September 15, 2017

More on the Engel three-part article.

Randy Engel described Tucker Thompson as being A.D.D., unable to sit
still for a moment.  Yet, she claimed that Tucker was sitting peacefully
at the kitchen table, doing his homework with ample concentration on
JULY 30, when there is NO SCHOOL, being that it's known as Sum-
mer Vacation time.  No school means no homework.  Plus, Cipolla
was claimed to have been standing at the kitchen door, wearing a
cassock.  Really?  In the heat of July?  Are you sure about that?

Now, I am more than willing to declare Cipolla a molesting monster,
but I can't do so when all of the fact-checking results show that the
damning allegations and theatrical claims are false.  I am more than
willing to declare Cipolla the criminal of the ages, but you have to
come half way . . . with something called the truth.

Further Preview:

Engel described the home scene as one where Tucker would check-in on
his parents at night, as an ever so holy, loving, and protective saint, to see
if they were still safe from Cipolla's violent and evil thugs.  Therefore, En-
gel made it appear as if there was a dad living with the family in a healthy
household ... even though, in church teaching, the second husband con-
stituted an adulterer, being that marriage is an indissoluble union.

None the less, Engel made it appear that, during the days when, as Engel
put it, Cipolla was "grooming" Tucker for molestation, a dad was there in
Tucker's life.  Well, the contradiction is that, in 1995, the Pittsburgh Post
Gazette quoted  Diane Thompson as having said that her "second husband"
and her separated years prior, and that there was no husband in the house. 
She said that she was on her own, and wasn't a lawyer, etc. 

However, Thompson told the Post Gazette that the 1970s husband would
come back into her life, from time to time, and then leave it within a short
while.  So, she sounded credible in stating that she consulted with the se-
cond husband about the Cipolla Case.  Even at that, there is a major con-
tradiction involved.  It goes as follows .......

Randy Engel, in 2016, stated that Thompson was (invalidly) married for a
third time in 1984.  If this is the case, the Thompson lied to the public in
1995 when she said that her 1970s husband was occasionally comings back
into her life, even in the 1990s.   Either Engel told another falsehood or else
there were two men in the same bed with Thompson, from time to time.

Added Preview:

Engel stated that Bishop Vincent Leonard was criminally negligent after
Father Richard Ginder was arrested and arraigned in 1969.  The facts go
as follows:

1} Ginder did NOT have a parish assignment since 1964.  In 1969, he was
not living in a parish or school setting.  He was on Murray Avenue, in the
avant-garde Squirrel Hill.

2} In 1969, he was only facing porn charges.  So, Judge Joseph F. Weis gave
Ginder ten years probation and then court ordered him into psychotherapy,
upon which he went to Friends Hospital, in Philadelphia.  Quakers are
known as the Society of Friends, and William Penn was a Quaker.

3} Ginder spent 6 years in psychotherapy.

4} In early 1976, Ginder went on the Phil Donohue to promote his very
anti-Catholic book which mocked the sexual morality teachings of the

This was followed by Bishop Leonard barring Ginder from presenting him-
self as a priest in the Diocese of Pittsburgh and from operating as a priest
in any capacity, in the same diocese. 

It wasn't until two years later that he was arrested on the Southside of Pitts-
burgh.  Bishop Leonard was NOT negligent, as Engel claimed.  Ginder was
long gone from Catholic Church ministry.  Randy  Engel lied.   Leonard did
NOT have a habit of coverup and retaliation. Donald Wuerl did, as in Frs.
Torquato, Pucci, Zula, Wolk, Wellinger, Huff, the attempted school-bus
murder of Adam Ference by a fellow student, etc.

One More Preview:

Randy Engel made Diane Thompson (Mangum) sound like a virtuously
married woman who simply married too young.  Well, Thompson alleged
to the public that she was born in 1946.  She then alleged that her second
husband was brutally injured in 1965, at a military base that did NOT
exist.  Plus plus plus, she claimed that she had two children in her first
marriage.  Now watch . . .

If Thompson (aka Mangum) did tell the truth about her date of birth, then
she got pregnant with her first child at the age of 16 or 17 and her second
child was conceived directly thereafter, at the of 17 or 18.   Plus, she had
a "second husband" by the age of 19, if she's didn't lie about her year of
birth.  Was she pregnant with another man's child, when the second guy
proposed to her?

How many girls get the permission to marry at the age of 16 or even 17
in the modernized 1960s? Was Thompson (aka Mangum) born in 1946. Until things go
to, we won't know for sure about anything averred (claimed to be true) by her.
All in all, nothing that Thompson (aka Mangum) states can be believed.
Trying to make sense of her many contradictory assertions is the act of
inducing Instant Insanity.  People drop her stories and write her off, for
the sake of their mental health . . . . literally.

As I previously stated, when you are confusing police officers, and when
they have no evidence to produce to a judge, they throw up their hands and
simply say, "Have her tell it to the judge."  They then have the confusing
person fill-out a private criminal complaint. 

Well, Cipolla was NOT arrested, being that no police officer wrote a Police
Arrest/Complaint affidavit.  Cipolla was served with a summary notice only
signed by Thompson (Mangum.)  I stated this about ten times in previous
writings, but for some reason, the Randy engel who does zero legal work
and never authored a U.S. Supreme Court brief, know better.  People be-
lieved her embarrassing description of an arrest that never happened, not
to mention her con-artist explanation of the expungement process.  Now
you see how a Hitler or a Wuerl could easily rise in power.  They rise on
the gullibility of the People.

Quick Note:  I'll be returning to Pittsburgh for a week or so in the middle of
February (2017).  This means that I'll be able to pickup a box or two of hard
copy evidence pertaining to the hideously defamed Anthony Cipolla.  I will
be free to talk in person ... or to take evidence or phone numbers from any
willing source, concerning anything that pertains of the corruption of the
Cardinal Donald Wuerl who even has been trying to officially overthrow
the 2,000 year old doctrine of the Catholic Church ... especially as it to a
pivotal teaching of Saint Paul, himself.  Such a thing is a snake's slither.


The irony to recent transpirations is that I was 1} going to wind-down,
2} do a final piece on the Cipolla Case, 3} and then let the whole thing
go, followed by me moving-on in life.

Then came the literary assault and battery by Randy Engel & her accomplices,
in a sophomorically written three-part article.  This was accompanied by her
insult to the intelligence, in her acting as if she were a legal expert, in describe-
ing a criminal process that doesn't even exist in a parallel universe.

That three-part article was so egregiously non-factual that it called for an edu-
cated response.  It was a rude imposition forced upon me, being that I found
that certain people were gullible enough to believe the whole article, even
though there is no school on July 30 in Pennsylvania, and therefore, there
was no child was sitting at the kitchen table doing his homework. 

Due to time limitations, I was only able to post online a series of notes on how
non-factual is Randy Engel's Nov/Dec 2016 article.  I have yet to show you
Randy Engel's dishonesty, in concealing that which defended Cipolla.  That
article was a Kangaroo Court Brief.  I'm willing to declare him a criminal.
But, the evidence that fell into my hands proved the opposite.  I am still
waiting for damning evidence.
Randy Engel was NOT honest enough to post this.
Cipolla managed large youth groups and NO ONE
in those groups accused him of wrongdoing.
If he were an out-of-control monster, he
would have had many accusers.

Furthermore,  Tim Bendig was publicly caught lying about the Cipolla Case. 
I have already mentioned an instance or two.  Very simply, he was easy to
write off when it was discovered that he told the public that he now had the
money he needed for intense psychotherapy, oly to take that money and buy
the Two-Step Lounge from the Levitske Brothers.  Then, him lying to me
four times in a row sealed the conclusion.  Plus, his Facebook post, in claim-
ing to have spent years and thousands of dollars to get something done that
does NOT take that much time and money, doubly confirmed that he is just
a con artist, not to mention his description of being molested the first time,
and and and him accusing 9 priests and 14 seminarians of unnatural conduct.

Diane Thompson (Mangum) has repeatedly been found to be a compulsive
liar, via fact-checking, her contradicting her past allegations, and her via
her stating things contrary to known fact.  I gave more than enough ex-

Now, as far as goes Wuerl, shortly after randy Engel's damning and very
non-factual article (at least in as far as goes her description of Pennsylva-
nia Criminal Procedure) made a public apology to Tim Bendig, for not
believing Tim Bendig.  Now, does this mean that Wuerl believes the
accusations of Tim Bendig against Bishop David Zubik?  Well, if Ci-
polla is as falsely accused as the fact-checking is thus far showing, then
Wuerl just walked into a libel lawsuit.

None the less, I am more than willing to publicly declare Anthony Cipolla
a molesting monster who earned a ringside seat in Hell.  However, the fact-
checking resulted in the accusations being proven lies.

It was not a matter of there being no evidence.  The evidence exists, and
it proves lies ... falsehoods ... contradictions.   So, if Cipolla were a mo-
lester, you need to produce something called the Turth.

Please be patient.  I will return and finish this, when the time permits it
to be done.  For now ..........


I quickly learned that nothing said by Diane Thompson (aka Mangum) can be
readily believed.  Concerning this, I have a quick question: 

How many of you actually thought that I was Anthony Cipolla in disguise? 

How many of you were absolutely certain that Thompson (aka Mangum) was
deliberately lying, when she asserted that I didn't exist and was only Cipolla
in disguise?

I also learned that nothing that Randy Engel states can be readily believed.
when I have the time, I'll take her remaining articles off of my sites.

By the way, do you think that Archbishop Fulton Sheen was a homosexual,
on account of him wearing a cape on TV?   Do you think that any pope who
wears red Renaissance-era shoes is a homo?   Was Anthony Quinn, the star
of the Shoes of a Fisherman," a homo?  Well, according to Randy Engel,
the traditional red Shoes of the Fisherman are homo shoes.  

Sonny Corleone's pink mafia shirt in Godfather Part 1, therefore, is a homo
shirt, according to Engel.  So, are mafia guys all homos?  Bull fighters would
be homos too, because they wear shoes likened to the Shoes of the Fisherman.

What about Joe Namath and his white shoes ... and Billy White Shoes Johnson?
Were they homos, too?

The bottom line is that you must proceed with honest point-counterpoint.
Thomas Aquinas did this, in his volumes of writings.  You must not pro-
ceed like a Kangaroo Court Judge or you will find yourself in civil court
as a defendant.

Perhaps Engel thought that, now Cipolla is dead, she can't be sued.  Well, how
do you explain Nicole Brown Simpson?  You explain it by her family taking ac-
tion against O.J. Simpson and prevailing.  Anthony Cipolla's brother wants the
family named restored.  For those not aware, Vince Cipolla was an electrician,
and he felt so much shame that he suffered a great deal in his personal life.  The
details will remain confidential.

When you condemn some one publicly, you better have the evidence, and not
just the telephone conspiracy of hags in their late 60s and 70s.  It's curious to
find that the young women of the Sexual Revolution Years turned out to be
the most crass, in-your-face witches.  Gentleness is the attribute of the Holy
Spirit.  the Holy Spirit is Truth.  Harsh women who would formed during
the years of the 1960s Sexual Revolution which was actually started by the
Elvis Pressley who died in disgrace do not proceed in Truth.  they cause a
lot of pain and act all so self-righteously smug in the process.

I have to go, right now.