March 04, 2017

Quit harassing me . . . . Either file a lawsuit against me or shut up . . . . First, retain a law firm . . . . Then, have it send me a demand letter . . . .

Artifical gaudiness = the veneer plastered over evil, to make evil look good.
The accusations against the late Anthony Cipolla by Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux
overly theatrical sensationalism., mingled with contradictions and overt falsehoods.
For those of you who actually are educated, perhaps this photo reminds you of Baudelaire's 
Flowers of Evil,  aka   Les Fleurs du Mal.
Do you know what temptation is?  ANS:  It's a demon's way of creating a diver-
sionary tactic that will prevent you from doing good.  It's meant to intimidate
you into inactivity and to knock you off balance.

Do you know what is the screeching, brawling, & cyber bullying of the 70+
year old Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux-Whatever?  ANS: It's her way
of creating a diversion, so that you won't view the fact-checked investigative
findings of her theatrical & sensationalistic accusations against an Anthony
Cipolla whom she caused to suffer tremendously.  She was repeatedly caught
lying and contradicting past accusations.  She's a story-changer, the first sign
of a liar.

She also attempted to get you to hate me so badly that you will want to do any
form of violence to me.  She sought to provoke someone into doing what it
takes to get Wuerlgate either offline or regarded as a hoax.  She even pub-
licly sought to have a law firm come forth and sue me.  No law firm has
ever contacted me on behalf of Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux.  In
fact, no law firm has ever sent me a demand letter or warning on behalf
of anyone on Earth, and I have never been sued.  The only encounters I
have had with law firms was in their capacity as counsel for the defend-
ants I or the C-corporation for whom I have worked had in federal court
or State court.

Now, she went to obsessive lengths to get you to conclude that I am a liar.  She
even went to the point of claiming that I was Anthony Cipolla in disguise.  Well,
if I am such a liar, then why did not Attorney Douglas Yauger file a civil action
against me in the name of Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux-Whatever.her.  If I am such a liar, then why didn't Douglas Yauger file a
libel suit against me on behalf of the Tim Bendig whom I call a liar and con

Why did not Wuerl sue me in the past ten years, on account of what I wrote
about him?  Why did not Father James Torquato sue me, if I am such a liar?
Add to the mix Ann Rodgers (formerly known as Melnick).  Plus, if I am
such a liar, then why hasn't any law firm contacted me on behalf on Randy
Engel and threatened to sue me?  Why didn't Bishop Edward Burns sue me,
if I am such a liar?  Why didn't Frank Labiaux get a law firm to read me the
Riot Act, on account of what I wrote about him.  Where are all of their law-
suits against me, if I am such a libelous liar from the Depths of Hell?  Think.
Gaudy tales w/ too much hype are the tales of a liar.
Moreover, there is supposed to be a Mr. Mangum out there, assumably living
with the former teen-pregnancy-queen, Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux.
Why has he not contacted me and either threatened me or asked me to engage
in a mature and civilized conversation with him?  Where is Mr. Mangum?  Is
he the original Invisible Man?

All in all, if I am such a liar, then where are all of the Libel and False Light law-
suits against me?  Surely one person against whom I wrote would have found a
law firm to unleash its wrath upon me.  In fact, where is Bill Donohue's damn-
ing and/or derisive articles about me, if I am such a liar?


She wants you not to think.  She wants you to not read the findings of involved
research and investigation.  She wants you to not look at the true evidence.  But,
Mark Ninehouser has been located, Bendig was also found to be a serial liar, and
an added credible witness here and there has come forth, meaning one thing.  It's
over.  It's finished.  Diane Thompson has been completely revealed as a complete
liar, except for her mention of badge numbers 46 and 37 which is easy to see on a
police officer's uniform.  The lie was equating those badge numbers with detectives,
and then claiming that men affixed to those badge numbers arrested Anthony Cipol-
la and then accompanied her in the DA's officer.

The findings have been made known, in principle part

This included me posting pertinent newspaper issues and page numbers, such as
the one which proves that a 12 yr old Frank Labiaux did NOT commit any form
of  fire-extinguisher-vandalism upon a nearby African-American church in 1977,
as Randy Engel boldly claimed.

In all of the screeching, ranting, and raving she does online, Diane Thompson-
Mangum-Labiaux basically is trying to make sure that you can't hear me .... to
make sure that you won't read me.

Now, the Pontillo URL's, in aggregate ... in total ... are already approaching
the 5 million pageview mark.  In fact, the Fourth Edition of the Wuerlgate
site has gone over 325,000 pageviews, alone.  In as much,  It's a little too
late for Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux-Whatever-her-real-name-is
too succeed in making sure that no one views the Wuerlgate site.

She is merely wailing in desperation right now, because she knows what
she did to make herself subject to massive legal trouble, concerning the
relatively near future ... though not tomorrow, next week, or even  next

If I am such a liar, then why can't Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux get
a law firm to sue me?  I'm sure that mighty Donald Wuerl could get her a
high priced attorney and clean my clock. So, it goes like this:

Either sue me or shut up.

I'm quite sure (sarcasm here) that a law firm's heart will be touched and its
lawyers intent on destroying me when Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux-or-what
ever-her-name-now-is tells the lawyers that:

1}she ... and not a judge or DA ... filed criminal charges,

2}  and that a detective named M.N. Nehouser (proven to not have existed)
      stood beside her with a look of disappointment, as she signed a sheet of
      paper that she claimed she couldn't read, because she had tears in her eyes,
      even though that would have meant that she couldn't even see the line upon
      which to sign.

3}and that there miraculously was school in Allegheny County on July 30, 1978.

4}  and that ADD student, Tucker, miraculously was cured enough to actually
      sit diligently at his kitchen table and do his July 30th homework.

5}and that an Anthony Cipolla who was never seen clad in a cassock in his
    life appeared at the kitchen door wearing a cassock in the heat of summer.

6}  and that this M.N. Nehouser was telephoned immediately and responded
      to the home in minutes, even though Officer Mark Ninehouser said that,
      after he wrote-down the statement of Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux,
      and then printed it on a form, followed by him handing it to the real detec-
      tives, he had nothing further to do with Diane Thompson or her household.

7}and that miraculously, the police had the power to release a defendant on his
    own recognizance without him first appearing before a judge and without hav-
    ing a judge sign the recognizance order.

8}  and that a military base that closed-down in 1946 and became a tourist site
      miraculously became a special forces training center in 1965.

9} and that city court was miraculously found to exist in a police station, as op-
     posed to Judge Laffey's magisterial district office.

10} and that a 12 year old Frank Labiaux committed fire-extinguisher vandalism
       upon a nearby African-American church in 1977, when the Pittsburgh Post
      Gazette didn't report on that vandalism  until November 1978, where it stated
      that the vandalism was done by two youths, aged 14 and 15, and who returned
      to the same church two weeks later and slit the tires in the church parking lot.

Oh yes, that law firm's personnel will see the undeniable truth in Diane Thompson's
testimony and immediately file a life-destroying lawsuit against me, thereby shutting
me up for all time.  Oh, and they will definitely believe that I am Anthony Cipolla in
disguise, as Diane publicly
Evil comes under the guise of good ... or glamorous.
While Wuerl lived here, this was the House of Evil.

The results are in.  It's finished.  The undeniable proof is that "they" lied about
the man formerly known as Father Anthony Cipolla.   Thus,  the only way for
"them" to get out of this one is for the Diane Thompson People or the Donald
Wuerl People or the Tim Bendig People to bribe retired police officer, Mark
Ninehouser and three other witnesses, followed by hiring a hit-man who will
put me permanently out of commission, and by having an arsonist burn every
copy of the hardcopy evidence in the Wuerlgate files, not to mention ransack-
ing Mike Volpe's own filing cabinet in Chicago, as well as invading another
home and removing from it the digital copies of the hard-copy evidence that
were put there for safety purposes.

All in all, the more you push me, the more I push back and don't cower in a
corner.  Father James Torquato and the Donald Wuerl People already learned
the habit of mine.

It's a bit of a mystery as to why would anyone think that Diane Thompson's
cyber bullying of me ... that her harassing me which occurred as recently as
March 23, 2017 ... would get me to back-down from my investigation and
cower into a corner.  Doesn't she realize that it was her cyber bullying of me
that provided me with the fuel and motivation to keep going and finish the
project?  It's simple, the harder you push me, the harder I push back.

The very things she did with the intention of getting me to back-down are the
very things that kept me motivated to stay on course.

Now, I'm trying to be nice, and not call the police when I get harassed by some-
one whom I publicly told to NEVER attempt to contact me, again  . . .  in any
form.  I'm exhibiting a lot of patience in this matter.  So, let it be noted for the

I have to go, right now.  There's more.  Till the next time, if there is a next time.