September 11, 2017

Let's review Randy Engel's two personal lies told in her Nov/Dec 2016 three-part article that was fact-checked and found filled with falsehoods.

This is an August photo.  Cipolla died in August.
I should have time this weekend to do the official report on the Cipolla Case which
I will also post online.  This is what bar members get to view, as well as a certain
agent in the State Attorney General's office.  Then again, I might turn it into the
Reader's Digest version, just so that you'll see how intensely you were deceived
by Wuerl ... Bendig ... Thompson-Labiaux-Mangum ... Ann Rodgers, etc.

Now, Randy Engel posted as reality Diane Thompson's fact-checked falsehoos.
Engel also told two personal lies . . . or else she has Alzheimer's Disease at 70+
years of age.  Moreover, she proved herself to be an utter moron when it comes
to basic knowledge of basic law.  For now, her two lies:

At the outset of her Nov/Dec 2016 article, she said that her good good New Jersey
friend 'dropped the bomb' in January of 2016, by telling her that Anthony Cipolla
was looking for a job, teaching youth.  LIAR.  I dropped the bomb in the Year
2011, directly quoting that New Jersey lady.  I then found out later that the rea-
son why Cipolla did so was because he had a stellar reputation in New Jersey,
for his youth program there, and has literally made man of the year in that spe-
cific New Jersey locale.  I posted the Oakland NJ police plaque of appreciation
about ten times thus far.  So think . . .

Wuerl illegally cut off Cipolla ... and Randy Engel was dead wrong is stating that
Wuerl had no canonical obligation to pay Cipolla a monthly stipend.  Wuerl was
paying convicted felon, Richard Dorsch, all along, and Wuerl kept Francis Pucci
safe and fed, even to the point of letting him perform the Catholic mass for a
province of local nuns.  And then there is Robert Wolk, not to mention others.
Cipolla was NEVER even indicted.  Yet, Wuerl completely cut him off, stating
that he will let all prospective employers know that Cipolla was accused of
molestation.  Yet, Wuerl was NOT going to mention that both accusers were
found to be liars and that he declared Tim Bendig on record as NON-credible.
Wuerl was also NOT going to admit that Bendig only come forth in the public
eye after Wuerl was caught performing a triple-cover which resutled in crimi-
nal indictments.

So, Cipolla was out of money and Wuerl was going to make sure that Cipolla
would not get the opportunity to be gainfully employed.  So, what does one
do?  One goes underground to a place where he had many good character
witnesses, including police officers.

Plus plus plus, as soon as Cipolla got a benefactor to pay his monthly rent,
he did NOT look for any work ... including home schooling work. If he
were a molester, he would have tried many ways to get near kids.

In addition, Cipolla was not a friend of Maciel and had NO connections
with the Legionaries.  In fact, he told me of one encounter he had with
them, and he didn't like them at all.

Incidentally, Cipolla did NOT like the alleged Medjugorje visionary, Ivan
Dragicevic.  He said that Ivan was arrogant and rude.  I never met Ivan.

All in all, Randy Engel IS a deliberate liar or she suffers for Alzheimer's
Disease.  So, sue me for libel, Engel.  You liar.

Second personal lie of Randy Engel:

She stated that she wondered for years what the name of the 1978 accuser of
Anthony Cipolla was.  LIAR!!!!  I personally let her know in 2009.  Then,
years later, I wrote to Engel and stated, "I guess that there is no way that we
can defend against Diane Thompson's accusations, is there?"  Engel respond-
ed, "You can't be too sure of that."  That was all that she stated.

Now, the Cipolla New Jersey "job-hunt" lunch was reported by me in 2011,
and in 2011, Engel read my newest site and sent links of it to her friends.
Plus, in 2011 and 2012, I used to publish Engel writings.  She was familiar
with my sites at the time.  I sent her an email or two or three, mentioning
the name of Diane Thompson.

All in all, as I previously stated, either Engel is a liar or is succumbing to
dementia, and the way in which she wrote her article which damns the
late Anthony Cipolla to the depths of Hell, she is losing her mind or
her sense of morals.  Libel is a mortal sin.

Moreover, she defamed Cipolla in a way that was super-easy to refute after
he was dead.  Engel would not let him rest.  Engel WILL be held account-
able for this, especially being that her article was the easiest thing to pick
apart.  After all, there has been NO military base in Spartansburg since
1946.  There is no school on July 30 in Pennsylvania.  M.N  Nehouser,
Badge #46 was Mark Ninehouser, Badge #46 and he was NOT a de-
tective.  Plus, he expressly told me that he did NOT arrest Cipolla
and that he had nothing to do with the case after hand-printing a
report and giving it to the real detectives.  Thus . . .

Ninehouser was NOT in the DA's officer with Diane Thompson, looking
disappointed, after she signed "the dropping of charges" with tears in her
eyes.  Ninehouser was NOT telephoned by Diane Thompson on July 30,
in any capacity.  Thus, he was NOT called to her home, to get Anthony
Cipolla, clad in a cassock, out of her home.  Moreover, Anthony Cipo-
la's own brother and one of Cipolla's closest personal friends NEVER
saw Cipolla clad in a cassock, ever.

The Randy-Engel-Lies go on and on and on and on.   You and the rest
of the Catholic public MUST see how much of a farce the Cipolla Case
was, in its presentation.  The public must see how false was the Randy
article, the arrogant Randy Engel, lord and judge of all ... in her arro-
gant mind.

You do NOT go about, inflicting perpetual emotional distress on a
heart patient and not expect to him die of a heart attack.  It's amaz-
ing how Engel, her New Jersey Conspiracy Theory fried, Bendig,
Thompson, and Wuerl were indifferent to the untold paint that
they caused Cipolla.  What if it happened to you?  How long
would you last?

There's more.  I have to go now, and deliver something that literally
could blow up if handled wrongly.  If professionals are involved, it
won't happen.  But, the pros have to be free of this emotional trauma
that hags like Diane Thompson, Randy Engel, and the paranoid con-
spiracy theory housewife of New Jersey inflict with their screaming
Mimi sensationalism.  The National Enquirer is in the other direction,
and not in this direction, you insufferable hags.

I have to go.

Till the next time, if there is a next time.