September 16, 2017

Molestation NOT anatomically doable as was described by Randy Engel: So asserted child care professional of many years

Keep in mind that I am more willing to declare Anthony Cipolla a molester,
if only someone would provide due cause for me to do so.  No evidence yet.
Only fact-checked falsehoods and contradictions.  Incidentally, a witness'
account does not constitute "evidence" until the individual either norarizes
a witness statement for public view or is cross-examined, to see if the per-
son's testimony can be "impeached."  I am waiting for the evidence and
I am equally waiting for testimony that doesn't contradict past testimony,
known fact, and similar witnesses.

The consolidation presentation of the Cipolla Case is forthcoming, now that
the fact-checking, hard copy evidence gathering, and sufficient witness ac-
count conveyance has been completed.  Stayed tuned ... in.  Stay in reality.

Randy Engel did NOT show you this plaque.
In as much, how does a molester get the POLICE
to put a plaque of appreciation into his hands
and not handcuffs around his wrists?  Hello?