January 17, 2017

More erroneous features of the 3-Part Randy Engel article of Nov/Dec 2016

It's January 17 (2017).  I have to run down to the Allegheny County Courthouse
and do a couple filings there.  I Then have to hunt down one of the defendants in
a humble-sized (under $15,000) case that I filed under orders.  This will have to
be followed by me packing up for the trip to Chicago, tomorrow.  I have no idea
when I'll return to Pittsburgh.  Maybe March or April.

None the less, I need to illustrate to you .... especially to you who are locked in
a hypnotic trance over this 70+ year old writer, Randy Engel ... how incredibly
asinine was parts 1 & 2 of her three part article dated November & December
of 2016. Even Part 3 had a false-light misrepresentation in it.

All in all, the Engel 3-Parter was the article that utterly damned Anthony Cipolla,
all the while leaving out the multiple pieces of evidence and fact-checking results
which defended him from the accusations of a Diane Thompson who was repeat-
edly found to be a liar.  It defended him against a Tim Bendig who lied to me
four times in row and who was repeatedly described by others as the quint-
essential pathological liar who "lies about 90% of the time."

As an example, Bendig once sent me a threatening email that artificially (and
in the wrong spot)  had mention that cc's (carbon copies) were sent to the DA
and other police-related entities, as if I were going to be criminally prosecuted
for my writings on Bendig's dishonesty.

Of course, libel, slander, and false light cases are not filed in criminal court,
in America.  In Greece there are.  But not here, in the Good Ole U, S of A.
So, Bendig did little more than provide me with yet further evidence that he
is a lying con artist.  Of course, Bendig's dishonesty went over  Randy Engel's
head.  The hawkeyed Engel isn't that hawkeyed.  Nor is she a kid ... not even
at heart.

Moreover, the Engel article described a legal procedure which might exist in
a parallel universe, but it does NOT exist in the state of Pennsylvania.  Engel's
description was utter buffoonery.  Criminal Procedure does NOT work that way.

Plus, there is simple evidence that Cipolla was NEVER charged and never arrest-
ed.  It's called the Summary Notice, followed by Thompson withdrawing her "pri-
vate criminal complaint" before there was the opportunity for any hearing to tran-

Engel's description was a fiction, and therefore, it was libel per so..  She made
a complete embarrassment out of herself.  For example, a defendant is not re-
leased on his own recognizance, simply to wait for his arraignment which de-
cides if he can be released on his own recognizance, in the first place.  All that
happened was that Thompson got police to help her file a private criminal com-
plaint, at  Baldy Reagan's magisterial district office.  The complaint did NOT
result in an indictment or arrest, etc, simply because Thompson dismissed her

I'm in a rush, being that I have to file a couple writs in downtown Pittsburgh.
All in all, don't pretend to be a law professor when you have no experience in
the legal process.  Engel made a jackass out of herself.

This was Donald Wuerl's residence during his Pittsburgh years.  

The 2016 three-part article also damned the late Bishop Vincent Leonard for not
laicizing Father Richard Ginder, when the truth is that Bishop Leonard most cer-
tainly did defrock Richard Ginder, and he did so  long before Ginder was arrest-
ed in 1978 for corrupting a couple 16 year old minors on the Southside of Pitts-

None the less, last night I went to Mexico Street, in the Northside region of Pitts-
burgh, and took night photos, so that you can realize other things that Randy En-
gel wrote in the article which she thought was the end-all article on Cipolla.

For those unfamiliar, that is the street reported by Engel to have been where Di-
ane Thompson lived.  That street, incidentally, is a double dead-end street which
was quite short in length.   The pertinence to this is that Engel wrote of a young
female buddy of Tucker who lived  in the apartment upstairs.  That which was
needed to find was an apartment with two floors.  I need time to extract the
photos and get them online.  Mexico Street runs parallel to the much longer
California Avenue.

At this point, let me write my refrain:  I am more than willing to declare Cipolla
a molester, if only there would be evidence or non-contradicting witness accounts
that even plausibly indicate that Cipolla stepped out of bounds and disgraced him-
self and others.  Where is the evidence and where are there any corroborative wit-
ness account that aren't easy to refute?  All that was proven thus far is that Diane
Thompson is a serial liar and that Tim Bendig is a repeat-liar.

Concerning the lack of credibility, Thompsons stated that a young Frank Labieaux
would run down to the convenience store, upon Cipolla's every whim.  Uhhhhhm,
I found no convenience store within walking, but if there were one in the 1970s,
it would have been on the corner of California and Termon.  Pittsburghers who
know this corner and who know the location of Risen Lord Parish would know
that that trip was lengthy for a 12 year old or someone in a hurry.  This too
sounds like another Diane-Thompson-Exagerration ... at least at face value.

Keep in mind that she was caught contradicting herself and known fact so many
times that nothing she states has instant credibility.

The article which was found to have many fact-checked falsehoods in
the description of criminal procedure, as well as a debacled description
of Father John Hoehl's MO benefits a Donald Wuerl who spent his days 
turning the sacred into the profane or even into the sacrilegious.
Concerning the allegations of Wuerl's Sodomite lifestyle, actual
names have been conveyed to me.  But, one does NOT employ
irresponsible journalism in a worldwide forum and blurt out the names.
It's time to show you the extremely simple reason why a certain childcare pro-
fessional of many years stated that the molestation scenario described my the
70+ year old Engel doesn't happen without much physical difficult, due to a
simple observation of geometric law.   None the less, I've already provided to
you an online report which shows that Trace Test results usually taken 56 or
so days to return to the requester, showing you that it was entirely not-credible
that such results in the Cipolla Case would have been rendered in 3 to 5 days.

In fact, being that Diane Thompson has repeatedly been proven to be a serial
liar, it's doubted that any such testing ever occurred.  This is evidenced by the
fact that the Pittsburgh Police could have submitted its affidavit to a judge, for
the prosecution of Cipolla, and did not do so.  None the less, the results would
not have been returned so soon, and an indictment from such evidence would
not have been issued within five days after Thompson's accusations.  It usually
took 4 to 6 to 8 weeks to indict a molester priest.  These things only happen
instantly when a police officer literally walks-in of a molestation in progress.

Plus, this was the same year when the same Pittsburgh Police readily arrested
the defrocked priest, Richard Ginder.  Thus, it was not beyond the same police
from submitting a Police Complaint Affidavit to a judge, for the purpose of
having file charges against Cipolla

Concerning this, keep in mind that Randy Engel's general description of Diane
Thompson "pressing and dropping charges" is 100% bogus, per se.  That is NOT
how criminal law works in America.  That, alone, should tip you off that the En-
gel article is an expose in libel.  Then comes Tim Bendig:

Cipolla is the one shaking John Paul's hand.  Next to the both
of them is famed Catholic writer, John Hardon.  Hardon, as
well as Malachi Martin, staunchly believed in Cipolla's
innocence.  None the less, I am more than willing to declare
Cipolla a molester, if someone would said me one stitch
of evidence of witness corroboration that doesn't contradict
other testimony and known fact.

There was a fatal flaw in Engel's allegation about Tim Bendig performing at
least one unnatural sexual act per day upon Anthony Cipolla.  Firstly, Bendig
did NOT live in Cipolla's domicile and would had to have walked to the rec-
tory, day after day.  Plus, Cipolla's boss ... the pastor ... would have quickly
caught-on and stopped Bendig's visits.  Thirdly, Bendig had to be in classes
early in the morning between September and the start of June.  Plus, people
are sometimes NOT in the mood ... for whatever Bendig alleged.  Further-
more, Pittsburgh is located in the north of America where the winter months
can sometimes be daunting and occasionally life-threatening.  In addition,
person after person contacted me, to tell me that Bendig was a pathological
liar.  Concerning this, Bendig lied to me four times in a row in a matter of

As far as went Engel's comment about Ron Lengwin once stating that Bendig
was "troubled," keep in mind that Legwin employed a lot of euphemismss. It
would have been more correct to state that TIM Bendig ALLEGEDLY was a
troublemaker.  He certainly was described as a troublemaker at Fatima Portu-
gal, during a pilgrimage there.

There is evidence I have not yet shown to the public.  Yet, I have already shown
more than enough to show that the Cipolla Case was not an open and shut case.
In as much, Thompson's claim that Vincent Leonard stated that Cipolla had severe
sexual maladies has zero evidence attached to it and is contrary to the psychiatric
reports that I read.  Yes, I read the reports on Cipolla, and they only mentioned
"Depression and Suicidal Tendencies."  I've stated this at least ten time, previous-'
ly.  This is why it's an outrage that Randy Engel was not honest enough to have
stated this in her three-part article.

Even at that, the most important feature of the Cipolla Case is the undeniable
fact that Anthony Cipolla was never arrested as Engel claimed, and that he
mostly certainly wasn't "released on his own "cognisance" by the police, to
wait for his arraignment."   The idea of waiting for his arraignment showed
how Engel apparently knows nothing about Pennsylvanian or American law.
Did she never hear of habeus copus law?

For those new to American law, no police agency files charges.  Only a judge
does.  Plus, no police agency has the power to declare a defendant released on
his own RErognizance ... and not cognisance.  A judge does that at the arraign-
ment.  The arraignment is nothing more than the bail hearing, and the accuser(s)
of the defendant usually speak at the arraignment, so that the presiding judge can
assess if bail is to be granted to the defendant,  Of course, the judge checks to see
if the defendant already is on probation, upon which bail will be denied.

Furthermore, no one in Pennsylvania no one charged with molestation  is ever
expected to be released on his own recognizance, as Engel claimed.  She has
no legal education background.  She doesn't do legal filings for a construction
company.  She has never authored United States Supreme Court briefs.  She
should not act like a legal expert.  She did nothing more than make herself
look like Diane Thompson's fool, in the process. .

For those completely new here, Cipolla was merely served with a Summary
Notice in late July 1978.  Such a thing proves that there was no arrest, as En-
gel and others falsely claimed.  Thus, the arrest narration of Randy Engel,
especially in her saying that an arraignment took place "in City Court at
Police Station #1" was an embarrassing fantasy.

Now,I can quickly explain to you the process one goes through, when one gets
arrested.  But, Diane Thompson will use that explanation to change her story,
yet again, in her saying, "Oh yeah, that's what was done to Cipolla."  Uhhhm,
no it was not,vbeing that Cipolla was only served with a Summary Notice that
was only signed by Thompson.  I even posted the date and page number of the
Pittsburgh Post Gazette edition which informed the public of this, in 1978.  Such
a thing, incidentally, was NOT a newspaper article.  It was a public notice, much
like the notice of a sheriff's sale, a bond issue, etc.

Once again, I am more than willing to declare Cipolla a molester, but the evidence
gathered and the fact-checking done showed the exact opposite.  It thus far shows
that he was the victim of liars who were not too competent at the craft of lying.
Yet, I'm open to whatever non-contradicting witness accounts and whatever evi-
dence is out there to prove the existence of a molester in Anthony Cipolla.  None
the less, Diane Thompson has repeatedly been proven to be a liar, even in what
she stated about me ... to the negation of credibility.

Plus, Tim Bendig lied to me four times in a row, and a number of people confided
to me their allegations that Bendig is a pathological liar who "lies about 90% of
the time."
Don't you think that the Oakland NJ police would
have caught Cipolla in a molestation scam, being that
he was working with them in youth group development?
Would a molester work closely with police while trying
to molest children?  Think.
When I get back to either this Pittsburgh computer or to Chicago, I will convey
the caretaker's message.  Concerning this childcare vet, she too is 70+ years old.
In fact, she presently has a form of cancer which is still in the operable and con-
querable stage.  None the less, she is a country girl of old, and such a person is
know to carry through her life something called common sense.  She never be-
lieved someone simply because that someone said that something was so.

Concerning Engel, there are people out there who feel a sense of devotion to her,
thinking to themselves, "Well, she's prolife.  She must be right."  Ladies & Gentle-
men, think for a moment.   Randy Engel and all other "prolife" activists can be re-
garded as nothing more than utter failures, being that Abortion-on-Demand has
been alive well throughout American for over 44 years.

Now, when a general keeps losing his battles, he gets replaced.  When a coach
keeps losing his games, his too gets replaced.  The pro-life movement in the
United States has been a losing team where the principle players were NOT
good team players.   They all need replaced.

I have to go right now.  I have to get ready for the courthouse filings of this
Pittsburgh visit and I have to see if I get track down a defendant that has been
playing cat and mouse with a certain constable.  Till the next time if there is
a next time.