.
Well, one convincing excuse would be that the dad was molested as a children
and now bares mental anguish and incapacitated functionality.  At this point, I
am not making any declarative statements on the issue.  I will simply say, "It
is such a striking coincidence.  The state of custody, that is."

I have to go right now.  There is a lot more of the Randy Engel article to shred apart,
line item by line item.  The notes are done.  It's only a matter of me getting the time
and place to type them out and present them to you.

If I haven't made myself clear in my examples and explanations ... and if you really do
want to understand how much and how badly Randy Engel conveyed lies to you ... let
me know, and I will write more simplistically, declaring myself a failure at conveying
what needs to be made known.

Now, if I have made myself clearly understood, be kind enough to let me know that
I achieved my goal ... whether you agree with me or not.  (patrickpontillo@aol.com)
Simply refrain from calling my names and refrain from threatening me.  Okay?

Till the next time, if there is a "next time."

Incidentally, this past Christmas weekend, 47 people were shot in Chicago.  In fact, in
the Year 2016, 4,331 people were shot in Chicago and 762 of those shooting victims
became murder victims.  Therefore, me saying, "Till the next time, if there is a next
time"  carries a lot more significance than it does when coming from a person living
in a much safer part of the United States.

The following will teach what types of retaliations do come from the powerful to
the commoner.



At one time, Chicago was a Boom Town.  Today, it is a Bang Bang Town.