July 26, 2017

The Sophomoric Game Plan to Destroy the Wuerlgate Author

Above:  An on-site delivery ticket for 4 & 3/4 yards of concrete signed
by the author of A Wuerl of Hurt, Patrick Pontillo, shortly after
the concrete was poured.  Randy Engel tried to prove that he
was not in construction and was therefore lying to the public.
Thus is more proof that Engel is out of touch with reality.
It was super simple.  Nothing clever about it.  Randy Engel calls on a late June
week night at 10:30 pm.  That's when construction workers need to be sleeping,
being that, in the Summertime, construction workers get up at 5 am & 6 am.
None the less, the rude hag called me at that time, when a construction work-
er is wracked, fatigued, and very much off guard, floating into Dreamland.

Engel said that she was going to research the Cipolla Case anew and asked me
if she could use my evidence and illustrations.  I said yes, and I was extremely
polite, to the point of playing dumb.  She then asked if she could telephone me
in the future, concerning her research.  Of course, I said yes.  THEN:

The Hag Attack

Engel said ... to the effect ... "Oh. I hear you are in construction.  In all the 
time I knew you,  I didn't know that you were in construction?   How can 
someone with asthma be in construction?"

Firstly, a lot of guys in construction develop breathing problems of one sort or
another.  In fact, I know what it is to be in a closed-in basement filled with con-
crete dust haze, while everyone down there . . . including me . . . were short of
breath, followed by everyone putting on a respiratory and/or dust mask.  A num-
ber of construction workers come in healthy and leave with a respiratory condi-

In fact, there were times, in the headquarter office, when every guy in the office
had one type of  breathing problem or another.  So, welcome to the wide world
of construction that keeps you safe, warm, & cozy at our expense.

I answered Engel by saying that I was able to work in construction via respira-
tors.  I used the word, "face masks," being that I wasn't able to think freely, on
account of the fact that I knew I was in a vicious ambush, and I felt constricted
as to what to say.

None the less, Engel was clueless about the VOC-free revolution going on in
the construction industry today, where workers with asthma are spared of res-
pirator irritation when VOC-free paints, water-based curing compounds, and
other green products that are now used.  I get asthma when I walk into a home
reeking with air fresheners in it, or near cars reeking with fragrance products.

I usually don't get hit with asthma at an outdoor construction site where there
is a lot of air space.  The problem is that chemically laden air fresheners are
everywhere indoors and in parking lots in gluttonous America.  Gluttonous
food supply is American.  Gluttonous heroine addiction is American, and
gluttonous tattoo displays on a single-solitary arm are American, along
with gluttonous vices, etc.  America is a gluttonous nation.  Therefore,
Randy Engel's generation utterly failed at raising an entire generation
of children.

Meanwhile, back at the Bat Cave

Randy Engel was playing gotcha journalism at the end of a construction work-
er's day, when he might be tired & wracked, after having done field work.  Or
he could be stressed and mentally drained, after having done estimating work,
project administration work, or legal work ... especially when being sued.  I do
legal work, from time to time, as a part of my job description.

All in all, Engel was picking to ambush me at a time that's usually a vulnerable
time.  All in all, Randy Engel presented herself as a friendly telephone caller at
a rude hour of the night and then she went for the kill.  And what she was actu-
ally doing?

For legal purposes, the following is presented as MY OPINION.  You cannot
get sued in America for stating your opinion.  Rather, you get sued for stating
falsehoods, for deceiving people, for endangering people, for breaching con-
tracts, for violating warranties, for breaking property, for negligence, and and
and for Malice Aforethought, etc.  In as much, a common American expression
is, "You're entitled to your own opinion, but you're never entitled to your own 

     Q:  So, what was Engel knowingly or unwittingly doing that June night?

ANS:  Someone was provoking Engel into finding proof that could result in
           a certain con artist claiming that I was a liar hiding behind a construc-
           tion company facade, while operating a molestation ring ... that I was
           operating a molester ring under the guise of being in construction.

           In addition, Engel wanted me to be declared a liar, so that I would
           no longer have any credibility in anything that I have ever written.
           She lunged for my jugular vein.

Now, all that I have to do is show you a showcase of photos proving that
I am in construction, and those of you with common sense will realize that
Engel is in a non-reality mode when you also take into account that she ac-
tually stated that Archbishop Fulton Sheen was probably a homosexual, be-
cause he wore on air, during his hit television show, a traditional cape called
a ferraiolo.  It was standard-issue for bishops and cardinals.  But, according
to Randy Engel, it's the sign of a homosexual.  Thus, according to Engel, all
bishops and cardinals are homosexual.

Incidentally, Fulton Sheen's canonization process is underway, and a miracle
has been attributed to him.  Plus, his TV show ran from 1952 to 1959.  In fact,
he won an Emmy Award out of the starting gate, in 1952, during an era when
consensual homosexuality was literally a felony in every American state.  Yet,
Engel made the snide comment about him, for wearing traditional clerical
clothing in the 1950s, while on TV.

Then there was Engel's comment about Bendig XVI, because he wore the tra-
ditional red shoes of the Fisherman, the Medieval and Renaissance footware
of the pope.  Engel might as well have declared all of Italy gay for the pass
1,000 years.  However, if Italy were gay for a 1,000 years, there would be
no Italians left on this planet.

One more thing:  I spent a lot of timing writing and doing photography, and
those long hours prove that I'm not moonlighting as the operator of any type
"Pederasty Protection Ring."  My interest is female companionship to the
point of having a woman who can finish my sentences.  Got it?

In re:  The New Jersey Conspiracy Theory Friend of Engel . . . 
               whose name I never mention for legal purposes.

It's simple.   I insulted her, and the reasonable person would understand
that she would love to revenge me and belittle me, so that she could been
seen as high and mighty.  Remember, I told her to never contact me again,
as far back as the Year 2011.  In fact, I told her to get out of my life.

Then, in 2016, I started getting emails from her again that were being sent
to groups of people.  So, I let it go.  Then, she contacted me individually.
Next, she contacted Mike Ference, telling him that Cipolla was this evil
molester.  Well, Mike was the one who arraigned the 2009 meeting with
Cipolla and me, because Mike believed that Cipolla very much could
have be innocent of charges that were NEVER filed against in any
court of law.

Then, came Randy Engel's phone call and the decapitation attempt  By the
way, Mike calls the 68 or 69 yr old conspiracy theory housewife of New
                                        " That crazy (name withheld.)"

Also by the way, Mike and I have not been in contact  with each other for
a number of months.  We live two entirely different worlds and have entire-
ly different goals.

In looking at the photos below, keep in mind that the molester ring accu-
sation came ONLY from a  70+ year old brawling woman named Diane
Mangum-Thompson-Labiaux who identified herself as a disabled senior,
meaning that she isn't an acrobatic spy who can go throughout a garage,
a loading dock, an airport, and a secret lair, gatheing evidence of any
kind of molester's ring.

She simply wrote that libel, thinking that you
are really stupid and would believe that a hag-with-walker ... or soon to
be in need of a walker ...was trailing & tailing automobiles and private
jets, bringing in the evidence.  She thought that you would be stupid
enough to believe everything she said.  After all, Randy Engel fell for

Thus, Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux only stated the libel, because my site
reveals her fraudulent misrepresentations.  I

Okay then, let's shut Randy Engel and her good good New Jersey Con-
spiracy Theory friend down.  Proof that I am in construction ... and that
Randy Engel is an insufferable annoying battle ax twit ... goes as follows:

At the left bottom section of this invoice in my signature.
Only a guy in construction would sign this.  Throughout the years, I signed 
over one or even two thousand docs.  This includes delivery tickets,
bills of lading,  invoices,  receipts, will call orders,  
 purchase orders, and checks, as well as money orders.

My signature is in the middle of this sheet, below the items-ordered-list.
Only a guy in construction would sign this.  So, you go to Hell, Randy Engel,
and take Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux with you.
My signature is at the lower righthand corner of this delivery ticket.
This is a place where construction workers dump their demolition material.
Do you see how easy it is to trace my whereabouts through any given day?
Do you see that Randy Engel is out of touch with reality and was nothing
more than the dupe of Diane Labiaux-Thompson-Mangum?
That's my signature at the bottom, and only a guy in construction would sign this
delivery ticket.  The 70+ year old Randy Engel is either a vicious hag or a dupe.
Do you see my signature at the lower middle sector of the sheet?
Do you realize that I am not pretending to be in construction
while operating a molester protector ring through the Wuerlgate
site, as Diane Thompson claimed?  She thought that she was being
clever and would be able to destroy. me.  But her claim was easy to
prove a fraud, and now I must destroy her in more than one courts of law.
Unless you are blind or a deliberate liar, you can see my signature at the bottom
middle sector of this invoice, thereby proving that I am NOT hiding behind any
false claim of being in construction, while operating a molester protector ring
via this Wuerlgate site.  Do you realize yet that Diane Thompson is nothing
but a liar and the Randy Engel is a dupe and that her New Jersey Conspiracy
Theory friend needs to be court-ordered into psychiatric assessment?
That's Patrick Anthony Pontillo, the author of A Wuerl of Hurt, and
NOT the deceased Anthony Cipollia in disguise  Do you see the blueprints
(the engineer's plans) in his hands, of the David L. Lawrence Convention 
Center in Downtown Pittsburgh.? Now, only a guy in construction would be 
holding  blueprints in a construction trailer.    Got it, yet?
This is a photo of the author of  A Wuerl of Hurt.
Is this good enough proof for you that he is experienced in construction?
Do you realize that Diane Thompson was performing a con game, all along?
This is actually a historic photo of the last heavy equipment operator 
to ever work on the demolition of the formerly world famous
J&L Steel Works in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.

Above IS the author of A Wuerl of Hurt.   You need to you understand 
that Randy Engel is a mean-spirited buffoon who became the dupe of
Diane Thompson-Mangum.  She also became the puppet of a 67 year old
 conspiracy theory obsessive housewife in New Jersey who is so out of touch 
that she once told me that Engel was once a ballerina in an elite ballet company.
Engel was NOT.  Can I have some peace, now?
    Added proof of being in construction is this Pennsylvania Child Abuse History 
    Clearance.  It's absolutely required to possess, in order to do construction work 
    on any school property in the Sovereign State of Pennsylvania.

    This brings us to a new question.  What is the next defamatory story
     that will be told by Diane Thompson-Mangum-Labiaux and how
     many people will be stupid enough to believe it at the outset?

    Anyway, read this or eat it in a court of law.

While we're on this topic, posted below is evidence of my FBI Clearance.  The bottom line is that the 70+ year old Diane Thompson-Mangum, former teen pregnancy queen of the 1960s, performed typical whistle-blower retaliation against me for finding out that she heavily lied about Anthony Cipolla.  Cipolla was NEVER arrested as Thompson and Randy Engel claimed.  Retired officer, Mark Ninehouser, told me so.  

Plus, he was NOT a detective in 1979, when Thompson accused Cipolla.  Several articles within Wuerlgate expose the accusations in detail.  For example, young Frank did NOT vandalize any nearby church with a fire extinguisher in 1978.  He was said to have done so out have resentment for having been alleged molested in Detroit, in a scenario that had holes all through it.    Two juvenile deliquents did the extinguisher vandalism the year prior, in a black Methodist church, followed by them slitting every tire in the parking of that same church, many months later.  Apparently, Randy Engel never did any fact checking.    

Anyway, Engel failed at her decapitation of me.  Shortly thereafter, Diane Thompson spread the rumor that I was Anthony Cipolla in disguise operating a child molester's ring, when I am a construction worker from Pittsburgh Steeler country, working in Chicagoland when called to do so.
Now, you know that construction workers aren't limp wristed prisses.  In fact, there is one blatant piece of proof that Diane Thompson doesn't believe that I ever was Cipolla operating a child molester protection ring.  She never called the police on me and got me indicted or even questioned.  Randy Engel never called the police on me and got me interrogated.  The hag friend of Engel who lives in Jersey never called the police on me and got me questioned and/or investigated.   

I am being very kind and patient about all of this.  
Word of very serious advise:  You do NOT want to be my mortal enemy.