May 03, 2017

Don't Be Deceived by Wuerl's Contrived TV & Radio Voice

The Donald Wuerl types of this Vatican II era left the Catholic Church in a state of
surreal desolation.  Meanwhile, Wuerl fiddles-away in his Marie Antoinette surroundings.
 © PatrickAnthony Pontillo
A con artist's success is in his act of deceiving you through his pretenses
and his contrived airs --- all the while acting all so confident and assured
that he is telling the truth to you.  Tim Bendig is a quintessential example
of  this.  His game throughout the years was that of playing, "Oh so poor
Timmy," and doing so in such a degree that you assumed that he was al-
ways telling the truth.

In fact, I asked Vince Cipolla what he and his mom thought of Tim Bendig.
Vince answered, "He was a nice guy."  Even when he contacted and spoke
with me, Bendig came off as a really nice guy, despite the discovery that he
was scheming  to deceive me into turning against Anthony Cipolla with a
vengeance.  Bendig's nice-guy-routine was effective enough of a game that
he almost had me conned ... one Summer afternoon, in the Year 2014,

The problem with sophomoric con artists is that they speak too much.  They
don't know when to be silent and let their con game ride on the currents of
their previously told lies.  For example, Tim Bendig had me believing that
Anthony Cipolla was such a deceptive and predatory creep that I was one
step away from telephoning Cipolla, reading him the riot act, and telling
him to never contact me again.  Then, Bendig opened his mouth one more
theatrical time and blew it.  Even at that, Tim Bendig should have gotten
an Oscar for his performance of that afternoon.

Bendig went into the theatrical narration mode in the same fashion as the
overly sensationalistic Diane Thompson does, and after having convinced
me that my conclusion about the Cipolla Case had to be deleted & revised.
Tim Bendig suddenly said to me, "You know that Cipolla was taken out of 
McGuire Home in handcuffs."

Due to the official DA office paperwork that I possessed, I knew that Tim
Bendig's "Arrest-at-the-McGuire-Home-Story was a blatant falsehood.  In
fact, it was at that point in time, when I realized that Cipolla was innocent
of Bendig's accusations, all along.  It was at that point in time when I saw
how correct Chicago journalist Mike Volpe was when he told me that Ci-
polla was "probably innocent."

Incidentally, even though Chicago is the Murder Capitol of the United States,
the nicest people I have ever met in my life ... both male and female ... I met
in Chicagoland.

All in all, immediately after Bendig went into his staged McGuire-Home-
Handcuff-Narration,  I thought to myself,  "Wow!!!!!! Cipolla really is 
innocent, after all."  Cipolla was never arrested, and the Beaver County
DA's office issued an official report stating that there were no grounds
upon which to indict Cipolla, and I posted a photocopy of the report six
to twelves thus far.

Bendig then proceeded to lie to me three additional times in a matter of
minutes.  Bendig destroyed himself by cause of his inability to not stop
talking.  From that point onward, no matter how "honest, confident, and
assured" Bendig sounded, in his deceptive tone of voice, I knew him to
be a liar, from personal, firsthand experience.  I am now able to join the
other people who stated that Bendig is nothing but a "pathological liar,"
one person of whom expressly stated, "Bendig lies about 90% of the

Let us proceed to the Lying Legend, Donald Wuerl, aka Mr. Kissy-Poo
Smiley Face, aka Uncle Donnie, the ethnic cleanser, aka Wuerl the 
Girl, aka Whirlybird, aka I-Wrote-the-Teachings-of-Christ-and-not-
says, aka Dignity Mass Don, aka the ALLEGED Vaseline Queen.
A Depiction of the Spiritual Wasteland called the Post Conciliar Church  
To start,  the very intricate science of lie detection teaches us that, the more
mechanical is a person's speaking voice, the more of a liar the person is.  As
an example, Bill NAFTA Clinton got very mechanical when he said, "I  - did
- not - have -sexual - relations - with - that - woman."

Secondly, related to the fact that Donald Wuerl is no taller than 5'4" is the
fact that Judy Garland  was only slightly above 4'11" in height.  Yet, she
was correctly billed as --- The Little Girl with a Big Voice.

One more fact in American Current Events:  There does exist prescription
testosterone supplementation, as in Androgel, etc.

So, what does this have to do with Wuerl?

ANS:  He's a little guy ... clad in elevator shoes ... coming off as a deep
voice authoritarian these days, whenever in a public setting, such as at a
Mass.  So, he now tries to come off as the little old boy with a big voice
and a pair of elevator shoes.  Yet, Wuerl's interviews with TV journalists
is accompanied with yet a a different cadence.  For example, while sitting
before Raymond Arroyo of EWTN, Cardinal Wuerl employed that all
so familiar "whispery voice."

None the less, if you heard any of Wuerl's recent masses, you will have
noticed that he now speaks in a deeper voice and in a slower cadence.
Thus, he speaks very mechanically.  In fact, Wuerl no longer does the
"whispery voice" routine that he did in 2006, when speaking publicly
to members of the US Congress.  Incidentally, the whispery voice rou-
tine of Wuerl was once metioned by former US Congressman and F-86
Sabre pilot, Bob Dornan.  Thus, I wasn't the only one to have noticed it.

Wuerl acts all so confident and tries to intimidate others into submission
by means of a contrived & confident voice.  In our era, people are easily
deceived by pretentious behavior.

Wuerl acts, when in public settings, as a cleric who is beyond reproach
and who should never be questioned.  HOWEVER, great men in history
always question themselves or else they are not great men.  The prime
example of a great man questioning himself is none other than Abraham

Look at the content of a person's character and NOT at the content of their
delivery systems.  Evil cannot succeed in seducing people into destroying
themselves (and each other unless) it is deceptively presented as good and
even elegant.
Smooth Talkers are the most treacherous people in the world.  So too are
those who erect the do-not-dare-to-question-me authoritarian pose.

Bishops, both the ordinal ones and the cardinal ones, are to be teachers who
are not to hide behind a wall of airs and pretenses.  To get to Heaven, you
must first be down-to-Earth.  "Down-to-Earth," incidentally, can be trans-
lated into the word, humility.

Please quit being deceived by a person's factory packaging.  Now, Saint
Thomas Aquinas long since wrote that a person only has a right to rule
over any people in as far as he/she identifies with the people ruled.

No one rules under the pretense that he is too high and mighty for the
"little people" to approach him and ask questions.  Such a person who
creates distance between himself and the people for whom he will be
held accountable, only distances himself, so that he cannot be detect-
ed as the liar that he is.

Erase the facade .... pull aside the curtain ... and only then will you see
the real Cardinal Donald Wuerl.  If this happens, and if he remains as
he was when he was the typical manipulator and intimidator in Pitts-
burgh, then you will see the negation of light in Wuerl.  From my per-
sonal experience, Cardinal Donald Wuerl pulsates in Darkness.