December 29, 2016

The Blatant Fallacies in the Randy Engel Article of Nov 2016

Needed:  A rest from all this bull (censored) put forth by
Randy Engel and through Diane Thompson, at the behest
of the pushy and less-than-courteous New Jersey Conspiracy
Theory Housewife.  Reading the Engel article for ten minutes
is grounds for suicide.  How stupid can some people be?
This is exasperating.  It's beyond aggravating.  The Randy Engel article, as far
as concerns Engel's assertions of the criminal procedure that transpired against
one Anthony Cippola in 1978, were 100% FALSE!!!!!   A person  coming out
of a coma and who previously had only one semester of one law course would
have instantly been able to tell that the article is a complete and  total lie ......
..... as far as concerned the narration of an arrest that never happened in 1978
and the "dropping of criminal charges" by a civilian's signature on legal papers,
thereby effecting the end of a criminal case which happens NOWHERE in the
United States of America, at the stroke of any civilian's pen.  How stupid do the
followers of Randy Engel and the readers of Renew America Magazine insist
on being, not to mention editor Matt Abbott who should have known better???

As far as goes the accusations against Cipolla, then-Bishop Vincent Leonard,
an alleged 70 year old store owner located on, of all places, the super long Cal-
ifornia Avenue, and others, watch those allegations get picked apart, if I get the
time to do so.  But First:

Let's start with the quote of an actual law firm's information page, explaining
basic law to laymen and laywomen everywhere  ::::::   In explaining American
law and American legal procedure to people void of any formal, apprenticed,
or self-taught law education.  We will begin with the law firm's explanation of
the "filing and dropping charges," and its exact quote.  It, alone, should shut up
Randy Engel's followers and it's found at:

Who makes the decision whether to press charges?

Only the prosecuting attorney's office has the authority to bring  or "press" criminal charges. Many victims of crimes believe they have the power to "press" or "drop" charges.  This is not true.   Although a victim cannot drop charges, they can (and often do) influence the prosecutor's decisions.  It is also a common misconception that the police file charges.   This also is not true.
I explained all of this previously.  Then came Randy Engel, appointing herself the
end-all-of-all-judgments-of-Anthony Cipolla.  Writings that I did went ignored,
and Randy was regarded as the grand judge who must not be questioned.

Let the aforementioned teaching of a law firm seep into you, along with the realiza-
tion that Diane Thompson's harrowing tale of being forced to drop criminal charges
that were NOT yet filed, if they ever would have been, was a bunch of bull crap.
She did NOT have the power to file or drop charges.  Got it yet????????

A Further Example of a Bull Crap Narration in the 
Confidently, if not arrogantly, Written Engel Article.

Randy Engel claimed that Cipolla was arrested and taken to Police Station #9 on the
North Side.   But, the historic Station #9 was actually on Mount Washington, on the
South Side of Pittsburgh.  None the less, Engel declaratively stated that Cipolla was
arrested, taken to Station Number 9, charged, and released by the police on his own
"cognizance," by which he was to wait for his arraignment."  Now Engel did mention
"preliminary arraignment," but she did so out of context.

For starts, it's known as being released on your own REcognizance ... NOT cog-
nizance.  It's known as an ROR.  (Release on Recognizance.)

2} ONLY a magistrate can order an ROR.  NOT police.  As you read above, and
as you read from a licensed law firm, police do NOT file charges.  Civilians such
as the intolerable Diane Thompson do NOT file charges or "press charges," either.
Thus, police do NOT order a defendant to be released on his own REcognizance.
Engel was, once again, asininely wrong.

3} an arraignment must occur within 72 hours of an arrest.  They most often oc-
cur within 18 hours.

4}  This is the most important part, stated directly below:

Do you really think that any law enforcement official would let a man charged
with children molestation walk away on his own REcognizance and not be re-
quired to post a significantly high priced bond???   Do you really think that a
person charged with committing consummate physical harm on a child is go-
ing to walk out of a magistrate's office without first paying a significant bond?

Listen:  During one of my theater-audience-sized-classroom college classed, the
attorney/professor teaching us - who is now a judge - suddenly stopped writing on
the blackboard, turned around, and said to the effect, "You know, in Pennsylvania, 
the courts will tolerate a lot of shenanigans.  But, they will NOT tolerate physical 
violence."   Thus, Randy Engel's mention that Anthony Cipolla was released on his
own "cognizance" was another instance where her Cipolla article-to-end-all-articles
was sheer bull crap.

There are more examples that show how pathetically written was Engel's arrogant-
ly written article.  I told you that I can shred it line-iten by line item, if given the
opportunity to do so.  Be patient and let the quoted teaching of a licensed law firm
above be a consolation to you who thought that Diane Thompson and Tim Bendig
were nothing but two compulsory liars.

Now, I am NOT saying that Cipolla is innocent as accused.  But, I am saying that,
if he did molest anyone, it did NOT "go down" the way Thompson and Engel de-
scribed it.

Keep in mind that the October 13, 1995 Pittsburgh Post Gazette article, at pages
A-16 and A-17 show how Thompson changes her story as a matter of habit.

One more quick point:

In that article Randy Engel, stated that, in January of 2016, her good good friend
... the New Jersey Conspiracy Theory Battle Ax ... dropped the bomb and told her,
apparently for the first time, that Cipolla did go to Jersey after Wuerl defrocked
him and tried to get a teaching job from a home schooling program.

NEWSFLASH:  I reported on that event in the Year 2011, even quoting what the
witness told me about that meeting.  There is mention of it on this fifth edition of
Wuerlgate.  As you can see, either Engel is lying or she is five years behind me.

For those not familiar, I used to publish what Randy Engel would send me, doing
so on my Virgin Mary website.  i did this in 2011 and 2012, before I embarked on
my 12,000 mile road trip which took me from coast to coast to coast of America.

That which was so arrogant of Engel was in her stating that she didn't need to write
"alleged" in her article, due to the evidence she saw in the Cipolla Case.  She made
it look as if she saw multiple pieces of evidence which undeniably prove Cipolla's
guilt.  Then, Engel stated in the same article that only ONE piece of evidence in
the Cipolla Case remained.

Well, it wasn't evidence, being it was the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s version of the
private criminal complaint.  I filled-out that type of form a couple of times in my

So, in review, Engel first says that she saw enough evidence to conclude that Ci-
polla was as guilty as sin. She then said that there was only one piece of evidence
remaining to see.

I already posted the blatant proof that accuser Tim Bendig lied to the public.
It was him taking the settlement money that he said he was going to use on
intense psychotherapy and spending it on the Two Step Lounge that he pur-
chased from the Levitske Brothers.  This, alone, proved him to be a con art-

There was a lot of arrogance in Engel, as well as disingenuous writing.  For
example, she failed to post a photocopy of the plaque of appreciation that the
Oakland New Jersey Police gave to Cipolla, for his success in developing a
large youth group program.  The plaque destroyed Engel's arrogant claim that
Cipolla was nothing but a depraved pervert all the days of his life.  In those
days, he certainly was NOT accused of molesting anyone.  The POLICE
affirmed it, by giving Cipolla the plaque they give him.

There is much more to convey to you, concerning the disingenuous article of
Randy Engel.  Even at that, Ciolla's guilt in this matter can NOT be ruled out.
Neither can his innocence in this matter.  As I previously stated elsewhere, the
famed investigative journalist, Jason Berry, said that this case was "peculiar
from the start."

Plus, Engel created suspicion by stating that Cipolla had too many parish as-
signments in too short a time span.  She silently suggested that it was because
of molestation.  Well ladies and gentlemen, there was a pattern to Cipolla's as-
signments that went over Engel's head.  It goes like this:

Cipolla was a "country boy" from Hopewell Pennsylvania.  It appeared that he
liked to be stationed in those parishes which seemed as close to living in the
country as a city diocesan priest could get.

If he were really set on being stationed in parishes that were smorgasbords of
molestation with an ample supply of boys to molest, then why did he spend his
seminary days in the hopes of becoming a missionary who would be assigned
to super poor parts of the world??????  I'm not saying that he is innocent.  But,
I am saying that Randy Engel is nothing but a

                            KANGAROO COURT STENOGRAPHER
                                 FORTH POINT & COUNTERPOINT ...
                                  only a prejudiced & one-sided view.

I have to go right now.  We are having a bit of an incapacitating snow storm here in
Chicago this weekend.  None the less, if you want to learn real law, and see exactly
how the assertions in the Randy Engel article are either total bull crap or thing high-
ly unlikely to have occurred, while accepting the possibility that Cipolla just might
have molested a least one of Diane Thompson's son, then come back to this web

If you don't want to come back and if you don't want to learn true American law,
in preference for insisting that Cipolla was guilty without convincing evidence,
then know this:  You make me sick.
Pittsburgh from the Birmingham Bridge.