September 19, 2017

Let's set the record straight, here & now ... with evidence ... concerning the fact that Anthony Cipolla was NEVER arrested.

Okay, let's cut to the chase and get this done.  Look at the evidence directly
below here.  It is the public notice published in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette,
in late July 1978, on a day when there was no school and therefore no home-
work for Tucker Thompson to be doing at the Mexico Street kitchen table.

The public notice is only three sentences long.  You can read that much.  After
all, it's the evidence to prove that Anthony Cipolla was NOT arrested and put
into handcuffs in July of 1978, as the disrespectful and contemptible Randy
Engel claimed, in her self-assured arrogance.   The notice expressly states that
Anthony Cipolla:
                             was served with a summary notice by
                               police, signed by the youth's mother

A SUMMARY NOTICE is not not not an indictment or an arrest.  Plus, the
hearing that Cipolla was to attend and did attend, only to find out that Diane
Thompson ended up withdrawing her private criminal complaint shortly be-
fore said hearing, was to see if whether or not Anthony Cipolla was going to 
get indicted, arrested, processed, and sent to trial or sent to plea bargaining.  

Thompson exaggerated the whole story to the point of ridiculousness.  That
narration was found to be shear fiction (actionable in a court of civil law) via
fact-checking.  However, experience in how whistle-blower retaliation works
gave an instant red flag that the woman was lying, in addition to the fact that
the same Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux kept changing her story.

All in all, I know whistle-blower retaliation from the front row seat of a wit-
ness.  I was there, in the middle of said whistle-blower retaliation, and I know 
how the M.O. works.  It does NOT transpiration the way in which the overly
sensationalistic Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux said it did.  She fabricat-
ed a fiction, assuming that you are stupid enough to instantly believe her. 

The story was an insult to human intelligence, and it has been now categorical-
ly proven as such, even by one of the two "detectives" who were said  by Randy
Engel) to have arrested Anthony Cipolla,when the truth is that neither one of 
those two gentlemen arrested Cipolla and neither one of those two men were
even detectives.

As I previously stated, when you speak a lot, you get fact-checked a lot.  You 
then, you get caught contradicting yourself and contradicting the known truth 
all the more easily.  

The Nov/Dec 2016 Engel article was very long and wordy.  It was easier to pick-
off the multiplicity of falsehoods stated by Engel than it was to pick-off lint from 
cheap polyester.  
Now look.  It's says SUMMARY NOTICE.  A summary notice is NOT an arrest.
Do you understand, yet?  Diane Thompson is a liar, just like when she said
that Tucker was sitting at the kitchen table, doing his homework on
July 30, when there is NO SCHOOL in Pittsburgh and therefore
no homework for Tucker to be doing.

It then stated that he faced a hearing in city court on Aug. 28.  It was a hearing
which would determine if whether or not Anthony Cipolla was to get arrested,
booked, put into the Pennsylvania criminal court system, rraigned, and set for
trial.  He was NOT yet arrested or indicted, etc.

Wow.  This is soooo frustrating, in trying to get basic information out to the com-
mon public which shows the People that Donald Wuerl is a completely abusive
fraud, living in Marie Antoinette luxury throughout his years of deceit.

Furthermore, Cipolla was served with a summary notice, because the police had
NO EVIDENCE with which to get him indicted via presenting to a judge for sig-
nature a Police Criminal Complaint form.  Therefore, the story of the hospital
finding traces of a lubricant around Tucker's anus is a complete falsehood, es-
pecially in light of the fact that hospitals do NOT do trace testing, but forensics
departments do, and it takes about 56 days for the results to come back.

Think.  When there is a death, it takes weeks to get a toxicology test concluded.

Now, being that I spoke person to person with the retired Officer Mark Ninehous-
er whom Randy Engel erroneous called M.N. Nehouser, we now have a corrobor-
ative witness to testify that the very man who was said by Engel to have arrested
Cipolla categorically stated, in a very easy-going tone of voice, that he did NOT
arrest Cipolla.  He stated that he merely took a report from Diane Thompson,
and then transposed it into a hand-print report that he gave to the detectives.
And that was his only involvement in the case.

In as much, Mark turned out to NOT be a detective as Engel asserted.  Mark was
NOT called ... no police officer was called ... to Diane Thompson's home, on ac-
count of any windows being smashed or any tires being slit.  Moreover, there
was NO POLICE CALL about any 70 year man slapping young Tucker in the
face at a store, on account of "telling on Anthony Cipolla."  Those stories writ-
ten Engel now are proven to be actionable libel.  No such events occurred.

Furthernore, Engel expressly said that Mark Ninehouser and Robert Fogle were
the detectives standing by the side of Diane Thompson until she "dropped crimi-
nal charges" that only a DA or judge can drop.  We now know that there was NO
SUCH INCIDENT of Mark Ninehouser and Robert Fogle being in the DA's own
officer with Diane Thompson, watching her sign a sheet of paper with tears in her
eyes or with tears not in her eyes.  She is now proven to be a complete liar, and
now Randy Engel is on the hook for conveying easily provable lies or extreme
defamation to the public.

At the time of this writing Engel has shown zero signs of contrition and has NOT
sought to correct her ridiculously obvious libel.  So, your lesson is that corruption
is NOT so ornately theatrical.  Corruption tries to go about like a shadow, and go
unnoticed.   Incidentally, I have not yet contacted Bob Colville's survivors, to see
if they want his name cleared via civil action.  Plus,  I don't even know how to con-
tact any surviving family member of Bishop Vincent Leonard.

Concerning Bishop Leonard, Chicago's Mike Volpe and I saw the psychiatric eval-
uations on Anthony Cipolla AND there is NO MENTION of sexual perversion of
any kind in them.  The only mention was DEPRESSION and SUICIDAL TEN-
DENCIES.  Therefore, it is not proven that Diane Thompson lied about Vincent
Leonard telling her that the diocese was aware of an intensely morbid psychiatric
diagnosis of Cipolla.  Engle tried to get you to believe that Cipolla was molesting
kids left and right.  NO ONE, in over 44 years came forth and accused Cipolla of
any wrongdoing, except for proven pathological liar Diane Thompson and proven
con artist and trouble maker Tim Bendig.

Think:  I recently received THREE security clearancers and have had others ones
in years past, yet Thompson made me out to be a violent mad man, even though
she NEVER spoke with me and NEVER received as much as an email from me.
All that she will ever get from me, through an officer of the court, will be a sum-
mons to appear in a court she would much rather not approach.  Then I start talk-
ing to her ... on record ... in very strict and legal settings.  Then she gets the de-
struction that she gave to the Cipolla family.  Bendig too.  And now Randy.
Engel, an utter self-righteously smug buffoon who didn't know that no one is
ever arraigned at a police station and that all Pittsburgh arraignments were
done at the Public Safety Bldg which once was at Grant and First.

Wuerl is conning the public.  Public, please wake-up.  He started lying to the
public as far back as 1979, when he returned from a ten year desk assignment
in Rome.  He deceived the press into thinking that he single-handed wrote the
Teachings of Christ catechism book.  He did this by saying, when you start
writing, you just have the urge to keep on going --- or something to that effect.

Concerning that con game, no one writes a catechism book anew.  A person
simply hands down, via writing, what the original apostles taught.  In fact,
there is a specific outline one must follow in putting the Catholic catechism
to written script.  None the less, there were multiple co-authors and THREE
editors of th bokk, Teachings of Christ.  This is why it was an outrage for
Wuerl to have been photographed solo while holding a copy of that book.
Only sole authors legitimately can do such a thing.

The falsehood that Wuerl recently set forth was that the Cipolla Case involved
judging --- or accepting as evidence --- the allegation that Cipolla molested Tim
Bendig.  The whole Cipolla Case at the Vatican was a procedural case that dealt
with the diagnosis that Cipolla received at St. Luke's in Maryland.  The diagnosis
was DEPRESSION & SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, a diagnosis declared errone-
ous at St. Michael's of NYC.  The Vatican did NOT NOT NOT spend five years
trying to discern if whether or not Cipolla molested Bendig, as Bendig falsey
stated to a journalist.  Bendig is a perpetual liar.  Plus, he NEVER sued me for
calling him a liar ... because he is one.

Here is the evidence that Cipolla was only served with a summary notice that end-
ed up going nowhere, because Diane Thompson withdrew her private criminal com-
plaint shortly before the Auguste 28th hearing, where she was to give to Judge Stepj-
en Laffey "probable cause" that would result in Cipolla finally getting indicted and
having "due process issued upon him."

Concerning the "issuing of process," there is one very simple thing that happens to
the defendant first.  Neither Randy Engel nor Diane Thompson no the Pittsburgh
Post Gazette mentioned what that is, thereby showing that neither entity knew
what they were talking-about, and thereby showing that the whole arrest-and-
retaliation narration was a fabricated exaggeration of what really happened.

Do you finally understand?  This is soooooooo exasperating.  No handcuffs.
No night in jail.  No being released on his own recognizance - - - and quite
frankly - - - I can assure that, if Cipolla were arrested on Indecent Assault
of a Minor charges, the bail would have been approximately $10,000.  In
that type of criminal charge, you do NOT get to prance off on your own

Thus, the lesson here is to NEVER believe anything written by any hag who has
absolutely no legal background of any kind.

You can believe with reasonable plausibility a law student, a paralegal, a lawyer,
a clerk of court, the employee of a corporation who does all of its legal filings,
(from judgments to mechanic's liens to petitions for writs of execution) and
you can even believe with reasonable plausibility an ex-con who was in the
criminal court system.

Believing what novice Randy Engel had to say about the subject was equivalent
to getting advicce on your broken-down car from an adolescent riding a bicycle.

The public notice below is enough evidence to prove that all of the dramatic
narration that Randy Engel typed into her Nov-Dec 2016 three-part article
was complete defamatory FICTION.  Read the notice.

PS --- Keep in mind that the photo posted online which was purported to be
          a section of the 1978 Offense/Incidence Report written by "detectives"
        "M.N. Nehouser (actually it's Ninehouser) and R. Fogle was an obvious
          counterfeit fabrication, because it was handwritten in cursive handwrit-
          ing.  The Pittsburgh police in 1978 were required to hand-print all of
          their reports.

           Moreover, Ninehouser and Fogle were NOT detectives.  Very simply,
           according to Mark Ninehouser himself, he filled-out the true report
           (in hand-printing) and then handed it to the real detectives.

           By the way, contrary to Engel's self-assured and arrogant claim, no
           one in Pittsburgh in the 1970s ever got arraigned at a police station.
           They got arraigned at the PUBLIC SAFETY BLDG that was located
           at Grant and First.

           Now, and only now, is the record set straight.

          Till the next time, if there is a next time,

          Patrick Anthony ... severely hated by some, but needed by others.

Free yourself from the Gulag of the over-domineering Randy Engel and
the easily provable lie she conveyed to Americas, as well as her rude
disrespect for the dead who suffered much while they were alive.
When you realize that she's a fake, you will feel very free.