December 25, 2016

EWTN regarded Dignity Mass Donald in less than stellar terms

Wuerl's less-then-ascetic residence for 18 consecutive years,
followed by him moving to Embassy Row, Washington DC.
No poor carpenter's son lifestyle here.  No fisherman lifestyle, either
Keep in mind that:  Wuerl is attempting to have 2,000 year old Catholic
doctrine changed.  Wuerl is thereby presenting himself as the new enlight-
enment who trumps even Peter and Paul.  Of course, Wuerl wants the offi-
cial teaching authority of the Church to allow persons obstinate in mortal
sin (and publicly known to be so) to receive Holy Communion.  That prac-
tice was condemned by St Paul, himself, and so stated in one of his epistles.

Paul described it as "treading on the Blood of Christ."  In fact, going to Holy
Communion while obstinately aware of unrepentant mortal sin is equivalent
to inviting Christ into your home, followed by you beating him beyond re-

Well, this shows that Wuerl was a failure in life, in that he failed to get those
people obstinate in sin converted from their deadliest of sins.  If he were the
holy saint that he made himself out to be, people would be converting within
an instant, while reading and/or watching and/or meeting and/or hearing him.
After all, being in Mother Theresa's presence suddenly made people want to
become better persons.

Now think:  Below is posted the evidence that the #1 Catholic network was
NOT praising Wuerl in the least.  Donald Wuerl was referred to as a bishop
who seemed to NOT be in union with the Holy Father ... not in union with
the person who sat on the doctrinal Chair of St. Peter.

The weaker the leader's character, the more vicious his deeds

Keep in mind that Mother Angelica publicly admonished then LA archbishop
Roger Mahoney, only to have the prelate perform bully tactics upon the well-
intentioned founder of EWTN.  Well, a package of evidence was sent to the
EWTN people, concerning Donald Wuerl, to no avail.  Yet, Donald Wuerl's
weekly TV show was dropped from the EWTN schedule long ago, whatever
had been the reason.

The letter posted below was the response of EWTN, after a package of
incriminating evidence was sent to it, concerning Donald Wuerl.  It was
sent to EWTN years before Wuerl was to be transferred to DC.  There-
fore, it was sent years before he was elevated to the College of Cardinals.
This shows that Wuerl's corruption was already known, yet nobody did
snything to stop it.  Wuerl was elevated instead of disciplined, as if to
have been rewarded for his viciousness.

This teaches an important point:

The scandals of the church, as expert witness and author Richard Sipe
illustrated, started at the top.  In the Fr. James Torquato retaliation, we
have a case in point where the cover-ups of the Vatican II church were
sustained be imposing fear upon the victims, advocates, and especially
whistle-blowers of any variety.  The laity feared being bullied by the
abusive bishops and priests.   They feared undergoing what a few of
s were forced to endure during the Torquato Retaliation.

As a note, the papal nuncio was contacted during the first phase of the
Torquato Retaliations, and he said that he would do no more than con-
tact Donald Wuerl about it.  It was equivalent to contacting the fox al-
ready in the chicken coup.  Almost immediately after I contracted the
Papal Nuncio, the apartment bldg intrusion occur, and the hunt for
Torquato's accuser ratcheted upward a bit.  I remember every place
where I was hiding the guy.  Torquato and Wuerl put him through
a lot of trauma.  No peace from Donald Wuerl.

Being an object of church retaliation during the tenure of John Paul II
meant that you were entirely unprotected, unless someone in secular
law enforcement or civil law would reach out to help you,  and not
look the other way.  The letter below is proof that the EWTN  TV
network looked the other way, in the sib of cowardice, negating its
purpose for being on air.  Such a thing was a sin of cooperation.

For the narration about the matter of Wuerl's cover-up of his former
personal secretary, see:

For the record, this letter was an untold insult, being that it admitted
that Wuerl was someone who should never have been a bishop, yet
people in a position to give tremendous help ended up giving zero
help when it was needed.

December 24, 2016

During the strive to make a Sodomite priesthood, Donald 'Dignity Mass' Wuerl was there, in the seats of influence, letting it happen.

One of the Pittsburgh Dignity Mass venues, compliments of Donald Wuerl.
He let it go on for eight.  In the mean time, multiple sources told me that
Wuerl was allegedly a practicing homosexual.  The Donald Wuerl who
approached me was extremely effeminate and resembled the stereotypical
gay theater majors of college ... at least the northern one I atended.


Preliminary Statement:   Catholic Church doctrine has always held that homo-
sexual activity is one of the four sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance.   This
means that any attempt to incorporate homosexuality into Catholicism consti-
tutes the attempted theft of a 2,000 year old international entity that possesses
estates of considerable wealth throughout pockets of the world.

Such an attempt at usurpation will always include the manipulative takeover
of church property and government.   In fact, such a takeover attempt will al-
ways be orchestrated by a cabal dedicated to replacing centuries of unbroken
church teaching with self-seeking doctrines that delight only a skewed & self-
ish few.   Any attempt to overthrow a 2,000 year old worldwide church does
not solely consist in attempts to control the average Catholic's mind with cam-
paign slogans.

This type of usurpation always constitutes the Breach of Duty of Loyalty, as
in using the church's wealth for the purpose of consummating those lusts once
held by Sodom, shortly before it became a sulfuric blast furnace.  Such a take-
over includes controlling the clerical positions involved in seminary training.

In recent decades, it has been the policy to deny seminary entrance to those
applicants unwilling to abet in the sin of Sodom.  When the seats of church
authority become occupied by those who have no intention to honor the vows
they made at ordination, the seats of power occupied becomes a matter of ac-
cession by fraudulent misrepresentation. 

Now, concernig the authentic teachings of the 2,000 year old Catholic Church,
as opposed to Cardinal Wuerl's distorting of said Faith, there is a major differ-
ence between being tempted into sin and committing the sin.  A person tempt-
ed into homosexual acts ... or the entire Sodomite lifestyle ... doesn't sin until
he gives in to said temptation.  This includes "lusting in one's heart," being
that such lusting is the person actively consenting into the sin in such a way
that he/she would engage in the sin, if he/she had the opportunity to do so.
Sin transpires in the will, even though the temptations come to the senses.
Moreover, sin begins in the heart, in the desiring to engage in the sin.

                 A Gun Smoking More Now Than Ever Before

If the Torquato case isn't a smoking gun that proves the deliberate incorpora-
tion of the Sodomite world into the modern church, then no case is.   Firstly,
Torquato was a seminarian while Wuerl was his rector.  The same James Tor-
quato then ended up being personally ordained by Donald Wuerl.   In fact, he
was a showroom model of Wuerl's choice of priesthood candidate, and he be-
gan his physically intrusive antics only one calendar year after his ordination.
This means that he didn't wait long to get into action.   This indicated that he
had no resolve to honor at least one of his priesthood vows.

Do you think that Donald Wuerl was clueless to the fact that Torquato was
a homosexual?   Well, if he were clueless, then Wuerl showed himself to be
an erroneous judge of character and should have never been ordained a bish-
op.  If, on the other hand, the present archbishop of DC knew about James
Torquato's homosexuality, then Wuerl should have been removed from of-
fice while he was the bishop of Pittsburgh, simply for ordaining a Torquato
who would literally become a danger to others, in his retaliatory conduct.

In allowing homosexuals to be ordained, and in acquiescing to the influx of
homosexuals into American seminarians, Donald Wuerl illustrated that he ne-
glected to employ the due diligence needed to prevent the church from being
victimized by the ruthless antics of homosexual clergy members who should
never have been admitted for ordination in the first place.  In ordaining James
Torquato, and in covering up his actions, Wuerl showed himself willing to let
damage be inflicted upon the laity entrusted to him. 
        The Welcoming Committee for the Sodomite World 
        and its Harm Upon the Church of the Near Future 
     Which Now Constitutes the Church of the Recent Past     

Cardinal Wuerl held influential posts in the ecclesiastical office once called  
the Training for the Priesthood.  During Wuerl's years of influence, the title
was replaced by the embarrassingly gay sounding Office of Priestly Forma-
tion.   In looking back, we see that it would have been more accurate to have
named it the Office of Prissy Formation, in light of the caliber of seminary
reformers who inundated the modern church.   In fact, a suffix should have
been affixed to the title, in order to reflect the stranglehold that narcissistic
Power Predators & Power Abusers had around the Catholic Church's brok-
en neck.

Donald Wuerl's guarding of the seminary chicken coup occurred during the
years when American seminaries were being turned into homosexual havens.
One such seminary earned the sarcastic name, Notre Flame, while  another
one got tagged with the name Pink Palace.   The renaming of seminaries by
those in the know included the one at the nation's capitol, where it came to 
beknown as the Theological Closet, as in the coming out thereof.

Wuerl was influential in seminary life during the time when he occupied
5078 Warwick Terrace, in Pittsburgh, PA.   Even before being ordained a
bishop, he was rector of Saint Paul's Seminary, in the Pittsburgh suburb of
Crafton   Now, it was shortly after the Vatican II reforms became a multi-
ringed circus, when an unconscionable fox with access to a control panel
opened the seminary doors to the sodomite world.   Wuerl was there, in
close proximity to the scenes of the crimes.   He was there ...

1] ... at the side of the John Cardinal Wright who was alleged to have been
    an active homosexual,  2]  at the Pittsburgh diocesan seminary, from the
    calender year after Wright's death, until the calender year before Wuerl
    became an auxiliary bishop, 3] as an influential figure, in the overtly gay
    sounding Office of Priestly Formation,  4] during two nationwide tours of
    the euphemistically sounding "Seminary Vistation Program."

Thus, it cannot be regarded as an unrelated coincidence that the one bishop
given the nickname, Donna Wuerl, was a gatekeeper of American seminar-
ies during the homosexual influx of them ... as well as having been the pro-
tector of the James Torquato who spent years not keeping his hands to him-
self ...

... the one who never reported Wolk, Zula, and Pucci to the authorities, as was
prescribed in the Child Protective Services Act ... the one who, shortly after the
indictment of Wolk, was accused by then District Attorney John Pettit, of stone-
walling and foot dragging throughout the investigation which resulted in three
priests being indicted ...

... the one who put John Hoehl back into ministry ... the one who played musi-
cal chairs with Edward Huff ... the one who protected Donald Sotak till death,
while torturing Sotak's credible accuser to the point of leaving the ministry ...

... the one who was alleged to have been entirely indifferent to the accusation
communicated to him, concerning a Fr. John Wellinger whose name did appear
on a class action lawsuit that Wuerl settled out of court ...

... the same bishop who repeatedly showed himself to be entirely indifferent
to the plight of hundreds of millions of sweatshop workers ... the precisely
same bishop who let the Dignity Masses be part of the Pittsburgh diocesan
furniture for eight consecutive years, despite Vatican disapproval of such a

Protégé of Alleged Über Sodomite, John Cardinal Wright

Donald Wuerl was the personal secretary of alleged über sodomite John
Cardinal Wright.  Without his nexus to John Wright, Wuerl would have
been a relative nobody.  This means that Donald Cardinal Wuerl's rise
to power consisted in him riding the coat tails of a cardinal whose pri-
vate life was alleged to have been a war cry against Catholic morality,
the laws of nature, and the vows of ordination.

Concerning the specific accusations leveled against John Wright, they
allegedly came in graphic illustrations.   In fact, don't read Randy Engel's
narration of them shortly before you are about to eat.  They constitute a
play by play broadcast, and they will succeed in keeping you on a diet
if you read them.  The allegations were so graphic that Wright's accuser,
Bill Burnett, was either in the same room with Wright or else he was in a
grotesque fantasy world.  If you are curious enough to read the narrative,
be prepared to get completely grossed-out by the alleged actions of the
one cleric principally responsible for Donald Wuerl becoming a premier
figure in the sodomized Catholic Church.

You cannot be the long-term secretary of a reputed homosexual without
having been one yourself ... or at the least ... without being complicit in
covering up such a notorious cardinal's actions.   If the accusations made
against Wright were true, then it was a domino sequence of events which
lead Donald Wuerl to provide a series of welcome mats to the unnatural
subculture emerging throughout pockets of the Catholic Church ... in him
doing so almost as soon as he became a ruling bishop ... via his red carpet
treatment of the so-called Dignity Masses and his literature's presence in
St. Elmo's bookstore.  If the habitual conduct of Wuerl's early years were
not the dominoes effect started by John Cardinal Wright's alleged sodomy,
then Wuerl's accommodating of the homosexual world was an uncanny

An example of this welcome mat service occurred when founders of New
Ways Ministry presented Homophobia in Religion and  Society at  Saint
Mary's Convent, in Carlow College.  Another example of  Wuerl's red car-
pet favoritism toward homosexuality existed in the nexus that his diocese
had with St. Elmo's Books and Music.  The store which carried Sodomite
erotic literature also carried three of Wuerl's recitation tapes.

The same St. Elmo's Books was permitted to operate tables at diocesan
conferences, such as at the Tri-diocesan Teachers' Conference and a two
day conference held at Duquesne University.

The Duquesne conference, incidentally, was co-sponsored by Catholic
Charities and the embarrassingly gay sounding Diocesan Secretariat for
Social Concerns which finally admitted that it only concerned itself with
obtaining income-bearing government social service contracts.

It's no secret that Wuerl gave long-term shelter to the so-called Dignity
Masses for those dedicated to living thoroughly undignified lifestyles.
Coincidentally, the owner of St Elmo's Books and Music was president
of Dignity, at one time in his life.   In fact, Dignity USA was an exhibit-
or at the Fourteenth Annual Pastoral Musicians' Convention which uti-
lized the theme, Singing A New Church.

The title of the fourteenth convention indicated the concerted effort to in-
corporate anti-Catholic things into the Catholic Church, including the in-
stitutionalization of homosexuality.   The heresy in the title is blatant of
course, being that the New Church began approximately 2,000 years ago
in a Jerusalem Cenacle, and not in a Pittsburgh convention hall frequent-
ed by homosexuals.

Then there was the AA type of homosexual support group, Courage, giv-
en top priority by the Donald Wuerl who should have instead given first
concern to the most pressing moral issue of the day, namely sweatshops
and field labor abuse.   Wuerl is the cleric who allegedly acted girly in the
presence of a certain parish council woman, and who was cited as having
had the second softest handshake encountered by a certain diocesan lecteur.

Ironically, Donald Wuerl was also allegedly to have squeezed the hand of
a 5'4 mother and devout Catholic so hard that he caused her physical pain,
showing how insensitive and out-of-touch with his own senses that he is.
He was squeezing her hand while scolding her for defending Anthony Ci-
polla.  This is a woman who personally knew Tim Bendig and categorical-
ly alleged that Bendig was an habitual liar ... with an alleged temper which,
according to her, was displayed wantonly toward a woman advanced in her
years.  Do not be deceived into thinking that homosexual males are sensi-
tive people.  After all, the frequency of prison rape should confirm this.

Donald Wuerl was also listed on the website of premier expert witness
Richard Sipe as one of those bishops who carry a blatant homosexual
psycho-sexual orientation.  There is more that I can convey.  However,
I'm being polite at this time.

It's alarming that Wuerl remained indifferent to the pain of sweatshop la-
borers, all the while acting as if the members of Courage were the most
important thing on earth.    This included Wuerl's indifference toward the
30 cent-an-hour youth suffering in China, as well as the many 85 cent an
hour adults.

It is a moral obligation for bishops to speak out against the sin of cheat-
ing workers of their wages, when products made by the abused workers
end up in the bishops' own nation.   The Donald Wuerl who lived in lux-
ury for decades remained heartlessly silent toward the pain of others.  In
fact, his silence is a war cry against God.

Donald Wuerl spent a notable portion of his Pittsburgh days casting an
illusion of sanctity upon an unnaturally inclined cabal whose predeces-
sors, namely the Sodomites, ended up being incinerated in a city state
that reached the sulfuric critical mass stage.   Now, a fatal error of flam-
ing homosexuals is that they apparently fail to realize how intensely they
broadcast their homosexual tendencies.  They fail to hide their unnatural
tendencies from anyone except a few distorted church ladies.

The fatal error of such church ladies is that they equate femininity with
good and masculinity with evil.  This is  like adherents of the Manichean
apostasy which equated the spiritual world with good and the physical
one with evil.   Therefore, a person as void of masculinity as has been
Donald Wuerl is one who was mistaken by out-of-touch church ladies
to be a holy man.  They fail to understand that a flamingly effeminate
man is different than a peaceful.  In Wuerl's case, it was been alleged
to me repeatedly ... by more than one person ... that Wuerl is known
for what can be called a "hissy fit temper."   As effeminate as he is, he
was even known for squeezing the hand of a woman as short as he is
to the point of causing her physical pain.  This is how insensitive the
effeminate males of narcissistic tendencies are.

Ironically, in-touch church women abhor homosexuals, while being fully
aware that the present church is in utter ruins.   Theerfore, it's only the air
headed glamor mongers who treat homosexuals as Christmas tree tinsel.
Meanwhile, women of true faith are so repulsed by homosexuals that en-
countering the worst plague in world history wouldn't phase them nearly
as much. 

The Former Archbishop of Omaha's Assessment

During his Pittsburgh days, Donald Wuerl did nothing more than toss tin-
sel on a sulfur pit, and close parish after parish.   In fact, he closed parish
after parish as if he had insider information on the priesthood's population
being made to dwindle.   Only those bearing homosexual psycho-sexual
orientations received the seminary red carpet treatment during that time,
according to several sources.   It was alleged by former Omaha bishop,
Elden Curtiss, that the priest shortage was deliberately contrived.

December 22, 2016

The Heresies Promoted by and Tacitly Approved by Donald Wuerl

The etchings made by oceanfront vegetation has more intelligibility
than the teachings to which Wuerl gave tacit approval and which were
long since condemned as heresies in previous church councils.
Reminder:  The Eternal God, aka the Unmoved Mover & Uncatalyzed Catalyst,
is changeless.  The God who is who was and who is to come is the same One
God.  So, God's revelation to humanity is as changeless as God the Revealer.

That even goes for Mr. Kissy-poo Smiley Face

No bishop, no matter how narcissisticly glamorous he and his militant homo-
sexual (Dignity Mass) followers sees him, can change doctrine.  Therefore, if
the elevator-shoe-obsessed Cardinal Donald Wuerl wants to change doctrine,
then he can simply leave the Catholic Church and his $43 million dollar abode
on Embassy Row and start another religion.  He can call it Wuerlan Protestan-
tism.  No one is stopping him.

But, of course, his new religion will have a much lower number of followers
and less money in the tax-free collection baskets, meaning that Wuerl will
actually have to live like the rest of us.  So, you can bid farewell to his
MercedesBenz-owning chef.

In October 2015, the agenda of Cardinals Kasper, Wuerl, and company was de-
flected like a football that made contact with a defensive lineman's hand, during
a field goal attempt.   The attempt of Kasper and Wuerl was to change the Cath-
olic Church's 2,000 year old doctrine, especially as it involved the Sacrament of
Holy Communion, aka the Sacrament of the Eucharist.

More importantly, Kasper was addressing his concerns only as they apply to his
Germany and the Church's money supply thereof..  He simply wanted more Ger-
man citizens to check the box on their income tax returns which identifies them
as Roman Rite Catholic,  This is because the German government subsidizes all
religions in proportion to the number of taxpayers identifying themselves as "ad-
herents" to the various religions practiced in Germany.

Catholicism is laid waste in Germany, and the numbers of Germany's Catholic
faithful dropped to ground-level when the former Hitler Youth & Cronyism
Meister ascended to the Chair of Saint Peter.  His election to the papacy was
perceived as a continuation that ruled throughout the altar-boy-molestation
epidemic overseen by a Pope John Paul II who, during his younger days, was
too much of a coward to join the tens of thousands of Polish lads who made
their ways to Englad, to topple the Nazi Killing Machine.  Carlos Wojtyla (the
future pope) first let himself be a laborer in a lime quarry and then at a chemi-
cal company, before taking shelter in the underground seminary of Krakow,
for the rest of the war.  A hero in  his youth he was not.  Don't pretend that
he was.

In response to the empty echo chamber of Germany's Catholic Church attendants,
Cardinal Kasper sought to make Catholicism easy to observe.  This diluting of the
Faith, he thought, would bring back people to the church pews.  It had the opposite
effect, however.  Why join something ... or return to something that has nothing
majestic, admirable, challenging, or fulfilling about it.  All in all, in Kasper's plan
to make Catholicism appear to be ho-hum easy, it made adherence to the Catholic
Faith appear to be a boring waste of time.

The elevator shoes aficionado, Donald Wuerl and all of the German DNA jumped
on native German Kasper's band wagon.  And like Kasper, Wuerl feared the loss of
government dollars.
Wuerl has repeated scored on your tax dollars, via "social service" government
contracts, school funding, etc. He allowed Pelosi, Dodd, and company do what
they willed, because Wuerl is a coward who compensated for his cowardice
by letting surrogate bullies harass those whom he feared and who did not have
corporate dollars or the federal treasury purse in their hands.
Wuerl made much income out of "social service" government contracts.  He feared
that, if he publicly denied Holy Communion to Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, Joe Bi-
den and other abortion-obsessed politicians, he would become the direct object of
the democratic party's retaliation.  The retaliation that Wuerl feared was the depri-
vation of federal taxpayer subsidies.  Yes, the tax dollars of atheists in the States
do find their ways in a number of religions' bank accounts, thereby funding a
number of "sectarian" schools, hospitals, nursing homes, housing systems, and
"faith-based" social service government contacts

In addition, Kasper did not realize that, if the cardinals and ordinal bishops of
this corrupt & scandal-ridden era would start living decently, then people would
start returning to church.

As a result of German prelate Walter Kasper's obsession with his own national
boundaries, as if Germany were the only nation on earth, Australia's Cardinal
Pell publicly stated that the Catholic Church is universal and NOT continental.
Furthermore, when asked about the African bishops' comments on the matter
of changing church doctrine, Cardinal Kasper stated on camera, "Oooooh, we 
don't listen to them."  Thus, Cardinal Kasper became the Ghost of Nazism.

Kasper limited his concern to the near absence of church attendance in a very
disheveled Germany, in a stroke of Nationalism.  Then, in the spirit of Nazi
racism, he stated that "we" don't listen to the voices of the African bishops.
Kasper's sidekick, Donald Wuerl, is of German decent, thereby rounding
off Kasper's self-evident Nazi German sentiments.

Now, Cardinal Wuerl was allowing those people obstinate in mortal sin to
receive communion for years.  Those initial years were Wuerl's two weekly
Dignity Masses which endured for eight disobedient years.  Thus, Wuerl was
a pioneer at permitting the sacrilegious reception of Holy Communion on a
mass scale.  Wuerl did other evils throughout the decades, and the damage he
allowed must be repaired.

If a bishop wants to change church doctrine, in order to suit his interests, he
can simply go and start another religion.  Of course, he won't enjoy the bene-
fits of the massive tax-free collection basket proceeds that the largest form
of Christianity experiences.  Nor would such a bishop readily procure the
 amount of social service government contracts which a large religion can
procure as a matter of course.  Therefore, it's reasonable to conclude that the
various heretical bishops of today didn't leave the church, only because they
wanted to enjoy the wealth and comforts of the richer venues of the Catholic
Church.  In as much, simply because a bishop walks down the corridors of a
Catholic Church, it doesn't mean that he wants to be Catholic.  Wuerl lived
in luxury for decades.  He wanted the wealthy settings provided by Catholic
parishioners and benefactors, evidenced by the fact that he sought to live in
constant luxury.

Wuerl was made out to be a zero tolerance pioneer with a clean sex abuse
record when the truth is that he was the second bishop caught in what was
to become a Watergate of perversity.  He was hailed as one of the first bish-
ops to announce a zero tolerance policy.  But, this did NOT happen until the
triple indictments of Frs. Wolk, Zula, and Pucci ... and long after Wuerl had
put the notorious John Hoehl back into  ministry.  This same zero tolerance
policy was ignored in the case of Edward Huff who would also be indicted.
This policy did NOT apply to James Torquato, either.  Nor was this extend-
ed to the corrupting influence of the banned Dignity Masses (pro-Sodomy
Masses that Wuerl red carpeted in Pittsburgh until the Vatican told him to
knock it off.
One of the Sodomite Mass Venues, during
Donald Wuerl's tenure in Pittsburgh
Shortly before Torquato was discovered to be what we found him to be, and
while Donald Wuerl was in charge of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, there were
noticeable teachings set forth which were contrary to Catholic Church doc-
trine.  These types of teachings are still called heresies, but their essence is
that they consist in stealing church property, for the purpose of promoting
a new religion of malcontents who whined and complained about anything
Catholic.  They merely wanted to use the wealth and comfort provided by
the American church, all the while justifying their non-Catholic lifestyles.
This means that they were imposters to Catholicism.  After all, Torquato
stated that rubbing down an unwilling parishioner was something healthy.
Well, it's not healthy if the parishioner involved has the physical power
to knock out any priest who won't keep his hands to himself.

As an example of Wuerl's doctrinal negligence, a priest who was the splitting
image the of famous 1981 Nerd Poster taught that there was no such thing as
being conceived in the state of original sin.  Well, this is outright heresy and
an attack against the foundation stone of the Catholic religion.  So, the priest
was reported to Wuerl's office.  Yet, the priest was not removed from ministry,
thereby giving the false impression that the undisciplined priest's heresy was
new church teaching.

In fact, the same priest taught something about the Sacrament of the Euchar-
ist (Communion) which was condemned in an infallible statement made at
the Council of Trent.  This constituted breach of duty to loyalty.  Such a
thing would be construed as new doctrine by a trusting Catholic, being
that it was spoken by a confident-sounding priest.  However, the nerdy
look was an indication that he lived the lazy, lethargic, and lackadaisical
lifestyle of a person the opposite of an aethstetic.  It was the lifestyle of a
pampered little brat.  His doctrine equaled lackadaisicalness.

At this point, you need to keep in mind that pathetic state of the Catholic
Church in America as much as Europe in the 1970s, 80s, 90s, and beyond.
Those who attended Sunday Mass, according to John Paul II, had the status
of neo-catechuminates (those at the first stage of Catholicism planning to be
baptized in the near future.)  More correctly, that type of person can be call-
ed nothing more than "a baptized pagan."  Such persons didn't/don't know the
preliminary basics of the Faith which used to be easily learned by reading the
opening pages of any Catholic prayer book.  That is how pathetic the Catholic
Church had become throughout the Vatican II years.

The first truth of Catholicism is that its doctrine is as changeless as is the
Eternal God.  It's as changeless as an evergreen tree.  That which had been
taught by the Apostles 2,000 years ago applied 1,000 years later and still
applies today, with no amendment to the articles of Faith.  This means that
there is no such thing as a new Vatican II church teaching.  Vatican II did
NOT reverse any past teaching.   All revelation ended with Saint John the
Apostle at the Island of Patmos, the day he died.

In as much, any infallible statement official recorded in a Catholic Ecumen-
ical Council text is a reflection of what the original apostles taught.  If any
teaching, such as Cardinal Wuerl's teaching on Holy Communion, goes
against the Apostles' teachings, it's NOT Catholicism.  Rather, it's an attack
on Christ, himself.

Even though there were many infallible statements published as a result of
various ecumenical counclis, not all councils  contain infallible statements.
In fact, there is no infallible statement in any of the Vatican II documents.
There were dozens of infallible statements set forth at the Council of Trent.
There were a few at Vatican Council I, and one of them set off a revolution
in Europe.  That one was the doctrine of papal infallibility which happens
to be  limited within its scope of power, pertaining solely to officially de-
fined teachings on Faith and Morals.

Once, a certain director of religious education was reported to Wuerl.  This
was a woman who had a son she apparently neglected to teach basic moral
precepts.  At the parish where she worked, she had a volunteer teacher who
complained that the youth were not being taught the basic necessities of the
faith ... and especially morals.

In fact, a book that she issued to the teachers taught the Taoist belief in Yin
& Yang, as if it were Catholic Doctrine.  Such a thing is contrary to church
teaching.  In fact, teaching such a thing is known as apostasy.  This means
that, if the director of religious education were so enamored by a belief in
Taoism, then she had the obligation to stop accepting diocesan paychecks.
She could have joined a Taoist temple where she probably wouldn't have
been paid as much as a penny.  Well, the whistle blower was disregarded
so much so that he was fired.  The following then occurred:

The son of the director of religious education got the younger sister of
the whistle blower pregnant.  There he was (the fired teacher), trying
to get the youth to start living according to a moral code.  He is then
dismissed and treated with contempt, as if he didn't teach the truth.
Next, he finds that his sister is pregnant at the hands of the son of
the director of religious education who got him fired.

The wrong person was fired.  Wuerl should pay for that child's upbring-
ing, on account of his negligence, because a complaint against the direc-
tor of religious education was sent to Wuerl's office, long before the
pregnancy took place.

There were a number of heretical and apostastical teachings that Wuerl
let be taught in the Diocese of Pittsburgh.  This included whatever was
taught during Dignity Masses, for eight long years.  As an example of
the heresies which flew about the Diocese of Pittsburgh, a woman went
to the pulpit during a retreat of iron workers and told them that layman
have the power to bless water, thereby making it sacramental holy water.
She then had the ironworkers go through a water consecrating ceremony.

Now, this is complete heresy.  Laymen do not have the priesthood's power
to bless or consecrate anything.  If laymen had such power, then they would
also have the power to absolve each other from sin, as well as the power to
consecrate wine and unleavened bread during Mass.  This means that there
would be no need for any priest, including Wuerl.  Heresy and apostasy ends
up backfiring upon the priests who allow it to be taught.

At this point, keep in mind that best selling author Malachi Martin called
Donald Wuerl a fool who will have to answer to God for all the sins he has
allowed.  Quite frankly, Wuerl is a liar who conned people into advancing
his lies, all while posing as if the accomplices were experts.

By the way, Wuerl isn't anywhere near 5'11, as Ann Rodgers falsely stated
in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette.  She knew that he's tiny.  So, how stupid did
she think Pittsburghers were?  After all, Pittsburghers were taking Wuerl to
court, left and right,because they felt wronged by him.  They weren't im-
pressed with him, to say the least.  Rodgers fabricated a fairy tale.

December 21, 2016

A Jesuit novice director's note of Wuerl's seminary contradiction, in relation to the Dolan / NYC Scandal.

The following Jesuit comment about
a major Donald Wuerl contradiction
is more pertinent today, in light of the
recent news of the NYC archdiocese
and the equally disgraced Altoona-
Johnson diocese.

And why?  It's because the aged Don-
ald Wuerl was pivotal in the office of
"priestly formation" for decades.   He
was enough of an insider to have seen
how frequent was the homosexual in-
filtration of the priesthood.  Yet, Wuerl
lied to the public, in stating that Ameri-
can seminaries were reliable & healthy.
The priests in power today were actively in ministry during Wuerl's younger
years.  These priests included flamers who turned their unnatural inclinations
into a life-long commitment ... all the way to the point of seeking to make the
Sin of Sodom declared holy and sacramental.  Donald Wuerl had access to the
seminarians so succinctly that he easily would know how Sodomized the Cath-
olic priesthood was becoming.  However, the notably effeminate Donald Wuerl,
known for his his trademark "whispery public voice," remained silent.

Then, Wuerl was caught in his triple cover-up,  Simultaneously was a fourth
priest whom Wuerl was covering-up so much so that he put the priest back
into ministry.  The fourth priest was John S. Hoehl, former headmaster of a
Pittsburgh Catholic diocesan high school.

When Wuerl put Hoehl back into ministry, he was spitting in the face of the
dozens of people who knew how frequent and notorious Hoehl's unnatural
transgressions were.

None the less, after the Wolk-Zula-Pucci cover-up was uncovered, Wuerl
fell in need of a scapegoat.  He found one.  The specifics on this is stated
in multiple & previous Wuerlgate posts (articles.)

Wuerl simultaneously allowed in his former diocese two weekly Sodomite
Masses, euphemistically called Dignity Masses.  One of the priests who of-
ficiated those Masses would be doubly accused of sexual offenses to the
point of being corralled by Church authorities.  Throughout that time, the
doubly accused priest was being given free-reign by Wuerl, to spread the
heresy which claims that the Sin of Sodom isn't a sin.  Wuerl gave this
priest free-reign while being paraded around as a heroic bishop fighting
the Vatican to remove a molester.  This was the epitome of hypocrisy.

All in all, only a militant homosexual bishop would have interest, the
preoccupation, and the audacity to accommodate two weekly Sodom
& Gomorrah Masses for eight consecutive years, in complete defiance
of a Vatican rule.
The venue of the other weekly Dignity Mass permitted by Wuerl.
In addition, Father John Wellinger was already reported to the diocese, but
the witness to Wellinger's conduct was ignored.  Add to this the Fr Edward
Huff whom Wuerl hid in St. Louis and then later reinstated in Pittsburgh.
Huff would later be indicted and convicted.

In Wuerl, we have a con artist as bad as Dolan.  The only reason why the NYC
archdiocese had so many more cover-ups than did the Pittsburgh Diocese was
because of the NYC area population.  It's population is/was EIGHT times great-
er than the Pittsburgh area.  Thus, if the NYC archdiocese had even seven times
more cover-ups than did the Diocese of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh diocese would
statistically be the more corrupt diocese, on a per capita basis.

Plus, in Pittsburgh having a smaller population, it was easier for Wuerl to
corrupt the local media and put it on his puppet strings.  Even at that, in the
beginning, Wuerl was not getting media praise.  He was being reported for
cover-up conduct and for causing protesters to march in complaint of him.
Then Wuerl began his retaliation process which consisted in the abuse of
the Pittsburgh diocesan administrative offices ... the abuse of power.

The pivotal feature was Wuerl's use of the Cipolla case which was proven to
have been distorted with sleight of hand deceptions and which showcased two
proven liars who were reputed to be in the "dreg" culture ... the "dysfunctional
culture."  Tim Bendig is still known for con artist antics, and Diane Thompson
was continuously caught lying, even in claiming that she searched the internet
for proof of my existence and found no proof of the existence of my existence,
shortly after she sent me a series of harassing emails.

Back to Wuerl

Wuerl was the gatekeeper during the influx of homosexuality into the priest-
hood.  Those gates were held wide open throughout the Wuerl years.  Need-
less to say, it has been repeatedly alleged that Wuerl was an active homosex-
ual, and the allegations have been as recent as 2016 . . . concerning many
years of Wuerl's life.

Wuerl was part of the Seminary Visitation program in the 1990s.  Due to this,
the same Donald Wuerl would issue statement pertaining to America semi-
nary administering.  Thus came a response from a Jesuit involved in priest-
ly formation.  Priestly formation used to be called "training for the priest-

Donald Wuerl had a vocation director proverbially
scratching his head, concerning an article Wuerl
wrote in 2002.  It was the Year of the Dallas Con-
ference ... the year when the church's widespread
sex abuse crisis made front page news.  It was also
the year when Ann Rodgers (of Pgh Post Gazette)
was falsely claiming that Wuerl had a clean sex
abuse record.  It was during that year when U.S.
Supreme Court briefs in complaint of Wuerl were
filed at the Washington DC's clerk of court's office.
Of course, the deceiver, Ann Rodgers, despite the fact that she is NOT a
Roman Catholic ... and or type of Catholic in union with the Holy See of
Peter, was made head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh's Com-
munications Department.  The conjecture spoken to me was that she was
hired for the job, because she knows and complies with all the cover-ups.
After all, it was alleged to me by two different persons that Rodgers knew
all about the Torquato case and covered it in the spirit of pre-2002 Church

For some individuals, the Jesuit novice director's comment provides a
Eureka Moment, years after the fact.  It shows that church officials knew
that something was deadly wrong with the seminaries of the United States,
despite the fact that they were claiming that everything was wonderful at
those places.  It also shows how Wuerl repeatedly contradicted himself.

The following exact quote comes from


As novice director for the past eight years, I read Bishop Donald 
W. Wuerl’s “Seminary Visitation” (9/30) with great interest.  I 
was particularly curious about the reasons why such a visit was 

Bishop Wuerl does not state a clear reason, but he does explain 

that “the impetus for the proposed apostolic visitation is the re-
cent scandal involving the sexual abuse of minors by clergy and 
their subsequent reassignment to pastoral ministry.”

The article seems to imply that despite the “successful conclusion” 

of the last apostolic visitation (1981-90), something in priestly for-
mation in this country has gone terribly wrong.  If not, why anoth-
er visitation so soon?

Here are my questions.   Is it not true that the vast majority of sex-

ual abuse cases are among clergy who were ordained over 25 years 
ago?   It seems to me that fact is evidence that seminaries are cur-
rently doing a fine job.   What direct link is there between the cur-
rent sexual abuse scandal and seminary formation?

The second part of the “impetus” statement has to do with the re-

assignment of abusive priests.   What does that have to do with 
seminary formation?  Isn’t that the sole responsibility of the 

Robert A. Fambrini, S.J.
Culver City, Calif.


December 20, 2016

Wuerl ignored foreign labor exploitation for 27 years, while living in Marie-Antoinette luxury and accommodating the legacy of Sodom

Keep in mind that he who does not defend the truth is an accomplice in
attacking it.  Likewise, he who does not speak out against a crime against
humanity is an accomplice to the widespread crime that the person ignores.

The Contradiction Found in the Media Praise of Donald Wuerl 

The media praise of Wuerl contradicted itself in the following way: 

"Despite the triple cover-up that he was caught performing in Pittsburgh, 
and despite the fact that Wuerl reinstated John  Hoehl and Edward Huff,
as well as having made the invasive homosexual and retaliator Fr. James
Torquato a parish pastor, Donald Cardinal Wuerl was heralded as a pro-
tector of children.   Yet, he elected to remain silent toward a corporate prac-
tice that victimizes children far more frequently than does the predatorship
of priests who should never have been ordained in the first place."

That practice is child sweatshop labor profiteering.  Needless to say, Cardinal 
Wuerl has been equally indifferent toward the sweatshop labor imposed upon
foreign adults.  However, adults are the ones upon whom children depend for 
their survival.  This indifference, therefore, envelopes Donald Wuerl in an aura
of razor wire.  Meanwhile, Wuerl spent 18 years living here, in a mansion which
sold for $2 million after Wuerl left for Washington DC.

Wuerl's DC residence turned out to be a $43 million structure situated along
the very luxurious Embassy Row.  A testimony to the deceit of Wuerl's praisers.
The recent Time Magazine article about Cardinal Wuerl was an outrage. 
The article made it sound as if Wuerl were always speaking on behalf of 
the worker, "both poor & immigrant," throughout the years.  Well, a num-
ber of us, including me personally, tried to get Wuerl to speak out against
Sweatshop profiteering.  In fact, I petitioned for the official "approval" of
founding and establishing an official "apostolate" (Catholic action guild),
but Wuerl never even responded to the request.  Other persons and/or en-
tities tried to get Wuerl active in countering sweatshop labor profiteering.
But, Wuerl remained kept his decades-long silence in the subject.  Such 
negligence ... such omission ... such indifference ...  is an ongoing mortal
sin, because the more that is given to you, the more is expected from you.

Wuerl is like the Marathon Race fraud who sneaks into the running 
lanes at the 24th mile post, all the while pretending to have started at
the starting line.

Then comes a spotlight moment for Wuerl, and he suddenly makes it sound 
as if he was the heir of the Caesar Chevaz movement, all along.  Wuerl was 
no such thing.  He was indifferent for decades, and only gave attention to the
affluent and government contract income.  Wuerl refrained from speaking out
against the sins which cries to Heaven for Vengeance, known as Defraudment
of Laborers of their Wages.  If he were the champion of the underdog worker, 
I would have been granted my apostolate years ago.  Wuerl committed a long-
term sin of omission, being heartless to the pain of exploited workers.

Wuerl's only concern for immigrants was in to how much government con-
tract money he could get in social service contracts, in their name.  That was
it.  Only money for his former diocese was his motive.

I was the champion for labor.  The others were champions for labor.  We
were all ignored by Wuerl.  We could have accomplished great things, if it
weren't for the same Donald Wuerl blocking our road and then looking the
other way, all the while doing absolutely nothing for the plight of exploited
workers.  Rather, he performed the Sacrament of Confirmation on the one
man who caused NAFTA to become a nightmarish reality for many a worker.  

The fact that Wuerl confirmed NAFTA Newt without requiring Gingrich to pub-
licly denounce his public sin of labor exploitation legislation shows that Wuerl
did NOT advocate for the poor worker.

The Time Magazine article about Wuerl is a lie, mostly in the form of a sleight 
of hand semantic deceptions.  Wuerl only goes to the popular side and acts as if
he always were part of it.  When the pro-Bush & Gingrich worlds had the upper-
hand, Wuerl was pro-Bush and pro-Gingrich.  Then suddenly, the labor people 
take the upper-hand and Wuerl switches sides, patting its leaders on the back, 
acting like he's one of them.   Always remember, "Satan masquerades as an
angel of light."  So does Wuerl.

Razor Wire Wuerl

Wuerl has been silent for decades toward the closest current thing to the
Nazi concentration camp network.  In as much, Wuerl's silence toward
sweatshop labor profiteering is Wuerl's tacit approval of that internation-
al crime against humanity.  Furthermore, it indicates  that, if he were a 
bishop in the 1940s, he would have remained completely silent toward the
Nazis ill treatment of the Jews, Gypsies, mentally afflicted, and dissents
such as the Catholic priests who met death in a Nazi concentration camp.

Yet, Wuerl had more than enough time to provide two parish venues for the
Sodomite Masses which were euphemistically called "Dignity Masses."  Per-
haps foreign sweatshop workers are not white enough for Wuerl to have any
concern for them.  Perhaps they are not glamorous enough.  Perhaps it's that
they don't have the political or financial power for Wuerl use.

One of the Four Sins that Cry to Heaven for Vengeance

Formerly known as the Defraudment of Laborers of their Wages, slave labor 

profiteering has long since been identified in Catholic Church teaching as one 
of the four sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance.  Bishops are morally obligat-
ed to see to it that adherents to the Catholic faith live free of sins of accessory, 
including all which involves sweatshop labor profiteering and things similar.  

This additionally includes the obligation of bishops to approve initiatives and 
apostolates designed to end the Catholic faithful's cooperation with all crimes 
against humanity.   Incidentally, apostolates used to be known as Catholic ac-
tion guilds.

The synonym for sin of accessory is sin of cooperation.  In the case of sweat-

shop profiteering, it involves cooperation with corporate sin.  Corporate sin is
not limited to the activities of corporations.  Rather, a corporate sin is one that 
is given the fuel to perpetuate itself via the cooperation of an entire society.  
The word, corporate, is derived from the word, body.  Thus, a corporate sin 
is an evil that is supported by the body politic of the region or nation where 
it is committed.  

That is to say, a corporate sin occurs when the vast majority of society makes 
itself an accessory to that sin.  Nazi Germany is the quintessential example of 
corporate sin and the sin of cooperation.  In addition, Corporate sin is equally
known as social scandal.  It involves what is known as the Sin of Cooperation.

Vatican II states that the Church by its nature is missionary.  This means that 

the Church has the innate instinct to rally to causes, establish initiatives, and as 
Saint Paul phrased it, to "fight the good fight."  In sequence, Pope Paul VI once 
stated that the renewal of the temporal order is the vocation of the laity.  Thus,
bishops are morally obligated to provide the laity with the assistance necessary 
to fulfill its vocation.   Wuerl did no such thing at any time, despite the fact that 
he has been a reigning bishop for 26 years.  A reigning bishop is known as a lo-
cal ordinary.

In 1986, when the Reagan administration and the U.S. Congress opened trade
with China, the average Chinese wage was 24 cents an hour.   By 2010, it was
75 cents an hour, for a Cantonese worker.  Today, the wage continues to depend
on the region, and ranges from $1.23 in Guangxi to $2.58 in Beijing, according
to the 2013 law that mandated the Chinese minimum wage to equal to 40% of
the average urban wage.  Yet, there are reports, such as one from Business Insid-
er, which mark the average Chinese salary at 80 cents an hour.  Thus, we again
have inconsistent reporting.

What is known is that there have been worker suicides, threats of collective
suicides, rioting, protests, and physically demanding living conditions.  In
addition, Vietnam, with its low wage rate, has become the new China.

In sequence, China has become the world's biggest toxic waste dump.  The
NY Times and Washington Post reported in 2014 that China has become an
exporter of pollution, where its toxic air has made its way to the West Coast
of the United States.  The sweatshop economy and lack of an environmental
conscience in China caused this.  Human life means nothing to those in pow-
er, there.

In as much, if Wuerl were the holy man Ann Rodgers, Bishop David Zubik,
and the pig-resembling Bill "$475,000-a-year" Donohue make Wuerl out to
be, then the same Donald Wuerl would have been speaking out against the
American corporate world's exploitation of foreign sweatshop labor, like a
prophet decades ago.  Instead, the Elevator Shoes Kid, Donald Wuerl kept
his mouth shut for decades and lived his Marie Antoinette lifestyle.  Wuerl
could have come-off as a great prophetic hero, but remained silent where a
voice was needed.  There is NO holiness is a person-in-power who remains
completely silent in an era of intense human suffering caused by other hu-
mans in power.  The sufferings in China was all man-made and it couldn't
have come to be without the business sector of the United States.

The minimum wages of other low-waged nations, as of 2014, go as follows:

Sierra Leone: 3 cents an hour.   Mali where the French intervened: 27 cents.
Mexico: 61 cents.  Vietnam: $90 to $128 per month depending upon region.
The Philippines: 61 cents.   Pakistan: 51 cents.   Afghanistan: 57 cents.
Armenia: 65 cents.  Nepal: 45 cents.  Nicaragua:  52 cents.  Bangladesh:
Monthly wage went from $38 to $66 recently.  The Ukraine: 91 cents

Other minimum wages go as follows, per hour:

Australia: $16.88.  Luxembourg: $14.24  France: $12.22   Ireland: $11.09
The UK: $10.02.  New Zealand: $11.18  The Netherlands:  $10.99
Spain: $5.57   Portugal: $4.19  Taiwan:  $3.88.   Poland: $2.97 

End of preliminary statistical notes.
Americans wear clothing made by overseas sweatshop employees.  Americans
buy appliances made in sweatshop nations.  In almost every American home,
you will find the phrase, Made in China, more often than Made in USA, no 
matter what be the category of not-very-durable durable good found in the-
typical  American home.  America is  no longer the land of the free.  It's now
the Home of the Enslaver.

Sweatshop people don't have lives.  Nor were they given any appreciable identity.
As a result, sweatshop employees would be found with slit wrists, time and time
again.  Eventually came the implementation of the suicide net, in order to prevent
sweatshop employers from hurling themselves off of roofs.

Americans hold  sweatshop workers in a living death, be these the workers in Bang-
ladesh, China, Vietnam, Guatemala, El Salvador, etc.  Now, some Americans keep 
these workers lodged in this state of slavery out of cowardice, while others do so
out of selfish negligence.  Yet, others do so out of greed.

Why would anyone want to rule over a humanity that had its humanity stripped
away from itself?  Who wants to rule over a society of humans-made-robot or 
humans-made-animal ... or even humanity-turned-zombie?   The state of the
people ruled is a reflection on  the rulers.  The makers of ghettos are ghettos
within themselves, no matter how plush be their domiciles and how high be
their bank accounts.  Concerning the greed part ...

The Trickle-away Effect, aka Trickle-away Economics

The United States does NOT make money from importing merchandise made by
low-waged foreign sweatshop workers.  It has been constantly losing through this
type of importation.  While Communist Chinese merchandise comes to America,
American dollars goes to Maoist China.  So too is this the case with other foreign
nations  whose workforce can't afford to buy American products and/or services,
in any type of appreciable, two-way, fair trade, economic traffic.  No foreign na-
tion pays the United States to take its merchandise.  In fact, Chinese Communist
dictators do not even give Americans a commission for selling their merchandise.  

America is not making out like a bandit in a business practice which constitutes
a crime against humanity.  There is only a small percentage of Americans who
make out like bandits, often sending their spoils to overseas tax havens.  Mean-
while, the rest of America finds itself on the losing end of the steadily diminish-
ing currency flow, in increments.  This chronic loss has been in the trillions of
dollars.  This is the trickle-away effect.

A flow of American dollars goes into Communist Dictatorial China, as well to
each of the NAFTA nations, never to return to the States, without America find-
ing itself in an increasing state of treasury bond debt to foreign entities.  The 
money lost in Republican  Party Economics is called the U.S. Trade Balance
DEFICIT.   The total deficit for the past 10 years has been $5.929 trillion
(2003 to 2012).  The accumulative deficit for the past 20 years (for goods & 
services) has been $7.988 trillion (1993 to 2012).  For goods  only, the 20 yr 
U.S. International Trade Balance Deficit has been $9.236 trillion.

That's MINUS $9,839,000,000,000.
          MINUS $7,988,000,000,000.
          MINUS $5,929,000,000,000.

All gone.  Bye bye.  No more.  Au revoir.  Not even a post card.  In addition, sweatshop 
workers threatened suicide, on account of the harsh conditions in the compounds that 
manufacture the products which go to the United States.  This means that Americans  
have become unconscionable slave drivers by proxy, all the while destroying their own 
1 yi jiao
Now, foreign trade is fine, if and only if the foreign workers can afford American pro-
ducts.  That is to say, buying foreign is fine, if foreign occasionally buys American, in
return.  Thus, fair trade is a necessity, in order for foreign trade not to result in disast-
er for one of the two trading nations.  Fair trade requires a reasonably balanced two-
way street of import and export traffic.  

Concerning America, Chinese workers would not have been able to have afforded 
American products anyway, beyond wheat products, in Equitable Foreign Trade, ev-
en if America had not ceased being a manufacturer of household consumer products 
in significant quantities.

Imagine the trade balance deficit money as dollars flowing through a tube into a pro-
tectionist dictatorship or two ... or three.  This costs American jobs.  In fact, this en-
tirely prevents the creation of many American mid-size business start-ups. 

The Economic Downside Effect of
Foreign Slave Labor Profiteering

Foreign slave labor profiteering achieves the following results:

- Increases an offending nation's international trade deficit.
- Reduces the same nation's gross domestic product.
- Deceases the offending nation's per capita income.

At this point, view the United States trade balance deficit through
the past ten years, in its trade of goods (not services) with China,

                  U.S. IMPORTS                        U.S. EXPORTS
              from sweatshop China                to protectionist China
        (This is money paid to China)   (This is money paid to the U.S.A.)

2013            $440 billion                              $122 billion
2012            $425 billion                              $111 billion
2011            $399 billion                              $104 billion
2010            $365 billion                                $92 billion
2009            $296 billion                                $69 billion
2008            $337 billion                                $69 billion
2007            $321 billion                                $62 billion
2006            $287 billion                                $53 billion
2005            $243 billion                                $41 billion
2004            $196 billion                                $34 billion

10yr total: $3.309 Trillion                             $0.757 Trillion       
 paid to Slave Labor China               paid to an acquiescent U.S.A.

The NET equals: MINUS $2,552,000,000,000 - That's only trade with China.
This is goods only.

The Total Deficit, as is charted below, is MINUS $5,929,000,000,000. 
This comprises trade with all nations.  This comprises goods and services.

The hypocrisy is that trillions of American dollars stayed in the permanent posses-
sion of the Chinese Communist Dictatorship, in the name of Democracy and
Capitalism, as well as Republican Party Values.


Now, view the total 10 yr U.S. trade balance acct, concerning trade with all nations,
from 2003 to 2012:

          Concerning GOODS only        GOODS and SERVICES

2012       minus $735 billion                     minus $540 billion
2011       minus $737 billion                     minus $588 billion
2010       minus $645 billion                     minus $500 billion
2009       minus $505 billion                     minus $381 billion           
2008       minus $830 billion                     minus $698 billion
2007       minus $818 billion                     minus $696 billion
2006       minus $835 billion                     minus $753 billion
2005       minus $780 billion                     minus $708 billion
2004       minus $663 billion                     minus $605 billion
2003       minus $540 billion                     minus $490 billion

Total:   minus $7.088 261 trillion         minus $5.929 trillion                                 
Refer to the following link: 

In addition, the total/aggregate U.S. Trade Balance Deficit for only the month
of November 2012 rose $6.6 billion, to $48.7 billion (for that one month only.)
This means that the Trade Gap Rate rose by 15.9%.  As I have previously stat-
ed, if this Trade Balance Deficit behavior continues, America will be a political
entity in the history books, compared to the Argentina which, at one time, was
regarded a world power.

Thus ends the mystery as to why millions of Americans had the hardest time
finding employment; especially those of a livable wage.

At this point, repeat after me:  "That's a lot of sweatshops."

A Crime Committed upon the Parent
is a Crime Committed upon the Child
and Visa Versa

An injustice thrust upon adults is one that is equally forced upon the children of those 

adults.  Poverty in the home of the parent is poverty in the home of the child.  Sweat-
shop labor imposed upon adults is an evil that also assails children.


'Forced to stand for 24 hours, suicide nets, toxin exposure and 
 explosions':  Inside the Chinese factories making iPads for Apple

And it came to pass, as the first decade of the 21st Century progressed, that right
wing conservative business entities saw to it that religious objects and Christmas 
ornaments would be made in sweatshops.  The people tagged as the hard work-
ing moral majority negated the purpose for the coming of Christ, doing so in the 
name of sacred rites.  All the while,  they made money on interest-bearing instru-
ments and extremely cheap labor, doing absolutely nothing in the process.

And it also came to pass that no Christmas gift was being made at the North Pole 
by elves.  Rather, they were being made in Chinese and Bangladesh sweatshops by 
severely underpaid workers, some of whom applied razor blades to their wrists, in 
order to kill the pain that the Reaganite Moral Majority were collectively inflicting 
upon them.  

And it furthermore came to pass, as the 21st Century progressed, that millions held 
Christianity in contempt, being that millions were deceived into thinking that Ameri-
can Corporate Predatory Greed was the religion of the Nazarene rabbi who was put 
to a Roman death shortly after he drove Money Changers from the Jerusalem Temple.
When the Nazarene entered Jerusalem, the Jews placed palm branches before him.
Within a week, the Romans ended up driving nails into him.  Today, the right wing
masters of hypocrisy and greed crucify the Nazarene anew.

Humanity then became enlightened as to what the Protestant Work Ethic really is.  
It's the incessant practice of using African slaves, Irish Catholic immigrants, East-
ern European immigrants, Chinese sweatshop workers, and similar victims to do 
the Protestants' work for them.  

In the words of the woman who was once the premier expert in student loan con-
solidation, "Now, that labor's cheap, human life has become cheap." (in the eyes
of right wing moral majority conservatives.)  In the Nineteenth Century, the States
that comprised the Confederate South used local chattel slavery to achieve their
hallowed Protestant work ethic.  In the 21st Century, the same States and other 
ones used Slavery by Proxy, as in foreign sweatshop labor profiteering.  It's the
same Jefferson Davis hypocrisy, done in the name of "States' Rights" and the
"Moral Majority" which is neither moral nor a majority.

Historic fact:  In the month of August 2011, the Trade Balance Deficit with
China alone, increased  by 7.42%, to $29 billion.  This is the statistic for one
month of trading, in terms of goods and services.  This was a new record at the
time.   In as much, China came out on top for the 304th consecutive month, in
its trading with the United States.

Furthermore, the United States has not had a trade balance surplus in trading
with the Chinese Communist Dictatorship since April of 1986.  This amounts
to 28 years of money leaking into a dictatorship, by the billions per month.
America is a leaking ship soon to capsize.  It is now the Year 2014.  The
United States has gone over 335 consecutive months accumulating a trade
balance deficit, in commerce with China.

Here is the irony:  In August 2011, corporate greed breaks a new record, to the
detriment of the 90% of the rest of America.  The following month began the
showdown with corporate greed, in the form of the worldwide OWS movement.
FoxNews, in a predictable fashion, defamed the surprisingly peaceful people who
elected to assert their First Amendment Rights.  All the while,  official statistics
prove that the First Amendment people of Zuccotti Park were generally correct.
Greed has been destroying America all along, and sweatshop importation has
been the vehicle doing so.

Now, the most current news (at the time of this writing) is that the monthly
Trade Balance Deficit,, in trading with China, has decreased (narrowed) in
February and March 2013.  In fact, the total U.S. Trade Balance Deficit de-
creased.  Yet, it was still woefully significant ... detrimental to the US money
supply.   In January, the trade deficit in trade with China was $27.8 billion.  In
February, it was $23.4 billion lost to the quintessential sweatshop profiteer na-
tion.    In March, the amount lost to a China notorious for its civil rights abuses
was $17.8 billion.  Money lost to China, in unfair trade practices, for the first
three months of the Year 2014, in goods alone, was $153 billion.

The Laws Against this Type of Profiteering Were
Already on the Books, in United States Federal Law.

It wouldn't have required any courage for any public figure to have stepped

forth and initiate movements designed to end America's complicity with slave
labor profiteering.  This is because laws against it are already on United States
law books, as in Section 307 of the 1930 Tariff Act, along with the May 2000
amendment  to that act.   Both are found in 19 USC 1307.   How much does
NAFTA conflict with this? 

Despite the Law, Sweatshop Labor
Importation Has Been Rampant

There is a loophole in the 1930 Tariff Act.  The law doesn't prohibit the impor-

tation of indentured/slave/convict/forced labor products "which are not mined,
produced, or manufactured in such quantities in the United States as to meet the
consumptive demands of the United States."  In addition, there are recent trade
agreements that don't require the enforcement of morally needed international
labor laws.  This means that foreign workers stand in direct jeopardy of being
brutally abused, due to no present legal recourse, short of the Nuremberg case
law authority.  Plus, there is the allegation that the 1930 Tariff Act is not being

The evidence is publicly evident.  Sweatshop labor, forced labor, and plantation
labor is rampant throughout the modern world in general.  So, is the use of min-
ors as combat soldiers.  Many products made by laborers defrauded of their
wages have been entering American docks and airports for years.  It's equi-
valent to receiving stolen property on a grand scale.  It has robbed America
of its money supply. 

A 2007 New York Sun Report on Sweatshop Christmas Ornaments

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A Sweatshop Table of Contents of multiple reports

When You Liberate Others, You Liberate Yourself

A properly paid foreign worker has a way of increasing product demand for

Amercan products, even from a third party nation.  For example, properly paid
Chinese workers might only buy from Europe.  Increased European revenue
might result in Europe importing more from America, thereby bringing add-
ed income to America.  Such a thing puts American workers back to work,
assuming that the level of manufacturing will increase in the United States,
so that workers will be in demand.  Such a thing can also enable mid-sized
entrepreneurs to either compete in smaller scaled markets or more easily en-
ter the ranks of subcontractor, simply by virtue of increased demand.

Slave Labor Profiteering is Even an Injustice
to the Citizenry of the Nation that Engages in it

Foreign slave labor profiteering results in unfair advantages over the citizens
of the nation that practices it.   This is because those who profit from foreign
slave labor steal economic power from the multitudes, and in the process, they
steal multiple advantages from their fellow countrymen.   That is to say, they
cheat in order to get their standing in life, and that is unfair to everyone else.
After all, the average entrepreneur cannot compete with the low wage advan-
tage that these corporations use for their selfish gain, at the expense of the
US Trade Balance Account and the Gross Domestic Product, as well as the
per capita income.  Foreign slave labor profiteering, therefore, is even an
act of violence committed against an offending nation's own citizenry. 

A Coast to Coast Crime 

If you deny that you are part of this practice, simply go into your closet and
read the labels on your clothing.  Then go into your kitchen and read the la-
bels on your appliances.  Go next throughout your house, your place of work,
and elsewhere, reading the labels on the newer merchandise.  If you have any
merchandise from a sweatshop, then the practice of slave labor profiteering
has reached your life.

In addition, if you work for a sweatshop profiteering corporation, you're in-
volved.  You are an accessory to the fact.  This includes what you find un-
der your Christmas tree.