September 09, 2017

Mexico Street, Part 1: To prove how much of a liar Diane Thompson is.

Welcome to the Mexico Street mentioned by Randy Engel in herdamning telephone gossip 
article against Anthony Cipolla. We are looking for a one-floor domicile, under at least one
floor of apartments and equipped with a kitchen door.  These townhouses do not qualify, 
because they are multi-floor dwellings w/ upstairs, downstairs, and basement.  That 
wall of short concrete protecting the townhouses from car traffic is called a Jersey Barrier.
In re:  The three-part Randy Engel article of Nov/Dec 2016, where she narrates
an overly theatrical and virtually hysteric account of Anthony Cipolla being the
molester of a family in such a way that numerous contradictions and blatant
falsehoods were uncovered via fact-checking.  That which was contradicted

1} the most basic facts pertaining to the Pennsylvania Code of Criminal Proce-
dure,  2} the October 13, 1995 Pittsburgh Post Gazette article which quoted the
damning accusations of Diane Thompson against Cipolla, DA Bob Colville, and
former Pittsburgh bishop, Vincent Leonard,  3} documented fact,  4} the answers
given to me personally by one of the two "detectives" who were asserted to have
arrested Anthony Cipolla, when they did no such thing.

The setting was Mexico Street, on the Northside of Pittsburgh ... in Brighton
Heights.  Actually, it was more close to a suburb known as BELLEVUE.  The
street was parallel to the very active CALIFORNIA AVE which is a long stretch
of road that passes train tracks and a massive US Postal facility.  Mexico Street
is also adjacent to the Termon Ave which gets busy at the rush hours.

If you look toward the west, while on Mexico Street, you can see the Ohio River
and the four-land highway which travels parallel to the river for approximately
30 or so miles, until you literally drive into the main street of Beaver Falls, PA,
a town made famous by Super Bowl champion Joe Namath.  That road is known
as Route 65.  However, you can NOT commit vandalism on Mexico Street and
run toward Route 65, for an effective escape.  This is because you will encounter
a pronounced drop in the land, equivalent of the slope of a sink hole.

In fact, if you do commit vandalism on Mexico Street, it's pretty easy to get caught ...
... or at least be seen by a sufficient of witnesses.  Therefore, the reports of Diane
Thompson being victimized by slashed tires and broken windows was easy to sur-
mise as another sensationalistic falsehood.

Now, Thompson's specific claims of vandalism were instantly dispelled & summar-
ily debunked by one of the two police officers whom Randy Engel claimed to have
arrested Cipolla.  His name is Mark Ninehouser and his averment of fact is that he
did nothing more than go to Diane Thompson's residence and hand-printed a report
which he then gave to the detectives.  He was never called to respond to a vandalism
at Thompson's home and he surely wasn't called to any store to respond to any claim
of any man of any age slapping young Tucker Thompson in fact for any reason.

Of course, in her repertoire of proven lies, Diane Thompson claimed that a 70 year
old man slapped young Tucker in the face, for reporting Cipolla to his mother.  Uhm,
I know Pittsburgh, and something like that would never have happened in the 1970s.
Hags hits kids in the face, not Pittsburgh men who fear getting caught up in a crimi-
nal court system or in a civil lawsuit.

Quite frankly, if any store owner knew of the accusations against Anthony Cipolla,
he/she would have kept a distinct distance from Tucker, n fear that Diane Thompson
would file a private criminal complaint against the store owner, also.  The logic is
that such a woman is trigger-happy with filing private criminal complaints.

Keep in mind that I worked throughout the City of Pittsburgh and the nearby
bureaus for consecutive years and I know the Pittsburgh mindset.  Engel did
NOT here where I am presently writing, as I wait to get called back to Chica-
go for another round of life in what used to be the prairie lands of Illinois.
Thus, Engel doesn't know how we think.

Anyway, the assertion of Engel is that Tucker used to have a female buddy he would
regularly visit who lived in an upstairs apartment from him.  Plus, a completely de-
bunked claim of Diane Thompson and Randy Engel was that Cipolla appear at the
apartment's "kitchen door" at the end of July, clad in a cassock, as young Tucker,
afflicted with ADD, was sitting at the kitchen table studiously doing his home-
work on a day when there was no school anywhere in the Sovereign State of

In as much, we need to find an apartment that is one-floor only and which has a
kitchen door.  That was a challenge.  When you see the panorama of photos I took
of Mexico Street a couple weeks before the writing of this article / text / post, you
will understand.  .

Two quick points:  1}  In the 1960s and 1970s, if you buddied-up with a girl, you
were sissy.  Interest in girls didn't arise until the age of 12 or 13.  Now, there was
the phenomenon of having a crush on a teacher, but not on a nine year old girl.
So, either Diane Thompson lied again or else Tucker was in a dysfunctional
setting.  Going by memory, youths aged 8, 9, 10 wanted to go down to the
nearest creek, play army, turn their bicycles into hot rods and Hollywood
stunct vehicle, play with hot wheel cars, go to the camera and card shop
and pickup model kits of the hottest hot rods in existence, play baseball,
go see a Pittsburgh Pirate baseball game, study about the NASA program,
watch war movies, detective movies, monster movies, get taken to the
nearest drag strip by their older brothers, watch neighbors supe-up their
cars, etc.  Only 8 and 9 year old sissies play Barbie Dolls with their 9
year old neighbors.

2} No one with whom I have spoken EVER saw Anthony Cipolla wear a
cassock.  This includes Anthony's own electrician brother and Cipolla's
6'6" friend who was actually the son of the man who personally knew
Padre Pio during the American occupation of Italy after WWII.

The northern end of Mexico Street.

An assisted living home.  No back-kitchen doors here,

                                          TO BE CONTINUED ... WITH NARRATIVES.