June 07, 2017

The asininity of Cardinal Wuerl, in an attempt to deceive you all.

Wuerl's palatial living quarters for 18 years, while he was
insulting the intelligence of Pittsburgh Catholics who still cared.
In November of 2016, the elevator-shoe-obsessed Cardinal Donald Wuerl pub-
licly apologized to Tim Bendig for having had "doubts" about the accusations
that Bendig set forth in 1988.  In reality, however, Wuerl, declared Bendig to
be undoubtedly not credible in 1988.  Doubt, on the other hand, denotes that
an investigation is still open.  Wuerl had no doubts.  He was certain and closed
the file on Bendig, until shortly after Wuerl was caught performing a Triple

Now, Wuerl praised Bendig for pushing the issue Bendig pushed, back in 1988.
However, the fact is that Bendig was trying to cash-in on Wuerl's disgrace, con-
cerning the coast to coast news of the indictments of Frs. Wolk, Zula, and Pucci.

Meanwhile, Wuerl had already put the notorious John Hoehl back into ministry
in the same year of 1988, and news of that coverup was yet to make the papers.
In fact, 1988 was Wuerl's first year as bishop of Pittsburgh, and he was proceed-
ing in the typical coverup and corruption mode of the Vatican II church.

In addition, in his November 2016 apology, Cardinal Wuerl failed to remind the
public that Bendig first and foremost asked the Diocese of Pittsburgh to give him
charity money.  After the answer was no, it was then when Bendig made his many
accusations.  Wuerl also failed to remind the public that Bendig accused approxi-
mately or exactly 9 priests and 14 seminarians of Sodomy.

Keep in mind that Wuerl, in November of 2016, sounded as if he now believes
everything that Bendig alleged.  Got it?  Well, Bendig accused today's Pittsburgh
Roman Catholic bishop, David Zubik, of having been a practicing homosexual.
So, Wuerl basically said that he now believes that Zubik was an active Sodomite.

Concerning priests whom Bendig claimed were practicing homosexuals, Donald
Wuerl was included in that list.  Thus, Donald Wuerl said that he now finds cred-
ible the Tim Bendig who declared Donald Wuerl and David Zubik to have been
practicing homosexuals in the 1980s and even 1990s.  In saying that Bendig is
now credible, Wuerl  slammed himself and his successor.  Wuerl is not as clever
as he is made out to be.

In addition, Wuerl also failed to mention to the public, via a newspaper journal-
ist, that Tim Bendig did NOT take his settlement money and use it on "intense"
or even mild psychotherapy.  Rather,  Bendig purchased the Two Step Lounge
from the Levitske Brothers, with the settlement dollars.  That fact, alone, has
proven Tim Bendig to have been a liar all along.  But, of course, Wuerl failed
to mention it.

Wuerl is interesting.  He acts as if people don't do any fact-checking and he acts
as if I don't have 4.7 million hits on my active sites.  He also acts as if no one read
the article posted in Crime magazine about Wuerl, written by Chicago journalist
Mike Volpe (who is not Italian, but rather, a Russian Jew.  I mention this, because
Volpe can be an Italian name.)

Chez Wuerl, former domicile of the pampered cleric who was
being made out to be an ascetic, sacrificial, and self-giving  saint,
while living in Marie Antoinette comfort which he still does today,
though now on Embassy Row, in Washington DC.
In conclusion, Donald Wuerl thinks that you are gullible and will believe any-
thing that he says.  Tim Bendig thinks that you are gullible and will believe any-
thing that he says.  Diane Thompons-Mangum-Labiaux, too, thinks that you are
gullible and will believe anything that she says.

In as much, who is the one treating you with disrespect?  Me, for asking you to
please wake up?  Or the team of Wuerl, Bendig, and Thompson who do NOT
want you to wake up?  I'm the one who puts forth hardcopy evidence and cites
documented sources, as well as talkes corroborative witness testimony that gets
tested for contradictions.  Yet, Wuerl, Bendig, and Thompson, bearing zero evi-
dence, get believed instantly.  What is wrong with you people?

Incidentally, the photo of what was claimed to have been the Offense/Incidence
Report of 1978, concerning the Cipolla Case, was NOT a report filled-out by any
 Pittsburgh police officer.  This is obvious on account of the fact that, according
to retired officer, Mark Ninehouser (the one who was said to have arrested Ci-
polla, but who said that he did not do so), in the 1970s, all reports had to be
hand-printed and NOT hand-written.  The alleged police report photo was
hand-written in cursive writing.  Thus, it was neither filled-out by officer
Ninehouser nor Officer Richard W. Fogle.  Incidentally, Fogle did NOT
arrest Cipolla, as was claimed.

For those who have trouble reading, take note:  Officer Ninehouser told me,
person to person, that he did NOT arrest Cipolla.  He does NOT know of any-
one who did.

In addition, Randy Engel's claim that Anthony Cipolla was arraigned at a Pitts-
burgh police station is a complete lie, simply due to the fact that all arraignments
took place at the Public Safety Building which used to be located on Grant and
First.  Randy Engel has become Diane Thompson's and Frank Labiaux's lies.